34 Weeks Pregnant - A Lump Near The Vagina

Oct 26, 2015

I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and last night I noticed a small bouncy ball size lump on the outside of my vagina. My mom thought it could be an ingrown hair so she told me to hold a hot washcloth on it and try "popping" it. Nothing happen so now I'm worried that there is something else going on. What could it possibly be?

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Vagina :: Lump On Labia Majora?

I am a teenage girl. I take pretty good care of myself and usually have no major issues. However, a few nights ago I noticed a small bump on my labia majora when I went to the bathroom. Besides minor soreness to the touch, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, so I assumed it was just an ingrown hair or pimple and vowed to deal with it in the morning. When I woke up it had grown and was more painful.

It's been only 3 days since the initial sighting and it has multiplied in size. It's also become more painful. (I'll post symptoms below)
I've taken sitz baths, thinking it may just be an abscess or something, but it won't come to a head, and honestly it doesn't feel fluid-filled at all. (I had an abscess on my shoulder last month) The lump is now covering my clitoris, I have to move it out of the way to wipe properly (ouch).

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Vagina :: Hard Lump On Labia

A little over a month ago I noticed a lump in my right labia majora, somewhat near where my thigh meets the lips. It itches on the surface sometimes and if you pinch the skin you can feel a pea sized lump a little deep in. Not too deep but also not directly under the skin. I thought it was an ingrown hair but no white head has appeared for me to try and pop it. It has not grown, it only hurts if I mess with it often, and the little pimple like bump (with no head) on the surface sometimes feels bigger and itchier. It feels kinda hard but it is moveable. Idk if it is an ingrown hair anymore, anyone have info on what it may be? I already made an appointment but it is not until next week.

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Vagina :: Huge Lump On Inner Labia?

Today me and my bf were doing things, and he was fingering me pretty hard, and his hand slipped and scratched me pretty bad on accident, so we stopped. i ignored it for the rest of the day till earlier when i had to use the restroom and it hurt, so i wanted to see how bad it was so I grabbed a handheld mirror and looked, and saw a huge lump..

I have large inner labia, they're not TOO large, but they're large enough, and around the right side of my hood, there's a HUGE lump. It's about the size of..a pretty large pea.. or a small marble...maybe a centimeter diameter? and it's almost like.. rolling a nut around in a sack.. :$ but more limited movement, a lot smaller, and not a sack..

it's not like a zit or a pimple, it's like a knot, like.. a ball inside my inner labia. it doesn't hurt, and i don't know if it will hurt later. it wasn't there earlier today, so it grew within about 6-7 hours..

For the past year or so every once in awhile i've gotten a single little pimple on my inner labia, but they could be popped, and weren't on the inside, and i think they were from shaving or ingrown hairs.

i don't know what it is, and i'm quite terrified. I can't go to the gynecologist, even though i want to.. 

Do any of you have any idea what it might be..? i'm so terrified and disgusted right now.. i'm in tears, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. it actually hurts now, and even more when i touch on it.. and it's been about 5 minutes since i originally posted this. it's not an extreme pain, or enough to make me squirm, but it does hurt.

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Vagina :: Painful Lump On My Labia

I'm 13 therefore a virgin, I was showering and i've been finding a little lump on the outside flap of my vagina (labia I think) and Its a little sore when I touch it and I have been really worried because I used to have one but it went away and I'm not sure what they are. I can't move them under my skin and their about the size of a pea. Help me please i really don't want to get it checked.

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Vagina :: Pea Sized Lump On Labia

About a month ago I detected a lump in my right labia majora, somewhat near where my thigh meets the lips. It itches on the surface and if you pinch the skin you can feel a pea sized lump a little deep in. I thought it was an ingrown hair but no white head has appeared for me to try and pop it. It has not grown, it only hurts if I mess with it often, and the little pimple like bump (with no head) on the surface sometimes feels bigger and itchier. It feels kinda hard but it is moveable. Idk if it is an ingrown hair anymore, anyone have info on what it may be? I'll go to the doctor if I have to but I don't wanna go and them say its nothing but I also don't want to wait too long and then it be something.

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Vagina:: Strange Lump Under My Labia

I recently read an article that said you should check your labia once a month for lumps, and so while I was doing this check, I found a small lump under my labia minora. It's between my labia and the pelvic bone resting on top of the muscle. It's not hard, it's soft and I can move it around a little. it's about the size of a pea, maybe a little bigger. You can't see it by just looking, and unfortunately I don't know how long its been there.  It doesn't hurt at all either. I'm a little concerned, I'm making an appointment as soon as I can, but I was just looking for a little peace of mind until then.

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Vagina :: Lump On Labia Minora

I noticed a lump on my labia minora a few months back, at first i thought it may be a pimple or ingrown hair but i dont think thats it from the research i done. This lump is the size of a pea. it does not hurt and is not painful. I have been examining and watching this lump for any changes but have noticed none. its just a lump that causes no pain or discomfort.

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Vagina :: Pea Size Lump On Right Labia Minora

I have a pea like swelling on my right labia Minora, It's been there for past 4 days and is the same size and same color as the rest of the area. there is no head formation and is painless unless i touch it.the swelling is near the clitoris , i have been soaking it in warm water but no help. I have researched  on this but unlike other comments it cannot be drained or cut.please help if someone has experienced a similar thing.

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Nodule/lump On The Upper Right Side Of My Vagina

A week and a half ago, I was showering and noticed that I have a nodule/lump on the upper right side of my vagina, on the labia majora [the soft, fleshy, pink area, not my actual skin, though it is closer to my outer skin than the inside of my vagina - when I stand up it's on the very outer edge of the lip, not entirely inside].

Of course, I freaked. I have been sexually active for several years. I have been consistent with using condoms, but several months ago when I was casually dating someone and we had sex, the condom broke, slid off inside me and naturally we had 'skin to skin' contact. So I am scared of HPV, I was scared of herpes too but I was relieved when I passed the 2 1/2 week incubation time for herpes and nothing showed up. He said he was tested every 6 months and he was an honest, if not blunt person and had no reason to lie. But I am worried. 

To describe the bump: it's more under the skin than above it, if that makes sense. It blends in with the surrounding skin and it feels like a semi-hard lump that moves around a bit when I touch it. It's almost painless and it doesn't itch. When I pull back the surrounding skin [to expose where the bump actually is], it looks like a dark white color. I've done a few compresses and it's gotten slightly smaller, but otherwise hasn't changed. It doesn't look like any genital warts I've looked up online...in fact, it almost looks like a cyst but it doesn't have a head right now. I was shaving a lot, with not a very sharp razor either, often for the 2 1/2 months preceding the cyst. I have also been on 2 new birth controls recently, and I have been getting cysts on my face, so I wonder if you can get them on your vagina, too [?]. 

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Sexual Health Women :: A Lump On The Opening Of My Vagina

I often get spots down there due to ingrown hairs and stuff yesterday I noticed a lump on the opening of my vagina its very sore and soiled nothing like I have had before doesn't look like a spot I am going to try get in my doctors this week.

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Vaginal Health :: Small Lump At The Opening Of My Vagina

This is embarrassing but I found a pea sized lump in my vagina. I'm still a virgin and I have my period and have had them for about 3 years and their normal but I first noticed this when I tried to use a tampon but it hurt. And then a few days ago I tried to finger myself (my friend suggested that I shout try it) and I only used one finger and I felt small bumps and it felt like when I tried to use the tampon... But like I said I have never had sex and the pea sized lump freaks me out heaps and I'm not sure if its because I'm a virgin or yeah please help me I'm to scared to see a doctor or tell my mother!!!

Also my hymen doesn't fully cover my vagina "hole" but it looks small but yeah anyways.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Lump At The Opening Of Vagina

I am 26 year old virgin and having vaginal infection, it was swollen and itchy with thick white odorless discharge. I went to gynecologist and told symptoms without any examination cause i was requested her not to do so and she gave me candistat for candida infection treatment. Now the itchiness and discharge is almost gone, swelling is no more but it is reddish pink from inside what i checked by taking images, and I can see a lump kinda thing at the opening. I am afraid if it is some kind of bad lump that need some attention. I can attach the image here.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump In Vagina Near The Opening

I have a fleahy lumpy feeling bump on the inside of my vagina its near the vaginal opening not far in, it causes no pain but it worry's me. It just recently appeared or I haven't noticed it. I am not 21 yet spo I can't have a pap but I am sexually active.

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Vaginal Health :: Fleshy Lump Opening Of Vagina

I'm 15 and I have this weird fleshy bump in the entrance of my vagina. I am a virgin, although I do masterbate and know that I have broken my hymen. It doesn't hurt when touched but if I press on it , I feel like I'm gonna pee. Is it my g-spot? It is also visible to the eye. It sort of looks like a bulge.

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Vagina :: Small Lump Or Boil On Labia Majora

The other day I found a small lump on my labia majora (no larger than a pinky fingernail), and taking a closer look at it, it seems to be a spot or boil of some form, though there doesn't seem to be a head. It's red around the area, a little painful and it seems to have some pus like liquid just under the skin.

After having a hot soak this morning it appeared to have had a pin prick sized hole and yellowy fluid started seeping out. I'm unsure if I should continue squeezing it to get the pus out, or put some tissue on it and wait to see a doctor.

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Vagina :: Lump On Labia Has Turned Purple Like A Bruise

I have developed a lump on the left labia, I shave so occasionally develop ingrown hair bumps which is what I thought this one was but it's turned purple like a bruise or burst blood vessel and it doesn't feel hard like a pimple but soft like a blister (although it does not look like a blister).

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Vagina :: Painful, Swollen Lump On Labia Minora

Hi! I am a 23 year old female. 3 days ago I felt irritation in my vaginal area. I looked at it and I have a swollen lump in the front area of my labia minora, like near my clitoris. It feels like it has fluid inside, and it is the same color as the skin around it. I'd say it is the size of a small marble. It is very annoying and I am getting concerned since it hasn't gone away yet. My period also started that day so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it.

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Women's Health :: Tiny Lump On The Outer Lips Of Vagina

So i've been feeling a bit of pain down there..i thought it was because of tight pants and the chair at the office.

friday i felt pain and woke up from it. i went to the bathroom to check it out, and i felt a tiny lump on the outer lips and the whole area felt sensitive.
today, it's much much calmer, but i can still feel the lump. it feels a bit painful when i touch it. no discharge. no other symptom at all.

i am terrified. im not sexually active. so i don't know what that could be.i have an appointment in 3 weeks, but until then i think i will cry myself to death from stress.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Hard Lump Inside Vagina Lip

I have had a hard lump inside the lip of my vagina for at least two years now. I can't remember exactly if it is longer because it may be. I always remember it being there. I don't remember it NOT being there. It's like the size of a grain of rice and doesn't hurt at all, there is no itchiness as well and no discolouration where it is. I can move it around as well a little but not much. Just wondering what this is and if it could have any health implications?

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Women's Health :: Purple Lump Between Vagina And Rectum Skin

I was lying in bed the other night, and I felt a lump on the outside skin between my vagina and rectum. I got up and with difficulty, tried to look at it in a hand mirror. There is a purple/dark coloured lump... about a centimeter long? Like a blood blister sort of thing?

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