Alendronic Acid :: Missed Pulse Beat And Thumping Heartbeat

Oct 15, 2007

I have been taking alendronate tablets for several months and only last week decided that they are having an effect on my heart. I always take one Friday morning and on Saturday my heart seems to really thump every so many minutes. On taking my pulse I realised I was missing the odd beat. Then I realised that this "thumping" got less as the week went on, until on Thursday it didn't happen at all. I didn't take a tablet last Friday and have no recurrence of thumping or missing pulse beats since last Thursday. It is such a relief as I was getting quite worried. Doctor says she can give me a different tablet but I am wondering if I will get the same reaction. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Ear :: Rapid Thumping (like Fast Heart Beat)

For the last couple of months I have experienced a rapid thumping sound in might right ear, like a very fast heart beat. it only seems to happen at night and is driving me mad. some nights it wakes me up At 3 or 4 in the morning.

i have been to my GP and he is arranging for me to visit ENT specialist at my local hospital and a head scan.

does anyone know what this could be?

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Alendronic Acid / Ibandronic Acid

This is not exactly the same as Alendronic Acid but its the same family.

2 years ago I was started on AA because after a 2nd THR I had a fracture during exercises {NHS}. I demanded a DEXA and it showed Osteoporosis.  

Fracture of the greater trochanter bone which won't heal and is leaving me on crutches permanently and with a lot of pain because it will never heal..

The AA made me very queasy, it was changed to another one with the same effects so eventually  the GP put me on Bonvita {don't know if anyone else is on it} it's a once a month tablet not once a week. The thinking was that if I was going to be queasy at least it would be only once a month not every week.

I know the bisphosphonates can cause aches and pains but I had so many to start with I don't know what is what.  I have arthritis in my hips, lower back and ankle. I have kypho scoliosis, this fracture from the greater trochanter bone etc etc.

Recently My leg has been sore, kneecap, back of leg, side of leg, it moves about.

Today I was supposed to take my Bonviva and forgot.  It was thinking about this that made me think had those tablets anything to do with it.

First GP said it was a pulled hamstring, second GP said it was inflammation and put me on an extra Naproxen and made an appointment for the physio. She doesn't seem to really know and gave me exercises to do and told me not to wear such flat shoes.

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Alendronic Acid :: Anyone Else Gaining Weight?

I am a Weight Watcher member. Since I have started Alendronate (7 weeks) I can't seem to lose and seem to gain about 2 # a week. What can I do? Is it these pills? Anyone else gaining weight? How bad will it get?

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Alendronic Acid :: Gout - After Eating Mushrooms

My wife got gout in her foot yesterday after eating mushrooms, I believe there is a connection.?

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Osteoporosis :: Alendronic Acid Alternative? Vitamin D3 And Calcium?

I was put on alendronic acid for osteoporosis but it had horrendous side effects so stopped taking it and talking to GP tomorrow but hoping I can achieve some protection from high dose Vit D3 and some calcium.  Has anyone else on here had a problem with alendronic acid and found a good SAFE alternative?

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One Heart Beat Seems To Be Missing After Every 4th Beat

from the medical reports obtained from the doctor , i have found out that out of every 4 beats one beat is missing, what is the condition known as?

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Thumping Sounds In Head

For years now, I have been getting a thumping sound in my head. Usually when I am busy at work or on the computer, it doesn't happen at all, but when I am not busy doing anything it happens regularly and usually 3 to 5 thumps at a time and multiple times in a row. What could be the problem?

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Hepatitis C :: High BP, Low Pulse On Harvoni

That's what I am experiencing along with shortness of breath, fatigue and aching. These are mild problems compared to the interferon based tx so I figured I'd just go with the flow. What has me more concerned is my low pulse which is consistently under 60 at rest and barely over 60 with exercise and I am breathing heavily most of the time. I had not heard of any relationship between Harvoni and high bp until I found this: ...

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Diovan :: High Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

I had been taking Diovan 80 since 2 years now and the blood pressure is still at 130/90..Recently my heart rate has been observed to climb and showing 95-100..I did a check on thyroid and found to be normal, ECG normal, Cholesterol normal..what else could be the reason for this increased pulse rate?

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Pulse Rate High But Blood Pressure Normal?

Pulse rate high but blood pressure normal?

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Alendronic Acid side Effects Is Hair Thinning And Loss

I think it would be kind to warn people who are prescribed alendronic acid that one of the side effects is hair loss.  I took four doses each one week apart.  As a result I have bald patches.  Friends who also took alendronic acid have general hair thinning. It was only after I lost hair that I checked the side effects of alendronic acid.

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Hirsutism Caused By PCOs - Don't Waste Money On Intense Pulse Laser

I have had hirsutism in the form of a beard for over 6 years and have finally found something that is working so I want to give some advice on what has been a very successful endeavor. Firstly if you are looking at IPL intense pulse laser, forget it, its the biggest waste of money and just doesn't work. A medical grade laser that only a doctor can perform the laser treatment is what you need. I have spent alot of wasted money on IPL to find its not suitable for hirsutism caused by pcos. I am only on my 2nd session of medical grade laser treatment and I have had amazing results. The sessions are $250 australian dollars and I may need 6-12 treatments, every case is different though and it could be less or more depending on how the treatments go. My doctor has also recommended a session once a year. Don't give up hope ladies!!

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Heart :: Enlarged - Skips A Beat

I'm 16 years old and I have just now started to notice my heart beating differently, like when you're heart feels like it skips a beat but it is happening like 5 minutes or so. Also my chest has felt tight and I have been wheezing when I am running which hasn't happened before.

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Ramipril And Arrhythmia (irregular Heart Beat)

Has anyone experienced an irregular heart beat whilst taking Ramipril? I have been on an ACE inhibitor for about 5 years and the the dose rate was increased from 2.5mg to 5.0mg per day as my diastolic pressure was creeping up to 90mm. That was 6 months ago, I have developed paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation - tests are indicating that this is NOT due to a heart condition. Any thoughts?

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Atrial Fibrillation / Flutter :: 185 Beat Per Minute

3 wks ago had to go to E.R. with extremely fast heart beat 185 beat per minute. I could not get it stopped with deep breathing, other things I have done in the past. I had eaten a big meal about 30 minutes before attack of A-Fib. I am on warfarin 5mg, metoprolol 50mg 2xday, kombiglyze 500mg for diabetes as well as Lisinopril-hctz amlodipine for Blood pressure., which is mostly well controlled. Sincer the episode I have been having regular flutters that I have stopped with rest or deep breathing. Cardiology put me on 100 mg of flecainide which drop my pulse rate to 38 and I couldn't even get up out of a chair and felt like I couldn't breathe. I then tried 50mg and had rapid heart beat. I don't think I can take it. What should I do in others opinion.

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Anxiety :: Heart Skips A Beat When Trying To Sleep?

I recently noticed that when I try to go to sleep or wake up to use bathroom then lay back down my heart starts skipping beats and it feels like a hiccup. It just does it when I am trying to sleep. Is this an anxiety symptom or do I need to worry ?

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Cardiovascular :: I Can See And Hear My Chest Beat - Normal?

Is it normal to see your heartbeat through your chest?? I'm a girl and I can see my heartbeat through my left breast and if I walk up and down a staircase a few times I can hear it. If I put an object on my stomach I can see it moving with every heartbeat...

Something that I've noticed for the past year or so is that in the summer when it's really hot and I take a long hot shower my heart beats really fast and I can see and hear it even stronger. It makes me feel weak and I need to sit down and fan myself for a few minutes.

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Eating Disorders :: Trying To Beat Laxative Abuse

I have been struggling with bulimia for four years and for 7 months now have been abusing laxatives every night. You don't need to tell me the dangers, precautions or future scares - I already have endeavored in extensive research and I'm scared - but cannot stop because I'm scared of the potential water weight gain, the bloat and pain of constipation (all which I have had whilst trying to cut back). I take 5-7 senna or herbal lax a night along with 1-4 bisacodyl depending on how much I've eaten.

I eat 95% fruits a veggies, drink 3-4L of fluid a day, exercise with HIIT 20-30mins/day and walk a lot (I work a few jobs, always busy). I have tried to increase fiber whilst cutting back but then don't go and get scared.

Does anyone recover from this? How did you overcomes fears and how long did it take for you to recovery and function once again to a normal life style?

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Cardiovascular :: Heavy Heart Beat And Trouble Sleeping

For three months now, I have been having strange problems with my heart.  I have been experiencing a (mostly intermittent) heavy heartbeat.  I'm a 170 lbs 5'10'' 23 year old male in fairly good health.  I work out regularly (mostly strength training).

It all started three months ago when I started noticing my heartbeat.  It felt most like palpitations, which I have had before, but mostly it was just an odd sensation.  Eventually, it turned into a really extremely heavy heartbeat.  When I would lift something light or just get up, it would feel like it was pounding out of my chest--really unsettling. 

About three or four days after the symptoms started, I started having extremely bizarre symptoms when I tried to go to sleep.  I would begin to drift off, and it would feel as though I was aware of my loss of consciousness.  I would feel really light headed and it just felt horrible, like I was going to pass out and die.

Before the symptoms started, the only thing that was different to my knowledge was that I changed my diet a bit.   I was trying to really gain some muscle.  I was working out 4 days on, 3 days off and increased my protein and carb intake.   I was having a protein shake after my workouts that included whey protein and creatine supplements.

As soon as the symptoms started, I immediately stopped everything--the intense workouts, the supplements, and the over-eating--I just went back to normal.  Oddly, the symptoms persisted, and only very gradually got better across three months.

I also decided to see a doctor initially, and had been to the ER two more times on top of that.  I also saw a cardiologist.  They all did blood tests, checked my thyroid, got a chest X-Ray, and did EKG's.  I even got an cardiac echo.  And nothing.  They told me I was 100% (heart and otherwise) healthy.

After three months, I am still having symptoms.  At times, my heart does seem to be beating normally, but about half the time or more it will kick start and just go crazy.  Sometimes for seemingly no reason, and other times when I begin significant psychical activity.  I would be able to live with this, but its the issues I have when trying to go to sleep that are the worst.  Just last night, it felt like as I was drifting off, my heart felt really heavy and "chunky" and almost felt like it was beating against my ribcage or something else and making my inside shake.  Really weird. (I have these symptoms during the day at times too).

I also have minor but bizarre pains that I can feel in the center of my chest, and sometimes in the top of my back.  I have experiences odd tingling sensations in my chest, arms, finger tips.  I also have sensations as if I get one really strong heartbeat.  I will be sitting doing something and feel a big beat and my chest that makes me jump almost.  I don't know if is a palpitation or what, but my palpitations have never felt like that before.
I am just really tired of dealing with this.  Because it has to do with my heart I can't ignore it, especially when it disrupts my sleep.  I have been told it could be anxiety but I just don't think so.  Symptoms come on randomly and when I am not even thinking about it.  I admit, I obsess over my heart a bit some days, but it is just because this problem seems so impossible.

I would like to think my diet is fairly decent, I do eat some garbage sometimes, but I try to get plenty of fruits, vegetables and water.  I don't drink much at all and have an occasional cup of coffee.  I still work out but only 3 days a week (m-w-f).  I don't do the protein or creatine anymore.  I don't have any other symptoms.

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Pregnancy Age 35+ :: Vaginal Ultrasound At 6 Weeks And No Heart Beat

I am 35 years old and found out I am pregnant only recently. I thought I was 5 weeks pregnant but everyone keeps telling me I am 6. I found 4 massive red spots last Friday that set me off in a panic. I called the hospital and they set up a vaginal ultrasound for today. In the meantime I rested and only had brown blood and very faint when I wiped.

Had the appointment today and there was no heart beat but we did see the sac but no sign of baby as still very small or so the nurse said. I am scheduled for another scan in 2 weeks' time so hopefully all will be well. I had a miscarriage in 2002 so don't really want to go through the same thing.

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