Alendronic Acid :: Gout - After Eating Mushrooms

May 28, 2015

My wife got gout in her foot yesterday after eating mushrooms, I believe there is a connection.?

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Alendronic Acid / Ibandronic Acid

This is not exactly the same as Alendronic Acid but its the same family.

2 years ago I was started on AA because after a 2nd THR I had a fracture during exercises {NHS}. I demanded a DEXA and it showed Osteoporosis.  

Fracture of the greater trochanter bone which won't heal and is leaving me on crutches permanently and with a lot of pain because it will never heal..

The AA made me very queasy, it was changed to another one with the same effects so eventually  the GP put me on Bonvita {don't know if anyone else is on it} it's a once a month tablet not once a week. The thinking was that if I was going to be queasy at least it would be only once a month not every week.

I know the bisphosphonates can cause aches and pains but I had so many to start with I don't know what is what.  I have arthritis in my hips, lower back and ankle. I have kypho scoliosis, this fracture from the greater trochanter bone etc etc.

Recently My leg has been sore, kneecap, back of leg, side of leg, it moves about.

Today I was supposed to take my Bonviva and forgot.  It was thinking about this that made me think had those tablets anything to do with it.

First GP said it was a pulled hamstring, second GP said it was inflammation and put me on an extra Naproxen and made an appointment for the physio. She doesn't seem to really know and gave me exercises to do and told me not to wear such flat shoes.

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Alendronic Acid :: Anyone Else Gaining Weight?

I am a Weight Watcher member. Since I have started Alendronate (7 weeks) I can't seem to lose and seem to gain about 2 # a week. What can I do? Is it these pills? Anyone else gaining weight? How bad will it get?

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Osteoporosis :: Alendronic Acid Alternative? Vitamin D3 And Calcium?

I was put on alendronic acid for osteoporosis but it had horrendous side effects so stopped taking it and talking to GP tomorrow but hoping I can achieve some protection from high dose Vit D3 and some calcium.  Has anyone else on here had a problem with alendronic acid and found a good SAFE alternative?

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Alendronic Acid :: Missed Pulse Beat And Thumping Heartbeat

I have been taking alendronate tablets for several months and only last week decided that they are having an effect on my heart. I always take one Friday morning and on Saturday my heart seems to really thump every so many minutes. On taking my pulse I realised I was missing the odd beat. Then I realised that this "thumping" got less as the week went on, until on Thursday it didn't happen at all. I didn't take a tablet last Friday and have no recurrence of thumping or missing pulse beats since last Thursday. It is such a relief as I was getting quite worried. Doctor says she can give me a different tablet but I am wondering if I will get the same reaction. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Menopause Related Gout And Uric Acid

I've just been told my Uric acid levels are dangerously high (7.5) has anyone else had or heard of this during menopause? I'm worrying now what with everything else going on during peri.

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Gout :: How Can I Reduce Uric Acid Level Of 13?

My uric acid level when checked yesterday is 13.0 mg/dl... ,how can i reduce uric acid level? also i read in internet that drinking lemon juice,eating tomato will reduce uric it true?

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Getting Gout Flares And My Uric Acid Is Not High

I am a 32 year old man and i had my first gout attack 5 months ago (right knee), my gp put me on allopurinol 300 mg daily . the medication brought my uric acid levels down to around 5 and my gp says this is the target , it took several weeks for the first attack to clear and left me in pain when i walk for months . my uric acid levels are still 5 ish and i have been getting really bad flares in my right foot quite regular 3 times in 4 weeks now , is it meant to be possible to have attacks when on medication . i feel like a oap with this , i don't drink alcohol anymore (since first attack) and eat a low purine diet , if anyone has any advise on this it would be good.

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Bowel Disorders :: Nauseous After Eating And Vomiting After Eating Supper

I am what my doctor describes as a perfectly healthy 32 year female. I have a hiatal hernia but that may be beside the point. I had been on Paxil 20 up until September. At the end of October, I began feeling nauseous after eating and vomiting after eating supper. I do not feel better after vomiting and find it almost impossible the eat for 24 hours following. I feel incredibly exhausted after 3pm, and when I feel ill it's at or around 5pm. My blood tests are perfect, not pregnant, and up to this point generally healthy. I am looking for ideas, other experiences, and general info to find out and 'fix' what is all of a sudden wrong with me!

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Eating Disorders :: Starving Myself And Then Feeling Like Puking After Eating

I am having issues with starving myself for days at a time then eating a little bit and having this overpowering need to puke. I dont know what to do anymore. I have been dealing with these thoughts and behaviors along with self injurious behaviors for a little over 13 years, could somone please help me before I go overboard.

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Eating Disorders :: Getting Panic Attacks Due To Eating

I am a 21 year old female, I am 5'3 and weigh around 103-104lb (7 stone 5-6lb).

I used to be just under 10 stone a few years ago and crash dieted to lose the weight. I wanted to be 9 stone, then 8 and a half, then 8, then I was happy bouncing between 7.10-7.12 for a few months. But recently it has dropped, I was fine at 7 and a half, but as it's gone down I've wanted it to stay down. I weigh myself everyday before eating/drinking. If my weight is at 7.5 I'm not too bad, but jf it js at 7.6 I panic that I'm getting fat and will keep gaining. I try not to eat until my evening meal, which I always make sure I have, though sometimes end up snacking before if I start to feel too hungry. I have 2 cups of tea a day with 2 sugars in each to try and suppress my hunger. I also worry that when I start eating, I won't stop. Sometimes I will have a big takeaway, medium pizza all to myself, continue eating it even if it hurts, and then half an hour after, continue eating. I never make myself sick/take laxatives and wouldn't, but I sometimes try not to eat all day in case I lose control and keep eating and eating. I have anxiety/depression/ocd issues anyway and I'm worried I may have some sort of eating disorder too.

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Eating Disorders :: Don't Like Eating Breakfast

I don't like eating breakfast. I don't like anything at all. What should I do?

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Alendronic Acid side Effects Is Hair Thinning And Loss

I think it would be kind to warn people who are prescribed alendronic acid that one of the side effects is hair loss.  I took four doses each one week apart.  As a result I have bald patches.  Friends who also took alendronic acid have general hair thinning. It was only after I lost hair that I checked the side effects of alendronic acid.

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Alcohol Is Very Bad For Gout?

I am a 29yr old male, in good shape and not obese. I had my first gout attack 2 years ago, most certainly due to high blood pressure (on meds now). About 6 months ago I had a bad fall and injured the same toe that had previously gotten a gout attack, so I had a resulting 2nd gout attack. I had uric acid of 7.5 and started taking Uloric.

I read alcohol (especially beer) is very bad for gout. I can't say that I've ever noticed alcohol to cause an attack, maybe a few times my big toe has been a little tender the day after drinking a little too much, but never an attack.

So my question is how would you know if alcohol affects your gout or not? I'm a social 29yr old and drink pretty regularly, so I'm worried that it's hurting my gout without me knowing it, if that makes any sense.

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Diuretics :: Exacerbates Gout

I took the drug for High BP for many years at max dose 5mg/day.

Can cause awkward need to pass water at inconvenient times- but effective against high BP - in my case used in conjunction with ACE inhibitor Trandolapril with some success.

However, if you have a familial tendency to Gout (ie Arthritis in family- as a precursor) then this drug type will make Gout pretty likely.

You will not want to experience the pain of Gout, believe me!

At the first sign of joint reddening (esp. with alcohol usage) then review use of this drug. Certainly reduce alcohol intake.

It took me 6 weeks to adjust to cessation of this diuretic -with some fluid retention problems and BP surging up again.

I've talked to many people over the years about this -and the link between any diuretic and Gout seems very common.

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Lansoprazole :: Effective For Gout ?

i have just been prescribed lansoprazole for gout, how will this help?

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Gout - One Ankle Is More Swollen Than The Other

Doctor diagnosed gout as my uric acid level is high. I went to see the doctor because my ankles were swollen, he prescribed allopurinol, but so far after 3 weeks my ankles are still swollen and painful, but what's weird is that my right ankle is more swollen than the other. Any explanation?

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Gout And Pseudogout :: What Food You Can And Cannot Eat

Why do all sites differ on what food you can and cannot eat !! I'm new to this and looking for a few tips on how to lower Uric acid levels pls

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Gout And Pseudogout :: Allopurinol - No Results

I was on diclofenac 25mg tablets for a number of years for gout - however when I had a double heart bypass I was taken of this medication and put on allopurinol 200mg tablets - I have suffered the last 8 weeks with gout on my left ankle which has now also gone to my left ankle in that time I have been to the doctors 4 times and had 1 x ray. I do not think that allopurinol is the medication for me but my doctor will not take me off it. I have had another blood test and waiting for results, in the meantime I suffer with this. I do not think that the doctor is acting on my best interest

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Gout :: Because Of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Have taken several forms of ppis over the past year on and off and for the past six months cimetidine. Now have gout lower back. You tell the doctor this and he doesn't want to accept it. I do not eat much in the way of acidic - bad diet - and this can be the only cause of it. Yet doctor tries to fob me off with how it is just some temporary thing - a month later it is still there. I have insisted on blood tests for kidney and liver as I know it is not some muscle strain and that would not last a month or have fatigue and

dizziness with it either. He had also told me that people do not get a lot of coughing from ppis. WellI go it and nothing else could have caused it. I only ever had the bad coughing when taking the ppis, it would stop when I came off and start again when I started again. I then found about 50 people online with the same problem.

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GERD (Acid Reflux) :: Damage From Stomach Acid But Never Feel Pain?

Okay, I am going to have to ask many questions because trying to fit them all in one post is going to be way too wordy.

I have a question that has been bothering me a lot lately:

Is it possible to have damage from stomach acid but never feel pain, have no symptoms and have no feedback from your body to let you know something is wrong?

I apparently have damage, but these are my symptoms.

No = Never had symptom B4

Yes = Have symptom

PRILOSEC = Only RECENTLY got symptom since starting Prilosec (Been off it for a couple days)

Heartburn: No

Bad Breath: No

Sore Throat: No

Lump in Throat: No (PRILOSEC)

Hoarseness: No

Bloating: No (PRILOSEC)

Stomach Pains: No (PRILOSEC, feels like what I imagine a mini labor contraction would feel like)


Bitter Taste: No

Cough: No

Asthma: No

Nausea: No

Trouble Swallowing Food: Yes

- Feels like SOME foods (It's always the same food) get "stuck" somewhere between my throat and my stomach.

- It hurts.

- I salivate a LOT. (Maybe enough to fill 3/4 of a cup)

- Drinking water makes it WORSE as it just rises the food contents closer to my throat.

- Going into a dark, quiet room and focusing hard on relaxing, calming thoughts usually makes the food go down (Stress, loud noise, bright lights seem to make it worse, sometimes creates hiccups)

- Sometimes this doesn't work though, and I have to forcibly vomit the food back up because it simply will not go down

- Can stay in the "stuck" position for 10-15 minutes

- Feels like a muscle is way too tight and won't let the food pass, and I can almost FEEL it when it relaxes. Breath of relief.

- Gets better as I eat the food, not worse. (It's almost like the muscle is getting used to relaxing or something.)

- Taking Prilosec has not helped (Been taking it for 2 months)

Does this sound like a GERD type of swallowing issue? Because I was just browsing around the forums, looking at this topic and I noticed a few things:

- Every post seems to be talking about problems with the throat, not the area between the throat and the stomach

- Many people are saying that water helps them, while water makes it worse for me

- Many people are saying that they have that lump alongside this swallowing issue. I have had the swallowing issue for a while, but have only recently (since starting Prilosec) felt a lump.

- Many people are saying they have to "push" food. The food has easily already gotten past my throat no issues, my issue is that it just hangs somewhere between my throat and my stomach. I couldn't push it even if I wanted to, because that area doesn't have any voluntary movement.

- Many people are saying they have trouble swallowing saliva. I have never had that issue.

Mucus: Yes/No (Sometimes get it, thickness varies, not really been a real problem for me, so 50/50 on this one.)

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