Diuretics :: Exacerbates Gout

Jan 21, 2009

I took the drug for High BP for many years at max dose 5mg/day.

Can cause awkward need to pass water at inconvenient times- but effective against high BP - in my case used in conjunction with ACE inhibitor Trandolapril with some success.

However, if you have a familial tendency to Gout (ie Arthritis in family- as a precursor) then this drug type will make Gout pretty likely.

You will not want to experience the pain of Gout, believe me!

At the first sign of joint reddening (esp. with alcohol usage) then review use of this drug. Certainly reduce alcohol intake.

It took me 6 weeks to adjust to cessation of this diuretic -with some fluid retention problems and BP surging up again.

I've talked to many people over the years about this -and the link between any diuretic and Gout seems very common.

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Anxiety Exacerbates Vertigo?

I can see from your posts that most of you feel that anxiety exacerbates vertigo, but is not the cause.

I have had fairly severe vertigo for about six months now. It starts with double vision, then jumping eyes/nystagmus where the world is rapidly moving downwards - like a sideways film reel, and then the whole world pitches forward as well and I am sick. At this point it is severe - I can't recognise my own son, or even stand up. Sometimes it lasts the day but often it is gone by late lunch, when school run is over.

The ENT had my ears, balance, MRIs done and they're all clear. I have " undiagnosed recurrent vertigo" and there's little can be done.

It first presented itself last May at a stressful time and at the end of a mild virus which was probably the initial cause. It stayed for five weeks and drifted away over the school holidays (I'm a single mum so holidays are much lower stress). However last year was a hugely stressful one. I have Bipolar and for the first time had to go into hospital for it in late August. This was a traumatic experience and after a few days, the vertigo returned and hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have had it ever since..over six months. For me, the big trigger for it is not movement or lights - it's *having to leave the house*. It starts right before I have to go anywhere, and particularly in the mornings just before the school run. Sometimes closing my eyes helps, sometimes it doesn't.

In desperation some weeks ago I went back to a Physio specialising in vertigo, who had previously told me she couldn't help me. She listened to me and said she thought I had gotten into a vicious circle of anxiety with it. : I need to go out -> causes anxiety -> creates vertigo -> heightens anxiety. And so on.

I have to say it makes sense, and my bipolar makes me prone to anxiety anyway. Funnily enough over two weeks ago I hurt my back and while it was healing, my vertigo disappeared! It was bliss. But it came back with a vengeance last Thursday. Did it stop because my brain was diverted elsewhere?

I have booked myself in for CBT with a good practitioner starting next week, and I'm learning to meditate. If you're still reading, thank you.

Has anyone any similar stories to tell or advice to offer? I would so appreciate it. Life is on hold, my default star is frightened, and I am quietly desperate.

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Diuretics :: 65 Bendro Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

I have been taking Bendro now for about five years for high blood pressure, and have problem with erectile dysfunction for about 18 months now, which is getting worse. When I skipped Bendro for 36 to 48 hours I get my erection back again, and I am almost 65!

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Diuretics :: Atenolol And Bendroflumethiazide Overdosing?

For several years now I have been prescribed both Atenolol and Bendroflumethiazide to control high blood pressure. The medication appears to have been successful, as my b.p. is well within acceptable limits, but lately I have noticed some bouts of giddiness and a kind of 'floating on air' sensation, not unlike mild inebriation. This was unnerving, so I went to my doctor and he checked my b.p. as 110/70, which he said was too substantial a drop to accept, so advised me to discontinue the Bendroflumethiazide and return for a re-check in 3 weeks. Perhaps the two drugs working together are simply more than I need? I am aged 62, non-smoker, light drinker, moderately active (10km charity walk recently) and in good general health. It is possible that, with increasing age, my body has self-adjusted and no longer requires such a level of 'help' to sustain a safe b.p. Time will tell, but for now (and perhaps for good) the Bendroflumethiazide is abandoned, as it was apparently making me feel unsteady and occasionally dizzy. I say 'apparently', because presumably the Atenolol could equally be at fault, but we have to start our experiment somewhere.

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Cancers :: Edema And Swelling On Diuretics

I have had edema throughout my whole body for the last 4 months. My Dr. put me on a diuretic a few weeks ago. It seemed to help for the first couple of weeks, but now I am super swollen again. Why would the edema come back even though I am still taking the diuretic as prescribed? They tested me for autoimmune, which came back negative. They also sent me for an echo of my heart, which came back normal. I have reduced my sodium intake and drink around 75 oz of water a day. I have reduced my coffee intake to only 1 or 2 cups a day and no other caffeine products. What in the world is going on?

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Diuretics :: Bendroflumethiazide Having Trouble Walking And Neck And Shoulder Pain

Have been on bendroflumethiazide for about a year now and the Doctor has taken me off them 3 weeks ago. Have numb and tingling thighs which mean I have trouble walking. I am stumbling along like I am 90+ yrs old. My neck and shoulders are stiff and I have shooting pains in my right eye. Is it correct that you shouldn't take these tablets if you have a stone in your bile duct and also a pending gall bladder removal. Also I have just read that you shouldn't also take them if you have an allergy to sulfa based medication. Is this also correct?

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Alcohol Is Very Bad For Gout?

I am a 29yr old male, in good shape and not obese. I had my first gout attack 2 years ago, most certainly due to high blood pressure (on meds now). About 6 months ago I had a bad fall and injured the same toe that had previously gotten a gout attack, so I had a resulting 2nd gout attack. I had uric acid of 7.5 and started taking Uloric.

I read alcohol (especially beer) is very bad for gout. I can't say that I've ever noticed alcohol to cause an attack, maybe a few times my big toe has been a little tender the day after drinking a little too much, but never an attack.

So my question is how would you know if alcohol affects your gout or not? I'm a social 29yr old and drink pretty regularly, so I'm worried that it's hurting my gout without me knowing it, if that makes any sense.

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Lansoprazole :: Effective For Gout ?

i have just been prescribed lansoprazole for gout, how will this help?

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Gout - One Ankle Is More Swollen Than The Other

Doctor diagnosed gout as my uric acid level is high. I went to see the doctor because my ankles were swollen, he prescribed allopurinol, but so far after 3 weeks my ankles are still swollen and painful, but what's weird is that my right ankle is more swollen than the other. Any explanation?

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Gout And Pseudogout :: What Food You Can And Cannot Eat

Why do all sites differ on what food you can and cannot eat !! I'm new to this and looking for a few tips on how to lower Uric acid levels pls

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Gout And Pseudogout :: Allopurinol - No Results

I was on diclofenac 25mg tablets for a number of years for gout - however when I had a double heart bypass I was taken of this medication and put on allopurinol 200mg tablets - I have suffered the last 8 weeks with gout on my left ankle which has now also gone to my left ankle in that time I have been to the doctors 4 times and had 1 x ray. I do not think that allopurinol is the medication for me but my doctor will not take me off it. I have had another blood test and waiting for results, in the meantime I suffer with this. I do not think that the doctor is acting on my best interest

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Gout :: Because Of Proton Pump Inhibitors

Have taken several forms of ppis over the past year on and off and for the past six months cimetidine. Now have gout lower back. You tell the doctor this and he doesn't want to accept it. I do not eat much in the way of acidic - bad diet - and this can be the only cause of it. Yet doctor tries to fob me off with how it is just some temporary thing - a month later it is still there. I have insisted on blood tests for kidney and liver as I know it is not some muscle strain and that would not last a month or have fatigue and

dizziness with it either. He had also told me that people do not get a lot of coughing from ppis. WellI go it and nothing else could have caused it. I only ever had the bad coughing when taking the ppis, it would stop when I came off and start again when I started again. I then found about 50 people online with the same problem.

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Alendronic Acid :: Gout - After Eating Mushrooms

My wife got gout in her foot yesterday after eating mushrooms, I believe there is a connection.?

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TOFI (Thin-outside-fat-inside) Another Symptom Of GOUT

I have suffered from gout for many years often in big toe on either foot, eventually in most joints to the point of swelling and deformity of joints.

Now it has been named as TOFI which is uric crystals forming as lumps on joints on my fingers,  toes , knuckles of hand 

I have as many as seven lumps formed on one toe all around  toe joint, now it has formed an abscess oozing a thick white mucus now with a gaping oozing hole,this is also happening on another toe.

Went to my doc told me it is tofi I know that, then I saw another  locum doc to ask for referral to consultant told NO 

take antibiotics finished course to no difference at all in desperation went to a podiatrist she is so shocked to see the state my toes are in and put a dressing on them with a urgent referral to my own doc my condition is so bad now that it has been mentioned I will need amputation. 

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Menopause Related Gout And Uric Acid

I've just been told my Uric acid levels are dangerously high (7.5) has anyone else had or heard of this during menopause? I'm worrying now what with everything else going on during peri.

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Gout :: How Can I Reduce Uric Acid Level Of 13?

My uric acid level when checked yesterday is 13.0 mg/dl... ,how can i reduce uric acid level? also i read in internet that drinking lemon juice,eating tomato will reduce uric acid..is it true?

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Getting Gout Flares And My Uric Acid Is Not High

I am a 32 year old man and i had my first gout attack 5 months ago (right knee), my gp put me on allopurinol 300 mg daily . the medication brought my uric acid levels down to around 5 and my gp says this is the target , it took several weeks for the first attack to clear and left me in pain when i walk for months . my uric acid levels are still 5 ish and i have been getting really bad flares in my right foot quite regular 3 times in 4 weeks now , is it meant to be possible to have attacks when on medication . i feel like a oap with this , i don't drink alcohol anymore (since first attack) and eat a low purine diet , if anyone has any advise on this it would be good.

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Gout First Episode - Apply Heat, Cold Or Both?

I've had this nasty gout episode for four days now and I am reading conflicting information, perhaps a few of you with some experience can help. First, is it better to apply heat, cold or both? Second, will walking around and staying active even through the pain make it worse, better or stay the same? Third, is there any prescription out there that works without any nasty side effects? And lastly, knowing that I have gout, is it really necessary to see a doctor?

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Gout :: OK To Start Colchicine After Taking Naproxen?

Is it OK to start colchicine after taking naproxen?

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Gout :: Lipitor Or The Generic Atorvastatin For High Cholesterol?

I am aware that us folks with a gout flare-up are taking many different types of medications but I wanted to know if any of the folks in this forum are also taking Lipitor or the generic Atorvastatin for high cholesterol?

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