Alternative To Mirtazapine Which Helps Sleep?

Jan 7, 2015

I have an appointment with the doctor next week to discuss possibly changing to a different AD. I love mirtazapine in every way but for the weight gain. I need to lose a stone and am dieting. I have lost 2 lbs in a week, but if I can't sustain it, I need to change drugs. Last time I tried to come off mirtazapine I suffered terrible nausea and insomnia (I tend to sleep badly in any case but mirtazapine has really helped). Can anyone suggest a different AD that really helps with sleep but does not cause weight gain? I don't get on with SSRIs.

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Alternative Therapies :: Sleep Disorders - Insomnia Anxiety

I have suffered from depression insomnia anxiety and I have tree herniated disk on my cervical and 3 on my lumber I don't want to take any medication and i am in lots of pain and don't sleep .What should I do.?

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Anxiety / Depression :: Mirtazapine Helps Physical Symptoms?

I will probably be starting Mirtazapine next week and wondered if it has helped anyone with the physical symptoms of anxiety or depression. Does it help anyone with pain relief at all ? 

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Mirtazapine :: Too Much Sleep

I have been on Mirtazapine for nearly a year now. I am on 45mg a day which I generally take at 9pm most evenings. My problem is I sleep for so long, most days about 12hrs as when I wake up each day I am soooo tired that I tend to go back to sleep for more hours. Is this suppose to be the case? Has anyone else experienced this. I am off work with stress at the moment so I do have the time to sleep. I am just worried that when I do go back to work i won't be able to get out of bed in the morning.

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Mirtazapine Instead Of Alcohol For Sleep

After self medicating alcohol to sleep for ages I have finally agreed to Mirtazapine, I didn't want too. Took 7,5 last night and managed to sleep but feel really vague but I know that's normal and am severely depressed and I am sure the alcohol was making it worse. I read on the drug but right now it seems right for me. Very scared, off work but I think I have to ride it out. Support appreciated as I just see a black hole

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Depression :: Mirtazapine Making Me Eat And Sleep All The Time

I've been taking Mirtazapine for a little over two weeks, and apart from making me eat and sleep all the time, it's having no effect. I know it can take a while to work (I've been on a few others before this) but I was wondering if anyone else had experience with it? How long did it take to work for you, if it did?

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Sleep Disorders :: 3-6 Hours Of Sleep Until I Wake Up And Cant Go Back To Sleep

I'm 14 years old and yesterday school started after two weeks of holidays. I went to bed at 11 PM and woke up at 4 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn't. At 6 AM I got up and got ready for school. After school I was really tired and took an hour long nap, but I was still extremely tired. I went to bed at 9 PM and fell asleep in a second. I woke up at 2:30 AM and tried my best to fall asleep, but it didn't work. Its 6 AM right now and Ive done some homework, as I couldnt do them yesterday because I was so tired. The thing is, this didn't happen in my holiday, and I get really cranky when I don't get enough sleep. Do I have insomnia?

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Mirtazapine :: Weight Gain On Mirtazapine 30mg

I have just started on the 30m Mirtazapine and it's my 3rd night taking them ans i have read up on a lot of different forums that there are patients gaining weight off these? well i would like to know what the odds are of gaining weight because i have always had problems with weight gain, i can never put on any weight, no matter how much i eat, i have a fast metabolism and i am wondering, will the mirtazapine surpass my high metabolism. also in some cases i've heard it slows your metabolism down too..   but it would actually be a benefit for me to gain some extra weight.

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Mirtazapine :: Tapering Off Mirtazapine - Spinning Myself In Circles

For the first time in a very long time, I'm finally in a good enough place to make the step in coming off my Anti-depressant. I've been on Mirtazapine 45mg for the last 4/5 years and before that a string of various of medications.

Despite my anxiety been kind of excessive at the moment, after a discussion with my GP, he was happy to let me begin tapering down the dose. The problem is with my anxiety I feel it mainly physically rather than mentally so it makes me a little oversensitive to any changes that take place in my body.

I guess what I am searching for is some reassurance so I can stop driving myself up the wall, exhausting google search on mirtazapine withdrawal. 6 nights ago I started my first reduction so 45 mg to 30mg. In all honesty it's not been that bad, a few waves of nausea, headaches and random aches and pains. Those I was expecting so don't mind too much. The trouble is that for the last 3 days, I've found myself a little short of breath for most of the day. It's nothing that's outwardly noticeable at the moment, but it's there and is slightly concerning. Has anyone else experienced this when tapering?

I'm kind of freaked out a little because one of my fears that's arisen since the mirtazapine is the that i will develop random allergies and my brain is wondering if I've suddenly developed an allergy to my meds (ridiculous, I know!) The other thing is that the rest of my family has had either viral chest problems lately so maybe I've just picked up that and it's a coincidence? Or it could just be the anxiety.

I'm totally spinning myself in circles at the moment so any wise words are most welcome at this point. If I know it is just withdrawal and nothing that can actually hurt me then I'm fine with whatever effects it throws at me.

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Psoriatic Arthritis - Alternative To Methotrexate?

My partner has been taking methotrexate for two years but due to the effect of it lowering his immune system he has suffered many infections and problems with wounds healing etc.  As a result he has had to take various antibiotics, almost continually, for the past year.  He has recently had a severe bout of mouth ulceration which, after research seems to have been caused by the excessive amounts of antibiotics creating a build up of the methotrexate.  Does anyone out there know of an effective, natural alternative to methotrexate

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Alternative Blood Thinners To Warfarin

I am about to speak to my GP and Cardiologist about having one of the alternative blood thinners as because of an underlying problem with my bladder I am often on Prophylactic antibiotics and they do not interact well with the warfarin, making it difficult for them to get my INR correct. can any of you on any of the alternatives let me know how you are on them, any any side effects related to them, don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire!!!! the good thing for me would be I understand they do not interact with other medication, the 3 I have found that are available are Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban and Apixaban.

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Alternative Medicine For Kidney Stones?

is there anything alternative that can help get rid of kidney stones 

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Disc Prolapse :: Alternative To Naproxen?

I'm currently taking 2 500mg naproxen a day, One when I wake then One about 4/5pm to get me through the rest of the day but they're slowly starting to work less and less is there anything I can swap them with? Anything you guys take for anti inflammatory.

Maybe something over the counter I can take with it? Ofcourse not ibuprofen.

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Sleep Issues :: Lack Of Sleep

I am new to this forum but was wondering if anyone could advise or help me. I don't know why but every night when i go to bed i manage to fall asleep but after a couple of hours in wide awake again hence me typing this now. I will manage to get back to sleep but then i am up with my alarm at 6.30am for work. It's driving me mad that i can never have a full night's sleep without waking up.

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Sleep Disorders :: Cannot Wake Up From Sleep

I'm diagnosed sleep apnea and since it's onset, have been unable to wake myself up. This includes alarm clocks, opening windows, setting a sleep schedule, etc. The ONLY way I can wake up is by somebody physically waking me up and that only works after the first couple of tries. First issue is when I hear an alarm clock, I move from whatever dream I'm in to a separate dream where I think I've woken myself up, but I keep trying to turn off the alarm clock and it won't turn off. Sometimes I realize I'm dreaming still and "wake up" into a 3rd or 4th dream that seems more real and have the same issues. Secondly, my body seems to require 13-16 hours of sleep in order to feel well rested and wake up naturally. I am using a cpap machine, however, I sort of sleep walk and remove the machine in my sleep. Any ideas on how I can become independent and wake up on my own?

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Mirtazapine :: No Appetite After Stopping Mirtazapine?

3 days ago I decided to stop taking mirtazapine 45 mg but since then I have not had any appetite for any foods at all. Is this a normal symptom.

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Alternative Therapies :: MRI Diagnosed A Bone Bruise

I hit my inner ankle bone against the bed post 3+ months ago and the MRI diagnosed a bone bruise. I have consulted podiatrists and orthopedic doctors and their advice for treatment is conflicting, but generally of the conclusion that there is no treatment, nor any idea how long it will take to heal. I am still limping and in strong pain all day long every day. One doc says to stay off the foot. One says to exercise mildly. One says to do PT exercises. One says to immobilize in a pneumatic walking boot, one says to use an ankle brace. all have been unsuccessful. Has anyone recovered from a bone bruise? If so, did you use alternative medicine like Chinese herb soaks?

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Alternative To Opiates For Chronic Nerve Pain?

I live in the U.S. so the drug names may be different.  I have been taking hydrocodone (norco) 2 x 7.5 a day for over 2 years.  I had neck surgery in 2012 and within 6 mos the pain in my neck and left arm returned, along with the nerve pain in my arm.  After ruining my digestive system with ibuprofen ( I was taking at least 8 to 12, 200 mg each,  a day) I gave up and went to pain management for help. I had successful injections for low back pain a year or so before that, so I thought that is what they would want to do for this.  But the doctor said that it would not help, probably because of my surgery, I'm not sure now because its a distant foggy memory.  Anyway, the result was pills.  At first it was only 5 mg 2x a day.  Then he upped it within 2 mos to 7.5 mg. 2x a day. Since then I have read  a lot about opiates and know that it is very addictive.  I take it as prescribed but that means that I am just addicted to the prescribed dose.  I had surgery in September for my digestive problem that all started with the ibuprofen.  After the surgery they gave me Oxycodone.  Within 3 doses I started sweating and having a headache soon before my next dose was due.  I recognised this right away as a symptom of withdrawal.  I immediately stopped taking that and just suffered through the surgery pain with my "usual' med, hydrocodone.  Within a month, I started to realize that I have the same symptoms to a lesser degree with this med.  This can only mean that I am addicted to it.  When I went to my doctor for my usual appointment and med refill, I asked if there were any alternatives to Opiates.  I said I was uncomfortable taking this and wanted to find something else.  He said "Tylenol?, that's your only choice."  I was floored.  Well, I know tylenol can ruin your liver, so that wasn't even an option.  He then said, "the holidays are coming up, why don't WE wait until after that and rethink this".  Wow.  I was truly speechless.  So I took my scripts and left.  I did NOT make another appointment.  All that to ask this question.  Does anyone know if there is ANY option to opiates for chronic pain and permanent nerve pain?  If I do not take the med, my pain comes back, but the Nerve pain is the one that drives me back to take the pills.  Now it's in both arms and when the med starts to wear off they start to ache, then burning and tingling.  I have tried reducing the dose by taking half a pill, but all that does is make me count the hours to the next half pill. ugh. I want off this stuff and I know it can be done!  I have read several success stories right here.  Other symptoms I have are anxiety, depression, anger, constant waking up at night with the sweats.  I need support, answers, and a way to do this without losing my job,all my friends and my mind!!  

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Alternative Medicine :: Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

I've read a lot that mag is even more important than overloads of calcium, which can cause calcium deposits for just one issue....

Enough mag is needed for best calcium absorption. Then there is the Vit D deficiency......lots of deficiencies.

I don't know if any/many here are up on this mineral and how it could be related to fractures and all the hip issues many are challenged with.

I've been taking MORE mag than calcium for some years now, even though docs push calcium and don't even discuss mag....that's conventional medicine for you.

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Prostate :: Alternative To Tamsulosin To Treat Nocturia?

I'm a 53 year old male in good health except for the fairly recent onset of Nocturia. My need to urinate pretty much every hour during the night began suddenly around 3 months ago. At the time of writing this, the resulting fatigue/frustration due to sleep deprivation is having a massive impact on every aspect of my life and I'm at the point of giving up any hope of a restful nights sleep in spite of being totally exhausted.

After several visits to see my GP for  blood and urine tests plus a DRE (after which the Dr told me my prostate felt okay) I was referred to a urologist 2 weeks ago. After a second DRE (again told my prostate felt okay) and a urine flow test, the urologist explained my PSA level was slightly high for my age at 4.5. He offered me two options, either have an immediate prostate biopsy or wait 3 months and retest my PSA level... I elected to wait. Unbeknown to me, the urologist also instructed my GP to prescribe Tamsulosin 400micrograms (Diffundox). I only found out 10 days later having made yet another appointment to beg for help with getting some sleep.

My annoyance with the GP was cancelled out by the immense relief at finally being prescribed something that might help, but any relief was very short lived... After taking the Tamsulosin for the past 3 days, I can't face taking them again today due to the side effects!... I know it may sound trivial to some, but the side effects are compounded by the fact the medication is having zero effect on the nocturia and my being exhausted. I was still waking almost every hour by the urge to urinate, but thanks to the Tamsulosin my throat and mouth were so dry I didn't even have any saliva to swallow, a persistent dry cough, pounding headaches and disturbing nightmares impaired what little sleep I had been getting, chronic diarrhoea began the morning after taking the first capsule, while the headache and hoarse voice persisted throughout each of the 3 torturous days... On the only positive note, I did notice a slight increase in my urine flow rate, but as I'd never considered the pre-tamsulosin flow a problem it was nothing to be excited about.

My dilemma is... I feel as though I'm back at square one. Where do I go from here? Do I make yet another  appointment with a GP and ask for referral back to the urologist?... Will the urologist simply offer me option number 1 again and point at a biopsy needle?... Or is there an alternative medication to Tamsulosin?... Hopefully one that works for frequent night time urination and without the side effects, but with that said, I'd suffer the side effects and hopefully medicate to lessen them if it meant getting even a few hours quality sleep.

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Alternative Therapies :: The Device Reads Energy And Vibrations

I went today to a doctors appointment, he placed a headband on me hooked to a device. The device was then hooked to a computer, he said the device reads my energy and my vibrations. He said he detected many things. Like an allergy I did not know I had to bread. He also said I had blood in my urine. Also, he said that I consumed too much sugar, which I found strange since I drink mostly water and eat very healthy to my knowledge. After he was done with the test, he placed some pills, with no information on the bottle, on top of the device. He claimed that the device gave frequency from the reading in his computer into the pills, and that the pills will now work with the problems I had. I know about the placebo effect.

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