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Sep 20, 2014

I have suffered from depression insomnia anxiety and I have tree herniated disk on my cervical and 3 on my lumber I don't want to take any medication and i am in lots of pain and don't sleep .What should I do.?

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Sleep Disorders :: Melatonin For Insomnia

Has anyone used melatonin to help them fall asleep to any great effect. It has yet to work for me

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Sleep Disorders :: Sporadic Fatal Insomnia For No Reason

For the first time in my life, it happened to me last night to go to sleep and to almost not fall asleep AT ALL during the night , and without any real reason to me . I didn't feel tired at all last night, but now I feel absolutely horrible. I tried to take a nap now, but no use, I didn't sleep a single wink.

I was watching TV last night and a movie before bed , which wasn't very intense , but I could have broken my "drowsiness" with it, as my brain was active and I wasn't sleepy at all when I went to bed and didn't feel the need to sleep at all. So after tossing and turning for a couple of hours without falling asleep, I went to the bathroom , to change the air a bit and after returning to bed, after some time, I seem to have felt asleep but only for a couple of minutes (I didn't even remember when I felt asleep), but after that ended I felt totally refreshed, as if I slept the whole day. Later, I had a similar episode, I was asleep for about 25 minutes, and also felt totally refreshed when I "woke up". Now I am dizzy, but not sleepy.

I just googled the symptoms a bit and I found something called sporadic fatal insomnia . I know it is rare and all.........but my symptoms fit that. Nobody in my family, as far as I am aware, has died of anything similar to FFI, but sporadic variant can strike anyone.

Am I going to die from this? I saw a case study of the first case, where a man, at one point couldn't even get 1 hour of sleep and lost it completely. I am so totally freaked out as I also didn't get even 1 hour of sleep last night.

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Alternative Therapies :: MRI Diagnosed A Bone Bruise

I hit my inner ankle bone against the bed post 3+ months ago and the MRI diagnosed a bone bruise. I have consulted podiatrists and orthopedic doctors and their advice for treatment is conflicting, but generally of the conclusion that there is no treatment, nor any idea how long it will take to heal. I am still limping and in strong pain all day long every day. One doc says to stay off the foot. One says to exercise mildly. One says to do PT exercises. One says to immobilize in a pneumatic walking boot, one says to use an ankle brace. all have been unsuccessful. Has anyone recovered from a bone bruise? If so, did you use alternative medicine like Chinese herb soaks?

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Alternative Therapies :: The Device Reads Energy And Vibrations

I went today to a doctors appointment, he placed a headband on me hooked to a device. The device was then hooked to a computer, he said the device reads my energy and my vibrations. He said he detected many things. Like an allergy I did not know I had to bread. He also said I had blood in my urine. Also, he said that I consumed too much sugar, which I found strange since I drink mostly water and eat very healthy to my knowledge. After he was done with the test, he placed some pills, with no information on the bottle, on top of the device. He claimed that the device gave frequency from the reading in his computer into the pills, and that the pills will now work with the problems I had. I know about the placebo effect.

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Alternative Therapies :: Treating Heart Disease Holistically

We have a Facebook group dedicated to treating heart disease holistically. Search for it " Healing Heart Disease Naturally".

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Alternative Therapies :: Constant Headache / Dizziness And Nausea

I am mildly overweight, have low end of normal blood pressure.  I exercise approximately 5 days a week and walk about 1.5-3 miles a day during work hours --otherwise I have a desk job. I eat primarily whole grains and foods, whole goats milk, and only drink 1-2 times a week and typically not heavily.

I've had a constant headache since September 20, 2015. It started in the middle of the night and increased in severity throughout that month. The pain is at the front of my head varies from a 2-9 typically getting worse throughout the day and into the evening.  Other symptoms include dizziness and nausea, lightheadedness-- sometimes extreme and debilitating.

After 1 month, I went to the doctor who had a MRI done, several blood tests, a nerve block, a hospital DHE treatment, every painkiller and triptan/migraine drug in the book. I went on a course of Phenergan and diclofenac, and also had IV antibiotic in the hospital. I started taking magnesium supplements. I assessed the stressful elements of my life (at home and at work), began meditating, and lowered my overall stress. I did yoga and stretched did neck exercises which both reduced some of the pain. Nothing worked, and they recommended Topamax, but as nothing made a dent before, I decided to question their diagnosis of intractable migraine.

Since then, I had my Nexplanon implant removed (received it July 11th, 2015, removed it November 22, 2015). And started acupuncture. The acupuncture achieved some considerable relief, but after a month of treatment twice a week, I went on a business trip and took charcoal several times during the trip to work with a hangover (I don't drink much). During the end of the trip and the 5 days following it, I didn't have a headache. At the time, I concluded that the acupuncture had worked.

After the headache returned, I started to go through possibilities and took myself off of gluten. After a week, no change in headache. Then I started taking charcoal again after a eureka moment and then went 2 weeks without a headache. Yesterday I forgot to take my charcoal for 28 hours and my headache returned. I'm back on the stuff, and now feel like I'm narrowing in on finding the culprit!

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Alternative Therapies :: Photophobia / Light Sensitivity - Actually Able To Walk Around Outside

I have had extremely bad photophobia for the last 3 yrs (sunglasses in house etc), which started after having my eyes dilated 4 times. I don't have any eye disease.  However 3 days ago I bought a herb (which i read about on the internet), called qi ju di huang wan. They are tiny little black pills and you take 30 a day. And I am actually able to walk around outside now without my sunglasses even in the sun!!!! (still best to wear em though).

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Alternative Therapies :: Coconut Oil Pulling For Treating Allergies?

I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried oil pulling for treating allergies? Also, I was wondering how effective it is for treating allergies?  A woman at my local health food store suggested I try it, instead of using OTC allergy medications.  I've been taking 2 Coconut Oil softgels daily, plus my usual dose of antihistamines.  I love the coconut oil because of the boost it gives me, but would really like to get away from the antihistamines because it drops my energy level, basically I want to replace the allergy meds...

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Alternative Therapies :: Probiotics Claim They Reduce High Blood Pressure

I have this problem-  I have bowl movement and then I have to lay down on bed, and massage all over my head for 10 minutes.  When I take probiotics, this feeling gets worse.  I do take olonzapine for sleep and have been on several anti-depressants before.  This annoying thing began happening summer of 2009 and is not healing by itself.  I do suffer from constipation time to time and sometimes it is chronic.  I discussed this issue with my GP and she doesn't know what's going on.  She says take fiber supplements for constiaption like Metamucil, but they make me worse.  

I have not had bowl movement for 2 days now.  I discussed my resting after bowl movement with someone not a doctor and he said that it maybe little high blood pressure and it goes down after bowl movement.  

Also does probiotic supplements increase or decrease blood pressure.  Probiotics claim they reduce high blood pressure.  I am getting mixed information from what I have searched on web. says it can also increase chances of sepis- blood infection and diverticulitis.  I don't know if this is true.

On some probiotic supplement, like Udo's, I think, not sure that probiotics can increase blood pressure.  When I take these I have to rest more and massage more after having bowl movement.

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Alternative To Mirtazapine Which Helps Sleep?

I have an appointment with the doctor next week to discuss possibly changing to a different AD. I love mirtazapine in every way but for the weight gain. I need to lose a stone and am dieting. I have lost 2 lbs in a week, but if I can't sustain it, I need to change drugs. Last time I tried to come off mirtazapine I suffered terrible nausea and insomnia (I tend to sleep badly in any case but mirtazapine has really helped). Can anyone suggest a different AD that really helps with sleep but does not cause weight gain? I don't get on with SSRIs.

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Sleep Disorders :: 3-6 Hours Of Sleep Until I Wake Up And Cant Go Back To Sleep

I'm 14 years old and yesterday school started after two weeks of holidays. I went to bed at 11 PM and woke up at 4 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn't. At 6 AM I got up and got ready for school. After school I was really tired and took an hour long nap, but I was still extremely tired. I went to bed at 9 PM and fell asleep in a second. I woke up at 2:30 AM and tried my best to fall asleep, but it didn't work. Its 6 AM right now and Ive done some homework, as I couldnt do them yesterday because I was so tired. The thing is, this didn't happen in my holiday, and I get really cranky when I don't get enough sleep. Do I have insomnia?

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia - How Do You Sleep?

How do you sleep? Is there anything you can take? I've literally had only 2 hours of sleep and am wide awake.

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia - Can't Sleep

I can't sleep!:( anyone else have this problem? I wake up around 3am everyday and I've never been like this before

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Pregnancy :: Insomnia - Can't Ever Sleep More Than 3 Hours

I can't ever sleep more than 3 hours at a time at night. I don't take naps.  

Either i have to pee or my ribs or breast hurt.

is this normal?

I am 12 weeks.

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Sleep Maintenance Insomnia Waking Up 3-4 Times A Night (16 Yo)

I'm 16 years old, and i've been suffering from insomnia for almost a year now, and recently i've been suffering from sleep maintenance as well, with me waking up 3-4 times a night. It feels like i'm sleeping very lightly, and i always dream when i sleep now. I don't know what to do anymore. Im seeing a psychologist today, and i hope she can help me. My appearance, health and grades are going down because of this. It's making me very anxious. Even if i relax, i can't fall asleep sometimes. I've started exercising 2-3 hours before bed and it helps me fall asleep a bit more quickly but doesn't help me stay asleep.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Insomnia Kicking In - Unable To Sleep

Insomnia kicking in! I've been on Pred for nearly a month and I'm sure I'm anaemic, has anyone suffered the same? I'v put my lack of energy and tiredness and fussy head down to the pred or PMR itself, but the colour of my skin is so pale and when I pull my eyelids they are pink not red!! Any other problem by the looks of it! So fed up with this and it's only been 2 months of PMR, I WISH I COULD SLEEP FOR A FEW YEARS UNTIL ITS GONE,

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Sleep Disorders :: Cannot Wake Up From Sleep

I'm diagnosed sleep apnea and since it's onset, have been unable to wake myself up. This includes alarm clocks, opening windows, setting a sleep schedule, etc. The ONLY way I can wake up is by somebody physically waking me up and that only works after the first couple of tries. First issue is when I hear an alarm clock, I move from whatever dream I'm in to a separate dream where I think I've woken myself up, but I keep trying to turn off the alarm clock and it won't turn off. Sometimes I realize I'm dreaming still and "wake up" into a 3rd or 4th dream that seems more real and have the same issues. Secondly, my body seems to require 13-16 hours of sleep in order to feel well rested and wake up naturally. I am using a cpap machine, however, I sort of sleep walk and remove the machine in my sleep. Any ideas on how I can become independent and wake up on my own?

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Anxiety :: Cause You Insomnia ?

Does anyone deal with insomnia induced by your anxiety?  I have horrible insomnia (can't fall asleep and can't stay asleep).  I know anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand, but I'm not certain if my insomnia is a direct result of my anxiety.  

What ways do you deal with this?  I was recently prescribed sleeping pills by my doctor, but those are even hit or miss as far as helping me sleep.  Does anyone have any tried and true remedies that they use or have found to be helpful?  

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Drugs For Anxiety Insomnia And Depression ?

I asked my doc for trazodone today for my insomnia, he gave me a script for ten zopiclone instead, he said trazodone was not a good drug for depression, and that lexapro ( he has me on 30 mg ) is a far superior drug, I pointed out to him that I have been on 30 mg for over a year and while my depression is very manageable, my insomnia and anxiety have not improved and that in my opinion anxiety has always been my primary issue. I take inderal 80 mg daily for anxiety , which just makes it bearable. Has anyone on any different combination of drugs for anxiety insomnia and depression that they find works. Yes I know we're all different ! I have been on sooo many antidepressants, and I can't honestly recommend any of them. 

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Anxiety :: Insomnia - Eyes Refuse To Relax And Mind Racing

I am suffering insomnia for almost a week now due to anxiety and constant worrying. It might be better if i describe my experience. Here goes: Everytime I go to sleep, it feels that my eyes refuses itself to relax even though i close it. My mind is still racing. I've always tried to calm myself before sleeping. Sometimes I managed to fall and keep myself asleep but not for a long time and sometimes it is accompanied by weird vivid dreams (sometimes it's pretty creepy), then I woke up in the middle of the night finding it hard to fall asleep again, and if I do, these dreams keep bugging me again followed by waking myself up. My sleep pattern is always like that and It's so frustrating because I always woke up feeling unrefreshed and nervous. I'm always anxious about myself falling asleep like that every night.

Do someone experience the same things that I did? As long as possible, I'm planning to deal with it the natural way. I consider taking up meds as a last resort. Is there a natural way to restore my sleep pattern? Any advice? I'm totally suffering from it. And it makes me more anxious that sleep deprivation might affect my health.

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