Anxiety :: Insomnia - Eyes Refuse To Relax And Mind Racing

Aug 5, 2015

I am suffering insomnia for almost a week now due to anxiety and constant worrying. It might be better if i describe my experience. Here goes: Everytime I go to sleep, it feels that my eyes refuses itself to relax even though i close it. My mind is still racing. I've always tried to calm myself before sleeping. Sometimes I managed to fall and keep myself asleep but not for a long time and sometimes it is accompanied by weird vivid dreams (sometimes it's pretty creepy), then I woke up in the middle of the night finding it hard to fall asleep again, and if I do, these dreams keep bugging me again followed by waking myself up. My sleep pattern is always like that and It's so frustrating because I always woke up feeling unrefreshed and nervous. I'm always anxious about myself falling asleep like that every night.

Do someone experience the same things that I did? As long as possible, I'm planning to deal with it the natural way. I consider taking up meds as a last resort. Is there a natural way to restore my sleep pattern? Any advice? I'm totally suffering from it. And it makes me more anxious that sleep deprivation might affect my health.

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Insomnia :: Chronic Restless Legs And Brain Is Racing

I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks now..change of meds,ending of job,family stuff,anxiety...I wake up either with chronic restless legs or my brain is racing with all kinds of strange images...

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Anxiety / Panic Attacks - Mind Going To Explode Due To Thoughts

I'm 17 years old, I'm absolutely going mad, my anxiety is going to make me crazy, i only think, and think and think, feeling like my mind is going to explode. Feeling that I'm living a dream, not my real life, And i'm absolutely scared of going crazy, I want to get back to normal, and be me. Since last year i started facing panic attacks and anxiety, I faced all kind of anxiety and moved on, but this kind, I can't. I've seen my doc, did everything, my buddy is absolutely fine, having my medications, that it usually helps, but nothing is getting better. Please if anyone faced this kind of things.

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Trimethoprim :: Racing Heart And Anxiety

i've recently been given trimethoprim for water infection i also take citalopram 1st time i took this antibiotic had racing heart and anxiety 2nd day same again and jittery feeling light headed and weak went back to drs told 2 stop taking them as they might affect the dosage of citalopram it is just like having withdrawal symptoms not very nice as any 1 ad same reactions.

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Anxiety :: Headaches - Racing Heart And Migraine

Over the past year and a half, I have been struggling with headaches every other day.  I also have been having a racing heart, but not as often.  Once a month or so.  I've been to a PT, massage therapist, a headache specialist, and a chiropractor.  My chiropractor thinks it is from stress, but when I am visibly stressed - I don't get a headache.  I was thinking it was from something that I am eating, but I cannot find a common pattern in my food diaries.  Maybe gluten or dairy? or is it really stress??  

I did notice today that I had a monster migraine when I got to work.  I was anticipating a very stressful day at work (it was fine though) and after I got home and had dinner - my headache was gone.

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Cannabis :: Anxiety And Racing Heart After Smoking Weed

I'm 15, I started smoking weed around December. I smoked every weekend, and I woke smoke 2 - 4 joints at a time. I continued to do it until around April, when I stopped because every time I smoked I would get anxiety and my heart would race. at the time, i didn't let it bother me because I believed it was normal. I quit 3 weeks ago, and I have been having signs of depersonalization and anxiety. My heart has been beating very fast and hard for the past 48 hours, and I had an anxiety attack last night.

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack - Heart Started Racing

So last weekend I was out with friends we had had a nice dinner and we're sitting talking when suddenly my heart started racing I wasn't panicked or anything and didn't really have any other symptoms bit short of breath and chest was bit tight my heart rate was 120 this last for about an hour and was nearly 2 hrs before my heart rate slowed to normal. Does this happen to you guys. I did go and get checked out and all okay.

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Anxiety :: Cause You Insomnia ?

Does anyone deal with insomnia induced by your anxiety?  I have horrible insomnia (can't fall asleep and can't stay asleep).  I know anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand, but I'm not certain if my insomnia is a direct result of my anxiety.  

What ways do you deal with this?  I was recently prescribed sleeping pills by my doctor, but those are even hit or miss as far as helping me sleep.  Does anyone have any tried and true remedies that they use or have found to be helpful?  

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Drugs For Anxiety Insomnia And Depression ?

I asked my doc for trazodone today for my insomnia, he gave me a script for ten zopiclone instead, he said trazodone was not a good drug for depression, and that lexapro ( he has me on 30 mg ) is a far superior drug, I pointed out to him that I have been on 30 mg for over a year and while my depression is very manageable, my insomnia and anxiety have not improved and that in my opinion anxiety has always been my primary issue. I take inderal 80 mg daily for anxiety , which just makes it bearable. Has anyone on any different combination of drugs for anxiety insomnia and depression that they find works. Yes I know we're all different ! I have been on sooo many antidepressants, and I can't honestly recommend any of them. 

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Alternative Therapies :: Sleep Disorders - Insomnia Anxiety

I have suffered from depression insomnia anxiety and I have tree herniated disk on my cervical and 3 on my lumber I don't want to take any medication and i am in lots of pain and don't sleep .What should I do.?

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Anti Anxiety Drugs :: Treating Insomnia With Lorazepam And Xanax

I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress lately and this reflected mostly on my sleep patterns. So far I’ve tried using melatonin supplement before bedtime, but I can’t say it’s working since I’m still awake almost until dawn. My physician recommended I try this first, before medications like lorazepam or Xanax, but I can’t go on like this anymore and I’ll just have to try some of these meds.

From your experiences, which one of these, Lorazepam or Xanax is more effective in treating insomnia? Or is there some third option that is more effective than either of these?

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Cardiovascular :: Deciding To Refuse Cardiac Catheterization

After doing the best I can to ferret out the risks vs benefits of cardiac catheterization.  92% of my brain says, "No."  That niggling 8% is a real pain.

I am female.  I am over 60.  I have not had a myocardial infarction, (that they're telling me about anyway).  I have some stress wall hypertrophy, but that's pretty much it.  If I could get the physicians/cardiologists, to give me better evidence of need for such an invasive procedure, I might consider it...however...

I know me.  Just having the procedure would be psychologically, and, therefore, physically, ruinous.  I think I understand - but who can understand this really - that choosing not to have the catheterization, and whatever may happen as a result, means I might sign out quite unexpected.  But is this a better way to live?  I think so.

I have not felt "well" for at 7 years.  (I'll spare you the ailments).  However, I don't get colds, flu (no vaccinations)...I don't have hypertension.  I'm told I have angina, but I am convinced that the post-meal sensations I get are due to gastric/diaphragm...more on that order of things.  I don't have frank chest "pain."

I'm figuring that it will be a complete crapshoot to refuse the catheterization, but I am 100% certain, that there is a better chance of me surviving an invasive procedure if I don't die before I have it, then lending myself to what looks like a never-ending routine of invasive procedures.

What I'm currently hoping for, but have been unable to get, is a cardiologist who will agree to fully monitor me; one who truly understands the various medications available and who would find one that is best suited for this particular body, and who considers cardiac catheterization, et al, a last resort, rather than a first.  (Nice fantasy).

So far, I've had the general practitioner I see, attempt to scare the hell out of me without telling me on what evidence he was doing so.  (I would change to another GP if there was another one around).  That kind of tactic is not only useless, but demoralizing.  When it comes to "heart," demoralization can, without a doubt, lead to "heart trouble."

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Cannabis Addiction :: Anxiety, Anger, Reduced Appetite, Restlessness, Irritation And Insomnia

My boyfriend regularly smokes weed, denies the idea that it is an addiction, and is emotionally impacted by his addiction. He has mood swings, especially the day after a few days of smoking, and he experiences loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. I want to know more about this subject. I want to show him that my thoughts are supported by scientific research. Does anyone know where I can go to get reliable scientific support?

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Anxiety :: Constant Pooping, Acid Reflex, Chest Pain, And Headache, And 9 Months Insomnia?

Constant pooping, acid reflux, chest pain, and headache, and 9 months insomnia.

How to cure without sleeping pills?

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Drugs To Relax Before Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

I'm going through a bit of anxiety about getting my lower left wisdom tooth extracted. It's fully erupted and will be cut out by an oral surgeon under local anesthetics. It's cracked and painful so it probably has to go soon. I'm extremely phobic about this so I definitely need something to calm me down. Is there a drug that'll make me fearless? It has to be something that i can get prescribed by my doctor. Would something like Xanax work or is there something better? I believe I will be getting laughing gas as well.

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Anxiety :: Head Pressure Goes Behind My Eyes

Past week I keep getting this pressure in the back of head and it kind of goes behind my eyes too making Them feel tired. When I get this pressure it makes me head feel heavy and it's a horrible feeling and Then along with that it makes my anxiety go sky high. Anyone else get like this?

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Relax And Have Chamomile Or Lavender Tea

they said ibs is usually linked to a nervous stomach so maybe you need to take something for your mind to relax you like chamomile or lavender tea and if that doesn't help I would go see a doctor. Ask yourself is your ibs worsened by your moods? if so maybe you need to be on something for that to ease your nerves, it's just a thought. take care. also I have the same problem and I am going to ask my doctor about getting on something for my nerves

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Eyes :: Visual Floaters - Ocular Migraines, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

A little history on me: I'm 21/F. I have generalized anxiety, panic disorder,  depression, PCOS, TMJ, and IBSD. These are all issues I have been dealing with. Medication list: Prozac (20 mg). Vitamin D (5,000 IU). Vitamin B12 injection (once a month). Iron (324 mg). Birth control. Ativan (.05 as needed).

My vision has changed since the beginning of this year. I now see small, clear halos when looking at bright, solid surfaces (such as the sky, walls, etc). I also see an odd wave, jelly-like substance when looking at similar surfaces. When I squint my eyes, I see a line of 20 small dots. All of the floaters I have mentioned move in an odd way, like they're falling. When I try to focus on them, my eyes make the floaters "jump" back to the top of my vision, only to begin falling again. These always look different (never the same spots or lines) and occur in both eyes. When I am focusing on something, such as the TV, I see random dots in my peripheral vision, but when I look in that direction there is nothing there. Went to the eye doctor, said everything looked fine, I am nearsighted, and any disturbances were ocular migraines. I have had three ocular migraines, where I can very clearly see rainbow lines in my vision. These occur when I have gotten very worked up/anxious and only last a few seconds. The floaters I have previously mentioned occur ALL the time. I can look at the sky at any time during daylight, and see them. Brought these issues up to my general practitioner and said this was nothing to worry about, but keep an eye on it. 

When looking down or look around quickly, I feel a visual dizziness and off-balance. 

PLEASE, if you have any information on what the possible causes of these disturbances/floaters could be, let me know. My doctors aren't worried, but I 100% am. I'm young, why am I having eye issues? I don't wear contacts and only wear glasses when driving. 

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Depression :: Feel Like Losing My Mind

My depression has taken a strange turn recently, whereby I am convinced that something or someone is controlling my emotions and making me say and do stuff i don't want to. I was on the phone to a friend earlier, telling her that I think this. But, as I was saying it, my insides felt really weird and angry, like whatever it is that's controlling me is giving me a sign to shut up.

I feel really angry with myself, and I feel like my mind and thoughts are all jumbled, I was just wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar, and tell me i'm not going crazy?

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Eyes :: Geometric Shape Patterns Appearing In Both Eyes

Small but geometric -ish shape. This changes in 1/2 hour or more, the shape gets larger forming a getting larger approximate 'C' shape to the left of center. It is almost like me seeing a crude kaleidoscope . Eventually the thing disappears to the left. The shape seems to be of small triangles squares, anything 'sort of' geometric. I can see past it but still have to see the shape. Whichever eye I close I can still see it; close both I can see it!   It has now cleared completely as  I have not being looking at the sun or any strong light. Is it 'just one of those things' to be tolerated every now and then. I am 75 and in general good health 

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Eyes :: Floaters PVD - Peripheral Vascular Disease Both Eyes

I'm late 5s,have had floaters since my 20s,back then they were small black or clear dots,fast forward,late fifties,now i've had pvds in both eyes,vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away from the back of the eye,now i have these clear to gauzy larger floaters,plus one large clumpy black one and I can't ignore them anymore. PVD is age related. I am just lucky enough to have these awful larger ones that can blur and obstruct vision. How does a person deal with it. Oh yes I also am starting to have dry eyes. Both also can cause hazy vision. Unless you've experienced it,no one else can relate

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