Cardiovascular :: Deciding To Refuse Cardiac Catheterization

May 31, 2015

After doing the best I can to ferret out the risks vs benefits of cardiac catheterization.  92% of my brain says, "No."  That niggling 8% is a real pain.

I am female.  I am over 60.  I have not had a myocardial infarction, (that they're telling me about anyway).  I have some stress wall hypertrophy, but that's pretty much it.  If I could get the physicians/cardiologists, to give me better evidence of need for such an invasive procedure, I might consider it...however...

I know me.  Just having the procedure would be psychologically, and, therefore, physically, ruinous.  I think I understand - but who can understand this really - that choosing not to have the catheterization, and whatever may happen as a result, means I might sign out quite unexpected.  But is this a better way to live?  I think so.

I have not felt "well" for at 7 years.  (I'll spare you the ailments).  However, I don't get colds, flu (no vaccinations)...I don't have hypertension.  I'm told I have angina, but I am convinced that the post-meal sensations I get are due to gastric/diaphragm...more on that order of things.  I don't have frank chest "pain."

I'm figuring that it will be a complete crapshoot to refuse the catheterization, but I am 100% certain, that there is a better chance of me surviving an invasive procedure if I don't die before I have it, then lending myself to what looks like a never-ending routine of invasive procedures.

What I'm currently hoping for, but have been unable to get, is a cardiologist who will agree to fully monitor me; one who truly understands the various medications available and who would find one that is best suited for this particular body, and who considers cardiac catheterization, et al, a last resort, rather than a first.  (Nice fantasy).

So far, I've had the general practitioner I see, attempt to scare the hell out of me without telling me on what evidence he was doing so.  (I would change to another GP if there was another one around).  That kind of tactic is not only useless, but demoralizing.  When it comes to "heart," demoralization can, without a doubt, lead to "heart trouble."

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Anxiety :: Insomnia - Eyes Refuse To Relax And Mind Racing

I am suffering insomnia for almost a week now due to anxiety and constant worrying. It might be better if i describe my experience. Here goes: Everytime I go to sleep, it feels that my eyes refuses itself to relax even though i close it. My mind is still racing. I've always tried to calm myself before sleeping. Sometimes I managed to fall and keep myself asleep but not for a long time and sometimes it is accompanied by weird vivid dreams (sometimes it's pretty creepy), then I woke up in the middle of the night finding it hard to fall asleep again, and if I do, these dreams keep bugging me again followed by waking myself up. My sleep pattern is always like that and It's so frustrating because I always woke up feeling unrefreshed and nervous. I'm always anxious about myself falling asleep like that every night.

Do someone experience the same things that I did? As long as possible, I'm planning to deal with it the natural way. I consider taking up meds as a last resort. Is there a natural way to restore my sleep pattern? Any advice? I'm totally suffering from it. And it makes me more anxious that sleep deprivation might affect my health.

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Frequent Urinary Tract Infection After Catheterization

I'm a 20 year old female, I had a nose operation and came out with a Catheter from the hospital as I was unable to pee after my op. I had been getting urine infection almost every second week with the Catheter. I finally got that out at the end of June and following a failed twc I was taught self catheterisation.

2 days later I ended up in hospital unable to perform it where they drained my bladder for me. I was then released 5 days later managing to catheterise myself.

After coming out of hospital I have been getting these sharp pains I my sides, initially just my left side but know my right side under my ribs and goes round to my back. I went to the doctors on Monday and showed I had a severe urine infection... I was given ciprofloxacin 500mg and tramadol 50mg 4 times a day... I also was told my kidneys were a bit inflamed.

I went back on Friday as I was feeling worse! They done a dip test which showed no infection but was sent to the lab anyway, I was taken of the tramadol and put on paracetamol and codeine if I needed it (which I do) I have now been constipated since Monday as well!

I'm still getting this horrible sharp pain in my sides and lower back as well as very nauseous ( not been sick though) and extremely tired all the time. I'm getting really sick of it all now and just don't know what to do nothing is taking the pain away, any suggestions would be great! I'm sick of constant visits to the doctor but don't seem to get anywhere with them.

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Prostate :: Clean Intermittent (self) Catheterization (CIC) - My Experience

Since I posted a thread about self-catheterization -- more formally called Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC) -- there have been a few different discussions on the topic in various threads. I thought it might make sense to bring those discussions over to a dedicated thread. With that in mind, I will summarize and/or copy and paste some of what was said before into this thread for better continuity.

My story in a nutshell. 68 years old with BPH probably since my late 20’s. Watch and Wait strategy with on-and-off trials of Tamsulosin (Flomax) with poor results.  Symptoms were the  normal retention issues resulting in frequent urination with incomplete emptying, urgency, and having to go to the bathroom at night in increasing frequencies. Near the end, two or three uti’s per year often accompanied by gross hematuria (bleeding).  

Two years ago things got significantly worse and I couldn’t urinate on my own without physically pushing against my bladder (Crede Maneuver). That led to another trip to the urologist where  ultrasound showed significant retention and hydronephrosis (water in the kidneys). I was told I needed an operation (this facility primarily did Turps) but first I had to rehabilitate my bladder because at the time  it was too flaccid (stretched) for a good surgical outcome. I was given the choice of wearing a Foley Catheter for six weeks, or a program of self-catheterization (CIC) in order to decompress the bladder. I chose CIC so I didn’t have to wear a Foley 24/7, and also because I felt it put me more in control.

Six weeks later my bladder was rehabilitated to the extent they could do a Turp, and the hydronephrosis was gone. After doing some research and a lot of thinking I decided to put off the Turp due to the potential of irreversible side effects, primarily retrograde ejaculation. Two years later, I am still doing CIC while waiting for newer procedures with better outcomes and fewer side effects.

I will detail my experiences with CIC in following posts -- but to summarize, once mastered, it’s a painless five minute procedure that allows you to empty your bladder completely any time you want. With CIC, I therefore have no retention issues, no urgency, and in most cases sleep 6-8 hours through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom. No UTI’s in over 18 months. And because my bladder has been partially rehabilitated, I can urinate normally about 50% of the time without using the Crede maneuver.  My IPSS Score (International Prostate Symptom Score) would be Zero (the best), albeit with a little mechanical assist.

As of now, nothing that I have read about the various current procedures has tempted me to have an operation. That could, or could not change, in the future, but the nice thing about CIC is that you can stop it any time you want with no repercussions. The caveat is that CIC should be done under the supervision of a doctor who will monitor your BPH as required. Similar to seeing a doctor on a regular basis during a Watch n’ Wait BPH strategy.

I know many of you here have already had operations like Turp, and in most cases people seem pleased with the outcomes. CIC certainly isn’t’ for everyone, and I can understand why someone does not want to carry around a urinary “tool box” with them. On the other hand, with practice, it’s not the traumatic and scary procedure some think. I can honestly say right now that for me it’s about as traumatic as brushing my teeth.

I’m offering my experiences and thoughts on CIC for any of those who haven’t yet made up their mind on an operation. It even can make sense for those of you who don’t need an operation yet, but want to increase their IPSS quality of life score. In fact, wish I had done CIC earlier while on Watchful Waiting. Didn’t realize how much BPH had been affecting me for most of my adult life until I was able to empty my bladder completely.

CIC doesn’t have to be a permanent solution, it could just part of a waiting strategy like I’m on, until better surgical operations are developed with better outcomes and fewer permanent side effects.

For any number of reasons, the majority of urologists don’t seem to offer CIC as an alternative to surgery. My current urologist doesn’t as far as I know, but he’s OK with what I’m doing because it works for me. So, either you have to find a urologist you can convince to go along, or go to some of the major teaching hospitals where CIC is probably more in use and better understood. That is where I was taught, albeit not very well, but that is another story.

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Dry Eye Syndrome :: Deciding When To Get Glasses

I started having vision issues just before Christmas. I went for a visit to my Ophthalmologist today. Turns out my blurry vision issues are a result of the cold air and my Dry Eye Syndrome. I did leave with a prescription though for mild correction for distance.

The doctor told me I could fill the prescription or not, it is up to me. How do you decide when your vision is bad enough to start wearing glasses? I don't mind the glasses themselves, just wondering if it is worth the cost yet. Thanks for your input.

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NuvaRing - Deciding To Give It A Try

Who here has been on the NuvaRing?

After discussing my options with my doctor last week, I decided to give it a try. So far so good. I had some cramping in the first few days, but that's completely gone now and I haven't noticed any other side effects.

Part of why I chose NuvaRing is I don't have to think about it very much. Also, my doctor doesn't like the implant, and would rather save an IUD for last if I don't find something else I like. She did mention Depo, but I didn't want that because of what I've heard about bone density loss and weight gain, neither of which I want. Another reason is my doctor said she has lots of patients with success skipping their periods on the ring, and that's something that's important to me. If I could, I'd stop my period until I was ready to get pregnant.

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Birth Control :: Deciding Which Oral Contraceptive?

I don't know much about which brand of oral contraceptive I should use, partly due to nurses at planned parenthood not being very informative. Since there are many MANY different brands I figured I would just shout out my ultimate dream pill and see what suggestions you guys can give me. I want a pill that won't lower my libido and increases breast size. Some have taken me from a b to a d, some only half a cup. Would love that extra boob again lol thanks guys!**also I tend to get a little emotional so I'm not too sure where to go from here.

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Cataract :: Deciding To Have Toric Lens Removed

I have a complicated history.  February 2013 my retina detached right eye.  I had a vitrectomy and a lot of laser in left eye.  The following January (2013) I had cataract removed and a toric lens implanted.  Having always been a high myope with a lot of astigmatism it was a miracle.  Only real problem was the disparity between my eyes and need to always have contact in left eye if awake.  WIthin 5 weeks I had developed posterior capsular opacification.  After the YAG I could see for a couple of days clearly again and then vision started declining again. I developed an epiretinal membrane and macular hole so I got to experience another vitrectomy in September of 2013.  Since then my vision  has declined.  Multiple attempts at contacts have been frustrating.  My dry eye makes soft contacts very unstable throughout the day and at times the vision with the soft is worse than without it.  Multiple RGP's have been attempted.  I wear and RGP in my left eye.  Glasses have been tried but I must wear contact in left eye because the difference between eyes is too great.  Unfortunately glasses don't work great because even that subtle difference of one eye corrected in front and one on eye makes my brain wacky.  So my options are according to doctor "live with suboptimal vision or be willing to take a risk."  PRK was mentioned but favorite option is to remove lens and have plane lens put in front of capsule then have vision corrected with RGP's.  I am nervous about this with my history of scarring and retinal damage.  Has anyone experienced this.  I can be corrected to 20/20 in the eye.

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Spinal Surgery :: Deciding To Have PCDF And ACDF Surgeries

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Thoracic Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Fibromyalgia - and in November 2015 diagnosed with Cervical Radiculopathy. As you see, I have dealt with chronic pain for a long time, and I am tired of it – it’s exhausting and limits my day to day activities.

Anyway based on my MRI results and my physical symptoms - the surgeon diagnosed me with Cervical Radiculopathy and *suggested* a Posterior Cervical Decompression (PCDF) as well as an Anterior Cervical Discectomy with Fusion, ( ACDF).  No pressure … he told me to just think it over and referred me to Physical Therapy.

Since the diagnosis, I am doing a ton of research and educating myself about my condition and the surgery.

Last week I asked my physical therapist what she thought of the surgery and she said, “I had time to have the surgery later”. (I’m 63 and not clear about what “later” even means This week my primary care doctor said outright, that I do not want this surgery because it may not relieve the numbness and pain, and does nothing for the arthritis in my neck, and there will be issues with scar tissue and that my condition is not that bad – yet. He suggested I get a second opinion. I agreed to get a second opinion.

Cervical Radiculopathy Timeline

January 2015 I developed a pinch nerve in the left side of my neck along with the slow progression of excruciating numbness and/or pain in my arm, fingers and thigh. In June 2015, my primary care doctor diagnosed me with pinch nerve and referred me to PT along with the suggestion that I get a back massage. I had tried PT before for my osteoarthritis and hated it. So, I decided to try yoga instead.

Through yoga, I relieved most of the thigh and neck pain and increased my range of motion. However, the numbness and pain in my fingers and in my arm became worse - along with the loss of grip strength. I informed my primary care Dr. in Oct of 2015, he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, who of course ordered an MRI.

As I said, based on the test results, the surgeon suggested surgery but wanted me to first try physical therapy, this time I went. I started twice weekly therapy sessions in November 2015 and so far it’s effective. After 6 weeks of passive exercises, my arm pain had diminished significantly and the numbness decreased to a ‘low buzz’.

Because I was progressing so well - the week of Christmas 2015 the therapist changed to more aggressive exercises (10 mins on the treadmill, resistance bands, etc) I felt ok while there. However, by the time I returned home after the session the pain in my neck and back was out of control. I had learned many PT pain intervention techniques and I tried them all but the pain escalated. Numbness increased significantly in my thumb. In addition to that I now not only have pain on the left side of my neck but also the right - along with a considerable decrease in my range of motion on both sides of my neck. My grip strength decreased almost immediately and I am dropping things again.  Thought it best to cancel my next appointment, ha-ha! Although I feel better, today I am still in pain - most movements makes it worse. At this point, I’m confused and not sure what to do next. My next PT appointment is on Jan 5th and I see the surgeon on Jan 19 to inform him of my decision.

My questions.

1. Without ongoing physical therapy –(i.e. the rest of my life) will the symptoms of Cervical Radiculopathy return? (Anyone have experience with this?)

2. With degenerative disc disease, overtime, will my disc continue to lose height and stack on top of one another causing even more pain? (So far because of this I’ve lost 2” in height.)

3. From the point of being diagnosed with Cervical Radiculopathy what is the longest time anyone has waited in deciding to have the surgery or not to have surgery?

4. Why would waiting for the symptoms to get worse be beneficial to obtaining a positive outcome or to justify the surgery?

5. Finally, why are some medical professionals against having this surgery? Has anyone experienced being discouraged from having the procedure and how did it influence your decision to have or not have the surgery?

 I thoroughly understand this is a major surgery with a very rough and long recovery period. To be honest at age 63 – I am more worried about recovering from the anesthesia and if my body can withstand the actual length of the surgery, and those factors are certainly not going to get better as I age.

I also understand that I need to rely on the medical professionals’ opinions however, I have been ‘burnt’ in the past with so-called medical opinions. That is why I am seeking experiences related to this from ‘normal’ folks ---I need a different perspective from people who have dealt with this process. 

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Cardiac Risk Regarding Cataflam?

I am taking Cataflam. I am taking large doses for several days a month. I am interesting about cardiac risk regarding this fact. I have heard that this dosage can be very risky for me. To be honest, I am not sure that these rumors are true.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Palpitations Due To Anxiety?

I'll get straight to the point. I have been suffering from Vestibular Neuritis for almost a year, to summarise it, its an inner ear problem which affects your balance and can take years for the brain to compensate for it.

It has multiple side effects, the most common and most problematic one being anxiety. At the start I had too many panic attacks, I couldn't even leave my room. However, by doing things like yoga, meditation etc. I managed to recover a LOT in terms of ANXIETY. Medication didn't help and as my anxiety got under control along with my brain compensating for the lack of balance, I started to feel better, but all symptoms were still there 24/7 to a lesser degree.

One month ago, I relapsed. I assure you, I did nothing different and have no idea why everything came back. As you can imagine my anxiety sky rocketed again. It took me about 2 weeks for the dizziness to calm down as brain compensated for it again. However my anxiety seemed to be there, I tried yoga etc. again (as it was so successful last time) but it did nothing. I have also noticed for the past 2-3 weeks, my bowels have been very irritated- without going into too much detail, I will just say that the frequency of my toilet visits per day shot up. I assumed (and still assume this was anxiety related) so I continued yoga etc. with not much improvement. I changed my diet to eat only bland, simple food...still not much luck.

My latest problem, and this is the one I need MOST help with. Three days ago, as I was trying to sleep, I started getting palpitations which really scared me- I have never had them before. NOTE: I had EKG, ECHO, Holter done 6 months ago and all was normal, so my heart was fine then and is fine now as I had another holter done last week - HOWEVER this time around it was clear that I had ectopic beats but the doctor said this was normal.. This has really made me feel anxious especially because I never had this symptom last year when my anxiety was at a peak.

Yesterday, the palpitations got really bad, I had to take a 4 hour ferry and then drive 4 hours. iI had a fairly greasy burger on the ferry and about 90 minutes later I started feeling ill and had palpitations again. This was the most scared I have been, I felt the urge to go to the toilet a lot and everytime I went, I felt like I was going to faint. My 4 hour drive later was scary too, I almost stopped at a B&B because I kept getting palpitations. The palpitations I had yesterday was different to the ones I've had for the last 10 days...instead of a 'thud' at the end, I had a sense of radiation warm sensation from my chest to my stomach which was really scary and moments of a feeling where you feel like youve lost consciousness for a split second before being 'shocked' into reality.

Has anyone experienced this? Do you think its anxiety related?- If yes, why has it started to happen all of a sudden?

Or do you think this is something to do with GERD? I seem to burping more and feel more 'wind' and also seem to want to go to the toilet more.

I also feel dizzy because I'm eating less because I get scared to eat any amount as the palpitations are triggered!

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EPS For Cardiac Arrhythmia :: Severe Bruising After EPS

I underwent an EPS for cardiac arrhythmia one week ago but it has left me with severe bruising half way down my thigh. It is not swollen and not painful just a little in my groin. I did bleed a bit after the procedure and when i stood to go home and the cardiologist seemed to have difficulty inserting the catheter into my groin.

has anyone else gone through this after an EPS is this typical?


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Cardiac Arrest As A Cyclizine Reaction

I was in hospital in 2006 with severe illness. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom yet collapsed on the way there. I was given morphine as I was in extreme pain, however, i began feeling very sick, so cyclizine was put straight into my drip. Literally 20 seconds later, i remember feeling as if someone had put their hands round my neck - I couldn't breathe and my heart was racing - this is the last thing i remember. According to my mother and father, I went into cardiac arrest - blacked out, and then was unconscious. At this point, I was dead. I had no pulse and was not breathing. I was given emergency CPR and was thankfully, revived. I remained in hospital for the next week under strict observation. I was 15 at the time. I have a severe allergy to cyclizine, and never again will I go through this ordeal.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Who Cured Ectopics With A Natural Xanax?

I love hearing all your personal stories and cures. Months ago someone cured his ectopics with "natural" form of Xanax as his always went away with Xanax. Please post again or if someone remembers the ingredients, let us know.


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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Ectopic Beats Everyday - How Many Are Normal?

Anyone suffer from ectopics? Mine started 3 yrs ago when i was pregnant and are getting worse. Had ecgs...48 hr ecg ( which of course only showed a couple) echo and ct angiogram which i'm waiting the results for but wanted to know how many is normal? For the last 5 days have been really bad and tonight in the space of an hour as i counted them i had 16..just so typical that when i had my 48 hr ecg a few weeks back i was having a good few days so of course the cardiologist said all looked normal. Just wondered if people suffered with these and what the outcome has been? Its really getting to me and worrying me now.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Extreme Tachycardia

I've got idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. I have Afib with this and keep getting extreme tachycardia which means I have to go to hospital to get it controlled. I have asthma too. I'm in Europe and have good doctors - I was in hospital Saturday night into Sunday - I called my doctor as my heart was beating so fast and irregularly, and it was having long intervals of no beats - I have a stethoscope and could hear nothing at the apex and I've been taught how to auscultate, and I was very very breathless. She was very worried and sent me to hospital. After being stabilised, I saw a a cardiologist who did loads of tests and said my heart was very much more dilated than before. On discharge I've been given 02 to breathe if I feel breathless.


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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Palpitations And Fast Heart Rate On Exertion

I have some strange feelings and etc for around 6 months. I don't have any panic attacks or anxiety from long time ago, but something is wrong with me. For example in morning I stand up from bed and my heart rate goes to around 130 or when i climb up stairs ( around 20 of them) i get heart rate around 170 per min. That's not normal I know, but I have had heart ECG, heart ULTRASOUND,blood tests and etc and everything is fine. But on left side of chest I have pressure, feels like some organ is swollen or I don't know, maybe lung is pressed or something. I had also lungs x-ray but it came out fine. When heart is beating fast, i feel pain in my upper chest like in my airways, and when my heart calms down i have sore upper chest. 1 month ago i got maybe palpitations but not sure if it's palpitations, happens most when im standing. I get fast squeeze in left chest like my left lung is squeezed, but in this second my heart stops beating and then starts after 1sec beat fast and again slowly. I really dont know what to do, because im sure i dont have anxiety or panic. I was on xanax,citalopram,lexotanil for long time and nothing helped me for that. P.S My left leg is always cold,mostly when im laying down. Sometimes i get vibrating sound in my left chest and i don't know what is this. Mostly im scared if its my heart or what... Doctors said im okay, but i still feel not normal and without full access to live my life.. I had also brain scans,neck x ray and all is fine. All tests I had everything is normal. What do you think I should check? Please don't write about psychology problems, because its not this and im sure its not in my head. 

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Heart Catheterization And Heart Attack Chance

I had a heart catherization done in may 2014 and all was normal thank god now my question is what are the chances are for a person with mirmal heart cath to develop a heart attack , and can it happen withen a year from the cath please ?

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Cardiovascular :: POTS With Clicking Sound

I sometimes have pounding heart along with POTS symptoms. I am diagnosed with POTS. Other findings are very low exercise threshold, multiple atrial couplets and low blood gas oxygen levels. Doctors aren't concerned, but they should be I think.

Just today I had pounding heart with loud clicking sound. This has happened before and you can very clearly hear the clicks along with the pulse. Doctor doesn't believe me, as there is no murmur usually.

I have mental illness and therefore I am not believed. I am 33 years ol male, and have intolerance to neuroleptics, which has caused heart problems.

Has anyone experienced these sounds themselves or know what they are. Nurse mentioned valve's making a sound sometimes.

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Cardiovascular :: Arm Tingling, Chest Pain

My father is 58 years old and he complained that his arm is tingling and he felt chest pain few days ago. He is also smoking for many years so I am afraid that it may be caused by heart problems. I told him to visit his doctor but he is pretty stubborn and he told me that he is fine now. I am afraid because of this and I don't know what to do.

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Cardiovascular :: Viagra Causes Heart Problems?

I am 47 years old and I need some advice considering Viagra use. Could Viagra cause Heart Problems? I do not think that my problem with erection is connected with physical state my body is in, though I am a bit overweight. I think that it has to do something with my daily-accumulated stress. I have been recently appointed to a place of CEO in my company and that is a strenuous job.

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