Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Ectopic Beats Everyday - How Many Are Normal?

Sep 26, 2015

Anyone suffer from ectopics? Mine started 3 yrs ago when i was pregnant and are getting worse. Had ecgs...48 hr ecg ( which of course only showed a couple) echo and ct angiogram which i'm waiting the results for but wanted to know how many is normal? For the last 5 days have been really bad and tonight in the space of an hour as i counted them i had 16..just so typical that when i had my 48 hr ecg a few weeks back i was having a good few days so of course the cardiologist said all looked normal. Just wondered if people suffered with these and what the outcome has been? Its really getting to me and worrying me now.

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Palpitations Due To Anxiety?

I'll get straight to the point. I have been suffering from Vestibular Neuritis for almost a year, to summarise it, its an inner ear problem which affects your balance and can take years for the brain to compensate for it.

It has multiple side effects, the most common and most problematic one being anxiety. At the start I had too many panic attacks, I couldn't even leave my room. However, by doing things like yoga, meditation etc. I managed to recover a LOT in terms of ANXIETY. Medication didn't help and as my anxiety got under control along with my brain compensating for the lack of balance, I started to feel better, but all symptoms were still there 24/7 to a lesser degree.

One month ago, I relapsed. I assure you, I did nothing different and have no idea why everything came back. As you can imagine my anxiety sky rocketed again. It took me about 2 weeks for the dizziness to calm down as brain compensated for it again. However my anxiety seemed to be there, I tried yoga etc. again (as it was so successful last time) but it did nothing. I have also noticed for the past 2-3 weeks, my bowels have been very irritated- without going into too much detail, I will just say that the frequency of my toilet visits per day shot up. I assumed (and still assume this was anxiety related) so I continued yoga etc. with not much improvement. I changed my diet to eat only bland, simple food...still not much luck.

My latest problem, and this is the one I need MOST help with. Three days ago, as I was trying to sleep, I started getting palpitations which really scared me- I have never had them before. NOTE: I had EKG, ECHO, Holter done 6 months ago and all was normal, so my heart was fine then and is fine now as I had another holter done last week - HOWEVER this time around it was clear that I had ectopic beats but the doctor said this was normal.. This has really made me feel anxious especially because I never had this symptom last year when my anxiety was at a peak.

Yesterday, the palpitations got really bad, I had to take a 4 hour ferry and then drive 4 hours. iI had a fairly greasy burger on the ferry and about 90 minutes later I started feeling ill and had palpitations again. This was the most scared I have been, I felt the urge to go to the toilet a lot and everytime I went, I felt like I was going to faint. My 4 hour drive later was scary too, I almost stopped at a B&B because I kept getting palpitations. The palpitations I had yesterday was different to the ones I've had for the last 10 days...instead of a 'thud' at the end, I had a sense of radiation warm sensation from my chest to my stomach which was really scary and moments of a feeling where you feel like youve lost consciousness for a split second before being 'shocked' into reality.

Has anyone experienced this? Do you think its anxiety related?- If yes, why has it started to happen all of a sudden?

Or do you think this is something to do with GERD? I seem to burping more and feel more 'wind' and also seem to want to go to the toilet more.

I also feel dizzy because I'm eating less because I get scared to eat any amount as the palpitations are triggered!

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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Who Cured Ectopics With A Natural Xanax?

I love hearing all your personal stories and cures. Months ago someone cured his ectopics with "natural" form of Xanax as his always went away with Xanax. Please post again or if someone remembers the ingredients, let us know.


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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy - Extreme Tachycardia

I've got idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. I have Afib with this and keep getting extreme tachycardia which means I have to go to hospital to get it controlled. I have asthma too. I'm in Europe and have good doctors - I was in hospital Saturday night into Sunday - I called my doctor as my heart was beating so fast and irregularly, and it was having long intervals of no beats - I have a stethoscope and could hear nothing at the apex and I've been taught how to auscultate, and I was very very breathless. She was very worried and sent me to hospital. After being stabilised, I saw a a cardiologist who did loads of tests and said my heart was very much more dilated than before. On discharge I've been given 02 to breathe if I feel breathless.


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Cardiac Arrhythmias :: Palpitations And Fast Heart Rate On Exertion

I have some strange feelings and etc for around 6 months. I don't have any panic attacks or anxiety from long time ago, but something is wrong with me. For example in morning I stand up from bed and my heart rate goes to around 130 or when i climb up stairs ( around 20 of them) i get heart rate around 170 per min. That's not normal I know, but I have had heart ECG, heart ULTRASOUND,blood tests and etc and everything is fine. But on left side of chest I have pressure, feels like some organ is swollen or I don't know, maybe lung is pressed or something. I had also lungs x-ray but it came out fine. When heart is beating fast, i feel pain in my upper chest like in my airways, and when my heart calms down i have sore upper chest. 1 month ago i got maybe palpitations but not sure if it's palpitations, happens most when im standing. I get fast squeeze in left chest like my left lung is squeezed, but in this second my heart stops beating and then starts after 1sec beat fast and again slowly. I really dont know what to do, because im sure i dont have anxiety or panic. I was on xanax,citalopram,lexotanil for long time and nothing helped me for that. P.S My left leg is always cold,mostly when im laying down. Sometimes i get vibrating sound in my left chest and i don't know what is this. Mostly im scared if its my heart or what... Doctors said im okay, but i still feel not normal and without full access to live my life.. I had also brain scans,neck x ray and all is fine. All tests I had everything is normal. What do you think I should check? Please don't write about psychology problems, because its not this and im sure its not in my head. 

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Ectopic Beats Chest Tightness Breathless

My 13 year old son had a cardiac ablation in late Nov 13, after being diagnosed with supraventricular re entrant tachycardia.

He suffers from continuous single ectopic beats which don't give him symptoms so he can deal with them even if they are a nuisance.

The problem is he has a few other symptoms - 3 or 4 ectopic beats at a time which can make him breathless - no flips or flutters but chest tightness, shortness of breath and throat pain during exertion- short of breath without any other symptom - and now last wed an episode of very strong palpitations which lasted for about 15 secs but were very painful and in his own words made him feel weird, he felt a surge through his body, (maybe a change in blood pressure?) Anyone had any of these post ablation? Also he ectopic beats flip and flops seem to get worse upon exertion

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Anxiety :: Palpitations, Ectopic Beats And Dizziness (tietze's Syndrome)

I suffer from anxiety and have done for some time.. I also suffer from palpitations, ectopic beats and dizziness.

Every ECG i've had has been normal (heart rate a little high) I've just finished a 6 day holter monitor and typically i didn't have an ectopic or palpitations BUT over the last few days there back.

Will my heart just stop? can it just stop? i'm so scared. I do have chest pains but i have tietze's syndrome and always have chest pains.

I have flutters in my throat that makes me want to cough.

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Gallbladder :: Feeling Sick Everyday - Normal?

Almost time for my ultrasound and as much as I am looking forward to it I can't help but be worried about my body as my symptoms get worse. Aside from losing a LOT of weight, the nausea, breathlessness, and gassy feeling I get everyday all day is really worrying me. Is it normal for gallbladder sufferers to be this sick each and everyday? The only reprieve I get is when I go to sleep but the minute I wake up the symptoms above plus a dull ache on my right abdomen hits me with the full force of a gale wind. Please help. Has this happened to anybody else?

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Abortion And Now Have An Ectopic Pregnancy

I have previously had an abortion and now have an ectopic pregnancy. What are the chances of conceiving in the future? I am 27 years old.

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Am I Pregnant? :: After Tubal? Ectopic?

I am 19 days late and still havent started my period. I am always right on time and a heavy bleeder. About 10 days after period was suppose to start i had a little spotting (didn't even use a panty liner). I've taken several hpt and they are all negative. Been to the hospital 3 times trying to get someone to see what is going on and no one seems to think there is anything. I have "increase in abdominal girth" so my dr said. I look like i am 3 months pregnant, i normally have a very flat stomach, i even have to unbutton my pants when i sit to be comfortable, and when I shift my weight from one side to the other, the "bump" in my stomach can shift too. Kinda like when you see your baby moving in your stomach. one seems to be worried. I'm really freaking out. I'm already an emotional mess, crying for no reason. My face is starting to break out severely, I've had bloody nose, headaches and all the fun stuff that comes with normal pregnancy. If I had not had my tubes tied, i would swear i was pregnant.

I do not have any pain. I get the occasional back cramp or muscle spasm, but not pain. There is no bleeding, no unusual discharge. No fever. No diarrhea. No vomiting. Other than the normal "pregnancy" symptoms, and the increasing pant size, I have no complaints.

My dr today said he was actually stumped. Said it didn't appear to be anything needing surgery (all he did was poke and feel my stomach), but he is clueless as to what it could be. He did order an ultrasound, but i have to wait 2-3 days for them to call me and schedule it. I can't really wait without panicking. lol. I do have an appointment scheduled with my obgyn in 5 days.

Has anyone ever had anything like this? Anyone have any ideas or opinions on what could be going on? I have no one to talk to and no one that seems to understand the fact that i know there is something going on with me (you just know when its your body) and that i want to find out.

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Cardiac Risk Regarding Cataflam?

I am taking Cataflam. I am taking large doses for several days a month. I am interesting about cardiac risk regarding this fact. I have heard that this dosage can be very risky for me. To be honest, I am not sure that these rumors are true.

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Urology :: Ectopic Pregnancy And Period Pains

I had an ectopic pregnancy last year January but I'm still struggling to conceive. My doctor examined me and said everything is okay, she gave me pills that cleans the womb and she even gave me prescriptions but nothing helps. My periods are normal but I do get period pains. What can I do now or what can I take to me fertile?

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Can I Have An Ectopic Pregnancy After Bilateral Tubal Ligation?

I had a bilateral tubal ligation almost seven years ago. I am late with my period, nausea, lower back hurts and I am always tired. Could I have an ectopic pregnancy or a regular pregnancy

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EPS For Cardiac Arrhythmia :: Severe Bruising After EPS

I underwent an EPS for cardiac arrhythmia one week ago but it has left me with severe bruising half way down my thigh. It is not swollen and not painful just a little in my groin. I did bleed a bit after the procedure and when i stood to go home and the cardiologist seemed to have difficulty inserting the catheter into my groin.

has anyone else gone through this after an EPS is this typical?


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Cardiac Arrest As A Cyclizine Reaction

I was in hospital in 2006 with severe illness. I had gotten up to go to the bathroom yet collapsed on the way there. I was given morphine as I was in extreme pain, however, i began feeling very sick, so cyclizine was put straight into my drip. Literally 20 seconds later, i remember feeling as if someone had put their hands round my neck - I couldn't breathe and my heart was racing - this is the last thing i remember. According to my mother and father, I went into cardiac arrest - blacked out, and then was unconscious. At this point, I was dead. I had no pulse and was not breathing. I was given emergency CPR and was thankfully, revived. I remained in hospital for the next week under strict observation. I was 15 at the time. I have a severe allergy to cyclizine, and never again will I go through this ordeal.

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Cardiovascular :: Deciding To Refuse Cardiac Catheterization

After doing the best I can to ferret out the risks vs benefits of cardiac catheterization.  92% of my brain says, "No."  That niggling 8% is a real pain.

I am female.  I am over 60.  I have not had a myocardial infarction, (that they're telling me about anyway).  I have some stress wall hypertrophy, but that's pretty much it.  If I could get the physicians/cardiologists, to give me better evidence of need for such an invasive procedure, I might consider it...however...

I know me.  Just having the procedure would be psychologically, and, therefore, physically, ruinous.  I think I understand - but who can understand this really - that choosing not to have the catheterization, and whatever may happen as a result, means I might sign out quite unexpected.  But is this a better way to live?  I think so.

I have not felt "well" for at 7 years.  (I'll spare you the ailments).  However, I don't get colds, flu (no vaccinations)...I don't have hypertension.  I'm told I have angina, but I am convinced that the post-meal sensations I get are due to gastric/diaphragm...more on that order of things.  I don't have frank chest "pain."

I'm figuring that it will be a complete crapshoot to refuse the catheterization, but I am 100% certain, that there is a better chance of me surviving an invasive procedure if I don't die before I have it, then lending myself to what looks like a never-ending routine of invasive procedures.

What I'm currently hoping for, but have been unable to get, is a cardiologist who will agree to fully monitor me; one who truly understands the various medications available and who would find one that is best suited for this particular body, and who considers cardiac catheterization, et al, a last resort, rather than a first.  (Nice fantasy).

So far, I've had the general practitioner I see, attempt to scare the hell out of me without telling me on what evidence he was doing so.  (I would change to another GP if there was another one around).  That kind of tactic is not only useless, but demoralizing.  When it comes to "heart," demoralization can, without a doubt, lead to "heart trouble."

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Back Pain :: Appendicitis, Kidney Stones, Ectopic Pregnancy?

I am having very severe lower back pain that came out of nowhere. Worst pain I've ever is constant. Tylenol is not helping nor ice packs, heating pad, or hot bath. I have been vomiting and can't even keep fluids down. I was constipated this morning but did have a bm followed by diarrhea. I have a slight fever. Could this be appendicitis, kidney stones, or possibly an ectopic pregnancy? I don't know if I am pregnant or not. Please help!

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Hard Heart Beats That Won't Go Away

For the past 4 or 5 days i been having hard heart beats but at a normal heart rate i don't feel weak or anything it's just the worry i have and i get a little panic cause the hard heart beat is just there i can see my stomach move a little with each heartbeat i don't know if its cause the anxiety causing this but the hard heart beat won't go away i been having anxiety for the past 2 months i would say i would get really worried and kinda panic i did go to the hospital they took xrays and blood test and checked my heart they said everything is good and when im at night trying to sleep i struggle cause i just feel my heart beat and doesn't let me relax if anyone is having this please give advice on any medication or diets that can help i'm 24 and weight 165 pounds

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Pregnancy :: Heart Beats Determine Boy Or Girl?

My baby heart beat has been 150 and 155 trying to figure out if im having a boy or girl.

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Pregnancy :: Fetal Doppler And BPM (beats Per Minute)?

I'm 8+4 today and I rented a fetal doppler to hear my baby's heart beat. I heard the heartbeat once using this, but more often than not, I don't hear it. However, there is a digital screen that will display the bpm and that will go up to around 160-170, which is what my baby's heart rate was when I heard it last night. My question is, is the doppler picking up on the bpm and displaying them even though I can't hear it?

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Shingles :: Getting Bigger Everyday

I am 29 And was diagnosed with shingles yesterday. Are there any creams anyone can recommend for the rash. Its getting bigger And bigger each day.

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