Am I Pregnant? :: Missed My Periods For About Two Months Now

Oct 13, 2015

i am the irregular type..i hv missed my periods for about two months now..i have painful cramps and my boobs are painful when touched

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Menstruation :: Missed Periods For Five Months

I missed my period from the month of July to November. The last i saw my period was in June and i am so worried. i usually feel like i'm ovulating most times when i'm supposed to see my period after which i feel pains for three days and it stops. i was recently diagnosed of ulcer two months.

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Menstruation :: Missed Periods 8 Months

It's been about 8 months now, I haven't had a period and also my nipples have been hard and get small randomly. I'm not emotional or anything. I haven't taken birth control in 2 years.

And I've also taken pregnancy tests. But also at 8 months.... I would know if I was pregnant! I'm still skinny!

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missing Periods 3 Months

I've not had a period since Oct and now we r in the middle of January and no show yet, I've had 2 blood tests and done 3 hpt all negative, I'm having no signs of starting my periods.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Periods Stopped 3 Months After Sex

I Had Sex With My BF on Sep month 3-4 times, After that i Have My Periods On October & November Month. And Now My Periods Is Stopped In December..Is That i have any Possibility Of Having Pregnancy..

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Am I Pregnant? :: Don't Get Periods For A Few Months At A Time

I'm 18. When I was 15, I had sex for the first time, and not too long ago after that, I started missing my period. I just assumed they were associated with each other. The first time I missed my period, I had missed it for 4 months. I thought I was pregnant, but I wasn't. There were a few other times that I missed my period for a few months at a time but didn't worry about it. The longest I've gone without my period is 6 months. The last time I had my period was the beginning of November, so I'm about 2 months late right now. I hear birth control helps, but I can't buy any or see a doctor because if I use my card for that stuff, my parents can look on my account and start to question (because they don't even know I've had sex). I'm trying to make it to where they're the last people to EVER find out about any of this, so I'm just looking for some explanation or advice from anyone but them.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Periods Missing Last 3 Months

it's been almost 3 months that my periods didn't come. I had sex almost 5 or 6 months before but after sex my periods came but now they are not i'm worried . i cannot be pregnant but i'm still worried i may have gotten pregnant. please tell i may have become pregnant? if not then please tell me why i'm missing my periods.

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Menstruation :: Irregular Periods, Tummy Look Like 6 Months Pregnant

I had irregular periods for 1 year. I had two children. My son 5 years old and my daughter 2 years old. still my tummy look like 6 months pregnant. i underwent c-section for both babies. due to irregular period i gained weight. now started reduce intake of foods. i am working person. so i had no time to do exercise. could you give me any suggestions. i want to know why my tummy looks big. its fat or any other reason.

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Menstruation :: Periods Lasting For 11 Days - Getting Missed Also

I've had my first period when I was 12. Ever since I guess, my period length varies but it's always around 7 days. This month, my period has been lasting for 11 days as of today. At first, it was dark brown with light flow. Then it became normal flow but it's still dark brown. Soon, it became like a normal period flow, dark red. Then right now, it's light red, somehow it's watery. It's my first time to experience this and I don't know what's wrong. Last month I had my period (October). The month before that I didn't (September). I don't usually have missed periods, but that wasn't my first time. Anyway, I had my first (protected) sex last August, after I had my period. Although the condom we used was placed in his wallet for 4 months, could that have tampered it? We didn't do it for long since it hurt. I'm giving out too much details but I just want to know what's happening. Am I pregnant? But I had sex like 4 months ago.

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring - Missed Two Periods In Two Years

I have been on Nuvaring for two years now. I follow the directions and take it out when I need to. I removed it in May of 2014 and I have missed two periods since then. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all of them have been negative. I am not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms, nor have I had unprotected sex since the removal. Any advice as to what is going on? I've been trying to get an appointment set up with my doctor but they won't call back

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Birth Control :: Missed Pill - Delayed Periods

I recently missed one pill of birth control. I didn't double up the next day I just skipped that pill and went on to my second week of pills. My period was supposed to start today it usually starts right on time. Could it be late because I missed a pill?

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? Back Pain And Missed Periods

I been having pain in my right side of my pelvis some time it will go to the other side and I been having back pain and my periods are missed up it been spiking mouths and they be longer and heavier and i been sicker lately then before.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed My Period After Having Sex About 3 Weeks Ago

This is the first time I missed my period after having sex about 3 weeks ago ....

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Menstruation :: Missed Period Due To Mercilon? Or Pregnant?

I've been on mercilon for 3 months to regulate my menses. since sep'13. And stop on nov'13. I've like menstrual like period but last only about 4 days . Lmp on 19dec'13, had a couple of unprotected sex during Early mid of jan without ejaculation inside vagina, till today I've yet to get my menses. Had consulted a local doctor to do preg test on 23jan & 26jan but shows negatives. Dr advised me to take preg test again 1 week later. How high is the possibility of me getting missed period due to pregnancy and missed period due to stopping of mercilon

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Period And Pink Spotting

I have a paragard iud for almost 2 years.My last period was january 25-30, 2016. I had pink spotting on February 17. I was expecting my period on the 25 but no period. Missed period and pink spotting again march 3rd. I feel bloated, get dizzy when getting up , i eat n few hours later feel hungry again and use bathroom more frequently. Could i be pregnant? Or what could it be ? Help

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Two Birth Control Pills

So i've missed two birth control pills due to the fact i went out of town & forgot my pills in a rush. I had unprotected sex the first night & he didn't bother to pull out the second day came & we had unprotected sex again yeah that was stupid of me but I'm also allergic to latex & non latex condoms. Could i be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Period While Taking Garcinia Cambogia?

Has anyone had a missed period while taking Garcinia cambogia? I'm now 2 weeks late and pregnancy test are negative. I stopped the GC a week so and still no period.

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Periods For Continuous 2 Months And No Periods This Month?

3 months back I had sex and agree that I had got my periods for continuous 2 months but this month I have not got my periods yet.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Signs Of Being Pregnant And My Periods Are Irregular

I'm some signs of being pregnant and my periods are irregular and I missed my periods for months and not under any stress at all. My boyfriend and I use protection when we have sex, but we're wondering if I am pregnant.. Cause I haven't had my periods in months like I said. I'm keep getting nausea every time I eat or my stomach turns if I eat the food I crave I just lose it. I have gain so much weight within months, mood swings, tired as usualĀ  less energy, heartburn that doesn't want to go away, there's so much signs I am having. I can't afford just yet to get a blood test done cause I don't have the money or the health insurance either. My boyfriend and I are worried if I am pregnant that our child is mostly like get my birth defect that I have. Chiari Malformation which cause a lot of headaches which leads me having really bad headaches. I not sure I am or not pregnant because of my tests I've taken say I'm not but my last test said it couldn't read it. I don't know what to do anymore I'm running out of ideas. I kinda have my hopes up that I'm pregnant and scared but then I'm not because of our money problems.

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Perimenopause :: Periods After 10 Months?

I haven't had my period in 10 months, and today another period began.

What does this mean for a 57 year old going on 58 in March?

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PCOS :: No Periods For Last 2 Months?

I am 23 years old .. I have polycystic ovary syndrome .. So don't have regular periods.. But for the past 9 months periods have been regular but haven't had one for 2 months ..haven't been on any contraception for 7 years ( same partner 8 years) .. Last Tuesday I took a PT came back negative then Wednesday I had been fine all morning then in the afternoon was randomly sick wasn't sick again but felt sick for 4 days .. Then tonight I had dinner and was heaving eating mushrooms ( I love mushrooms) & hash brown tasted funny but nobody else fought they did .. I have also had a whitey colour discharge && have been having night sweats.

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