Am I Pregnant? :: Missed My Period After Having Sex About 3 Weeks Ago

Jun 8, 2016

This is the first time I missed my period after having sex about 3 weeks ago ....

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Menstruation :: Missed Period Due To Mercilon? Or Pregnant?

I've been on mercilon for 3 months to regulate my menses. since sep'13. And stop on nov'13. I've like menstrual like period but last only about 4 days . Lmp on 19dec'13, had a couple of unprotected sex during Early mid of jan without ejaculation inside vagina, till today I've yet to get my menses. Had consulted a local doctor to do preg test on 23jan & 26jan but shows negatives. Dr advised me to take preg test again 1 week later. How high is the possibility of me getting missed period due to pregnancy and missed period due to stopping of mercilon

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Period And Pink Spotting

I have a paragard iud for almost 2 years.My last period was january 25-30, 2016. I had pink spotting on February 17. I was expecting my period on the 25 but no period. Missed period and pink spotting again march 3rd. I feel bloated, get dizzy when getting up , i eat n few hours later feel hungry again and use bathroom more frequently. Could i be pregnant? Or what could it be ? Help

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Period While Taking Garcinia Cambogia?

Has anyone had a missed period while taking Garcinia cambogia? I'm now 2 weeks late and pregnancy test are negative. I stopped the GC a week so and still no period.

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Birth Control :: Took Plan B, Got Period, Then Missed Period

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex around July 25th, 2013 and i went to planned parenthood two days later and took plan b. I got my period about a week late in the beginning of August when I usually get it around the 28th, then in September I got it around the 14th, and I haven't gotten my period yet, could it just be late, or could there be a chance I'm pregnant. I really need some help because I'm freaking out here. And I knew I got my period because it was heavy like it usually is and I had severe cramps too, so is it normal to miss my period after taking it? Or is my period going to be late?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Intercourse? Late Period? Period Cramps? No Period? Workout?

Feb 15 my boyfriend n I had sex, we were quite into it but I guess I took the condom from him , it got stuck inside me but he got it out, I'm 19 very new to sex so I didn't know what to do. He told me not to worry.

I'm two days late for my period, feb 21 was my date for my period . I've been getting weird cramping it felt like period cramps but no period. I also started to workout 5 days a week started this past Monday (advanced workouts) . I just want to know why my period isn't here. My last period was off too. I just need advice and some help .

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Birth Control :: Missed Period Twice

I've been on birth control for about a year now. I missed my period last month and I'm in my inactive week again for this month and still haven't gotten a period, only I had a little blood the other day with some cramps but not much and then it ended. should I be worried?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Missed Period!

I guess I should start at the beginning.  I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC),  I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, my gyn and I wanted to see if it was the cause.  Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it.  I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it).  I had it again the week of Feb 2.  I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then.  I started the ring a few days later.  That sign of my period the ring off week, so I took high doses of vitamin C to start it.  I bled really heavy for 5 days.  In March I had a very light period for 3 days.  And in April, it was so light it barely showed on a panty liner, only when I wiped or peed.  When I was previously on NuvaRing, I always had heavy periods and when not on BC heavy as well.  I have taken 8 tests- all which are negative including one last month.  I was going to test again, but I figure I'd have a positive and symptoms by now as I'd be about 14 weeks.

What could the problem be?  Hormones? Or a I pregnant and not showing on tests?  Should I discontinue the ring until I become regular?

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Menstruation :: Missed Period On Microgestin FE Or Losing Virginity?

I have been taking Microgestin FE for over a year and have not missed a period. I am now over a week late. My first and only sexual experience I have had occurred about three weeks ago and we used a condom that did not break. I take my birth control regularly and have not missed a dosage in over two months. I have also taken three pregnancy tests that have come back negative. I have had all the symptoms suggesting the start of my period without it actually starting. What is the possibility that I am pregnant? And what else could be the cause of this? Could losing my virginity be the cause of this?

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Birth Control :: Never Missed A Period Until This Month On Nuvaring

I have been a user of the nuvaring for 2 years and 2 months at this point. I have a 2 year old child already, but the Nuvaring is the only method of birth control I've ever used. Never have I had a problem with it until now. I got my last cycle January 24th, 2016. (It usually hits 3 days once taken out.) I have followed all the instructions to a 'T' and am always on time taking the ring out and putting it back in. Never once have I missed or skipped my period while on the nuvaring. Am I pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Morning After Pill - Missed Period

so i had unprotected sex and my boyfriend came in me, however i had been on birth control for three months and never missed a pill. However i took the morning after pill the next morning to be safe. Then during my week of taking sugar pills, which was about a week after the unprotected sex when my period was supposed to come it never did. I have taken multiple tests and they all come back negative for pregnancy. is it normal to miss a period or should i get a blood test done at my doctor to check?

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Am I Pregnant? :: A Brownish Period Wasn't Normal To A Regular Period

I had unprotected sex almost everyday starting about a week or 2 before I was to get my period. After I got my period ive had sex almost everyday but just started taking birth control today. Last night I noticed that I had a brownish period that wasn't normal to a regular period. I have normal periods. But its very very light and it is darker in color. I just ended me period between a week and a week and a half ago. I can't get in to see my gyno for another month. Could I be pregnant? Or what could it possibly be? I'm 20.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed My Periods For About Two Months Now

i am the irregular type..i hv missed my periods for about two months now..i have painful cramps and my boobs are painful when touched

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Am I Pregnant? :: Period Is Late, Having Something Like Period Cramps, Nausea

So here is the story, I had sex a week before my period suppose to start. But before I had sex, I've been having lots of stress and been skipping meals sometimes not eating much in a day. So I decided to have sex to relieve the stress, and on the day I had sex, I had finally gotten a good healthy meal.

During sex, I had it a couple of times, twice with condom and thrice without but he pulled out before he ejected.

After a week, or actually a few days. I started feeling giddy. And started to eat a lot and get really hungry often. I'm having body aches and feeling tired.

Sometimes I get cramps coming and going.. Recently it was more cramp than the first few ones I had.

After a meal I feel slightly nauseous.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Missed Two Birth Control Pills

So i've missed two birth control pills due to the fact i went out of town & forgot my pills in a rush. I had unprotected sex the first night & he didn't bother to pull out the second day came & we had unprotected sex again yeah that was stupid of me but I'm also allergic to latex & non latex condoms. Could i be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Cramps Like My Normal Period But No Period

Having cramps Like my normal period but no period 6 days late but recently got rid of a yeast and uti infection .what are my chances of being pregnant

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Pregnant From Unprotected Sex Right After My Period?

I had unprotected sex for the first time on February 13th of this year. I had gotten my period the previous Sunday (February 7th) and it lasted until Friday February 12th. Typically I get my period at the beginning of every month and it lasts about a week each cycle.

I don't think he came inside me however just in case he did, is there any chance I could be pregnant? Also... (bear with me) if I were to masturbate, would it help any sperm stay alive inside me even if I do it days after I had sex?

I'm pretty nervous mainly because I've never had unprotected sex. I did read somewhere that If I had sex the day after my period ended, it's almost impossible to become pregnant but how accurate is this?

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Likely To Be Pregnant If I Had Unprotected Sex, No Period?

Could i most likely be pregnant if i had unprotected sex and missed my period?

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Pregnant By Having Unprotected Sex A Day Before Period?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a day right before my period. And the next day i had my period and because i was so worried that i would get pregnant then i took escapelle emergency contraceptive pill. My period didn't stop after i take the pill and now it is day 3 of my period but it is getting lighter. So i would like to ask is it possible that i would get pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Late Period

So due to medically reasons I stopped the pill at the beginning of October at the end of my cycle. Everything was normal but two days before my expected period I took Next Plan, a form of morning after pill, within in two hours of intercourse. Well my period was then one week late but I expected this. So I started my pill again but my doctor again said. I should wait three months so I stopped after one and half weeks. This messed up my cycle and caused it to be two weeks early. I typically do not have any issues when I stop the pill aside from acne and cramps which was the main reason I was on it. But I had been on it for one week and had unprotected sex. Now I am 4 days late with very sore nipples which I have never experienced. I have had minor cramps and have been much more hungry than usual. I have taken 4 home pregnancy test but all have been negative. I know sometimes it takes a while to regulate but this is very unusual for my body.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Sex Two Days Before And One Day After My Period

I had sex on Wednesday and I had a period Friday didn't use no protection and my boyfriend nutted in me the next morning I went per ?

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