Am I Pregnant? :: Small Amount Of Bleeding Only

Jul 2, 2015

Normally I have my periods after 36 days. But this month periods comes in 30 days and also small amount of bleeding only comes. I am feeling stomach pain and heavy back pain and leg pain. Is there any chance to pregnancy?

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Colon Cancer :: Small Amount Of Rectal Bleeding

For the past 4-5 weeks, every time I pass a stool, I have seen a small amount of red blood on the tissue paper. I'm only 19, so realise colon cancer is unlikely, but am still very worried about it. I've read it could be anal fissure but surely this should have healed by itself by now? I am hesitant to go to the doctors because of the nature of the problem. I know that's really stupid but if it can heal by itself i'd rather not got through the stress of going to my gp.

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Sexual Health :: Hymen Broken After That Small Amount Of Bleeding?

I didn't have actual sexual intercourse with my bf, but he rubbed his area on my area, not inside. And it hurt and bled a little when we did this. He is sure that the sperm didn't fall on my vaginal area when he ejaculated.

I had period 5 days after that. But now I am almost 13 days late on my second period. My period is usually 5 to 7 days late most of the time.

Now is it possible that I might be pregnant? and could my hymen be broke after that small amount of bleeding? why could it possibly bleed? I am 22 years old.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Small Amount Of Light Pink Mucus

Ok I have a 2yr old little girl plus I got my tubes tied when I had her they. Did a C-section and suppose to tied them have had normal periods last on was like in the 3rd week of August so this I wiped this morning and was a small amount of light pink mucus...

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HIV Antibodies In Small Amount?

Jan-12-2014 i had a protected sex with a women, whose HIV Status i don't know. I didn't have any sexual contatcs after that. On June-10-2014 i took HIV Rapid test(result non-reactive).

June-21-2014 I took ANTI HIV 1&2 (ELISA) test in DDC LAL pathlab.

observed value 0.20(range1.0 Non-reactive)

June-26-2014 I tested for all STD's(result-non reactive)

July-10-2014 I tested again for ANTI HIV 1&2(ELISA)

observed value:0.22(Range1.0 Reactive).

AUG-05-2014 I tested again for ANTI HIV 1&2(ELISA)

observed value:0.10(Range1.0 Reactive).

Even Though my 205th day HIV test after exposure is non-reactive, i am still suffering from frequent fatigue,tiredness and IBD.

what are these observed values? does these observed value represents that i have HIV antibodies in small amount? or the HIV antibodies are not yet produces in my case? if not then why am getting these values? can i trust these test results? do i need further testing?

I have consulted two doctors so far. I couldn't get a clear explanation on my results. They always say like 'You are highly unlikely to get HIV'. due to this i got ANXIETY DISORDER. I have been living in fear for the last 3 months and am totally depressed. So please help me to get a clear idea. I just want live normally.

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Menstruation :: Small Amount Of Bright Red Blood

I had unprotected sex December 5th & 6th, and according to a few period apps I'm about 2 days late - but Friday when my period would be expected I had some blood, enough to just wear one tampon a day and then Saturday and Sunday only a very small amount of bright red blood. I'm not sure if that sounds like spotting or my period, or if that's a sign of pregnancy? I'm not on birth control, a few days before my period was supposed to come I did start an antibiotic and a probiotic for strep throat.

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Fingering - Small Amount Of Blood Came Out Of Vagina

I was fingering today and small amount of blood came i stopped...the next day my vagina started paining there any problem in my vagina?

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Thyroid :: Small Amount Of Milk And Vitamin D Makes Me Ill

Drinking a small amount of milk or taking a small amount of vitamin D makes me feel very thirsty with a dry mouth, I urinate often and large amounts, feel dizzy with a fast pulse, headache,nausea, incredible weakness and I become very anxious, tingly, flushed and warm and I get very confused. It is extremely debilitating.

I am hypothyroid and I take 50 micrograms of thyroxine daily but my symptoms don't feel like hypothyroidism and my blood reading is euthyroid. (I had a subtotal thyroidectomy many years ago and I had a thyroid nodule removed some years later).. Does anyone know what these symptoms mean?

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Bowel Disorders :: Wet Fart - Small Amount Of Blood?

I am a 28 year old male and have been having some stomach problems as of late. I have been to my doctor and let her know what has been going on and she thinks it is caused by anxiety. ( I have been diagnosed with GAD). My Bowels are very predictable, I go 2-3 times every morning and they are usually well formed then get softer as I go more. Then as the day goes on I will not have to have a BM but more feel like I have a big (for lack of a better term) wet fart coming on. Today I looked in the toilet after one of these times and saw a small amount of bright red blood. This scared the crap out of me so i have been trying to go again to see if it continued and it did same very small amount of blood that kind of looks like it is mucusy.   Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?? I do have a check up scheduled in early april. Should i wait or get in sooner? I feel like it could just be irritation because I have frequent BM. I am trying to keep a level head about this and not automatically think its bowel cancer of some kind.

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Birth Control :: Small Amount Of Brown Blood On First Period

My girlfriend starting taking the pill one month ago. We had unprotected sex (condom broke) about 3 days before she went on the inactive pills. Now she is having her first period while on it but she is only having a small amount of brown blood (it is a constant flow). Is this normal because of the changes in hormones and it will become normal in a few days or is this implantation bleeding (a sign of pregnancy)? She is now on her second inactive pill.

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Penis Disorders :: Small Amount Of Skin Attached To Head

I'm 15 years old, uncut. I can pull my skin back with no problem but there's a small bit of skin attached to my glans, i can do anything a normal man can do i just want to know if this is normal.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Bloated After Drinking Small Amount Of Water

Anyone has bloating feeling after drinking a small glass of water. I had dinner at 8:05 and at 10:15pm I had a small glass of water and around 11or so pm suddenly I had feeling of bloating until I burp then I feel a little bit better. It is not the first time, from time to time I experience this. It worries me.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Dribbling Small Amount Urine About 15 Mins After Toilet

When i go pee i find everything is fine, i pull foreskin back to avoid urine getting trapped behind it as i have a long foreskin. Finish off and shake well just to make sure all the pee is out. but about 10 - 15 mins later i dribble a small amount of urine without realising, not enough to empty bladder just a small dribble, but it can be seen on underwear and very occasionally on clothing as a tiny patch. Also as i have a long foreskin it traps urine under it when i do this dribbling causing stale urine by the time i get home from work or being out and about. which as u can imagine is not nice and can smell a bit and cause soreness.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Intercourse - Light Bleeding Followed By Heavy Bleeding

So for the last year or so i've been on the depo provera birth control. I have not gotten my last injection due on the 16th of march. And was very lightly bleeding for about a week during that time for the next shot then it stopped for a few days and then started bleeding heavy for the next five days. Finally stopped on april 3. Keep in mind My periods have never been normal. I had unprotected sex on the 8th and 12th and now am lightly spotting. Can i be pregnant?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unusual Bleeding And Without Pain Bleeding

I and my gf had sex 3-4 days before her periods and I have ejaculated inside. She took I pill after 2 3 hours of there any chances of pregnancy?

She got unusual bleeding and without pain bleeding of periods...that's weird for that a problem?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding?

i'm not sure if what i'm experiencing is implantation bleeding .. its when I wipe now and again and I get some bloody discharge this is the forth day now .. im also not sure if this is right I have done a pregnancy test today and its negative isit still early to test ?

I have one child and only experienced one day of implantation bleeding which I mistaked for a period and didn't find out I was pregnant for 8 weeks into the pregnancy.i also have very irregular periods my last period being march the 19th

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Bleeding And Cramps

I had sex on the 26th of March, my boyfriend cum in me, my period was suppose to come about the 29th-30th, but on April 2nd I started to have some light bleeding and light cramps, does this mean I am pregnant??

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Am I Pregnant? :: Bleeding 13 Days Before Period

I'm in dying need for some answers and unfortunately I've been to 6 different clinics but every place tells me that I cannot get in to see a doctor because they aren't accepting new patients. Still on the hunt though and if no luck in a few days I will just go to a walk-in clinic (not sure how serious this situation is)!

I normally have a 28 day cycle with the exception of it being either a couple days early or a couple days late from time to time. I just finished my period on June 30 and my ovulation date was around July 10 (according to a period tracking app). Well, my boyfriend and I had intercourse that night and right after we were done I had really bad "period-like" cramping along with some nausea but it only lasted about 10 mins. We thought that maybe he had hit the cervix but didn't really think much of it as the pain stopped and nothing further happened. However, the day after (July 11) around 5-6 at night I went to the bathroom and noticed there was some pink when I wiped. Then on July 12 I experienced some more cramping and assumed that my period was coming but again I only had some light red bleeding but not heavy bleeding (spotting, i think? i've never had spotting before). This spotting has lasted seven days now and not sure when it will end. It cant be my period because my period isn't expected until July 24 which would mean that it came 13 days early and in all the years I've had my period for this has never happened! I'm so confused!

My period usually starts with severely painful cramps for the first two days, sore breasts, and a heavy flow. It lasts for 5 days. I haven't experienced symptoms like tender breast or any changes in sleeping. The only thing I can think of is a bit of nausea. I read that it might be implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding (NEVER experienced that before) but im not sure? I'm pretty worried that maybe something could be seriously wrong.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Heavy Implantation Bleeding?

So my period is fairly regular at a 30-32 day cycle (generally stays at 30 or 31) and I am never early, it starts out with a light spotting when I first go the to
bathroom, and then within the hour the bleeding will become very heavy with a lot of clotting, cramping and extreme lower back pain, to the point where it even hurts to breathe and move. My periods last 4-5 days, and on the 5th day slows down to a light brown spotting and end by the time I go to bed. And my periods are usually so heavy I will go through over half a pack of pads in those 4 days and one with the spotting on the last day.

I do not keep track of my BBT but I have a calendar to mark down when I ovulate and my period beginning and end dates along with the days I had sex and other details concerning those nights. I did start charting my BBT this morning, just in case I’m not pregnant so I can use the information later, and it read at 96.8, would this be normal if I am pregnant? ...........

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Blood - Implantation Bleeding?

Me and my bf have been trying to have a baby and I started what I thought was my period . only because when I went to the restroom and wiped I had brown blood. Then later on I thought I started my period the next day it was heavy then in the afternoon it just stop no more blood ! What's happening ? Should I take a test or go to the doc. Every time I do a test I get a negative and I haven't had a real period in a month !

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ipill After Intercourse But Period Is Late - No Bleeding

Ihad sex with my partner for first time ..she immeditwly had a i-pill emergency contraceptive pill within 3hours of sex on jan 28 ...her regular period should occur on feb14....its been 1week still no periods have occured...she is asusual bleeding or any pain.

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