Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Intercourse - Light Bleeding Followed By Heavy Bleeding

Apr 15, 2015

So for the last year or so i've been on the depo provera birth control. I have not gotten my last injection due on the 16th of march. And was very lightly bleeding for about a week during that time for the next shot then it stopped for a few days and then started bleeding heavy for the next five days. Finally stopped on april 3. Keep in mind My periods have never been normal. I had unprotected sex on the 8th and 12th and now am lightly spotting. Can i be pregnant?

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Implantation Bleeding? Mild Bleeding After Unprotected Intercourse

i am 21, lost my virginity 2 days a go, unprotected sex, but i am bleeding now, very less though. is this implantation bleeding or is this normal? what do i do?

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Menstruation :: Heavy Bleeding After First Intercourse

Me and my boyfriend lost our virginity on 11th Feb, and I bleed quite heavily throughout and yes it was painful as well. And it was unprotected sex. It's been 24 hours and I'm still bleeding (not that much, but its more than just spotting) . my vagina feels like as if its ripped badly and it doesn't feel like my old one anymore.

On the other hand, my menstruation cycle is 28th of every month and I skipped on my periods last time I.e. I didn't had my period on 28th January (I rarely miss on it) .

My questions are:

1. Is that bleeding because of hymen rupture or menstruation? (It's somewhat thick and sticky)

2. Should I take contraceptive pill and is it safe?

3. When i missed on my period I was still a virgin so I didn't take it seriously.. Now I'm not.. So what would now my periodic cycle be?

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Excessive Heavy Bleeding No Intercourse - Just Rubbing

My gf and i had a tight hug with our clothes on and we just hugged tightly and i rubbed her vagina ( both had clothes on) and later i touched her vagina with my finger and she held my penis but we did not have intercourse and neither did we insert and after this my gf has noticed heavy bleeding.

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Very Light Bleeding After Intercourse? Scared Of Pregnancy

So I had sex yesterday and I was walking home from my bf's house...and I went home to got to the bathroom and I had a lot of blood in my undies and just to be clear we had sex out side and he had a condom and pulled out for reassurance after wards i bled a lot and i'm fourteen and I was a virgin. I had ended my period that day and had sex later that day. It didn't bleed at all at night when I slept but it did when I was at home cleaning the house. My parents don't k is i had sex what should I do is this normal?? The bleeding is like very light now and only is visible when I wipe sometimes it's as if it's spotting...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Heavy Implantation Bleeding?

So my period is fairly regular at a 30-32 day cycle (generally stays at 30 or 31) and I am never early, it starts out with a light spotting when I first go the to
bathroom, and then within the hour the bleeding will become very heavy with a lot of clotting, cramping and extreme lower back pain, to the point where it even hurts to breathe and move. My periods last 4-5 days, and on the 5th day slows down to a light brown spotting and end by the time I go to bed. And my periods are usually so heavy I will go through over half a pack of pads in those 4 days and one with the spotting on the last day.

I do not keep track of my BBT but I have a calendar to mark down when I ovulate and my period beginning and end dates along with the days I had sex and other details concerning those nights. I did start charting my BBT this morning, just in case I’m not pregnant so I can use the information later, and it read at 96.8, would this be normal if I am pregnant? ...........

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Am I Pregnant? :: Light Bleeding And Cramps

I had sex on the 26th of March, my boyfriend cum in me, my period was suppose to come about the 29th-30th, but on April 2nd I started to have some light bleeding and light cramps, does this mean I am pregnant??

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding And Light Brownish Discharge

I menstruated on the 30th of April 2015 and following my ovulation I had sex with my husband from the 10th to the 15th of May 2015. Today the 25th of May I had a very mile pain with no cramping and discovered after using a tissue to clean up my virginal that I have light brownish blood discharge which is not really flowing as such. This was about 2hrs ago but have not patted myself because it is not flowing as yet. Can this be an implantation sign?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Ipill After Intercourse But Period Is Late - No Bleeding

Ihad sex with my partner for first time ..she immeditwly had a i-pill emergency contraceptive pill within 3hours of sex on jan 28 ...her regular period should occur on feb14....its been 1week still no periods have occured...she is asusual bleeding or any pain.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown, Pink And Then Light Discharge - Implantation Bleeding

I was wondering if anyone can help me I've had two days of bleeding then third day brown discharge and then the fourth day I'm having red/pink really really light discharge which I can only see when I sip myself and also I'm having really bad period like pains and I always have 5 days of full period heavy until the fourth day the gradually turns light on the 5th.

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Women :: Bleeding After Intercourse And Started Bleeding Again Today

Sunday night me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he came inside me. It gave me a weird feeling like tingling then most of his sperm just came out my vagina. but the next morning when I woke up I was bleeding, then stopped. And started bleeding again today. I don't understand why in bleeding because I just got off my period September 18th. That was the first time he ever came in me.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unusual Bleeding And Without Pain Bleeding

I and my gf had sex 3-4 days before her periods and I have ejaculated inside. She took I pill after 2 3 hours of there any chances of pregnancy?

She got unusual bleeding and without pain bleeding of periods...that's weird for that a problem?

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Bleeding While Having Intercourse

I need an answer as to why i've been bleeding during intercourse.... First time i bled was on Valentine's day me and my bf was having intercouse and i noticed that there was dark red blood on the bed and we had intercourse yesterday on our anniversary and i started to bleed agin but it was not as dark as it was the first time

Me and my bf are concerned about it, why would i be bleeding while having intercourse?

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Intercourse :: Bleeding After First Time

I had sex wid my fiance. It was mine first time, I did not bleed while having sex. But later in the evening I started bleeding, early morning it was stopped then for the whole day I didn't bleed, the next day morning when I went to lavatory i again got bleeding.

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Intercourse :: Bleeding For The First Time

So me any my boyfriend had sex for the first time 2 nights ago where we both lost out virginity. We then also had sex the following night. The first night I had some bleeding after but not much but the second night there was a lot of blood. I'm still bleeding and it's been 2 days. He went very slow and it was quite painful but I'm not sure if this is normal? The blood is bright red if that helps? Is this normal? Or should I go see a doctor..? I'm scared and don't know what to do

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Intercourse :: Bleeding After Second Time

My boyfriend and i are 16. it was my first time having sex so when i bleed the first time i was not scared.a few weeks later we had sex and while in the middle he came and i started bleeding. We are starting to worry. 

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Bleeding During Intercourse Without Pain

I had sex for the first time not to long ago and during it I noticed I was bleeding. I wasn't to concerned with it, because I thought the hymen just broke. The second time I had sex, I bled again, but it was worse. There was no pain, but I was starting to get concerned with the amount of blood. I stopped having sex, but my partner did finger me. Afterwards, I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed blood in my underwear. I'm starting to get concerned with it because it doesn't seem normal for me to bleed during every sexual activity. I'm not on birth control, but I'm using condoms. Any other time I've been fingered I haven't bled. My last resort is going to the doctor to figure out the problem. Is this normal to happen and will it stop? or Is there an actual problem?

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Bleeding During Intercourse And In Between Periods?

Most of the time I bleed during the intercourse and I am trying to understand why. I also bleed in between my periods and on both occasions when I had my smear test done I also bled. It seems like any touch or pressure on my cervical wall causes a bleed. This has been ongoing on and off since I started being sexually active but the last two years have been worse. In the last two years (being with the same partner) I had a STD and smear test done and it came back negative. I had ultrasound of pelvis that was clear and I also had a blood test done- thyroid, kidney, liver function and Hb level were within the normal range and my clotting ratio was fine too. Does anybody have a little explanation about this constant bleeding?Sometimes my partner worries that he is hurting me, so it spoils the moment. But I am not experiencing any pain and sex is pleasant not rough.I have never had children and my partner and I are planning to conceive next year. I stopped taking hormonal pills about 10 months and we are protected when having sex.

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Bleeding During Intercourse - Often Pain

My boyfriend lives in a different stste then me whe he comes back home every once in a while we have sexual intercouse but i experience pain when we first start and out of nowhere i bleed the pain don't happen often but the bleeding does what does it mean ? And how can i stop it !!?

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Rough Sex - Bleeding During Intercourse

My girlfriend is 21 yrs old and have been bleeding during our sex (the bleed is not too much) this happened twice. We had rough and deep penetration on may 6 and she bled, we then had our next intercouse on may 27 and i think this time its more gentle but still bled but not too much. What could be the possible reason.

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Miscarriage? Bleeding After Having An Intercourse

I bled after having an intercourse around my period time for 3 days then it stopped after feeling that i passed a small clot.Next day there was no blood or even spot.Before it i felt all symptoms of being pregnant , so iam not sure whether i miscarried or its my period or bleeding after having sex.I keep thinking about it , but i feel its not my period coz i didnt smell it.

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