Implantation Bleeding? Mild Bleeding After Unprotected Intercourse

May 24, 2011

i am 21, lost my virginity 2 days a go, unprotected sex, but i am bleeding now, very less though. is this implantation bleeding or is this normal? what do i do?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Intercourse - Light Bleeding Followed By Heavy Bleeding

So for the last year or so i've been on the depo provera birth control. I have not gotten my last injection due on the 16th of march. And was very lightly bleeding for about a week during that time for the next shot then it stopped for a few days and then started bleeding heavy for the next five days. Finally stopped on april 3. Keep in mind My periods have never been normal. I had unprotected sex on the 8th and 12th and now am lightly spotting. Can i be pregnant?

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Menstruation :: Implantation Bleeding? Decidual Bleeding? Cycle?

I had my last period on 11/4, ovulated somewhere around 11/18 and then on 11/25-11/26, 6 days before my period was due, I had what I believe was implantation bleeding (light pink only when I wiped for a day and half and then brown for a half day). Then on 11/30, 2 days before my period was due (I'm always regular). I started bleeding red, lighter than normal, mostly when I when I wipe, but enough to want a pad on just in case. There are small fibrous looking pieces occasionally when I wipe as well. Is this implantation bleeding followed by decidual bleeding? Or a strange menstrual cycle?

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Menstruation :: Is This Implantation Bleeding, Ovulation Bleeding, Or Other?

It happened 9 days after I finished my period I didn't have intercourse, but f*ngering with pretty much no chance of prec*m on the day after my period.

It has lasted for three days (currently)

It was a light brown/brown but is now a more dark brown/dark red.

Enough to change pads once or twice a day

Is this implantation bleeding or something else? I don't usually get this mid-cycle.

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Implantation Bleeding Or Withdrawal Bleeding?

Hi - I started a pill pack after 2 months of being off this pill after my boyfriend and I broke up. I started again, on a Tuesday and stopped on Thursday of the same week, so I took it for 3 days, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. My ex boyfriend and I had unprotected sex Thursday night on the first day of my ovulation, I know because I use an app to keep track. I got some bad family news on Friday and forgot about my pill for a few days and yesterday, 5 days later, I am bleeding a thin pink blood. Is it possible to tell the difference between implantation bleeding and withdrawal bleeding? Is it possible to withdrawal bleed after only 3 pills and 5 days later? I tend to overthink things so either way I will drive myself crazy.

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Women :: Bleeding After Intercourse And Started Bleeding Again Today

Sunday night me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he came inside me. It gave me a weird feeling like tingling then most of his sperm just came out my vagina. but the next morning when I woke up I was bleeding, then stopped. And started bleeding again today. I don't understand why in bleeding because I just got off my period September 18th. That was the first time he ever came in me.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding?

i'm not sure if what i'm experiencing is implantation bleeding .. its when I wipe now and again and I get some bloody discharge this is the forth day now .. im also not sure if this is right I have done a pregnancy test today and its negative isit still early to test ?

I have one child and only experienced one day of implantation bleeding which I mistaked for a period and didn't find out I was pregnant for 8 weeks into the pregnancy.i also have very irregular periods my last period being march the 19th

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Am I Pregnant? :: Heavy Implantation Bleeding?

So my period is fairly regular at a 30-32 day cycle (generally stays at 30 or 31) and I am never early, it starts out with a light spotting when I first go the to
bathroom, and then within the hour the bleeding will become very heavy with a lot of clotting, cramping and extreme lower back pain, to the point where it even hurts to breathe and move. My periods last 4-5 days, and on the 5th day slows down to a light brown spotting and end by the time I go to bed. And my periods are usually so heavy I will go through over half a pack of pads in those 4 days and one with the spotting on the last day.

I do not keep track of my BBT but I have a calendar to mark down when I ovulate and my period beginning and end dates along with the days I had sex and other details concerning those nights. I did start charting my BBT this morning, just in case I’m not pregnant so I can use the information later, and it read at 96.8, would this be normal if I am pregnant? ...........

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Menstruation :: Brown Discharge - Implantation Bleeding?

My gf period was from the 16th to the 20th. Two days after she wanted to have unprotected sex, she put it in, but literally 5 seconds after I made her get up. I didn't ***. And I know precum can have sperm if I ejaculated earlier and didn't go pee before sex. But I know for sure I went to the bathroom after my last ejaculation because it was probably a couple days ago. Anyway. She ovulated on the 29th; The 14th day of her cycle. I think this was the day because she had light cramps and was craving sex. On the 2nd of June she has bleeding. A brown discharge. It was enough that she would have used a tampon for, not spotting. At first I was scared of implantation bleeding but it says on average is happens 9 days after ovulation with a range of 6 to 12. It had only been 4 days. I know she has been stressing, and she tried weed for the first time recently. But could that really cause this discharge. After considering all these factors, even if my precum did have sperm it's a very small chance that the sperm got to the egg with having to last 7 whole days to ovulation. I know ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, but Its just not adding up to be implantation bleeding. What else could this be?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown Blood - Implantation Bleeding?

Me and my bf have been trying to have a baby and I started what I thought was my period . only because when I went to the restroom and wiped I had brown blood. Then later on I thought I started my period the next day it was heavy then in the afternoon it just stop no more blood ! What's happening ? Should I take a test or go to the doc. Every time I do a test I get a negative and I haven't had a real period in a month !

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Pregnancy :: Implantation Bleeding For Past 5 Days- When To Test

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for a few months now.

I've been spotting for the past 5 days and it keeps stopping and starting. My period is due in 2 days.

The colour is a brown pinky sort of colour and my stomach as been feeling a little churny.

When will be best to take a pregnancy test?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding? Brown Discharge And Little Of Blood

So I'm pretty on top when my period is suppose to come, & they're regular & pretty heavy. This month what I thought was my period (which was a week early) came & then the next day nothing. Usually my second day is the heaviest and a maybe a day or two after that I was getting this brown discharge and have been having it for a few days with a little blood. I took a pregnancy test and its negative. My period originally was suppose to come tomorrow but idk what could be wrong with me! Maybe I'm over thinking it?

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Brown Sticky Discharge Related To Implantation Bleeding?

My period has been very wacky lately. I've had spotting on the 28th-31st of Dec, then again on the 13th-18th of this month, and then yesterday I had light spotting that was brown. Later last night it turned into a pink spot, then back to brown. Today I've been having light brown sticky/stretchy discharge. It is only while wiping and I don't need a panty liner or tampon.

I'm not sure which out of these three random times is my real period. Also, my fiance and I have had unprotected intercourse on both the 9th and 23rd.
Is this possibly effects caused by my bc? Or is it possibly implantation?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding And Light Brownish Discharge

I menstruated on the 30th of April 2015 and following my ovulation I had sex with my husband from the 10th to the 15th of May 2015. Today the 25th of May I had a very mile pain with no cramping and discovered after using a tissue to clean up my virginal that I have light brownish blood discharge which is not really flowing as such. This was about 2hrs ago but have not patted myself because it is not flowing as yet. Can this be an implantation sign?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Implantation Bleeding? Darker / Brownish Discharge

I had sex on April 16th(pulled out twice possible precum) and the 17th(cam inside) I was ovulating the 19th and I just had sex again the 23rd(pulled out) but yesterday the 25th I bled a bit. Could this be implantation bleeding? It was darker and came out at once then I just had a brownish discharge. This occurred 9 days after he came in me. My next period is supposed to start in 8 days. Should I take a pregnancy test or is it to soon? How soon can I take a test? I don't want to get a false negative or false positive.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brownish Pink Discharge - Implantation Bleeding?

I am 21 years old and had my last period September 18 and it ended around sept 23 and now it is the 30th of September and had unprotected sex with my husband he pulled out. ( I know that's not a form of birth control) but now it's the 30th and I started having a brownish pink discharge and I didn't know if it could be implantation bleeding my next period won't be for a little over two weeks?

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Implantation Bleeding? Spotting Pink And On Panty Liner

Is it implantation bleeding? My period was due on May 22 2014 but instead of my period I started spotting pink & brown when I wiped & a few drop on a panty liner. Still spotting & no period tested today & got a negative result. Was it too early to test? Could I be pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Brown Spotting After Antibiotics - Implantation Bleeding?

I have been on Implanon for 1 year and have had periods EVERY MONTH until november where i missed my period.. Its not normal for me to miss even when im on Birthcontrol... A few days ago i started to get a light pink discharge and brown spotting.. Now i have a SUPER LIGHT what seems to be a period btu i only find blood WHEN I WIPE.. I am wondering did i have implantation bleeding? Why could my bleeding be only when i wipe? Also the blood is mixed with a clear snotty substance so im kind of confused.. since i have been on nexplanon birth control for a year and had periods every month than november i had nothing... Had a clear snotty discharge with a light brown line in it and once it was a light pink snotty discharge and now i am bleeding ONLY when i wipe... What is wrong with me?I got stitches on october 21st and was put on antibiotics for 10 days and had sex during them 10 days i missed november and had a pinkish discharge on the 26th of november but still no period now what's wrong?

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Bleeding Due To Ovulation, Implantation Or Missed Birth Control Pill?

I have not had a period since June of 2013 and i got off the depo shot in December 2013, and I had unprotected sex on the 27th and 28th of June, i took the plan b pill on June 28th two hours before having unprotected sex again! During the week of July 6th I had bad cramping so I got on the pill (do not know the name if it) and was taking it daily, then I forgot to take it during the beginning of the 14th week, because the pill was making me nauseous. On July 16th I had dark red and brown blood in my underwear, this bleeding only last for 5 minutes and that night i took one of my birth control pill and on the 17th when i wiped i had light brown on my tissue. so I took a pregnancy test the same day and it came back negative, so i took another one the next day and it came back negative too!

my question is was this ovulation or implantation bleeding or did i bleed because i missed taking my birth control pills?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown, Pink And Then Light Discharge - Implantation Bleeding

I was wondering if anyone can help me I've had two days of bleeding then third day brown discharge and then the fourth day I'm having red/pink really really light discharge which I can only see when I sip myself and also I'm having really bad period like pains and I always have 5 days of full period heavy until the fourth day the gradually turns light on the 5th.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Miscarriage, Pregnancy, Vaginal Discharge, Implantation Bleeding

I had a miscarriage May 4th of 15. Since then my partner and I have been having intercourse about a week after which would make that day May 11th. Just yesterday(May 29th) while I was going to the restroom, I noticed a light pink discharge on the toilet paper and haven't seen any since. My hopes are that I could have conceived but I am not holding my breath to be set up for disappointment. Keep in mind, my miscarriage bleeding stopped around May 11th and I haven't bled since. Could this discharge be remnants from my miscarriage and if so, wouldn't it be brown? Help me out!

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