Anxiety :: Cancer Phobia Making Me Insane

Jan 20, 2016

So I've been on here a lot in the past month. Worried about a lymph node- which has since gone away and it wasn't even a lymph node it was a pimple that ended up being really deep under the skin and went away on its own. Then worried about my stomach and intestines again. I have this gnawing rolling growling but it can't feeling and it feels like there's air in there and I can't get it out but my brain is like no it's probably a tumor. And I've been worried about bowel cancer. I keep checking my movements to see if there's blood in them and I'm like overly looking like is that blood or does that look kinda red or is it okay? Like its bad. I'm 24. No history of bowel cancer or anything in the family. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 70 and she beat it and is fine now. I had a full physical and blood test with fasting two and a half months ago. I can't keep going to the doctor but I'm going insane. People are saying if I keep worrying about it it'll happen and it's scaring me.

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Phobia :: Cancer Causes Depression

I am 47 and had been battling the health anxiety since 20 years. I have hypertension,hyperlipidemia & mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation (which causes anxiety & palpitation). All these years my focus was mainly on heart, but since one month i has become very cancer phobic, as i remember one of aunt who died of cancer before 15 years..

I asked whether anxiety can cause cancer, so one allexperts counselor replied me that, anxiety & depression does not cause cancer, but cancer can cause depression. I don't know under what context she said that, which made my life like a living hell.

I know that, anxiety & depression does not cause cancer.

But Now i am fearing & obsessing that, depression is the symptoms of cancer.

What i know is that, upon being diagnosed with cancer, the patients become depressed, anxious & sad.

I have seen the people having depression for 30+ years & living with it & they don't have cancer.

Half of the world has depression, if depression would be the symptom & then half of the world would have cancer.

If somebody is depressed, when he will go to psychiatrist for treatment, will the psychiatrist will tell him to go & test for cancer.

This obsession had made me more fearful & i am having full blown continuous panic attacks since 2 weeks. The anxiety is 10 out of 10 since i read that answer. I unable to function & get up from the bed. I am not going to work since one week & unable to sleep since one week only obsessing that, cancer causes depression & it is becoming vicious cycle.

All these years i know that, panic & anxiety symptoms are harmless & i never bothered about these symptoms,only afraid for the first few years when i was not aware.

Due to continue ongoing challenges of health anxiety & mitral valve prolapse i have anxiety & palpitation. Now, every time when i feel anxious or depressed, i am thinking it is due to cancer.

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Anxiety :: Looks Phobia

I am suffering brutally from looks phobia..and to get id from this I took benzidiazapams from last 15 there any HERBAL CURE?

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Chemicals

I have recently read about harmful chemicals and azo dyes used in some clothes. Last week I bought a pair of blue jeans and they dyed my hands, handbag and other T- shirts blue. I know that wearing such a jeans can be dangerous after prolonged direct contact. The problem is that I am even afraid of touching these jeans or the handbag and then I am afraid of touching food, my face, etc. I know that this fear is irrational.

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Having A Heart Attack

For about the last 8 months or so I have developed a phobia of having a heart attack. I have heard of and know some people who have had them and one was a close cousin of mine who was only 41 years old when she died from it. She also had other medical problems also. Just the other day I had my annual check up with my primary doctor and found out I suffer from high cholesterol. This is new for me so of course now I'm really scared. I have already changed my diet to lower it but still the thought of a heart attack won't leave my mind. Always afraid that any minute I may have one.

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Anxiety :: Paxil Making Me Depressed

I am 17 male and on the medicine paxil for anxiety not depression just anxiety the deal is this is making me depressed is it possible for it to make me have bad thoughts or can that be the anxiety?

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Anxiety :: Wellbutrin Making It Worse

I've had anxiety 24-7 for over a year now. I continue to work but it is so hard,because i am a waitress. I've been on wellbutrin and it seems to make it worse. Monday I change over to celexa. Hope this is gonna work for me. Has anyone been on celexa for anxiety and did it work.

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Propranolol For Anxiety Making Me Depressed

i take this medication for panic attacks but it makes me feel so depressed that i don't want to be on planet earth anymore.

ive suffered depression and anxiety for almost 10 yrs on and off now, i'm only 26 and going out of my mind.

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Fluoxetine Making My Anxiety Worse

I can't tell if it's part of the process of taking the medication or it's making it worse. I just had a panic attack and my mind can't think. And it's scaring me beyond normal.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :: HIV Anxiety / Phobia

I don't know if I am alone in this fear but for quite some years, I have been transfixed on the idea that I have HIV. There are good periods but then there are times when it utterly consumes me.

I have had unprotected encounters (or should I say encounter) some years ago and that is what triggered my anxiety over the disease. During this time, I have had two full STDs tests including HIV and they both have come back negative and each were when I was out of the window period.

I guess my question is, is there a chance that I could still have HIV? Perhaps the tests were done wrong both times and I got a false-negative test back each time. Do I need to go and have another test just to confirm that I do not have the disease?

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Anxiety :: Klonopin Making Me Severely Depressed

Ive been on klonopin for about ten months now and the for the last two months i've become severely depressed. I've never had depression ever. I've suffered from anxiety attacks and this stuff worked for a while but then started to seem to have negative effects. They've been unbearable. Bad thoughts and hopelessness are a cpl to name a few. I tried two tapers of it and find i can come off it. It's been a nightmare. 1st taper was a quarter of a pill 1mg. Then a few weeks later i stabilized had gotten .5s and started takin em twice a day still at a total of 1 mg and with a pill cutter was taking 6.25 percent off a pill and was having horrible nightmares to the point i was afraid to go to sleep. I dunno *** is happening to me but i feel like im losing my mind.

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Contraception :: Cerazette Making Anxiety Worse?

I'm back on Cerazette after being changed to Cerelle which didn't agree with me, however I've noticed over the last couple of months my anxiety is worse, I'm very up and down , sore chest all the time, emotional, and basically want to cry some days for no reason as in feeling really hormonal. I've become over worried, panicky, and I'm worried Cerazette is making my anxiety worse. however if I come off it I have the most horrendous periods when I go dizzy and everything ... Really fed up as can't take the combined pill and I don't want periods either

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Strattera For Severe Anxiety, Social Phobia And Depression

Has anyone had good results with Strattera, my doctor prescribed this for me approx. 3 weeks ago.  I suffer from severe anxiety, social phobia and dysthymia.

We have tried various anti-depressants.  The only one that really worked was serzone. Then it was taken off the market.

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Anxiety :: No Physical Symptoms - Fear / Phobia Something Will Happen

I have a fear of my own heart, I'm completely convinced something is going to happen, Sometimes when I do things that make me anxious (physical activities are the worst) my thoughts are pretty much 'it's going to happen (I'll have a heart attack) anytime soon I'm going to keel over and die' .

I've had loads of tests done and I'm healthy, just have bad anxiety.

Does anyone else have this fear / phobia? If so what helped you get over it?

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Anxiety :: Social Phobia, Depression And Suicidal / Negative Thoughts

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. I'm not being able to even hold a job right now. This makes my self esteem goes downhill and I can't get up of my bed because I fear people.

i'm a mid 30s woman and I'm not sure what made me become so sick. I have a string of failed relationships and in one of them I suffered domestic abuse. I started dating my current boyfriend as soon as my other relationship ended and had too many problems with him but we are still together. He is an ex addict and I'm always afraid he turns back to drinking and doing drugs.

sometimes I think I'm getting insane. I have panic attacks all the time, I can't process my feelings. I tried group meditation but I became too scared of people in general I just gave up. I'm locked home for a whole month now.

im truly thinking about ending my life. I don't see a point. My whole being is taken with these bad sensations, feelings, lack of hope, lack of control, my thoughts flow uncontrollable like a river and I just can't process anything. I'm getting old and I am a huge burden to everybody.

I don't wanna die. I wanted to know if anyone went through these hard times like me and was able to live again.

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Health Anxiety Of Having Cancer

Ive suffered from health anxiety for a few months now but i'm now stuck in a vicious cycle! I have diagnosed myself with DVT'S ,  a brain tumour , an impending stroke just to name a few. I had my first smear test on monday due to me googling cervical cancer and having a lot of the symptoms. I have a 2-3 week wait for the results it's only day 3 but i'm at my witts end! ive rang the hospital and my dr.s to see if they have the results . No. I cannot take the waiting i have literally convinced myself i have cervical cancer i have all the aches and pains but i dont know if thats just from googling reading then my mind making the ones i don't have up!!!! I had lots of blood tests a few weeks ago including full blood count liver etc.. all clear and i also had a lumbar xray as id been having lower back pain that went down my leg into my foot the majority of the time it's a burning sensation , i found out through google that a tumour could cause the pains i've been having as my leg is slightly swollen as well . i cant stop googling i'm making myself ill. I'm not eating at all. i keep waking up at night with panicky nervous feeling in my tummy. i feel like a total mess. I have mirtazapine but too scared to take it because of the side effects even though i've taken it before. I just don't know what to do. I took a vitamin on a empty tummy earlier and now i've got severe tummyache so i've now convinced myself i've got a tummy ulcer that's gonna pop any minute! Please someone give me some advice . im at a loss what to do . I have 4 small children whom  i love dearly but its starting to affect them also now. I can't calm down or relax i'm just a complete and utter mess!!! My dr.s have given up on me as i've been so many times they blame it on anxiety but i feel there is something seriously wrong with me

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Anxiety :: Toilet Phobia - Can't Go Anywhere Without A Toilet

I've had a toilet phobia for years now since I was like 15 and now I'm 21. It's embarrassing to talk about like I really hate it and it stops me from doing a hell of a lot things.

I'm really pouring my heart out here and I'm trying to meet people just like me with the same thing or similar as I've never met anyone like me before and I know there is people out there the same as me.

Basically I can't go anywhere without thinking about the toilet, I won't go anywhere unless I know there's a toilet there. I won't travel anywhere with other people because I'm scared what they may think with me going to the toilet all the time. My mind makes me think I need the toilet. It forms into panic and anxiety attacks so it's very hard to deal with. It's a horrible fear and it angers me to admit that the whole embarrassment is the fear of me obviously weeing myself. I've never done it but it's the fear that takes over.


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Hypochondria :: Health Anxiety Of Having Cancer

I'm looking for someone who understands who can give me reassurance and support as I constantly believe I am ill more so I'm scared to death of getting cancer and every niggle or pain sets off alarm bells. I have had health scares in the past such as breast lumps, abnormal cells on cervix all were treated and were ok. I have had several family members get cancer some who have died not close enough family members to be considered for genetic testing though. I am currently having problems with my kidneys the pain was unbearable I thought the worst but an ultrasound revealed a stone stuck in my ureter. After hanging on to see specialists etc I am finally having a CT scan tonight, (my worst fear) this is to see clearly the stone to determine course of treatment but of course I'm petrified that this CT is going to find cancer somewhere in my body. I particularly worry about cervical cancer although all my yearly smear tests have been ok this is an area of most concern and pains that I'm experiencing in my groin (most likely kidney stone related) worry me. This anxiety is crippling I get reassurance for one health issue then other symptom appears. So between pains from minor health issues and symptoms im probably creating myself from my anxiety my head is well and truly mashed. I hate going to the doctors for fear of what they might find. I have completed CBT which did not help so to hear from someone who is living the same hell as me would be comforting although I wouldn't wish my symptoms on my worst enemy. I have a happy marriage, kids a good job I should not be feeling as low and so preoccupied with health worries as I do.

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Health Anxiety :: Dying Of Cancer

So it all started just over 3 weeks ago I had a shooting pain in my head followed by my whole body going weak and numb-like, I panicked! After that I haven't been right. I've had shooting pains all over my body, tingles mainly in the left hand, dizziness, smoky vision, flutters under the skin, scared that my limbs were gonna stop working so i've constantly been checking them, I now have pain on both sides of my abdomen under my ribs and I constantly and I mean constantly feel soooo sick! I've been to 4 diffo docs all of which say it's my anxiety! They've only checked my blood pressure and pulse felt my tummy etc how can they be so sure? 

Pic honestly feel sooo I'll i'm not getting out of bed I can't eat ... I think I'm on the verge of having a breakdown! Everyone around me has had enough but they don't understand how sick I feel!  

anyone ever very honestly felt like they were physically ill all day everyday from anxiety?

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Hypochondria / Health Anxiety :: Thoughts Of Death / Cancer

I apparently suffer from health anxiety I have chest pressure and breathless every day and also have obsessive thoughts of death I keep thinking I have cancer or i'm going to die and leave my family does anyone else feel this way.

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Hypochondria / Health Anxiety Of Having Breast Cancer After Pregnancy

I have developed quite extreme health anxiety after having my baby four months ago and I feel as though I am making my husband's life, and my own, a living hell. We are currently on holiday where, there days ago I had a sharp pain in my breast and I am convinced I have breast cancer. My Grandmother had this and since. I got the thought in my head. I have been self examined almost continually to the point that I, and my family, have not left the house for three days and I have found lots of lumps and bumps that have only further convinced me. I have made an appointment for Thursday to see a private specialist when we get back. I am also having back pain near my epidural site which I am convinced is a cancer spread. Even as I write I can see how ridiculous this all is. A few weeks ago I had a melanoma scare and didn't leave the house for a week. It took three dermatologist reviews to convince me it was okay. I have seen my GP about my issues and I am due to start CBT next week but I am now worrying it won't be enough to help me. I am determined to get rid of this as I feel I am wasting so much precious time with my new family, but the irony is that this is all driven by a fear of leaving my baby to grow up without a Mummy. I cry every day about that thought and then I feel like such a bad person because I am healthy and there are people out there with genuinely life threatening conditions and I feel so pathetic. My husband is very supportive but doesn't seem to understand that I can't just 'talk myself out of it'. I don't know how to explain?

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