Anyone Tried 30 Days Without Alcohol Program / Challenge?

Oct 20, 2015

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried one of these programs / challenges. There are plenty of links online about this and it seems everyone just generally felt better, lost weight, felt like they had a sharper mind, etc. Many just quit forever afterwards.

I'm thinking about giving it a try. I don't know if it is age or what, but I just don't feel as good overall as I used to.

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Addiction Recovery :: Alcohol - A.A. And 12 Steps Program

I tend to see alcohol,drugs, bulimia as addiction. I have done all of them. Unfortunately alcohol for me is the least controllable one of all of them. I have been an addict for 40 years now. I started out as bulimic, drink started to cause problems when I was around 30.

I've been to A.A. I've done the 12 step program but I recently had a bad relapse.Only one day. It is helpful.

A.A has helped me I know I am an alcoholic.but I didn't like the idea of people phoning me every other day and I don't like the idea of sponsors - it's true they have had alcohol experiences that I understand too but I don't like telling someone I don't know about my life experiences as In Step 4 . No one there is an expert. Their analysis may be wrong.Even though it is meant in the best way possible.

I have a lot of other issues at the moment the worst being poverty, legal issues and relationship problems. A.A can help with some things and not other but none of these.These things were not caused by alcohol. Partly by addiction.some socioeconomic.

It's a very good organisation and helps many people but only 5% stay clean. It's fine if you are prepared to do all the meetings believe 100% in the program. It's just A.A can't help me with the burning issues just now.

I've done therapy which has helped with a lot of things but a lot of the therapy stuff I learned goes against A.A teachings. Therapy is about creating a life for yourself. A.A is about being dependent on A.A forever. I don't like that. Maybe I haven't hit my "rock bottom" yet and I'm not desperate enough.

Having said this A.A does absolute wonders for some. So it's definitely worth a try.

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Alcohol Consumption :: Sober For 90 Days

I've been sober 90 days. I just wanted to share it somewhere, to mark it somehow... I hope it doesn't sound (too) self-congratulating.

I was never sure that counting days was a good idea - I try not to dwell on how long it's been but I can't help it really!

It feels like a big moment (a quarter of a year!) but as ever I'm taking each day as it comes, being careful not to get complacent. Sometimes I go days on end without temptation, some days the temptation is like a fly buzzing in front of my face. Only last night, when I was feeling quite down in the dumps, the temptation to have a drink was suddenly very strong indeed. I just kept thinking 'oh go on, you've done so well - a couple of cans of lager would really take the edge off and you've earned it'. 

For me, exercise has really helped. Booking an early morning exercise class for when I'm a bit stressed creates the impetus to have an early night. A couple of friends have said 'you're getting addicted to exercise' - maybe true but as I now know there are worse things to get addicted to!

I've been having treatment for anxiety for a few years, and I've been surprised at how going sober has lessened my overall anxiety. My old notion that alcohol de-stressed me was a myth I had come to believe. Last month I overcame my fear of flying and got on a plane for the first time in 10 years. I can't link this *directly* to sobriety but maybe it isn't a coincidence. 

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Smoking :: Stoptober Challenge - What Can I Eat?

I am doing the Stoptober challenge as I knew that I needed to because of the pending surgery, the diabetes and the fact that my breathing was getting worse.

But this is in relation to the diabetes side of things. As my appetite returns what can I eat?, I ask this simply because I can eat like an horse. I can't have citrus fruits, strawberries, raspberries and grapes do nothing for me, also sweet, cakes, biscuits etc... I am limited, as I try to avoid nuts, nor because of any allergies, simply because it is like taking a bottle of syrup of figs. The only thing that I enjoy is sandwiches, toast...etc. But need to be careful so not to put on too much weight.

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Maintenance Program For Hemochromatosis

After reaching the required level of 50 or below, I was told I didn't need to be tested for 3 months.  Was wondering if anyone on the maintenance program has had to have more phlebotomies or has it remained a constant at lower than 50?

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Parkinson :: Apomorphine Challenge - Anyone?

i've been asked to do the apomorphine challenge has anyone done this,and with what side effects.

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Pregnancy :: Alcohol - Drinking Till 6 Week 3 Days

For a little background I had been having some family issues recently and was drinking 6-7 shots most nights.  I live a healthy lifestyle besides the alcohol and am 26. I suddenly realized i had not had my period and found out I was pregnant.  My husband and I had an ultrasound the next day and found I was already 6w3d.  I immediately stopped drinking but I am terrified. Is there a possibility that the baby could come out of this ok? I know babies are most at risk for FAS in the first tri but I thought it was mostly apparent when mothers drank the entire pregnancy.  I need to find a way to move past this

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Periods Heavy For 2 Days, Medium For 2 Days, Then Light For 1-2 Days

Please tell me is my period flow normal. I used to get 5-6 day periods, heavy for 2 days, medium for 2 days, then light for 1-2 days until it tapered off and ended. It was this way even when I was on birth control.

For the past few months now, I have been getting 3-4 day periods, where the first day is really just some spotting indicating my period is going to be starting. The second day is my heavy day. The third day is medium light. The 4th day is light. I'm still on birth control. I am 30 years old now.

Also last month, my period color was dark brown and I also had some black colored clotting during my heavy day. I know some blood clots are normal during menstruation, I had them all my life. But this blood clot was black. Again this month on my heavy day, I had black colored clot. It was a dime size clot. Size was not large. Is black color clotting anything to worry about? I do not see red blood these past two periods like I am used to seeing. I am seeing mostly brown and/or black.

And how can I increase my menstrual flow. I am worried that my endometrium lining is thinning and can cause a problem when I do try for children.

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Alcohol :: Experiences With A Home Alcohol Detox Using Valium?

I am possibly thinking of paying for a private home detox. They have suggested it will be using valium as opposed to Librium. I was just wondering if anyone else on here had been through one?

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Menopause :: Feeling Out Of Sorts - Good Days / Bad Days

For the past year i have had many strange symptoms in varying degrees, good days/bad days, good weeks/bad weeks.

Here is a list of my symptoms

Lack of energy, Extreme tiredness/fatigue,feeling faint (although never fainted),dizzy on and off but always dizzy up to a week before my period,  one very bad period of 4 months vertigo. Jelly legs,shaky inside, feeling weak as though I've had the flu or something but I've not even had a cold this year.Palpitations, feeling detached, feeling like i'm about to loose consciousness (very odd feeling) the feeling you get just as you are about to go to sleep, Brain fog.Sensitive to light, eyes often become bloodshot. Headaches/migraine. Sometimes feel so cold inside & cannot seem to warm up.Periods of insomnia, bladder irritability especially in week before period, episodes of what i now call bladder fizz where bladder so irritable it feels like i have fizzy liquid in my bladder cannot sleep through this sensation sometimes accompanied by the feeling of a red hot needle going up the urethra (would be interested to know if anyone else gets this & any remedies please? A pain I get on either side low down about where pubic hair begins pain seems to radiate to back & sometimes down into the thigh on the side of where the pain begins, doesn't seem to coincide with ovulation & randomly happens (ibuprofen usually takes it off after a couple of hours) Bloating & times of excessive wind.Monthly cyst like spots on jaw line, hair sprouting on chin & upper lip (invested in a home laser scanner) Hair beginning to thin at temples.

Food cravings for something salty & chocolate particularly before period.

I am almost 53 so after reading forums on here have come to the conclusion that its menopause & not some mysterious illness, thought I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, just didn't realise there were so many different symptoms of menopause.

Last year I did have very bad night sweats & hot flushes but they have reduced greatly, I take vit 6, eat plenty of fresh fruit/veg/salads, chicken, fish, flax seeds/chia seeds.

I'm so pleased to have found this forum & to find i'm not the only one suffering through this and not going mad, hope this might help someone else.

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Can I Take Paxil With Alcohol

I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder. I know this sounds bad enough, but there is one more problem with me. I like to drink alcohol; no matter I know I should not do this. My last doctor prescribed me Paxil to treat this disorder. Now I would like to know more about this drug, and what happens if I mix Paxil with alcohol?

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Can I Take It With Alcohol With Sertraline?

ok guy so, recently had a bout of depression and anxiety after having my baby, seem to b over the worst as no longer having the depressive low moments only problem I am left with is insomnia, and a little bit of anxiety on a morning been on sertraline for 3 weeks, my husband and I wanted to watch a movie with a takeaway with a few drinks but worries about drinking incase I wake up depressed in the morning? Advice please

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Fluoxetine With Alcohol?

new to this Flu stuff. Have read the sheet with the tabs and it said nothing about taking it and still drinking alcohol so I am curious if this is a bad combination or just "not good".

Don't drink a lot but I do like the odd glass of wine with dinner.

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Menopause :: Alcohol After HRT

OMG after my bladder totally settling down after going on HRT and a bladder med I had a few glasses of wine on Saturday for my birthday!!  First drink for weeks and weeks...bladder now upset again.  Nothing like it was but upset none the less.  Why did I do that!!!!! I hope it settles again...anxiety is raging!

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Hip Replacement :: Alcohol

A week before my op and post op I have given up alcohol. We usually share a bottle of wine at the weekend but with the meds I don't think I can. Is this the same for you?. Only three weeks to go, just in time for my wife's birthday.


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Benzodiazepines :: Alcohol The Following Day?

I take zopiclone as and when I need it - it usually ends up being once or twice a week (for about 6 weeks now.) A week ago I was going to a wedding, wanted to be well rested for it so I took 1 7.5 mg at around midnight and woke up at 7ish ready for the day. The ceremony was in the afternoon so I didn't start drinking until around 3pm (15 hrs after taking) however as soon as I had had a few mouthfuls of wine I came over a bit strange. Dizzy and felt like I'd drank more than a few sips. Started to feel a bit panicky and left my friends to go for a walk in the grounds. (I suffer from anxiety anyway so this isn't that unusual.) Whilst out there I felt unstable on my feet and had a fall, grazing my knees and spilling wine on my lovely new dress! I didn't trip... I don't really know what happened but my boyfriend saw me and says I just fell over nothing!! I had only had a few sips at this point so I couldn't blame it on the drink alone! During the wedding breakfast a few hours later I thought I was going to fall asleep in my food. But thinking it was just me being a massive weirdo and not at all putting the two together I continued to drink. I got very drunk much quicker than usual and was a general mild embarrassment to myself but fortunately no other injuries or major incidents! Anyway I know they say don't drink while taking zopiclone but I always assumed it meant that night! As in don't take it with alcohol or take it when you get in from a night out. But now I'm thinking was 15 hours enough time to leave AFTER taking?!!! It might just have been a bad day for me but I'm not normally that clumsy that I go falling about all over the place after a few sips of wine. Any comments or experiences would be welcome! I might just be looking for an excuse for being such an embarrassment but either way I think I will avoid taking the night before an event like that again

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Alcohol Is Very Bad For Gout?

I am a 29yr old male, in good shape and not obese. I had my first gout attack 2 years ago, most certainly due to high blood pressure (on meds now). About 6 months ago I had a bad fall and injured the same toe that had previously gotten a gout attack, so I had a resulting 2nd gout attack. I had uric acid of 7.5 and started taking Uloric.

I read alcohol (especially beer) is very bad for gout. I can't say that I've ever noticed alcohol to cause an attack, maybe a few times my big toe has been a little tender the day after drinking a little too much, but never an attack.

So my question is how would you know if alcohol affects your gout or not? I'm a social 29yr old and drink pretty regularly, so I'm worried that it's hurting my gout without me knowing it, if that makes any sense.

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Methotrexate And Alcohol

I've begun taking a dosage of 10mg of Methotrexate and that was on 10 of May, I have a party to attend on the following Friday the day before my next dosage. I know that alcohol is not suggested on Methotrexate and up to two drinks is permitted but it will be a day before my dosage so that means i've only taken one tablet, there wouldn't be enough in my system to start inhibiting it would there? I plan on drinking more than two standard drinks and I need some help to know if I there will be any drug interaction producing liver problem or illness.

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Citalopram And Alcohol

Started on Citalopram before Christmas and gradually worked up to 20 mg per evening. Had been at that level for 3 weeks by the end of last week. It seemed to be working well in combination with Amitriptyline to help with the sleep disturbance. Anxiety and depression were controllable and I felt more positive about my marriage.

​Had a dry January, so thought it would be OK to have a few drinks at the weekend. Nothing OTT, just a few drinks, not a binge. Since then I have been irritable, agitated and feel very pessimistic about my feelings for my wife.

​Does alcohol counteract the Citalopram, especially this early on. I'm racked with doubts and anxiety.

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Citalopram With Alcohol

I have been on 20mg of citalopram and 20 mg of propranolol, I have also been taking 2mg of diazepam when I need it, for the last 4 weeks and as it's coming up to Christmas, I do enjoy a beer or two, I asked my dr was allowed to drink on the tablets and she said yes I could have one or two but don't get drunk (not that I would with a 5 year old and 4 month old) but I was just wondering does anyone have any 1st hand experiences taking alcohol on medication.  I haven't had any alcohol for the last 4 weeks

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Having Alcohol With Citolpram

Is anyone drinking alcohol in moderation with CIT and feeling off after drinking ?

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