Birth Control :: Nuvaring And Yasmin At The Same Time - Ok?

Dec 9, 2013

I have been taking Nuvaring but have been having breakthrough bleeding. I have extra packets of the birth control pill Yasmin, I took it because I had sex and was unsure if I was protected. Is it okay to take Nuvaring and Yasmin at the same time?

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Hair Loss :: Due To Yasmin And Yaz (birth Control)

I've been on the pill for about 15 years or so. I've been on yasmin then yaz.

I stopped the pill at the end of February and noticed that my hair is falling out a LOT!

I've also had a change in diet and lost about 9 kilos in about 4 months. I have polycystic ovaries and endometriosis as well.

I'm afraid that because I went off the pill, I'm losing my hair.

Is there anything I can do to stop the hair thinning. I'm terrified right now and will try anything.

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Birth Control :: Yasmin - Missing Tablets

I'm on Yasmin birth control pills. I missed the 12th tablet. I realized that i have missed one tab on the 16th day. And then i took 2 tabs together to be on track.

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Birth Control :: Skipped Yasmin - Moody, Emotional, Tired, Nauseous

My symptoms are: i've been very moody, emotional, tired, nauseous, loss of appetite, bloated, my stomach feels sensitive.

I'm a diabetic and my sugar has been fine.

I'm on Yasmin but accidental skipped 4 tablets last week.

Could i be pregnant or just tired?

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Birth Control :: Period A Week Early On Yasmin / Skipping Period?

I started Yasmin a year ago (21 active pills and a week break. Always start the pack on a Sunday) to help with my PMS symptoms. I've been quite happy with them with the only exception that my period always starts about a week before my last active pill (I don't stop taking them when this happens, just take them as usual until the 21 days are over). My doctor said this can happen and that it's nothing to worry about.

Now I am going to visit my boyfriend from the 17th to the 25th september and would hate to be on my period then . I got my period today and i still have 7 pills left, so again, it's a week early. Looking at the calendar if my next cycle goes like this i'd start my period in the midst of my visit. If i wanted to postpone/skip my next period should i continue taking my next 21 pills without a break after i finish this pack? And then a third pack after which i'd have a weeks break? Or could this cause my period to come even earlier because my body is not used to this?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Fell Out

My nuvaring fell out and I am not sure how long it was out. I did not take precautions to prevent pregnancy and I am not sure whether or not to insert my new one. Today would be the normal insertion day, but I do not know if I am pregnant or not?

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Birth Control :: Possible To Be Pregnant While Using Nuvaring?

I've been on the ring since january this year and everything its been fine I take it out every 3weeks dat always ends up being on a Friday and always get my period 2 o 3 days after taking it out it last about 5 days always and I always put it back on a Friday again after a week after taking it out am always exact on my periods always so it freeks me out wen I see o feel something last period was normal like always.....this month of september I need to take the ring out tomarrow Friday the 20th and by Sunday or Monday I should be getting my period but I went to pee an hour ago and am bleeding like a normal period this is not normal to me am not suppost to get my period in another 3days and I starded bleeding with the ring is still inside since I need to removed till tomarrow.....can I be pregnant or it could be something else please help iam freeking out

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Birth Control : Nuvaring - Uncomfortable And Getting Removed

I tried out the nuvaring AMD I want to say I kept it in for about a week. I started the day after my period completely stopped. Before I had started this birth control I showed signs of a bacterial infection (washed my clothes in scented detergent by accident)... At this time I started my period which was at the end of the month. The last day of my period was on the first of last month which was march. I started my birth control I'll say on the 2nd, I kept it I'm for about a week or a week and a half if not 2 weeks. I decided to remove it because I was uncomfortable with the feeling.... After suddenly stopping, now today April 6th I have not seen my period. What are the possibilities of me being pregnant or could this been the after effects of the nuvaring for stopping suddenly..

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Birth Control :: Skipping Period On Nuvaring?

I have absolutely horrific periods, my cramps are so bad I have to curl up in bed all day and take a muscle relaxant so I can make it through them. My doctor put me on Nuvaring and it's been giving me really intense headaches and nausea. I'm not a fan of being on medication of any sort but I can't live with my periods the way they are. I was wondering if putting Nuvaring in the week of my period (a few days before it starts) and keeping it in for a week (7-9 days) would prevent me from having a period. I realize this is not the intended use for it, but I would like to try it. Would this work to prevent me getting my period if I did it every month or would it start after I removed the ring after a week of use?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Interaction With Amoxicillin?

I have been on the NuvaRing for about a year now and it is awesome. Thing is, I had issues from wisdom teeth and was put on Amoxicillin halfway through my cycle. Hubby and I did not have sex after I was put on the antibiotics, but I was wondering if there is anything to worry about for the week before I started taking it? Any chance it will mess up my cycle? I should start my period in a day or two and I usually feel cramps starting by now. Did the amoxicillin delay my period?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Twisting - How To Insert It?

So I just had a baby 7 weeks ago and I was given the Nuvaring for birth control. I cannot seem to get it in far enough. When I do get it back there it immediately twists and comes down back to the opening. Is this normal? I am following the diagrams of how to insert it. I feel like my body is pushing it out, if that makes sense. Should I just switch to an IUD? Just wanting to know if I can't get it in properly if it's worth using.

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Slipping Out Or To The Opening

I would first like to point out i am not sexually nor do i plan to be!

I have recently started the NuvaRing, I put my first ring in 2 weeks ago. I honestly feel fine and don't seem to have any symptoms except some clear discharge, The only problem i seem to be experiencing is the ring slipping out or to the opening. I have read and watch tons of tutorials on how to insert the ring and im positive it's in properly i just can't seem to keep it in. I keep having to shove the ring back in whenever i urinate or sleep, I push the ring in as far as it will go and have checked with my finger that its around the cervix but its still only a half an inch to an inch away from the opening. Is this normal? What could be wrong?

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Birth Control :: How Long Can Nuvaring Be Left Out?

I have been getting mixed answers on the internet about this. Yes, the website says as long as it has been no longer than 3 hours you are protected against pregnancy. But I have read 2 different situations that says about the 3 hours thing.

1. That it can be left out for 3 hours a day

2. It can be left out for 3 hours total for each ring.

I am just looking to clear this up. I don't want to be worried if I take it out for foreplay or intercourse.

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Birth Control :: Put In Nuvaring Late - When To Remove?

I have been on the Nuvaring for 4 months now and was supposed to put my Nuvaring in on Tuesday but didn't until today (Wednesday). I can't find any information about when I remove this Nuvaring. Do I remove it on Tuesday in 3 weeks time or Wednesday in 3 weeks time?

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Birth Control :: NuvaRing Missed Period!

I guess I should start at the beginning.  I was on Nuvaring and was always regular (even when not on BC),  I stopped Nuvaring Oct of 2015 due to having bad migraines, my gyn and I wanted to see if it was the cause.  Still had them, so in February of 2016 I restarted it.  I had a period the last week of Jan (was getting them every 2-3 weeks due to coming off of it).  I had it again the week of Feb 2.  I had protected sex Feb 5th and was still lightly bleeding then.  I started the ring a few days later.  That sign of my period the ring off week, so I took high doses of vitamin C to start it.  I bled really heavy for 5 days.  In March I had a very light period for 3 days.  And in April, it was so light it barely showed on a panty liner, only when I wiped or peed.  When I was previously on NuvaRing, I always had heavy periods and when not on BC heavy as well.  I have taken 8 tests- all which are negative including one last month.  I was going to test again, but I figure I'd have a positive and symptoms by now as I'd be about 14 weeks.

What could the problem be?  Hormones? Or a I pregnant and not showing on tests?  Should I discontinue the ring until I become regular?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Constant Bleeding

I have always had problems with spotting on the pill, but never like this. I am on the nuvaring and have been for about a year. I have been trying to go 3 month continuously, and have always had spotting. However, last time it worked perfectly! I went through 3 rings with no spotting. I then got my period and began spotting just 3 days after my period had ending. the spotting has since turned into constant bleeding and clotting. I have contacted my doctor and they said to just go about my normal routine and see if it ends. however, it's been 1.5 months! Is my body doing this because I just can't skip cycles? And how protected am I now that I have this constant bleeding?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Spotting- Should I Take Ring Out?

I have been using Nuvaring for a little over 3 years in the 4 weeks in 1 week out method. I always take it out on a Friday, get my period Monday night or Tuesday morning and it is tapering off by friday.

However last weekend I forgot to take out the ring on Friday & didn't take it out until Sunday. I know the ring isn't approved for more than 4 weeks of use but my period did come exactly 2 days later than usual on Thursday. I put a new ring in on Friday anyway and my period stopped by Saturday morning. But this morning I woke up to more bleeding. I have only ever had breakthrough bleeding when I tried to skip the withdrawal week & just insert a new ring. This breakthrough bleeding lasted about a week until I just took the ring out 1 week early (3 weeks in) & had a regular period. So basically I bled off and on for 2 weeks or so. It was really annoying. It's a different kind of blood, a darker brown color (as it was the only other time I had breakthrough bleeding). My partner is uncomfortable having sex on my period (old school I know but I find it a little less romantic having to take out a tampon mid way through foreplay & put a towel down beneath you too!). So, that just kind of makes this even more of a pain for me. I really don't want to have breakthrough bleeding for this whole month, but since last time I experienced it it stayed until my withdrawal week I just get the feeling that's what will happen. Should I just take the ring out for another week &a use a backup form of birth control?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring Causing My Jaundice?

I have starting using Nuvaring on the 27th of January. on the 29th I started to have a migraine, loss of appetite, weakness, abdominal cramps, and fatigue. Which is okay because my body was and is adjusting. Now on the 31st of January I noticed that my eyes and the skin around my eyes were turning yellow. (Jaundice). However when I was looking up cautionary advice; it said I should not be taking Tylenol while being on Nuvaring. I have taken Tylenol daily since starting it to deal with the headaches and pain. Could this be what is causing my jaundice? I'm still going to follow up with my doctor, I was just seeing if I could get some expert advice before I had a chance to go.

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Birth Control :: Constant Periods On Nuvaring

My doctor has me on the nuvaring to skip periods altogether. I was having 2-3 of them a month. For the first 4 month of the nuvaring it was a godsend. Zero periods to speak of, and finally I had a sense of freedom. The pill didn't he'll regulate them at all and this was the first time I felt comfortable just leaving my house. Last month I had some breakthrough bleeding, which I was expecting, I had read then happened, but now I'm on my FOURTH week of a period that just won't stop!! Some days it's bright red, some days brown and clotty. Some days its very light and not very noticeable but he cramps are ever present!! It started halfway through the end of one ring and now we are 1 week away from the next new ring.

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Birth Control :: Tried To Skip Period With Nuvaring

I use the nuvaring, and I read that you can safely skip your period by putting your next ring in right when you take the old one out instead of waiting a week. I tried this, and it pushed back my period for about two weeks, but now I'm on day 10 of my period. I've always had problems with my period like horrible cramps, heavy bleeding, and stopping and starting, so skipping it sounded awesome but of course it made it twice as bad instead. I put my current ring in last Thursday, and I'm wondering if I should discard this one and wait until my body calms down to put the next one in and just accept the fact that my cooch hates me. any suggestions?

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Birth Control :: Nuvaring - Constant Bleeding

I started Nuvaring in August, on the first day of my period as instructed, I continued to bleed for the week, then it got lighter and continued for the week after that. I took it out after three weeks, had my "period" but did not continue Nuvaring as I had no need for birth control. I started again two weeks ago, on the first day of my period again, and have been bleeding since, though it has gotten lighter.

I'm to take it out this coming Monday, but I'm wondering if it would be safe to just replace the ring, and if that would help stop the bleeding that I have right now.

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