Birth Control - Microgestin :: Light Pink, Dark Brown And Then Bright Red Blood

Nov 10, 2015

i've been on microgestin fe for four months now and i am on my third week of the pack. after sex, I noticed some light pink discharge. the next day, dark brown blood, and today i am noticing a tiny bit of bright red that contains some mucous. is this due to the hour difference that i am taking my pills since it is daylight savings time? or just a common side effect?

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Birth Control :: Microgestin 5 Years Raised Blood Pressure

Been on Microgestin now for almost 5 years. I have recently now just developed high blood pressure and am wanting to get off of the pill entirely. Just don't feel normal some days and think It could be the pill. Is it okay to just stop taking the b/c??

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Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) - Spotting - Dark Brown, Almost Black Discharge

I'm very scared and freaked out right now. I've been on Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) for two years now and have never spotted in between periods. I went to visit my boyfriend last week and we had unprotected sex, but he didn't finish inside me. During the four days I was visiting him I took my pill inconsistently. I normally take it at 8:00 am every morning, but I was taking it at around 9 or 10 am while visiting him.

It's been a week since the unprotected sex and I've been taking my pill constantly at 8 am, but I just noticed very dark brown, almost black discharge when I go to the bathroom and wipe.

I'm freaking out because this has never happened and I don't know what to do so I thought that someone might have some advice or answers.

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Birth Control :: Bright Red Blood With Some Small And 10 Cent Piece Size Clots.

I'm a 23 yo female. I have been skipping my periods on levlen ED for about 2 years. Have had breakthrough bleeding (5 days) about i'd say 4 times, which definitely wasn't like this one... i had a breakthrough bleed recently a week before i had tummy cramps & felt rather nauseous then got my period that lasted 10 days it stopped i had intercourse with my partner it came back lightly went away & once again with my partner afterwards there was bright red blood with some small & 10 cent piece size clots... i have always had the occasional bleed after intercourse but not like this.. i do have hpv & have a med- large lump inside i was told to leave it & it should go away.

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Birth Control :: Periods - Dark Almost Black Blood And Heavy Clots

My daughter has the Nexplanon implant. She has been on her period for 3 months now. She also said that she is bleeding heavy and it is a dark almost black blood. She also is passing heavy clots. Is this normal?

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Very Light Dark Brown Periods

Monday the 6th I started what I would say was a very light dark brown period, buy Tuesday it was gone, and was only visible when I wiped which ended Thursday, my periods normally last 5 days and heavy and not Dark brown( can only describe as a pooh like colour), i'm also 4/5 days early which is another mad one, ok I know it cannot be IB but I just wanted to know if any as had this happen to them.

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Birth Control :: Small Amount Of Brown Blood On First Period

My girlfriend starting taking the pill one month ago. We had unprotected sex (condom broke) about 3 days before she went on the inactive pills. Now she is having her first period while on it but she is only having a small amount of brown blood (it is a constant flow). Is this normal because of the changes in hormones and it will become normal in a few days or is this implantation bleeding (a sign of pregnancy)? She is now on her second inactive pill.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Dark Brown Spotting Followed By Orange/pale Pink

I am currently taking the Rigevidon combined pill on its own and have been for over a year now. I am in a very sexually active relationship and we don't use protection due to me being allergic to the latex and also the fact im on the pill. I am unfortunately one of those very unreliable people when it comes to the pill... I don't take it at the same time every day and I have also missed a day every now and then and as I was rather uneducated on the pill I never set correct times I was meant to come on my period. My boyfriend first came in me the day I was due off my period (1st november), then again on the 6th november, 7th november (by accident) and then on the 17th of november. I know that I forgot to take my pill on the last time he came in me. Anyways, because of being slightly worried I decided to do a pregnancy test late at night on friday the 13 november (negative results ( was very happy) but I've been having a few pregnancy symptoms lately like slight stomach cramps, tender breasts, frequent urination and feeling like im going to be sick in the morning but I haven't actually thrown up yet. So I decided to research and learnt that i had done the test a bit too early and decided to do another test again on the 20th november (in the afternoon) again a negative result. I was happy again that I had a negative result but on the saturday 21st november I went to the toilet around 9pm ish and noticed 3 dark brown spots in my knickers but there wasn't anything coming out when I wiped... Despite being confused I decided to ignore it but then today on the 23rd november when I wiped I found some orange/pale pinkish discharge when I wiped so I had a shower and now there's nothing there...

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Am I Pregnant? :: Spotting Just Bright Pink Blood

I came on my period the 1st of July the 16th I started spotting just bright pink blood every time I wipe and I have cramps on left side what is it?

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Birth Control :: Spotting (brown Blood) One Week After Taking Morning After Pill

Spotting (brown blood) one week after taking morning after pill means it has worked?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Brown, Pink And Then Light Discharge - Implantation Bleeding

I was wondering if anyone can help me I've had two days of bleeding then third day brown discharge and then the fourth day I'm having red/pink really really light discharge which I can only see when I sip myself and also I'm having really bad period like pains and I always have 5 days of full period heavy until the fourth day the gradually turns light on the 5th.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Brown/pink Blood - Adjusting To Sex?

my boyfriend and I only just started having sex 3 weeks ago, and we used both contraception pill and a condom. After about two days after each time (only been 3 times) I have a pink/brown bleeding. Not sure why this is, is it just cause I'm still adjusting to having sex, or could it be something worse?? Each bleeding only lasts for about a day or less...

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Menstrual Cycle :: Dark Brown Almost Black Blood And Clots - Normal?

I have had normal regular periods for almost ten years. Every month I will be on for around five days, bleeding normally with normal red blood. I have been on the pill on and off for about 4 years. Once I stop the pill for my seven day break, I usually come on two days after. 

The past couple of months it has taken me about four days to come on and when I do I am not really bleeding, I am only really bleeding as I actually go to the toilet and when I do it is thick dark brown clots. I am not leaking normal blood if that makes sense? 

Is this normal or should I have it checked out? 

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Abnormal Pink Color Periods After Birth Control Pills

I have started to take birth control pills two months ago. During the first month of taking pills I was bleeding every day, it was like spotting, and it stopped after the period had ended. This month my period lasted less than before, it lasted only 3 days. I’ve noticed abnormal menstrual color, it was light, almost pink. Are these changes caused by pills or something’s wrong with me?

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Birth Control :: Nexplanon And Light Bleeding

I've had the Nexplanon implant for about 2 months. So far the only issue I've experienced is some light bleeding. It's not a lot,more of a nuisance than anything. The kind where it's not enough for a tampon. I've heard bleeding can go on for months. My question is...should I wait it out and it out and see if it passes or call my Dr? It is a listed side effect,but it's been 2 weeks.

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Birth Control :: Brown Spotting After Antibiotics - Implantation Bleeding?

I have been on Implanon for 1 year and have had periods EVERY MONTH until november where i missed my period.. Its not normal for me to miss even when im on Birthcontrol... A few days ago i started to get a light pink discharge and brown spotting.. Now i have a SUPER LIGHT what seems to be a period btu i only find blood WHEN I WIPE.. I am wondering did i have implantation bleeding? Why could my bleeding be only when i wipe? Also the blood is mixed with a clear snotty substance so im kind of confused.. since i have been on nexplanon birth control for a year and had periods every month than november i had nothing... Had a clear snotty discharge with a light brown line in it and once it was a light pink snotty discharge and now i am bleeding ONLY when i wipe... What is wrong with me?I got stitches on october 21st and was put on antibiotics for 10 days and had sex during them 10 days i missed november and had a pinkish discharge on the 26th of november but still no period now what's wrong?

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Birth Control :: 2 Months After Stopping Cerazette? Brown Discharge

I was previously on the Cerazette pill in November, I took it for approx 6 weeks- However it wasn't for me. So I stopped on the 18th of December, and my period began straight away (Up until then it was pretty much just 6 weeks of solid bleeding! Barely any pain) I then got one again around the 25th of January. However the past 2ish weeks I have been having brown discharge and the past few days it has been BLACK with a little back pain and traces of fresh blood as well. I do have a partner and we had unprotected sex however he did not finish (I know, not a smart move) but the bleeding started a day later.

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Pregnancy :: DD 36 Weeks Bright Pink Spotting

As you can tell by the title that is what's happening. She didn't have this with her first and i've never had this with my 3 towards the end. She said it is VERY bright pink, not soaking a pad, just spotting. She is sched. for a C sec in 4 weeks but does look like she could go anytime now. She isn't having contractions, but what would something like this be?

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Menstruation :: Cramping And Spotting Bright Pink

I started cramping and spotting bright pink on 12-25-15. The next day it lessened and today 12-27-15 it's heavier and dark to bright red. I thought it was my period but it's not my normal. Is this normal?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: One Eye Squint To Light And Bright Colours

I started suffering from vertigo swaying variety, not spinning, in August. I undertook intensive vestibular exercises and eventually they helped and mostly i feel my balance has returned. Yipeee!! (happy to tell anyone about the exercises if your interested.) Sometimes i found my eye squinting badly and sometimes it did not want to open at all particularly at bright lights. One of my pupils is usually a lot larger and is slower to react to light. My balance has much improved  but my eye is still odd and i am unable to open it if there is bright lights. Has anyone else had any similar symptoms, did it just go back to normal on its own. I had an occy health referral and they seemed familiar with this symptom after an inner ear damage condition and told me to wear sunglasses. wondered if anyone else had similar experiences?

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Birth Control :: Light Period On Depo, Never Had A Natural Period

I have never had a regular period so I got in the pill then I stopped taking that and got on the depo shot, now I'm having a light period, it makes me nervous because I have never had a natural period. Never. What's going on.

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