Birth Control :: Periods - Dark Almost Black Blood And Heavy Clots

May 19, 2016

My daughter has the Nexplanon implant. She has been on her period for 3 months now. She also said that she is bleeding heavy and it is a dark almost black blood. She also is passing heavy clots. Is this normal?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Dark Brown Almost Black Blood And Clots - Normal?

I have had normal regular periods for almost ten years. Every month I will be on for around five days, bleeding normally with normal red blood. I have been on the pill on and off for about 4 years. Once I stop the pill for my seven day break, I usually come on two days after. 

The past couple of months it has taken me about four days to come on and when I do I am not really bleeding, I am only really bleeding as I actually go to the toilet and when I do it is thick dark brown clots. I am not leaking normal blood if that makes sense? 

Is this normal or should I have it checked out? 

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Menstruation :: Heavy Bleeding And Clots - Alysena - Birth Control

I recently had sex for the first time in about 6 months and it was the week before my period started. I am on birth control (Alysena) and have been on this particular one for about 5 years. My boyfriend and I had sex while I was on my period and a few days later my period became very heavy and I started seeing clots every time I went to the bathroom. At this point I have had my period for 8 days even though I have already taken 5 pills out of a new pack. My periods have never been very heavy or long, with the exception of a few times, but it's definitely abnormal. Is this normal after having sex for the first time in a long time?

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Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) - Spotting - Dark Brown, Almost Black Discharge

I'm very scared and freaked out right now. I've been on Birth Control (Tri-Previfem) for two years now and have never spotted in between periods. I went to visit my boyfriend last week and we had unprotected sex, but he didn't finish inside me. During the four days I was visiting him I took my pill inconsistently. I normally take it at 8:00 am every morning, but I was taking it at around 9 or 10 am while visiting him.

It's been a week since the unprotected sex and I've been taking my pill constantly at 8 am, but I just noticed very dark brown, almost black discharge when I go to the bathroom and wipe.

I'm freaking out because this has never happened and I don't know what to do so I thought that someone might have some advice or answers.

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Birth Control :: Bright Red Blood With Some Small And 10 Cent Piece Size Clots.

I'm a 23 yo female. I have been skipping my periods on levlen ED for about 2 years. Have had breakthrough bleeding (5 days) about i'd say 4 times, which definitely wasn't like this one... i had a breakthrough bleed recently a week before i had tummy cramps & felt rather nauseous then got my period that lasted 10 days it stopped i had intercourse with my partner it came back lightly went away & once again with my partner afterwards there was bright red blood with some small & 10 cent piece size clots... i have always had the occasional bleed after intercourse but not like this.. i do have hpv & have a med- large lump inside i was told to leave it & it should go away.

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Birth Control - Microgestin :: Light Pink, Dark Brown And Then Bright Red Blood

i've been on microgestin fe for four months now and i am on my third week of the pack. after sex, I noticed some light pink discharge. the next day, dark brown blood, and today i am noticing a tiny bit of bright red that contains some mucous. is this due to the hour difference that i am taking my pills since it is daylight savings time? or just a common side effect?

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IUD :: Abnormal Heavy Bleeding And Blood Clots?

In January I had polyps removed and an IUD put in. There haven't been any issues until now. Tuesday evening/early Weds morning (about 5 days ago on the 15th) I noticed some breakthrough bleeding. My period had just ended on the 6th. It continued on and I started to have some slight cramping so I called my doctor and got an appointment. He took a look and said my IUD seemed a little lower than usual (that was Thursday). I made an appointment for an ultrasound and thought everything was ok. My bleeding was getting heavier and heavier, but a regular tampon managed it. In the afternoon I was out and I stood up and apparently I had bled through my tampon and underwear and it was coming down my leg. I called my doctor and they said keep and eye on it and if it continued to be like that or if it was a pad an hour go to the hospital. But it seemed to slow down. Today, however, it seems I have been clotting even more. And I just felt what I thought was a really large gush of blood, I went to the restroom and it was a huge blood clot. About an inch or so long and it wasn't flat nor did it just fall apart when I grabbed it with a tissue. What should I do? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding? Heavy And Clots - 2 Periods A Month

In this month of April I had a period that began on April 6th with semi heavy bleeding, and ended April 14th. April 29th I began a second period with heavy bleeding, and now I'm also having blood clots ranging from the size as small as a dime to as big a half dollar coin. What could be the cause of this abnormal menstrual bleeding?

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Menopause :: Very Heavy Bleeding Large Blood Clots

I have been bleeding now for past 4 weeks. The last week has seen me lose giant blood clots and I mean lots of them. In fact I've had to stay off work these last few days as I need to be near a loo. I feel a bit shaky but I put that down to the amount of blood I've lost. I'm really worried I'm going to need a hysterectomy. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hemorrhoids :: Stools Blood Is Dark Or Black - PILES?

Been back and forth to the doctor for the past 6 month trying to find what is causing all of the abdominal issues I'm having.

Doctor has given me a working diagnosis of IBS with reflux and hemorrhoids (as i pass blood, sometimes frequently and then sometimes it can stop for weeks at a time).

I've requested that he refers me to the gastroenterologist as I'm not satisfied with his diagnosis for a couple of reasons.

The main reason is that when i pass blood, it isn't always bright red ... sometimes it is darker ... it's never really dark or black, but it's just simple a medium shade of red ... can internal hemorrhoids cause this color of blood on the stool? (There is never a lot and Its never mixed in with the stool, it usually either streaks the outside of the stool or is mixed in with mucus at the start of my bowel movement).

It's the darker colour of the blood that makes me think it's coming from further up the digestive tract though which makes me think it's not hems.

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Huge Blood Clots (periods) Diagnosed With Fibroids

Hi. I’m a 43 years old, diagnosed with three small fibroids over a year ago. I had very little clotting at the time and my gyno placed me on Rx and Anemagen to decrease my flow. It worked so well that I missed a period. That was alarming to me and I went back to my doctor who changed my Rx to Necon. Now, my periods returned but I am experiencing extremely huge blood clots! After I went back to the gyno he prescribed me Feogen but in this menstrual cycle, the clot was about 3-4 inches in length and about 3 inches wide and very thick! What is wrong with me? Is this normal? I’m really concerned! Is there anybody who can help me?

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 During Periods?

Sir can i take unwanted 72 during periods?

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Birth Control :: Irregular Periods And OCP

I am 23 years old. I already have a baby and after that I had irregular periods like lasting for more than 15 days with heavy bleeding. So I took microgynon Ed for three months and still my periods are not regular. So can I continue taking pills? And I have a plan for 2nd baby. After stopping this pills can I get conceive or they I'll stop fertility temporarily?

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Birth Control :: Having Sex Right After Periods - Safe?

My boyfriend and I wanted to have sex the 2nd time around. We are both 19 years old and still not ready for any pregnancy. We were planning to have sex the day after my period (which I think would be on March 26) and we agreed that he should STILL wear condoms for extra protection. We used condom before, before he reach climax he pulled out of me, removed the condom and worked on his buddy for about 3 minutes and ejaculated. Someone on other site that pulling out with condom is unsafe, that's why i'm a little confused now. So my questions are:

1. Is our plan of having sex right after my period okay as one of our birth control methods?

2. Is pulling out (w/ the condom on his penis) before he ejaculates really unsafe?

3. Sex right after period ends plus condom: are there still any chances of me getting pregnant?

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Birth Control :: 50 , No Periods 4 Years - Still Take Pill?

I had hormones tested and I am in menopause. I have not had a period in 4 years. Only been off the pill for a month after being on it for a long time. I am told I should still use condoms for birth control, which myself and hubby don't like at all. Chances of getting pregnant may not be likely but can happen. I really prefer to use nothing, but I don't want to end up with a pregnancy at this age. Anyone in their 40's and 50's have gone through this? What was your choice of birth control when the doctor takes you off the pill? Should I not worry about it and use zero protection? Do you think my doctor is being ridiculous?

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Birth Control :: Delayed Periods And IPill

Hi this is regarding my delayed periods. My actual date was 13 but due to having unsafe sex twice a month i had to take i pill twice and i bleeded twice just after a week of taking pills but my actual chums have still not occurred and both the times bleeding was normal and happened for 2 days

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Birth Control :: Periods Just Started - Should Take Unwanted 72?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the same night just after 2-3 hours my period started. Should i take her unwanted 72, as i don`t want to get pregnant? Is it safe during periods? Or is there no reason of worry?

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Birth Control :: How Long Are Periods After Unwanted 72

after the use of unwanted kit , how may long a girl have her period.......

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Birth Control :: No Periods After Implanon Removal

I've had my implanon out for two weeks after having it in for 2 yrs and 8 months. I did not have a period the whole time I was on it. Now after 2 weeks I have had a couple days of brown discharge and 1 day of light pink discharge. I have not had sex since having it removed but did have sex about a week prior. Does anyone know how long after removal it takes for flow to return and why I keep getting the discharge?

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Birth Control :: Implanon No Periods For 4 Months

I've been on the Implanon Birth Control for a good 4 months now. I had a weird discharge of old blood a week after it was effective. Since then i haven't had a period at all. It's been months now. Also having stomach pains every night for the past 2 weeks. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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Birth Control :: Constant Periods On Nuvaring

My doctor has me on the nuvaring to skip periods altogether. I was having 2-3 of them a month. For the first 4 month of the nuvaring it was a godsend. Zero periods to speak of, and finally I had a sense of freedom. The pill didn't he'll regulate them at all and this was the first time I felt comfortable just leaving my house. Last month I had some breakthrough bleeding, which I was expecting, I had read then happened, but now I'm on my FOURTH week of a period that just won't stop!! Some days it's bright red, some days brown and clotty. Some days its very light and not very noticeable but he cramps are ever present!! It started halfway through the end of one ring and now we are 1 week away from the next new ring.

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