COPD :: Noncalcified Nodule In The Middle Lobe Of My Right Lung

Sep 24, 2013

I am a 49 year old woman and I have a 8mm noncalcified nodule in the middle lobe of my right lung. For some reason, it does NOT show up on an X-ray but it was found on a CT. Shouldn't it show on an x-ray also?? The ER found it by accident...they thought I had a blood clot that had travelled to my lung...nope! It's a nodule. It was found 51 weeks ago and I did have another scan 2 months after it was found and there was no change in the size. But, since I don't have health insurance, I have been unable to have another CT scan as recommended (every 3 months). My husband makes too much money for us to qualify for any financial assistance but we can't afford a pulmonologist or scan. I have been a smoker for 30 years and I do get backaches and I can't do much without getting short of breath but that doesn't mean it's cancer. My main question is why is it not showing on an X-ray...I've had 2 since they found it on a CT scan so unless it mysteriously disappeared, I don't understand. I have been checked for histoplasmosis and other things like that and they were all negative. Can anyone tell me why it's not apparent on a chest x-ray???? Thanks!!

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COPD :: Two Nodules Measuring 4mm In Each Lung

I went for a CAT scan for my heart and it was discovered that I have two nodules measuring 4mm in each lung. I haven't seen the doctor as yet. Has anyone experienced this and what was done for it? I am quite anxious.

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COPD :: Stage 2 With 61 Percent Lung Function

I was told way back in August of 2013 I had copd. Smoked for 33 years. Started when I was 13. Did stop smoking in October. Now on 12 meds daily and get out of breath doing just about anything. I own a lawn mowing biz but getting harder and harder to do my job and getting ticked off clients because I cant keep up. Have been getting real depressed about everything. Someone told me to keep a daily blog about my life with copd. Started that about a month ago. Its somewhat therapeutic, it at least lets me get stuff off my chest so to speak. And maybe someone will read it and go hey i'm going through the same crap. In my case its hard to find folks going through it or those that do who even want to talk about it. So if your getting depressed i would recommend doing a blog. No one may ever read it, but you will be able to get out all the stuff you want to say. Thanks for listening and i hope you find what you're looking for. 

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Neurology :: Frontal Lobe Atrophy Cause Headaches?

can frontal lobe atrophy cause headaches  and pressure  all over your head and pain  behind eyes come from this have a appointment with neurologist on 16 of January have had stroke but no severe  ....

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Pimple Like Bump On The Inside Of My Left Ear Lobe

I have a unpoppable "pimple-like" bump on the inside of my left ear lobe near my piercing and it has gotten bigger in size because I have been bothering it here lately. Is there a way I can decrease it in size by applying something or is there a way I can get rid of it completely.

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Diagnosed With Endometriosis Of Lung

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis in the lung. I was wondering if any one else out their had this condition? It's such a rare condition doctors don't know what to do...

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Liver Cancer :: Multiple Lesions Involving Caudate, Right And Left Lobe

My father is diagnosed with primary liver cancer with multiple lesions involving caudate, right and left lobe. enhancing thrombus is also seen on left and right portal vein. In a separate CT of the chest, lung nodules are seen and enlarged mediastinal lymph node is seen. He has been put of Sorafenib and doctors say there is no other treatment left

Till now my father is very normal, he has no pain, there is nothing unusual seen except for a little loss of appetite. Doctors have told us he has only 3-6 months left but by seeing him, no one can imagine that. Can someone help me explain what should i expect in future.

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Aneurysm :: MRI - Nonspecific Focus Of Solitary White Matter Bright Signal Right Frontal Lobe?

I experience frequent migraine attacks lately. One time when the migraine attacked, I tried to sleep to somehow ease the pain. However, When I woke up at dawn I was surprised that my left eye could not see. What I just saw with my left eye was complete darkness. It lasted for 2 to 3 minutes. Thus, I decided to undergo MRI of my brain with MRA with contrast and below is the findings:

Negative for restricted diffusion. Small focus of t2 weighted and flair bright signal is noted in the right frontal lobe, gray-white matter differentiation is preserved. No abnormal parenchymal nor meningeal enhancement. No discrete mass noted. There is no evidence of discrete vascular malformation or aneurysm. Midline structures are in place. The ventricles are normal in size and configuration. The sulci and cisterns are not affected. The stellar/juxtasellar, pineal region, cerebellum-pontine angle, craniovertebral junction are unremarkable. The cerebellum and brainstem are intact. Intracranial angiography shows adequate visualization of the anterior , posterior cerebral, anterior communicating, posterior communicating, and middle cerebral arteries. There is tiny suspicious saccular outpouching in the a1 segment of the left anterior cerebral artery. No discrete aneurysm or tangle of vessels in the rest of the vessels. The rural sinuses are patent. The para nasal sinuses included nasopharyngeal and orbits and tympanum astounds are intact.


1. Nonspecific focus of solitary white matter bright signal right frontal lobe
2. Consider tiny aneurysm in the a1 segment of the left anterior cerebral artery
3. No acute hemorrhage, infarct or mass lesion.

May I know the meaning of the above mentioned findings?

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Respiratory Disorders :: Medication To Remove Lung Scar

Is there a medication to remove the scar on my right lung?

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Sarcoidosis :: Mri Scan - Found 2 Small Nodules In Lung

I had a Mri scan for back pain, result found 2 small nodules in lung. Seeing specialist in July, I get a little short of breath and a little wheezy at times nothing to alarm myself, but I have terrible fatigue also have red lumps on forehead chin and buttocks. Worried this could be sarcoidosis my father had this sadly died 26 years, I have read different views on this being hereditary, so worried seems ages till July I am female age 55 & a smoker, any thoughts ?

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Pneumothorax :: Collapsed Lungs X4, Two Lung Operations, One Sealed, One Stapled - 20 Years On

I had all my lung drama in the 1980s, two collapses on each side, then followed by each a major lung op, one side using a blebectomy (I think it was called) which was a partial lobectomy that was then stapled back together. The other was a filler where they used some seal to fill the space between the lung and the pleura. So many years later, I survived without needing other operations but heres what happened to my lungs...!

Not sure exactly, but my chest cage, lung cage, shrank relatively suddenly - the doctor noticed the xrays looked as if they belonged to different people. Then I experienced permanent shortness of breath, I have now lived with this for six years. It was accompanied by permanent elevated adrenaline and heart pounding, none of which has been diagnosed by the doctor who always say 'everything is within normal range'. I exercise as much as I can to keep my breathing in as good a shape as possible but I feel like if they opened me up they would find an awful mess in their. I cycle a lot and swim as much as possible - I was always super active - but my breathing capacity in exercise is so much less than it was. I am 50 now and know that damage is also due to binge smoking throughout my life but I haven't smoked for a long time. I'd love to know if other people have had this or varied reactions from their lung op history and what they did about it, especially what their solutions have been. MY SOLUTIONS HAVE BEEN variously holding my breath under water for as long as possible to try and expand my lung capacity - not for the pre-op pneumo people!, Yoga, Stretching, breathing in a spine stretching folded position, meditation, cycle till you are out of breath, Buteko methods of CP and green juicing for best method of getting positive amount of super nutrients to the brain and blood stream oxygene. This might have helped someone, it helped me but it took me years to discover all the different methods I now incorporate. My condition puts me in a state of constant panic that I need to daily manage.

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ENT :: Perilymph Fistula Or Middle Ear Fluid?

I was hoping for some advice on a problem that I've had for 3 years. My main problem has been on and off vertigo and imbalance, however I don't think I have rotational vertigo because most of the time I just feel like inside my head is spinning? It also feels as if the ground is sinking beneath me.

Dizziness started 3 years ago, about 2 months after a serious bout of the flu which took months to recover from. At the time my ears were extremely blocked and I would do the Valsalva maneuver to help unclog my ears. It wasn't until now that I discovered you aren't supposed to do that? Anyway my dizziness was consistent 24/7 for nearly 1 year, at which time my symptoms seemed to disappear. As of April this year my symptoms returned.

Over the years I have been to numerous GP's, ENT's, neurologist, and all of which were unsure of what was going on. Most of them have said they don't believe it's Meniere's disease. My main GP said I DIDN'T have fluid in my middle ears, however since then 2 GP's have both confirmed that I DO.

Current symptoms:
Brain fog
My ears feel wet in the morning. Not enough to wet pillow
Tinnitus in both ears, slightly more prominent on the left side
Difficulty concentrating/problems with memory
Tingling/electric shock feeling on left side of scalp behind left ear
GERD and gastritis

A couple of things seem to exacerbate these symptoms, such as anxiety, hot and humid weather, having a hot shower (I now have to have cold showers, before I would have to sit down), menstrual cycle.

So I am pretty convinced that I either have a perilymph fistula or middle ear fluid. I have been using Nasonex for a couple of months which seemed to improve symptoms but now I am starting to feel worse again. My now current GP has suggested Ventilation tubes/grommets, however if I actually have a perilymph fistula will this improve symptoms or not have any benefit at all? I also have been prescribed SERC but I do not think it will help, as 2 years ago I took it and it made my symptoms WORSE.

I am wondering if I may have damaged my ears years ago when I had the flu by constantly trying to pop my ears. I have been allergy tested for Molds, grass, pet dander and dust mites, all negative. I have also been tested for MS which was negative, and all the routine blood tests etc. MRI showed I have a mid-septal deviation (my nose isn't straight) and previously enlarged adenoids, but apparently was of no clinical significance.

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Wake Up In Middle Of Night And Can't Sleep More

I don't have any problem falling asleep, the longest it takes if 20 minutes sometimes. But I ONLY sleep for 5 hours, maybe 6 if I'm lucky. So I try to make myself stay up until 11pm so I can get up at my normal time of 5am. This is very hard because I will usually fall asleep in front of the tv around 9/930.I get up from the couch around 1030/11 and go to my bed, but then wake up at 3 am like clockwork. Last night I fell asleep in front of the tv at 930, got into my bed at 1030, but then woke up at 230! I usually can't fall back asleep either, or maybe dose in and out if I'm lucky. My mind is already awake then.I tried Melatonin years ago, and it worked for the first couple of days to a week. But then I built up a resistance to it and I had to keep increasing the dosage until it didn't help at all anymore.I have gone through different prescribed meds that didn't really work. The one that worked the best(Trazodone) had a side effect that I didn't like(woke up with an extremely dry mouth), and I built up a resistance to that too. I just wanted to see if there were any other meds out there, OTC or prescription, that may work?

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Propranolol :: Weight Gain Around My Middle

I have been taking this drug for over 6 months now. 40mg twice a day The cluster headaches that have plagued my life are now down to a bare minimum.....(not totally gone away) and manageable.

HOWEVER! I have gained about 1.5 stone in weight, particularly around my middle. This is highly unusual for me.

My GP states this is NOT a recognised side effect and I simply must be eating more due to feeling better! As my eating habits have not changed at all, I find this very hard to accept. If I am to take this drug for the rest of my days, At this rate I will be enormous! this is only a temporary side effect?

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Angina ? Sharp Pain In The Middle Of Chest

I am a female that is 23 and I am quite overweight (BMI around 47). I would like to know if I am experiencing angina or if it could be something else. My stomach doctor has ruled out a hiatal hernia. I've also had EKGs and two heart ultrasounds and they were all fine.

So the symptom I'm having is just sharp pain in the middle of my chest. It comes and goes, but is frequent. I've been having this since I woke up about 11am and it is 4:30p now. I've not felt right all day. I've been to sleep twice since I woke up and still it is happening. I've been having a little trouble breathing as well. My forehead felt weird this morning too. I couldn't describe how it felt to my mother.

There is a clinic nearby and I don't know whether I should go to it. Every time they do a test on me for anything, it is always negative. I just don't want to make them waste their time or make myself look like a fool/hypochondriac.

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Upper Right/ Middle Intermittent Throb Day After Alcohol

Hi Does anyone experience upper right/ middle intermittent throb 24 hours after having a drink. Just a pint of cider or two glasses of wine can do it. Normal lft and low ggt, fatty liver diagnosed couple of years ago, only had odd drink since thanks

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Lactose Intolerance Anyone? Pain In Upper And Middle Abdomen

I have been diagnosed recently with this as an adult. I am a little confused as my pain is in my upper abdomen, right in the middle, about 2 inches above my belly button and below the ribs. Anyone else get pain here?

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Arthritis :: Middle Finger Of Left Hand Is Locking Itself

Had this condition for about 1 year blood tests do not show any problem so why is this happening?

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Accidents / Injuries :: Middle Finger Swollen Large And Painful

one week ago injured my middle finger and recieved a cut on top of my knuckle. seemed to be healing ok then out of no where yesterday it sweeled up. very painfull if moved or if i reach in my pocket. no oosing any fluid please help!

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Lyme Disease :: Persistent Middle Ear Infection With Muscle Twitching And Fatigue

About 6 weeks ago I began to experience some ear problems. It started with muffled hearing, tinnitus, and mild pain. I went to primary care provider and she prescribed amoxicillin three times a day for the middle ear infection. A couple of days later my symptoms got a lot worse. I lost most of the hearing in my right ear and I had severe jolting pain that radiated to my whole head and eyes. I went to the ER and was given a shot of penicillin and was also diagnosed with strep throat. I was referred to ENT because my eardrum had actually burst. The ENT doc prescribed ear drops and a higher dose of amoxicillin with clavu k. Another week passed and the symptoms continued to get worse. I followed up with ENT last week and he said my right ear looked really bad inside and I am probably going to need surgery to fix it. He also said to stop taking my antibiotics and ear drops.

Okay, this is why I think I may have Lyme. Throughout all of this I was experiencing flu and other symptoms that I didn't pay much attention to because I was focused on the ear infection. In the beginning I felt unusual muscle twitching in my limbs with achy pain. I just dismissed it as normal body functions. Fast forward to this week, the muscle twitching is now more severe and present all over my body (almost every voluntary muscle). There is some accompanying pain/soreness from the constant twitching. I am also having heart palpitations, anxiety, depression (a first for me), joint pain, dizziness, painful headache, and brain fog/"out of it" feeling. I am also unusually sensitive to cold and some of my muscles feel "electric." I went to the ER yesterday and they did some bloodwork, an EKG, and a chest x-ray but everything was normal. The EKG showed a left axis deviation in my heart but the doc said it was nothing because I am a little stocky.

I don't know what to do. I am getting worse everyday, especially after stopping the antibiotics. My doctors appear to think that my symptoms are psychosomatic even though my anxiety has been under control for weeks. The only thing they're sure I have is an ear infection, but even that isn't responding to antibiotics.

I have pets and they play in a backyard that is filled with squirrels, rats, opossums, and birds. I sleep with one of my dogs and I have found a few ticks in my bed before. I didn't think they bit humans but about 2 months ago I did develop a weird rash on my upper buttox that became a huge cyst (I sleep belly-down). It lasted a few weeks but it completely disappeared a couple of weeks ago. I just thought it was a big zit and didn't think much of it. Maybe this could have been a bite?

Sorry, about the long read. I am a recently discharged disabled veteran and I receive healthcare through the VA. Appointments are always weeks away due to huge backlogs, which makes it even more frustrating. The appointments are also always rushed and my doctors are quick to make the "anxiety" diagnosis if they don't find anything obvious.

I am not looking for a diagnosis. I am mainly seeking advice on what I should do and if my symptoms may sound like Lyme. I would also like to ask how I can approach my doctor with the possibility of Lyme Disease without being dismissed right away. I am really starting to get scared because I have been getting progressively worse over a period of almost 2 months.

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Thyroid :: What Are The Causes Of Goiters? And A Nodule

What's are the causes of goiters? And a nodule. If you have a goiter do you have a thyroid disorder?

From ultrasound result: what would heterogeneous echogenicity throughout left lobe with no defined cyst or nodule mean?

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