Liver Cancer :: Multiple Lesions Involving Caudate, Right And Left Lobe

Feb 19, 2016

My father is diagnosed with primary liver cancer with multiple lesions involving caudate, right and left lobe. enhancing thrombus is also seen on left and right portal vein. In a separate CT of the chest, lung nodules are seen and enlarged mediastinal lymph node is seen. He has been put of Sorafenib and doctors say there is no other treatment left

Till now my father is very normal, he has no pain, there is nothing unusual seen except for a little loss of appetite. Doctors have told us he has only 3-6 months left but by seeing him, no one can imagine that. Can someone help me explain what should i expect in future.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: C-spine MRI - Degenerative Changes Involving The Cervical Region

This is my c-spine MRI. It may or may not be the cause of my symptoms according to my PCP, see the spine doc on Tuesday. Anyone have any opinions on what this means.

DATE: 07/16/13


CLINICAL INFORMATION: 47-year-old female complains of neck pain radiating to the arms with clonus in the lower extremities.

TECHNIQUE: Sagittal T1, T2 and intermediate weighted imaging. Axial T1 and gradient echo sequence.

FINDINGS: There is no prior exam for comparative purposes at the present time. There is straightening of the normal cervical lordotic curve. degenerative changes to a varying degree are present throughout the cervical region.

The C2-C3 level is unremarkable.

At the C3-C4 level, there are mild spondylotic changes present where mixed hard and soft disc material mildly deforms the ventral subarachnoid space without cord deformity. There may be minimal osseous foraminal compromise on the right.

At the C4-C5 level, there are mild spondylotic changes, slightly eccentric towards the right, without cord encroachment. There may be minimal osseous foraminal compromise on the right.

At the C5-C6 level, there are mild to moderate spondylotic changes present where mixed hard and soft disc material approaches but does not deform the ventral surface of the cervical spinal cord. There is at least a mild degree of osseous foraminal encroachment, left greater than right.

There are also mild to moderate spondylotic changes at C6-C7 level without cord encroachment. There is at least a mild degree of osseous foraminal encroachment on the left neural foramen. The spinal cord demonstrates normal caliber and normal signal intensity pattern throughout its length. The region of the craniocervical junction is normal.

Unsigned transcriptions represent a preliminary report And do not reflect a medical or legal document

IMPRESSION: Degenerative changes involving the cervical region, as detailed above. There is at least a mild degree of foraminal encroachment multiple levels.

Followup as clinically warranted

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Pimple Like Bump On The Inside Of My Left Ear Lobe

I have a unpoppable "pimple-like" bump on the inside of my left ear lobe near my piercing and it has gotten bigger in size because I have been bothering it here lately. Is there a way I can decrease it in size by applying something or is there a way I can get rid of it completely.

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Cancer :: Swollen Lymph Nodes And Liver Not Functioning

I have had swollen lymph nodes now for around 6 months in my neck head and behind my ears.

My Liver Function is 3 times higher than what it should be and is getting higher every blood test I have.

My spleen is swollen.

Im suffering night sweats and breathing difficulty.

I am suffering severe headaches and my head is swollen all over the shape of it changes weekly with one side swelling or the top swelling etc.

My vision has depleted considerably over the last six months.

I am suffering ear ache because the nodes behind and in front of my ear are pressing against it.

My Doctor sat on this for 5 months saying it must be an infection and it would go down. When two nodes popped up in the top of the back of my head 2 weeks ago he booked me in for a biopsy on the nodes in neck and for some blood test and a x-ray on my chest.

My bloods have just come back and for the first time in the last 6 months the test for glandular fever has come back positive. I am still having a biopsy and my doctor suspects it is not just glandular fever.

I have been reading up on lymphoma and personally think I have lymphoma of the brain. Could anyone give me a second opinion on this I would really really appreciate it. I am 20 year old fairly fit male.

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Fatty Liver Causes Pain In The Left Upper Quadrant?

Can anyone tell me if they have fatty liver that causes pain in the left upper quadrant as well as the right?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: EKG - Left Leg Has Irregular Complex Signals

Got ekg test done. It said left leg has irregular complex signals...what does that mean

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Crazy Knee Reflex On Left Leg

Saw my workplace dr today for my periodic health assessment. He asked about my symptoms, I did the required weeping followed by feeling like an idiot for weeping...

He gave me a prescription for my sinuses, but was rather interested in my reflexes. He didn't say anything but I've had the Babinski thing done enough times to know that one foot was normal, the other was not.

Also, when he did my knee reflexes, my left leg shot out in an exaggerated manner. He repeated it several times, same results. My right leg seems like the usual response, the left was crazy. The left leg has been my 'bad leg' with spasticity etc. He asked me if this was usual, and I said I didn't think so.

He was kind, gave me the usual spiel about neurological issues taking a long time to present, bladdy blah blah blah.

So there you have it, one more 'symptom'.

Dreading the Spring, but trying to stay positive.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Burning On The Left Side Of Face

Yesterday after showering I laid down for bed and I got this itchy burning sensation on the left side of my face...I thought to myself it was just dry skin...I woke up the next day with no was about 34 degrees outside today and wind was gusty...but I maybe spent 45 mins outside on and off...maybe 5-10 mins at a time at best...I noticed throughout my day the burning sensation was getting worse...I came home from work and showered once again and it feels like it made it worse...I am having trouble chewing on that side of my mouth, but only because of moving my mouth to chew...I never had my wisdom teeth pulled and I'm 29 years of teeth and gums themselves do not ache or hurt at all...I just had gotten over a head cold, but i always have them through the winter months...This is the 1st time this had ever happened to me...My skin does dry out in the winter time, but i've never had this feeling before...should i be worried and seek medical help?  It almost feels like sunburn and it hurts to the touch...the right side of my face is completely normal...the reason this scares me is if i have a infection in my gums/tooth somewhere i heard this can be deadly if not treated...

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Cancer :: Swollen Lymph Node On The Left Side Of Groin?

I am 16 years old and I have a swollen lymph node on my left side in the groin.It is hard,not painful and it moves easily.It is not very big ,even smaller than 1 cm (is that normal).And also on the other side of the groin on the same place I have another swollen lymph node but not that big as the one on the right side.It is important to say that I have had the swollen lymph node for more than a half year and I have had blood tests done but everything was fine.It hasnt got bigger nor smaller,it stays the same.I am very afraid of lymphoma but I read about it and I dont have any other symphtoms and I dont have swollen lymph nodes anywhere else on my body(I checked carefully). So am I just being hypochondriac or there is a possibility of cancer?

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Cancer :: Hard (bone-like) Lump On The Left Side Of My Nasal Bridge?

I developed a hard (bone-like) lump on the left side of my nasal bridge 3 weeks ago after falling asleep on my couch. It's very painful and aches all the time, even without touching it. It's grown a bit bigger as the weeks have gone by.

Now, I have developed symptoms of a sinus infection and chest infection, that won't go away.

I'm constantly tired and my immune system is the lowest it's ever been, seeing as in the last few months, I've needed an operation to remove a pilonidal sinus, my appendix and some ovarian cysts (that were haemorrhaging), and straight after, this!

Other symptoms include -
A loss of appetite
Weight loss
Just feeling blue all the time
Pain under my left eye
Very large lymph nodes in my neck

Is it cancer? Especially if I did nothing to aggravate the bump??

I'm a 19 year old girl, who doesn't smoke or drink.

I would love to know if other people are experiencing this, or if anyone can help me figure out what this is, because I'm sick of being sick and of being in hospital, and would like to get on with life.

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Breast Cancer :: Indentation In My Left Breast - Family History

I have an indention in my left breast,right above my nipple. it's like a hole. I have family history on my mother's side of breast cancer. Besides cancer what else could it be?

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Breast Cancer Family History - Ache In My Left Breast

Hey, so breast cancer runs in my family and so I check myself regularly. Lately tho I keep getting an ache in my left breast and sometimes the right one. I have had children so they have changed a little but when I feel them I keep feeling lumps and can't tell if they are normal or not.. Sometimes it is tender to press.. I have noticed also my nipples go a little crusty almost (I am so sorry for that info :-/).. I know I should see a doc but I suffer anxiety badly to the point I can barely leave the house alone and my husband is about to start a new job so he won't be able to come with me.. I am so scared!! I don't want to tell any friends incase it's nothing but then I'm freaking out about going alone esp with my children .

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Herpes Symptom :: Painless Scabs With No Prior Lesions?


Had sex with a girl and used condom for about 95% of the time.  A week later I have sex with the same girl, except this time I did not use any condom nor lubricant.  We had very vigorous, dry sex and she gave me a pretty aggressive blowjob.  The next morning, I woke up with about three scabs on my penis.  One was on the left side of my head (I'm uncircumcised) and was about 6 mm in diameter.  The other two were on the right side of my foreskin and smaller.  In between these two sexual encounters, I did not experience any pain nor lesions nor unusual red marks.  Moreover, the scabs were completely painless and therefore, I picked them without the slightest feeling.  When I picked them, there was no liquid or blood.  After thorough research online, I'm about 99% sure that those scabs, which don't look anything like the herpes scabs I've seen online, are the result of dry, vigorous sex; however, the hypochondriac in me won't leave it alone.

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Skin :: Spotted White Spot Like Lesions On Nose

I don't know to explain this... as long as I remembered i'm suffering this when I was still in college. Now i'm working for almost ten (10) years now. Here's my concern:  Every morning (not all times, but most often) in my nose there is always a spotted while spot like lesions grouped together then after I took a bath it leaves a red spot that makes my nose reddish appearance. 

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Neurology :: Frontal Lobe Atrophy Cause Headaches?

can frontal lobe atrophy cause headaches  and pressure  all over your head and pain  behind eyes come from this have a appointment with neurologist on 16 of January have had stroke but no severe  ....

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COPD :: Noncalcified Nodule In The Middle Lobe Of My Right Lung

I am a 49 year old woman and I have a 8mm noncalcified nodule in the middle lobe of my right lung. For some reason, it does NOT show up on an X-ray but it was found on a CT. Shouldn't it show on an x-ray also?? The ER found it by accident...they thought I had a blood clot that had travelled to my lung...nope! It's a nodule. It was found 51 weeks ago and I did have another scan 2 months after it was found and there was no change in the size. But, since I don't have health insurance, I have been unable to have another CT scan as recommended (every 3 months). My husband makes too much money for us to qualify for any financial assistance but we can't afford a pulmonologist or scan. I have been a smoker for 30 years and I do get backaches and I can't do much without getting short of breath but that doesn't mean it's cancer. My main question is why is it not showing on an X-ray...I've had 2 since they found it on a CT scan so unless it mysteriously disappeared, I don't understand. I have been checked for histoplasmosis and other things like that and they were all negative. Can anyone tell me why it's not apparent on a chest x-ray???? Thanks!!

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Nodular Contour /Heterogeneous Liver Suggest With Normal Liver Labs?

My mother is a 65 year old female, 136 lbs, and on peritoneal dialysis for 3 years due to End Stage Renal Disease. Last week, she began experiencing severe abdominal pain that was a burning/gnawing pain. She went to the hospital and a CT Abdomen was taken without contrast. All was normal.

Over the next four (4) days, the pain persisted, particularly during dialysis exchanges at home. She returned to the hospital who admitted her. Another CT Abdomen was taken at this time which showed "nodular contour on the liver", free air in transverse colon which appeared to be dilated. She was also constipated for several days during this period. The CT impression suggested clinical evaluation for chronic liver disease.

A standard liver panel was taken and all results were normal. Nothing even close to elevated. She has never had a history of any liver issues and never had anything show on a CT for liver. After a day in the hospital, all stomach pain disappeared, she was able to use the restroom, and all stool samples/GI tests were normal without blood. She is naturally anemic due to ESRD with low iron/protein. Her last ANA/autoimmune panel was in December, all clear. No history of any hepatitis.

An Ultrasound Right Upper Quadrant was performed and the impression was no biliary obstruction, moderate ascites (tends to be normal due to peritoneal dialysis fluid), and "heterogeneous liver." The impression suggested referral for cirrhosis evaluation.

She began taking Hydralazine (25mg/3 times daily) in the last 3-4 months. She also takes a host of other blood pressure medicines.

QUESTION: She is currently awaiting a kidney transplant and very worried about this. A blood test will be taken in a couple weeks by a specialist that is supposed to diagnose Cirrhosis. Given this presentation alone, what other causes could explain this imaging results? Should we fear the worst?

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Liver Tests :: Echogenic Appearing (non Alcoholic) Fatty Liver

I had an abdominal ultrasound done for some abdominal pain and it was noted in the report as an impression that I had an echogenic appearing liver (such as non alcoholic fatty liver). My doctor at that time didn't tell me and just said my report was normal. When I went in for my Colonoscopy that was unrelated, it was mentioned again and when I did some research I realized what fatty liver actually was. I switched doctors.

My new doctor is considering giving me a CT scan but is checking with the GI department to see if they think its needed, etc. etc. But that there is no treatment for it besides diet modification.

Here's the thing. I don't have any of the risk factors. I am not overweight. I'm actually underweight slightly (BMI is 18, I weigh 110 lbs). I don't drink any alcohol, never did. And I don't have diabetes or hepatitis. The only thing I could do and what I have been doing is change my diet. I stopped eating processed foods, watched my sugar/carbs, and eat more vegetables than I ever have. 

I'm a very anxious person and I'm not sure I want to know what the scan says. If it's worse than what I thought, I'm going to be so upset and stressed out. And I can't treat it anyway. It's not like they can give me a medication and make it go away. I think knowing the extent of it will just cause me mental anguish and I'm already stressed out about it as is.

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Atorvastatin Causing Liver Damage, But Helps Fatty Liver?

My Cholesterol was 7.8 and I was put on Statins 3 years ago.  Because they gave me pains in my legs and other areas I stopped them.

A year ago my Cholesterol was still high and I had changed doctors and was prescribed Atorvastatin 10 mg after 2 months my doctor sent me for blood tests and in a phone call when I was at work he told me that Atorvastatin had caused Liver damage.  He said I should stop taking the tablets immediately, pity this advice was not put on my notes so that when I phoned for my blood results a week earlier the receptionist could inform me to stop Atorvastatin.  She just said Doctor will be in touch via phone call next week

He referred me to a Liver Specialist.

I went to see Liver Specialist after having Liver Ultrasound.  Fatty liver was diagnosed and Liver Specialist promptly put me back on Atorvastatin claiming this would help my fatty liver.  I couldn't believe it but what could I do?

Local GP had advised me to have bloods done again after being on tablets for 2 months.  When my results came back the Locum doctor I saw said "whoa your Liver is not happy" STOP the tablets and have a blood test in 2 weeks.

2 weeks later Liver levels are coming down so thats a good direction.  Dilemma is I have to see my Liver Consultant 16 June 2015.  Wish me luck!

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Liver :: Weight Loss Surgery To Reduc Fatty Liver

this isn't about me but is about my girlfriend who is about to have gastric sleeve surgery.

She is a 40 year old women that has had a full hysterectomy and has type 2 diabetes. she has had a history of thyroid and weight issues. she is 5,7 weighs 225 LBS. she has an enlarged fatty liver of 27cm and the Doctor said that she needs "emergent" gastric sleeve surgery to bring down her enlarged liver. this was claimed on this past thursday. I have been looking high and low for documentation and statistics on using the surgery for reducing fatty livers but can't find any information. Does this sound right? has there been a history of using this procedure for such cases, I'm worried and scared for her.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Merging Spots/lesions Over Face Ears, Hair, Ankles And Arms

A large number of individual and now merging spots/lesions over face ears, hair, ankles and arms. They are terribly itchy and have tried all sorts of creams etc. Gp says its scabies, have had medication for it, definately not as keeps recurring. I cannot go out, have been to a dermatologist who gave me pills which actually made me hallucinate and feel very ill?

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