Herpes Symptom :: Painless Scabs With No Prior Lesions?

Dec 2, 2015


Had sex with a girl and used condom for about 95% of the time.  A week later I have sex with the same girl, except this time I did not use any condom nor lubricant.  We had very vigorous, dry sex and she gave me a pretty aggressive blowjob.  The next morning, I woke up with about three scabs on my penis.  One was on the left side of my head (I'm uncircumcised) and was about 6 mm in diameter.  The other two were on the right side of my foreskin and smaller.  In between these two sexual encounters, I did not experience any pain nor lesions nor unusual red marks.  Moreover, the scabs were completely painless and therefore, I picked them without the slightest feeling.  When I picked them, there was no liquid or blood.  After thorough research online, I'm about 99% sure that those scabs, which don't look anything like the herpes scabs I've seen online, are the result of dry, vigorous sex; however, the hypochondriac in me won't leave it alone.

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Herpes :: Painless White/yellowish Dots On The Corners Of My Mouth?

I developed these tiny painless white/yellowish dots on the corners of my mouth. they're almost inside the lip and aren't noticeable unless I open my mouth and point them out. I also have some inside of my cheek. they don't hurt nor can I pop them and when I try to it still doesn't hurt. they don't ooze either. I should let you know I am a smoker and I barely brush my teeth (I have major depression and taking care of myself is difficult) I also gave oral  July 21st these bumps popped up a week and two days afterwards.  I was told that these were fordyce spots but I'm still a bit concerned. they're spreading to my bottom lip corner as well. also sometimes they expand about two size, turn white and then pop. also I kissed someone after it noticed these dots and he has no signs of anything that's happening to me.

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Genital Herpes? Warts? Small Painless Bumps On Shaft

I have some small, painless, bumps on the shaft of my penis and they do not hurt and do not itch or anything. I do masturbate frequently and one day I just happen to notice that there were some very small bumps on the shaft of my penis. I've always had a few pimple like bumps on my penis for as long as I can remember. They can even be popped. But these new bumps are not the same thing. I haven't had sex in over a year and a half.

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My Vagina Has Been Itching Unbearably - Leaving Scabs And Scars

I'm starting to get a little worried because my vagina has been itching unbearably. It's not really the inside just near the clit and the outside.. I do shave and I started using a bar soap. There are no bumps present or any weird discharge.. But I am leaving scabs and scars because it itches.

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Skin :: Spotted White Spot Like Lesions On Nose

I don't know to explain this... as long as I remembered i'm suffering this when I was still in college. Now i'm working for almost ten (10) years now. Here's my concern:  Every morning (not all times, but most often) in my nose there is always a spotted while spot like lesions grouped together then after I took a bath it leaves a red spot that makes my nose reddish appearance. 

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Hallux Valgus (Bunions) :: Healing Of Scabs After Bunionectomy?

Had bunionectomy on both feet 6 weeks ago, had both feet heavily bandaged for 3 weeks, when bandages came off surgeon told me I had dissolvable stitches so he didn't need to take them out

Told me I could wash my feet keep them elevated as much as possible just seem to have a lot of scabs on the cuts was expecting them to heal quicker.

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Liver Cancer :: Multiple Lesions Involving Caudate, Right And Left Lobe

My father is diagnosed with primary liver cancer with multiple lesions involving caudate, right and left lobe. enhancing thrombus is also seen on left and right portal vein. In a separate CT of the chest, lung nodules are seen and enlarged mediastinal lymph node is seen. He has been put of Sorafenib and doctors say there is no other treatment left

Till now my father is very normal, he has no pain, there is nothing unusual seen except for a little loss of appetite. Doctors have told us he has only 3-6 months left but by seeing him, no one can imagine that. Can someone help me explain what should i expect in future.

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Vaginal Health :: Scabs/open Sores On The Outer Edge Of My Labia Minora

The outer edge is a bit swollen or it might even be a lump. At first I thought it was dry but now there are like 3 or 4. They are flat too.

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Dermatitis / Eczema :: Merging Spots/lesions Over Face Ears, Hair, Ankles And Arms

A large number of individual and now merging spots/lesions over face ears, hair, ankles and arms. They are terribly itchy and have tried all sorts of creams etc. Gp says its scabies, have had medication for it, definately not as keeps recurring. I cannot go out, have been to a dermatologist who gave me pills which actually made me hallucinate and feel very ill?

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Could I Have Ovulated During My Period Or The Days Prior?

I had sex twice this week. Two days before my period ended and four days later and he came inside me the first time and close to the second time. My question is if I could be pregnant even though my menstrual cycles tend to be very long, from 31 to 38 days? It's been already a year like that. Could I have ovulated during my period or the days prior? What are the odds?

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Same Pain I Had Prior To Bladder Bowel Surgery

two years ago I had a partial hysterectomy and 10 days post op I had to have a vaginal cuff repair and 5 units of blood.Two weeks after that I started having issues with my bladder and not being able to void without using a straight cath. I then had my bladder stuck on my bowel and had to have surgery. Now here I am having the exact same pain that I had prior to the bladder/bowel surgery,and my gyn says it is just cysts on my ovaries.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome :: Prior And After Pregnancy?

A few months before I eventually got pregnant, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries after having an infernal scan. When I was pregnant, I will admit, I forgot about PCOS. My first period post pregnancy arrived when my son was 9 months and it lasted about 12 hours in total. My next period was a good 6-7 weeks after that, lasting about a week, then I had a period about 3-4 weeks after that lasting 7-10 days and then I had another 2 weeks after that. It has triggered, could this be PCOS? Should I see my doctor about the irregular periods or should I be expecting this after having a baby? I didn't know if PCOS could disappear whilst being pregnant?

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Autoimmune Disorders :: How Did You Discover? Prior Symptoms?

How did you discover that you had a autoimmune disease? What were your symptoms prior?

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Anxiety :: A Withdrawal Symptom From Marijuana??

Hey everyone, for those of you have seen my last questions that I've been suffering from anxiety for about 7-8 weeks now, it all stemmed from me thinking I was having a heart attack but after many tests, I was ok, but also at the same time I stopped smoking weed cold turkey, just wondering if anxiety could be one of the side effects, I wasn't a heavy smoker but smoke for about 21yrs until about 7-8 weeks ago,

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Dry Eyes Are The Only Symptom I Have

I have had dry eyes for about 2 year now (I also had lasik in 2005).  Within the last 4 months my have have gotten really dry.  I have all 4 tear ducts plugged and I am on Restasis.  I also use sclera lenses (more for vision but also helps the dry eye).  My eye dr said he thinks I may have Sjogren's  even though I have never has a Schirmer's test (I am not sure how accurate that would be since i have had lasik anyway). tested positive for ANA 1:80 titer with homogeneous pattern but negative for RF and SSa and SSb.  Should I pursue this further?  Dry eyes are the only symptom I have.

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Sjogren's Syndrome? Depression Is A Symptom?

I was wondering whether depression is actually a symptom of this illness. I understand that it is natural to feel depressed when receiving a diagnosis of chronic illness, but my current mental state feels like something much more insidious and severe. I have never felt depressed in this way before, even when I got a diagnosis of another painful AI condition 8 years ago. I also know that mental stress can negatively impact symptoms so it is vital to 'feel better' quickly in order not aggravate the condition. I am not sure how to start to do this and wonder whether systemically something is going on that is affecting my brain chemistry to feel this bad.

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TOFI (Thin-outside-fat-inside) Another Symptom Of GOUT

I have suffered from gout for many years often in big toe on either foot, eventually in most joints to the point of swelling and deformity of joints.

Now it has been named as TOFI which is uric crystals forming as lumps on joints on my fingers,  toes , knuckles of hand 

I have as many as seven lumps formed on one toe all around  toe joint, now it has formed an abscess oozing a thick white mucus now with a gaping oozing hole,this is also happening on another toe.

Went to my doc told me it is tofi I know that, then I saw another  locum doc to ask for referral to consultant told NO 

take antibiotics finished course to no difference at all in desperation went to a podiatrist she is so shocked to see the state my toes are in and put a dressing on them with a urgent referral to my own doc my condition is so bad now that it has been mentioned I will need amputation. 

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Menopause :: Brown Discharge - Symptom Of Perimenopause?

This is an embarrassing question; but I have had brown discharge for the last two days. I read this is one of the symptoms of "perimenopause" Has anyone had this? I am making a doctors appointment tomorrow. This is all new to me. I am going to be 42 in July. I'm healthy, no pain-just this.

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Anxiety / Depression :: Leg Pain? Physical Symptom

I have recently been diagnosed as having depression, and my psychiatrist feels my leg pain that I have is being caused by my depression. Does anyone else experience similar problems and has antidepressants helped at all with the physical symptoms ?

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia :: Why Muscle Cramps Is A Symptom With ALL

I had a question as to why muscle cramps is a symptom with ALL. Could it be because of the reduced ability to metabolize calcium or anaerobic metabolism or what?

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Sore Nipples On Nuvaring? A Symptom Of The Birth Control?

I have been on the nuvaring since june and i haven't had this symptom before. My nipples seem to be a little sore, i really don't notice it all that much, just if i pinch them a little. i haven't had sex since before my last period. do you think this is just a symptom of the birth control or could i be pregnant?

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