Cannabis - Influence On Growth Of Cancer Cells ...

Apr 21, 2015

Marijuana is used for medical purposes to fight against the symptoms accompanying cancer (pains, nausea, and appetite loss). However, the Israeli scientists consider that cannabis can be used much more widely in fight against cancer. Israel's oldest daily newspaper "Haaretz" reports that staff members of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology — began an investigation of the influence of marijuana on the development and growth of cancer cells.

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Cannabis :: Smoking Weed Stops My Growth?

Im 15 and i smoke weed every so often i was wondering is it stunting my growth?

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Smoking Cannabis Can Cause Cancer?

Does smoking cannabis cause cancer?

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Orgasm :: Factors That Influence Your Precum Quantity?

I would just like to know how to precum, because one day, in a sexual relation I precum a lot, and i never precum again, so i would like to know what is the factor that influence your precum quantity

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Hyperthyroidism :: PTU 50mg 3xs A Day - White Blood Cells Low?

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in September by my  family physician he put me on PTU 50mg 3xs a day in early November. I went and saw endocrinologist on Christmas eve says my white blood cells are low i was wondering could this be a result of the meds. He took me off PTU and placed me on methimazole 10mg twice a day,   please help because it seems the  more questions i ask my endocrinologist the more upset he becomes him and my family dr.

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Increased Potassium And White Blood Cells?

i had a full health check up and i had a fasting blood test it came bk as increased white blood cells and increased potassium levels just would like to know what could be wrong because doc asked did i have a cold or infection?

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Stem Cells Or PRP Injections For Ankle Issues?

Has anyone had any good results with stem cells or PRP injections for ankle issues?

I had a OCD lesion repaired with with microfracture and arthroscopy in Dec 2012. I am able to do everything I want to do: running, basketball, crossfit, I just live in constant pain and swelling after activity. My podiatrist recommend a arthrex internal brace surgery to help repair my ATFL that never healed. My ortho in 2012 believed the anterior talofibular ligament would heal on it's own-but mri 2 weeks ago show it still didn't.

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Breast Biopsy :: Suspicious Or Pre-cancerous Cells - Mastectomy?

If you have your biopsy come back with suspicious or pre-cancerous cells, should I have a mastectomy?

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Thyroid :: Nodule - Tiny Groups Of Follicular Cells, Colloid And Mixed Inflammatory

I got my results back from the needle biopsy and primary Doctor didn't know what it meant and said I had to go to a Endocrinology specialist so I wanted to see if anyone knows what it means the results were:

FNA-Lt Upper Pole Thyroid Nodule, 1 Thinprep slide, 1 Cell Block:


-Thin Prep and cell block are hypocellular and consists of occasional tiny groups of follicular cells, colloid and mixed inflammatory cells.

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Hallux Rigidus :: Bone Spur, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Or Stem Cells?

I have been diagnosed with hallux rigidus (accompanied by a bone spur, joint space narrowing and mild sesamoiditis). The pain came on suddenly (sharply) in September 3013 and progressed rapidly to constant aching and tenderness by November). Although the podiatrist says the arthritis is "mild", I am definitely concerned that I already have lost joint space. As I am only 45, with a number of additional biomechanical conditions in other areas of my body, its very important for me to avoid any surgery that could potentially throw anything else out of alignment.

I have been closely following success stories of PRP and stem cell therapies and am definitely encouraged by anecdotal evidence (from forums and testimonials, as well as patients I've encountered personally). It appears that with a skilled and experienced practitioner, PRP can kickstart healing, and stem cells can actually help grow back cartilage. There is one physician in Chicago (Hauser at Caring medical) who even treats mild bone spurring with injections of HCl (which helps dissolve it).

I'm wondering if anyone has tried any regenerative therapy for their big toe (or anywhere on the foot - all data can be helpful) and how they fared. Also please write if you are interested and considering it, as it will undoubtedly be helpful to exchange ideas and information.

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Cannabis Addiction :: THC, The Psychoactive Chemical In Cannabis Sativa, Cause Diarrhoea

Does THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the psychoactive chemical in cannabis sativa cause diarrhoea as well?  I have no idea if thisis the case as all I know is that every time I use Cannabis, well I have to make several urgent detours to the loo!

If not THC, then what else could be in CS that would cause diarrhoea?  (Some people claim that they experience real bad cases of the runs upon discontinuing the use of pot. Now in my case as I do NOT smoke the stuff, as there is already enough air pollution to go around, why pollute the lungs even further? Therefore I eat it in certain baked goods such as the old fashioned Alice B. Toklas brownies. (Could this be the cause of diarrhoea)?

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Hemorrhoids :: Pea Like Growth Outside My Anus

This is sort of an embarrassing question...Recently I found out that there is something unusual just outside of my anus. It has grown like a pea. When I touch it, it is sort of hard but smooth red colour,and it hurts a bit. What should I do ?

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How Autism Affects The Growth Of The Child

want to know how the Autism disease affects the growth of child suffering from this disease ?

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Hemorrhoids :: Growth Above Anal Area

I've had a growth on the top of my anal opening for several years. It first came to my notice through pain on wiping. On further inspection, it became clear that a hard growth had installed itself adjacent to the anal passage. This body is immovable but periodically submerged in a type of crater or shallow second hole above the real one. Accordingly, it can flare up and became painful and irritated much as it can subside and be nearly invisible to the naked eye. This is the problem which stymied my attempts to provide a visual cue for a colorectal surgeon who examined me. I showed photos on my phone, but they informed me that they couldn't see anything and wouldn't proceed to a surgical solution. They did indicate some internal hemorrhoids and offered a ligation for those, by my pain problem is primarily related to this external object. I took two photos of the issue today and circled them in MS Paint for maximum clarification.

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How Can I Decrease My Height Or Stop The Growth?

14years old and my height 5'9. is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth and moreover my weight is 40 kilos 

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Growth Removal From Anal Area?

I am having a growth removed from near my anal area by surgery soon. It is very close to the anal opening but not in it. I'm wondering if anyone had this done before and how much pain there was? Were there complications afterwards?

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No Sex Drive And Lacking Penis Growth - Low Testosterone?

I'm a nineteen year old male, going on twenty, and I have some concerns about my testosterone levels. I've always been big for my age, I hit a peak height of 6'3" at around 13 years old. I can grow relatively little facial hair that's patchy and takes a long time. My voice isn't necessarily high pitched but most definitely isn't close to deep, I'm often soft spoken. My penis virtually hasn't grown at all since I was 12/13 years old. I also don't feel I have much of a sex drive, it rarely enters my mind and has been that way for a while. I remember being in middle school and thinking about it all the time. I'm fairly active and I eat well most of the time which I think are contributing factors to testosterone levels. I'm wondering if this is just the way I am or if there is the potential of a hormone imbalance. Is it worth getting checked out? I'd like to get my levels tested by money is scarce so I'd like some input before dropping cash on it.

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3 Ways To Maximize Your Growth Hormone Production - Exercise

We all know that Growth Hormone has a TON of helps you build muscle, burn fat, increase bone density (very important as we age), and it's your body's signal to increase IGF-1 production, which is a HUGE driver of lean muscle mass development.

Obviously it's something we want to create as much of as we can. The problem is that as we age our HGH production decreases dramatically - which is why it gets harder and harder to get and keep muscle and burn fat.

It's also a major determinant in how fast we "age"...the lower the GH levels, the faster you get "old". (ever seen the really old dudes that are ripped? They have high levels of it natural or injected, either way, that's why they look like that.)

The good news is you can do it with some simple manipulations of your workout loads, tempos, and rest periods, and here are 3 ways to start boosting your GH levels with your workout tomorrow.

1. Use Shorter Rest Periods

If you're one of those guys who takes a 3-5 minute break between sets, you're not doing yourself any favors in the hormone department.

Research shows that shorter rest intervals triggers a higher hormonal response, so consider keeping your rest between sets to 60 second or less.

You can also incorporate giant sets with no rest between sets, then take a full 3-4 minute rest at the of the giant set to let your system fully recover before doing it again.

The no-rest between each exercise will create a big lactic acid buildup that triggers a big Growth Hormone response.

2. Use Higher Volume

The longer your muscles are under tension, the higher hormonal response. Using higher volume sets with heavy resistance really cranks up the GH output.

But how do you do high volume with heavy loads?

Pick a weight around 75% of your 1RM and perform 6-8 reps, then drop the weight by 30% and do another 15-20 reps.

The first part of the lift triggers the response to heavy loads, and the second half adds in the volume.


3. Lift Large Muscle Groups First

Bigger muscles create a bigger hormonal response. When lifting for hormone output, start with your legs, back, and chest as they are your largest muscle groups.

Work them and work them HARD! A few times a month train to absolute failure (make sure you've got a spotter) as that threshold is where you're recruiting the most muscle fibers and you create the biggest hormonal response to training.

Just make sure to get plenty of rest and nutrition post workout to recover.

These are 3 simple tips you can start using in your workout tomorrow to maximize your Growth Hormone production.

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Women Height Growth :: Not Growing - Anorexic 2 Years

Height growth issues

16yr old female

Only 5 ft

Mom 5 ft

Dad 5"6 ft

Sis(3yrs younger) 5"3

I was anorexic 2yrs ago. Now everyone call me shorter.

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Growth On Pituitary Gland Causing Vision Problems?

My mother has been recently discovered a small growth on her pituitary gland. Her problems started three months ago with her irregular monthly periods and strange lactation. The tests she did showed significant increase of hormones. Then her doctor arranged CT scan and tumor was discovered. She started to have problems with her vision recently. Could problems with pituitary gland be causing vision problems?

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High White Blood Cell Count Combined Large Red Blood Cells

I can find information on high white count and enlarged red blood cell separately. I can not get the information on combination of both. I see a Hematologist/Oncologist tomorrow. I need to be prepared if I am going to labeled an alcoholic. Anyone have both of these issues?

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