Cholesterol Is 6.4 - Scared To Take Statins - Diet?

Apr 25, 2016

I've just been diagnosed with hardening arteries in my legs, the GP said I must take statins but I also suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic back pain so don't want to. Cholesterol is 6.4 with high LDL. Can I reduce this with diet?

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Cholesterol Level :: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia And Statins

I have been diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia at the age of 5, after around 30 years of battling with doctors over my diet.  Up until now, my combined cholesterol has never gone below 7.0 (without statins which I took for a few months around 5 years ago - it went down to around 4.0), and doctors continually insisted that my diet was at fault.

After another round of insisting that I take statins, I refused and was sent to the lipid clinic, where they looked at my history and proudly announced that my diet was not at fault and it was hereditary. 

They then insisted I go on statins, as in their words, I have nearly 50 years worth of <fat> lining my blood vessels.

They did no cardiac tests or ultrasounds or stethoscope on my neck, etc., to find out if I was "furred up", and they then referred me back to the GP.  

The GP didn't get in touch with me, so I made an appointment to see him, where he put me on a low dose of steroid.

I asked him about whether I should find out if I WAS at risk of heart disease before he shoved me on them, as in my mind, if my cholesterol had been so high ALL my life, then why did I not have any of the associated symptoms of FH, such as early heart disease, fat deposits on eyes etc?

Also I have reduced thyroid function (not reduced enough to be treated under the current guidelines however).

So, a couple of weeks later, at a pre-op for an upcoming gynae procedure I am to have, I mentioned about not having my heart looked at in years, and the kind nurse did an ECG and listened to my heart with a stethoscope.  I was told my heart was ok.

What I would like to know is, would that "OK" on my heart health be a good reason not to take statins, or would further tests need to be done to ascertain whether I am at increased risk of heart disease - other than my cholesterol level.

I have read recently that if your heart and vascular health is OK, it doesn't matter what your cholesterol level is, it will still lower your risk - is that correct?

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High Cholesterol :: Weaning Off Statins Easy?

I have entrenched myself in a low-fat Mediterranean diet and now have much better lipo-gram figures. I now wish to wean off my statin tablets. Is this easy to do?

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High Cholesterol :: Can't Take Statins - Natural Ways To Reduce It?

Saw doc yesterday my cholesterol is 248 I can't take statins he's given me niacin. I'm starting fish oil 100mg a day any other natural advice

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Heart Disease Risk :: Cholesterol - Good Vs Bad Cholesterol

I had a general health check at doctors yesterday. Am a 41 year old male and am taking co-codamol painkillers and amitriptyline on regular basis for back/nerve pain. Try to be physically active when I can but have real issues with my back and legs that limits anything too physical or for any length of time, but in general I manage at least 30 mins of some kind of physical activity each day. My diet isn't brilliant but it isn't terrible either (can be improved I'm sure).

6ft tall, waist measured yesterday at 38" and I'm just under 80 kg in weight.

My health check said my blood pressure was good, and that my pulse was nice and steady but also that my good cholesterol was above average (over 1.5) but that my bad cholesterol was not where it needs to be at 7.2.

The bad reading has freaked me out a bit. I've never had a cholesterol test before so cannot compare reading to a historic level but nurse has requested me to have a further blood test and probably a chat with doctor.

So, question is does having an above average level of good cholesterol and good blood pressure help manage the higher levels of bad cholesterol? My overall risk of having some kind of cardiac issue in next ten years came out at 1.49% which seems fairly low, but I forgot to ask how low you can get this % ie a risk of 0.01%?

I can try to up my physical activity a little bit but how dramatic would you change your diet based on above? I have lost two relatives to heart disease on my father's side of family (his sister and his father) but both parents appear to be fine although not aware they have ever had their own cholesterol tested.

I'm going to try and lose a few kg in weight which I'm sure will help but any advice in how to better manage my bad cholesterol appreciated.

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Diabetes :: Diet Ginger Beer And Diet Coke

Do either of these raise blood sugar, diet coke and diet ginger beer sometimes I like a rum with the diet ginger beer (no alcohol in the ginger beer)

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High Cholesterol :: Cholesterol Vs. CPK Number

For several years I took Simvastatin lowest dose (cut in HALF) and had good cholesterol numbers that satisfied the internist. That doc retired and new internist did a CPK test last year (my first one ever) and found it elevated to 243 so stopped the statin due to fears of muscle damage.

A year later (last week) the retested CPK, after taking NO statin for a year, was 303 and chol. numbers were back up (see below)!! So, doc says go ahead and take atorvastatin because there is a percentage of people who have high CPK with no other apparent problem. He said atorvastatin is more effective re chol. lowering than simvastatin which I'd had years ago. Is that so?

I am female, 64 years old and at age 55 had a calcium scan of the heart which showed ZERO calcium score. This was because I had similar TC numbers to current numbers and one doc (a cardiologist!) said 'have the scan' -- "find out if you need a statin." When he saw the ZERO calcium score for someone 55 he laughed and said I did not need a statin.

Years later, however, this new internist/gerontologist says that's fine but that is just the hardened cholesterol seen in the zero score, not the 'soft,' which is what travels and causes heart attacks and stroke. Great! Money spent for nothing on the test! Guess I need to educate the cardiologist?

My current chol. numbers before re-starting a statin last week were: Total Chol: 251; HDL: 77; LDL: 157; and Trigs: 87. Ratio is 3.26 -- Doc says he does 'not like' the 157 LDL.

So... a week ago I started on atorvastatin at a super low dose (I cut the 10 mg. pills into quarters so 2.5 per day. I have read in multiple places that it's stronger than simvastatin so wanted to start LOW and research shows that 2.5 is often enough to bring numbers to reasonable levels. I am not aiming to have the world's lowest cholesterol.

Last night and today I developed sharp pains in upper mid section and read the 'side effects' -- sure enough -- it's a possibility. Have also experienced increase in heartburn since taking these pills for a week. Started almost immediately. Is there a connection?

NOTE: Gallbladder removed in '04, before ever starting on any statin at all -- I'm one of the many who still has occasional GB related pains, likely from sphincter of oddi problems (sludge or stones formed by liver). It is called SOD III and it's not uncommon and since it's not a frequent occurrence, there is nothing to do about it per gastro doc. I have not had an episode in three+ years until last night/today, though this was mild.

Any relation to start-up of atorvastatin and these pains? Who knows? I would prefer taking NO statins since they are known to raise glucose a little and can bring on Diabetes type 2. My fasting glucose is high normal already at 98 and type II runs in my family at older ages. Swell.

What do YOU experts think of this? Would you be concerned about taking atorvastatin (or switching to simvastatin, which I took with no obvious problems for a few years?) Or would you just say forget the statins and live your life and don't worry about it? There is NO history of heart attack in anyone on either side of my family before age 80 and no 'strokes' at all.

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HIV :: Symptoms And Scared

On Dec 6th i had a protected sex with a sex worker. I read through Google and found it is a low risk.

But what am worried is the symptoms or the things happening.

On the 10th day after the incident, i had a sudden huge dehydration and from there mild fever, fatigue, Throat pain, Pain in my groin, Arm pits as well, Loss of appetite, felt a lot of tiredness. I don't know if the lymph nodes were swollen or not, Nausea, Oral thrush, Blood red spots inside the mouth for a day. I felt all disappeared yesterday. But from today morning, i feel nerve tickling or blistering in my legs and frequency is slowly increasing with a mild joint paints as well.

Tests taken

13th day PCR DNA - Negative

28th Day - Antibody screening (finger prick) - negative

30th day PCR DNA - waiting for results.

my questions are

1) Do you think i will be hiv + ?

2) How good is a 13th day PCR DNA test?

3) 30th day PCR DNA test results are expected to come by this weekend.. If it is negative, then do you think i still need to do the testing after 84 days or 3 months?

I know symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but i m really worried confused and keep thinking of this always. Please help me with any possible information.

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Anxiety :: I'm Really Scared

I'm really scared I'm getting blackheads on my face my buggers just came out white my rea hurt like I feel I need to shut them closed doctors say I'm fine but say I'm dealing with extreme anxiety is this normal pl is this Norma some one help me

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Mirtazapine :: Im Scared!

I'm a 22 year old female and have never suffered with depression before so this is all new to me, the doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 20mg which i was on for two weeks, i think it actually made me feel worse, so i went back to the doctors and he has now given me Mirtazapine 30 mg and im due to take the first one tonight, reading all these articles has made me feel very negative about it.

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Depression :: Is Anyone Scared To Die?

today I had a thought that I'm not scared if I die. I've not had thoughts of taking my life - only for a second. but I'm not worried. It's strange it came from no where. people would not miss me, I'm not scared!!! It feels calming.

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Scared To Take Propranolol

I am proffessional 39 year woman who has for the first time been signed off work and been prescribed propranolol for anxiety. 10 mg to take as and when I need to. I was prescribed this on friday last week. I have yet to pluck up the courage to take these tablets as I'm worried they will make me feel strange and so trigger another anxiety attack. I am constantly feeling sick and cannot function with normal everyday tasks anymore.I have read so many positive things about these tablets...why cant I just take one?

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Statins :: Depression And Lethargy

I had a TIA back in February which was terrifying.

I have been prescribed 20 mg Simvastatin daily but feel dreadful.

I am also taking an SSRI drug for anxiety & am currently unemployed so is this just depression due to circumstances or the drug?

I have been taking the statin for just over two months and am becoming increasingly lethargic, aching all over, headaches and a feeling of just wanting to go to sleep for ever..almost like I have not the energy to care anymore which is an irony as faced with the prospect of dying 2 months ago I was terrified now I don't care. My cholesterol was 5.9 which is not exactly high but in the circumstance I was advised to get it lower with meds. Is anyone else in a similar position?

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10% Risk Of CVD In Ten Years - Still Statins?

Has anyone started taking statins or been offered them because their doctor has told them they have a 10% risk of Cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years? I think people get offered 20mg atorvastatin at this level? What are people's experiences at this level?

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Teenage With Cyclothymia - Scared

I've been going online to try and find an answer to why I have been feeling how I do, depressed for a week or so then hyper for a few days and then depressed again and the most accurate reason for this that keeps popping up is cyclothymia. The websites all say to speak to your gp to get help with a diagnosis and medicines etc. I'm 16 so patient confidentiality applies but the problem is I don't want my mum to find out and she is friends with my gp so would be told by her. But I want help as it is affecting my school and social life. What do I do?

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Women :: No Sex Drive And Scared Of Sex

Alright ladies i need some advice. me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years. and in the beginning our sex life was AMAZING... i mean hes a god. i ended up being pregnant but due to unfortunate circumstances i had to have an abortion. Ever since then we have not had sex..... that was nearly 2 years ago... i know. i have tried but it hurts. (my mans packing) i also start uncontrollably shaking and crying. i also have no sex drive! i mean none. and before i was well... always ready.we do all the other stuff except i cant even let his finger in me and even then he has to kinda talk me into doing the stuff we do do. i know it has something to do with the abortion. but i really would appreciate some advice. i know alot of people say counseling. but there is along waiting list to get in. maybe just some advice or if someones been through something similar.

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Too Scared To Have Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

After reading all the posts on here, it made me postpone my flexible sigmoidoscopy 3 times as i was so scared on how painful it will be..Today i went kicking and screaming to have it done, I nearly walked out the hospital on more than one occasion. To say i was petrified is an understatement..

The nurse came and spoke to me asking if i wanted gas and air or sedation, this made me hysterical and i said no i don't want any of it..they took my blood pressure etc ..this was starting to look scary to me.. I went into the room to have it done, stiff with fright..They started doing the flexible sigmoidoscopy and by the time they had reached the top of my left bowel, i didn't feel any pain whatsoever, they pumped the air and still no pain, they took biopsies and still no pain.. I would just like to say that those of you who are posting that it's like torture are either very pathetic or just plain attention seekers.. saying the things you are saying could affect people's lives with frightening them to death with these comments, And will cause people not to have it done..

I am glad to say nothing was found sinister and im so glad ive had it done..To all of those who are worried about having a flexible sigmoidoscopy, please don't worry it really honestly doesn't hurt., you have nothing to worry about i promise..and if you have it done please do comment on here to back up what im saying.

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Anxiety :: Scared Being Alone With My Thoughts

Does anyone hate their own company? I hate being on my own! I just feel scared being alone with my thoughts.

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Muscle Aches And Pains - Do Not Want To Be On Statins

My cholesterol has been high recently and my doctor keeps putting me on was 300 and I went on Lipitor.. some time after started to have muscle aches so I stopped taking it myself and the pains went away...went to doctor and he put me on pravastatin 20 mg and I tried it for a while but again had muscle aches and pains..i stopped the pravastatin and the pain has been totally gone..i feel great...I need to go to the dr again in about a month but my problem is my doctor won't listen that I don't want a statin..he says a non statin drug won't help..told the dr I don't want to be on statins but he is not listening to me...I have now tried to modify my diet..i weigh about 150..cut out all pasta and sweets...can I really lower my numbers without statins.?

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Statins - Wean Off OR Cold Turkey?

I have reached LOW triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels after 6 months of zero-bad-fat diet. I am now ready to ditched my prescribed statins. Is it safe to cold-turkey statins or do I need to wean off?

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Lipid Lowering :: Haemochromatosis And Use Of Statins

I was diagnosed homozygous C282Y in 2001 and have managed my HH successfully since with therapeutic venesection as a regular blood donation. I have to take statins after a recent heart attack and I'm concerned about their detrimental affect on my liver. Does anyone have experience and advice on this issue, please?

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