HIV :: Symptoms And Scared

Jan 8, 2014

On Dec 6th i had a protected sex with a sex worker. I read through Google and found it is a low risk.

But what am worried is the symptoms or the things happening.

On the 10th day after the incident, i had a sudden huge dehydration and from there mild fever, fatigue, Throat pain, Pain in my groin, Arm pits as well, Loss of appetite, felt a lot of tiredness. I don't know if the lymph nodes were swollen or not, Nausea, Oral thrush, Blood red spots inside the mouth for a day. I felt all disappeared yesterday. But from today morning, i feel nerve tickling or blistering in my legs and frequency is slowly increasing with a mild joint paints as well.

Tests taken

13th day PCR DNA - Negative

28th Day - Antibody screening (finger prick) - negative

30th day PCR DNA - waiting for results.

my questions are

1) Do you think i will be hiv + ?

2) How good is a 13th day PCR DNA test?

3) 30th day PCR DNA test results are expected to come by this weekend.. If it is negative, then do you think i still need to do the testing after 84 days or 3 months?

I know symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but i m really worried confused and keep thinking of this always. Please help me with any possible information.

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Anxiety :: I'm Really Scared

I'm really scared I'm getting blackheads on my face my buggers just came out white my rea hurt like I feel I need to shut them closed doctors say I'm fine but say I'm dealing with extreme anxiety is this normal pl is this Norma some one help me

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Mirtazapine :: Im Scared!

I'm a 22 year old female and have never suffered with depression before so this is all new to me, the doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 20mg which i was on for two weeks, i think it actually made me feel worse, so i went back to the doctors and he has now given me Mirtazapine 30 mg and im due to take the first one tonight, reading all these articles has made me feel very negative about it.

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Depression :: Is Anyone Scared To Die?

today I had a thought that I'm not scared if I die. I've not had thoughts of taking my life - only for a second. but I'm not worried. It's strange it came from no where. people would not miss me, I'm not scared!!! It feels calming.

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Scared To Take Propranolol

I am proffessional 39 year woman who has for the first time been signed off work and been prescribed propranolol for anxiety. 10 mg to take as and when I need to. I was prescribed this on friday last week. I have yet to pluck up the courage to take these tablets as I'm worried they will make me feel strange and so trigger another anxiety attack. I am constantly feeling sick and cannot function with normal everyday tasks anymore.I have read so many positive things about these tablets...why cant I just take one?

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Teenage With Cyclothymia - Scared

I've been going online to try and find an answer to why I have been feeling how I do, depressed for a week or so then hyper for a few days and then depressed again and the most accurate reason for this that keeps popping up is cyclothymia. The websites all say to speak to your gp to get help with a diagnosis and medicines etc. I'm 16 so patient confidentiality applies but the problem is I don't want my mum to find out and she is friends with my gp so would be told by her. But I want help as it is affecting my school and social life. What do I do?

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Women :: No Sex Drive And Scared Of Sex

Alright ladies i need some advice. me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years. and in the beginning our sex life was AMAZING... i mean hes a god. i ended up being pregnant but due to unfortunate circumstances i had to have an abortion. Ever since then we have not had sex..... that was nearly 2 years ago... i know. i have tried but it hurts. (my mans packing) i also start uncontrollably shaking and crying. i also have no sex drive! i mean none. and before i was well... always ready.we do all the other stuff except i cant even let his finger in me and even then he has to kinda talk me into doing the stuff we do do. i know it has something to do with the abortion. but i really would appreciate some advice. i know alot of people say counseling. but there is along waiting list to get in. maybe just some advice or if someones been through something similar.

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Too Scared To Have Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

After reading all the posts on here, it made me postpone my flexible sigmoidoscopy 3 times as i was so scared on how painful it will be..Today i went kicking and screaming to have it done, I nearly walked out the hospital on more than one occasion. To say i was petrified is an understatement..

The nurse came and spoke to me asking if i wanted gas and air or sedation, this made me hysterical and i said no i don't want any of it..they took my blood pressure etc ..this was starting to look scary to me.. I went into the room to have it done, stiff with fright..They started doing the flexible sigmoidoscopy and by the time they had reached the top of my left bowel, i didn't feel any pain whatsoever, they pumped the air and still no pain, they took biopsies and still no pain.. I would just like to say that those of you who are posting that it's like torture are either very pathetic or just plain attention seekers.. saying the things you are saying could affect people's lives with frightening them to death with these comments, And will cause people not to have it done..

I am glad to say nothing was found sinister and im so glad ive had it done..To all of those who are worried about having a flexible sigmoidoscopy, please don't worry it really honestly doesn't hurt., you have nothing to worry about i promise..and if you have it done please do comment on here to back up what im saying.

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Anxiety :: Scared Being Alone With My Thoughts

Does anyone hate their own company? I hate being on my own! I just feel scared being alone with my thoughts.

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Quitting Cannabis - Scared To Be An Alcoholic Afterwards

I have been smoking cannabis since i was 14 and am now nearly 19. even though i have not smoked for as many years as others here i can relate to a lot of the points they are making. Cannabis is a great drug when you first start smoking it but in later years i have found myself on edge whenever i haven't had a spliff. However i find after 3 days of going without a spliff it gets much easier.

Since starting university this year i have met a lot of people that do not smoke cannabis and never would, this has opened my mind in a huge way as before i came here i was in a group of friends where everyone smoked it. These days i do feel that cannabis detaches me from the world and it doesn't help in social situations at all. finding a girlfriend is becoming increasing difficult as i spend few hours of my life not stoned. The problem is i do need some escapism from this reality and i can't find it at the bottom of a bottle. For some people drinking is great but i would choose weed any day over alcohol. Friends of mine that have given up cannabis have become full blown alcoholics, i don't think i could face going down that route. Cannabis use does concern me a lot and i think i am on the way to giving it up altogether. Besides the effects are so insignificant these days compared to what it use to be when i was 14. Its always hard though when you know your friend downstairs has just picked up a fresh eighth. I am making a committed effort to give it up altogether as my chemistry course is too difficult for me to go on smoking daily. Lets just hope my tobacco consumption doesn't double as a result.

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NEED To Quit Smoking - Too Scared And Too Weak

But I don't know how! I am soooo bored with my life, I only work part time, I have nothing to do half the time and I smoke and smoke and smoke just to pass the time away. I constantly think about smoking, I smoke to do everything, I smoke driving and I smoke before I go for a run and when I get back! I smoke all day and all night long, without stopping for more than an hour. if I go more than an hour, I get nasty, snippy, grouchy and miserable. I can't be around anyone else if I have no cigs and if I can't smoke somewhere, I am just too miserable. I don't know how to quit, I keep saying, this is my last pack and then the next day comes, I have nothing to smoke, so I go buy some by 10am. I am weak and lazy minded and undisciplined. I can't cut down and I can't go cold turkey. I can't take the patches, I have nightmares from them, I can't chew the gum, I have crowns and I had no success with the nicotrol inhaler. I have electronic cigarettes that I used when i'm in public and can't smoke but never tried just using them and not buying a pack of real ones. I'm too scared and too weak.

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Dentist Phobia - Scared To Visit

Please can anybody tell me if they are scared to go to the dentist for fear of what they will say? ie got to have teeth out etc..

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Cholesterol Is 6.4 - Scared To Take Statins - Diet?

I've just been diagnosed with hardening arteries in my legs, the GP said I must take statins but I also suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic back pain so don't want to. Cholesterol is 6.4 with high LDL. Can I reduce this with diet?

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Bad Anxiety And Scared To Sleep At Night - I Won't Wake

Hi since last ear in April I've had really bad anxiety . Its to the point where I wake up and in my head I say ' whats the point of living if I dont eat much , if I'm constantly thinking of things , and the fear of me dying soon ' . Is this normal ? I'm scared to sleep at night cause I'm afraid I won't wake up ! I often pray to God that he doesn't take me or neither of my family members yet . Not till we're 100 !! But I feel like he will take me soon . This is really stressing me out ! To the point where my appetite is off and I overthink so much . I'm in tears.

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Pregnancy :: Took Cytotec, Scared That Baby Will Have Abnormalities

When im in my 2nd month of pregnancy i drink cyto as i remember it was 8 or 10 tabs..after that night i bleed for a week and then stopped..then i took a preg test but still its positive..this dec i had an ultrasound and it says there that its healthy and has a good heartbeat..everything is ok..but im still scared that my baby will have an abnormalities physically and mentally..possibility is of it is too high?

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Very Light Bleeding After Intercourse? Scared Of Pregnancy

So I had sex yesterday and I was walking home from my bf's house...and I went home to got to the bathroom and I had a lot of blood in my undies and just to be clear we had sex out side and he had a condom and pulled out for reassurance after wards i bled a lot and i'm fourteen and I was a virgin. I had ended my period that day and had sex later that day. It didn't bleed at all at night when I slept but it did when I was at home cleaning the house. My parents don't k is i had sex what should I do is this normal?? The bleeding is like very light now and only is visible when I wipe sometimes it's as if it's spotting...

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Snow Phobia - Scared And Sick Of Driving

How do you overcome being so scared of snow and thought of driving in it feel so sick when hear snow coming.

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Spondylitis :: Scared Of Enbrel Side Effects

I am a vocal coach, and around about 30 students a week. I have developed Spondylitis in my hips and my Dr prescribed Enbrel after a 2 month period of taking large amounts of Aleve and cortisone shots in hips and sacroiliac joint. I am terrified of the side effects. I teach voice all day and that is my income. I am afraid of getting sick and losing work but the pain from the arthritis can on some days be very depressing. Feel between a rock and a hard place.

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Anxiety :: Fear / Scared Of People And Places

For as long as I can remember, I've been worrying about what others think of me. It's affected me so much that I can't go outside without feeling that I look as perfect as I can, and I must have everything (like a mobile, emergency money, pens, inhalers, lighters etc) that I could possibly need in any circumstance on my person- only with others with whom I am comfortable with. I won't ever go outside on my own. I can't use toilets where there's even a slight chance that anyone can hear me pee, even in my own house. It's as if my bladder locks up and I don't need to anymore (I've had infections because of this). I can't swallow food in social situations, and that's if I can bring myself to eat it in the first place (I feel as if everyone is looking at me). I can't orgasm in front of my partner, no matter how close I get. I can't go into my own garden anymore because of a fear that people can see me.

I'm here because I'm too scared to go to my doctor, on my own or with someone I'm close to, because I don't want to go to a semi-unfamiliar place and also because I don't want to talk about all this to a stranger- no matter how much I'm assured that they're professionals and will not judge me. I'm always uncomfortable, even alone. I'll do something that I wouldn't want to do in front of someone else, and I'll feel as if they were there and feel ashamed. It's stopping me from doing so many things that I want to, and I plan my days around whether I'll feel comfortable here or there, or if a restaurant has suitable toilets.

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Oraquick Home Test (5 Negative) After Sex With CSW But Still Scared

I made a horrible mistake back in July of this year. I had very brief unprotected sex with a csw. When I say brief, 10 seconds or less. Still a risk I know. Since then anxiety has gotten the best of me. Starting at the 11th week post exposure up until 4 and a half months post exposure I have taken 5 Oraquick Home test. All negative and followed the directions. The problem is all the stuff I read on the internet. Most if it's good, but then there are a few things that scare me and make me wonder if my test were right. I know not to believe everything I read on the internet, but it still scares me. I have had no symptoms and feel great other than my anxiety is through the roof. In all honesty, can I trust the home test results and quit worrying?

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Birth Control :: Unwanted 72 - 1 Week Passed And Scared

i had sex for the first time with b/f 7 days after my period and took unwanted 72 now after 1week i am getting scared that i am pregnant. How do i confirm that i am not pregnant

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