Snow Phobia - Scared And Sick Of Driving

Jan 15, 2016

How do you overcome being so scared of snow and thought of driving in it feel so sick when hear snow coming.

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Can't Sleep Due To Phobia Of Getting Sick

Every now and then I get a feeling I want to be sick or I feel sick. This is one of my biggest fears and keeps me awake.

I haven't eaten anything that would upset my stomach and I don't think I've been around anyone who is ill.

how can I control this fear? It prevents me from sleeping and it really upsets me.

24 years of age and i'm crying because I don't want to be sick...

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Dentist Phobia - Scared To Visit

Please can anybody tell me if they are scared to go to the dentist for fear of what they will say? ie got to have teeth out etc..

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Kidney Or Back Pain? Rugby Practice In 5 Inches Of Snow

My back started hurting 2 days ago about 7 hours after i had rugby practice in 5 inches of snow which caused some awkward running. The pain is just below the ribs on my back on both sides but more on my right. It hurts when i push on it and when i move around. But no pain when i lay still or stand still. Me being a hypochondriac, think i have a kidney issue what do you think?

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Driving Stress And Anxiety

I have been driving now for 1 year and 2 months and find myself constantly stressed and sick. Its getting to the point I am sat in work and feel like I need to be out in the car. The thing that makes me so stressed is my own driving, I can be fine and then come up to a roundabout for example, get ready to move off again and if my car jolts even a little bit (bringing the clutch up to fast etc) I will be stressed for the rest of the day. It sounds ridiculous I know but it frustrates me so much. I now find myself analysing everything I do when I am in the car which I think is making me worse as I am even more concentrated on it now when driving should be something you just automatically do. I am stuck in a viscous circle and my over thinking is getting to the point that I feel physically sick with constant headaches and worry. I've looked up how to stop over thinking but nothing seems to work.

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Depression :: Dreams Are Driving Me Crazy

I've been on lexapro for about 2 months now and the dreams are driving me crazy, they are waking me up every night now and really affecting my sleep/ they ever go away or is there anything I can do to help them?

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Propranolol - Driving And Night Terrors

I was prescribed propranolol yesterday after passing out at the wheel of my car at the weekend ( I managed to stop it in time). This has triggered panic attacks every time I get in a car whether driving or not. I have the pills in front of me, unopened, but am scared to take them due to the side affects. A colleague had these once and suffered night terrors.

I just don't know what to do and am having a bad day with the anxiety so if its worth the risk Id like to take one now.

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Urticarial Rash :: The Itching Is Driving Me Crazy

My Urticaria started in August this year and no-one can be bothered to really help until I had gone through 2 lots of steroids and now 'the strong' prescription antihistamine at night but shop bought I have to take 2 in a morning!!! nothing is working !

Is there a cream to help because Calamine doesn't help at all... At this moment I have it on my right arm on the backs of my legs and my back but the worse is my feet on the tops they are itching like mad and I could cry...

2 weeks ago my right arm was swollen from my wrist to the top of my arm and it felt all stiff...

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Meniere's Disease :: Driving In The Dark Increasingly Difficult

I have Meniere's Disease and I find driving in the dark increasingly difficult.

Can my employer grant me time to leave work early so I can travel home in daylight?

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While Driving / Speeding - Anxiety Dizziness Vertigo Headache

I was diagnosed with anxiety after getting physical symptoms. My stomach was disturbed my heart beat was high and facing all physical symptoms I check all with physician and test but found nothing after eating Xanax I become normal I told my doctor and he diagnosed with anxiety due to stress . it's all started after I lost my relationship of 5 year the girl left me and marry someone else but now I forget her and move on because I love my life. I was fine for 6 months when I went to physiologist he kept me on lower dose of alp 0.125 mg per day for 5 months around and i felt great and all things gone vertigo and fear and everything. Last 3 weeks back I am feeling lightheaded vertigo dizziness and panic attack while driving and when I accelerate my car I feel like floating and fear and like I am floating in boat due to which I don't drive fast or keep the speed more than 60 km usually i feel when I am on bridges or going down on taper from bridge . please help me I went to doctor again he give me headache medicine and alp 0.125 mg per day for 30 days. Headache medicine is nimesulide when needed . please guide me i was anxious before but never feel anything while driving or any panic attack while driving or speeding my car.

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Driving License Test With Cannabis In My System From A Week Before?

I smoke cannabis regularly,but do not drive under influence, and am not addicted as can go without easy had medical for drivers licence need advice.

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Panic Attacks While Driving In The Hills, Over Bridges And Overpasses

I have panic attacks while driving in the hills, over bridges or those big flying overpasses on the highways. I also have problems when stopped at a red light if on an elevation. I usually don't have problems crossing bridges if they are flat, straight across and not too long. I can usually go over an overpass on the interstate or a side road over the interstate if it is just a small elevation, but sometimes I do have panic attacks on these. If the overpass curves or goes up and curves - then I get panic attacks. Bridges that start with an elevation really get me and I just have to pull over. I did not start having these panic attacks until I developed a detached retina. I have had surgery twice and still the retina keeps coming loose and detaching and wont stay. It is genetic according to 3 specialist so the light reflects differently in my right eye and makes me dizzy sometimes. I do better on cloudy days or wearing wrap around sunglasses. I also have a lot of fluid in my ears too. I have to stay on a Decongestant to keep the fluid dried up in my ears. I was going around Little Rock Arkansas on the by pass -Hwy 30 and was fine on the bridge but there was a curvy overpass and the traffic was so bad I got stopped in the middle of the overpass. I actually had to open the door and put my foot on the pavement to stop the dizziness and the ticks from the panic attack. I am usually OK driving in the hills except when there it a guard rail and a drop off to my left or right or a bridge at the top of a hill - then I freak out. Going to Branson MO from Springfield on HWY 65 there are three HUGE hills with drop offs and deep gullies and I really get freaked out then. I also get freaked out if I am going down a steep incline with lots of curves. Example being the highway from Nashville to Chattanooga.
When I have the attacks, I notice that my heart races, my mouth gets really dry and throat swells and my vision blurs so I can not see very well. I get very light headed and dizzy and feel as if I am going to pass out.

I have noticed that my attacks are less when I don't drink things with caffeine and cut back on my salt.

I have tried the belly breathing - slowly and It does not really help. If I am talking to my wife or doing something to distract me - I can usually get over the bridge. I just floor it and hope nothing is in my way and pull the visor down and concentrate on the lines of the road. If the sun is really bright it also bring on attacks too or if I am really tired and not rested well.

Anyone have any suggestions for me. I take Ativan and it helps a lot.

The last panic attack I had my wife take my BP with the wrist cuff and it was super high.

This is what I go through when I travel. Not a pleasant experience. I used to love to drive and never had any problems driving until my retina detached. Could that have something to do with the panic attacks.

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Cauda Equina Syndrome :: Driving Jobs After Microdiscectomy

I am wondering can i do driving job(light van)which having 40 min drive 10 mnts walk for 8-9 hours? no heavy lifting. If i can after how many weeks after microdiscectomy?

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Panic Attack While Driving? Slamming Heart And Shaking Legs daughter wanted to go shopping. I felt a little blah, tightness in chest before we left. A light was changing from yellow to red, and i made a very fast right hand turn so i wouldn't be stuck at a dreaded red light. After the turn I felt a burning in my stomach that quickly spread throughout my whole body. I glanced in the mirror and was bright red..had to pull over. Heart started slamming and so fast...legs shaking. Opened the door, and got out to get air..telling myself im ok, im ok as my daughter sat there ( really sad) 20 mins later and heart slowed enough to drive and here i am. Daughter very angry and confused. Cold feeling in my arms, headache and a slight burning in chest and exhausted. Feeling guilty. Although i feel i managed ok...and made it through...ehh...feel bad. Does this even sound like a panic attack?

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Bell's Palsy - Facing People And Driving With Blurred Vision

I have had this condition for 4 weeks and am becoming depressed.

It started on the second day of my Cruise holiday. But on reflection I now realize that there were some signs leading up to it. Firstly I had several headaches which is unusual for me.. I also had an ache in my jaw which I thought was Neuralgia. I asked my sister to check my ear for a spot as my ear was getting painful. I had a watery eye and one nostril was runny. I passed a weird motion on the flight out which was the color of a new born babies first pooh.! Several day after diagnosis I passed several little lots of blood from my back passage preceded by back pain.

I recently started using an electric toothbrush and caused a small abrasion on my lower gum whilst brushing between my teeth. I can't help thinking that there is some connection as the symptoms started soon after.

I have had the usual steroids and also been treated for an ulceration on the cornea caused by rubbing of the eye before the paralysis came on.the ships doctor did everything expected of her. Once home I saw my own doctor who says to keep using the eye drops and an ointment at night with tape to keep the eye closed. The tape comes off all the time so given up on that as just wakes me up at night.

After 4 weeks and very little improvement I am getting scared that it may be permanent and find it difficult to face people and frustrated at not being able drive due to blurred and reduced vision.

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Anxiety :: Looks Phobia

I am suffering brutally from looks phobia..and to get id from this I took benzidiazapams from last 15 there any HERBAL CURE?

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HIV Phobia Or Real?

I had a risky sexual encounter some 7 years 7 months back...when I was in process of having sex..I momentarily went into slumber for 30 secs maybe and she alerted me...when I was covering 1/4 th of my penis.....she removed the condom and re-adjusted them back again after which in maybe max 10 stroke I ejaculated..when I removed my penis it seems to be covering half of my penis...on closer inspection one condom might have been broken..but other was these incident

After 21 days I had this following symptoms....

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Phobia With Dentist

I have not been to the dentist in many years because of a low tolerance to pain and my fear of dentists. Now it's been so long I am ashamed & embarrassed to go yet I know I must. As for now I have periodontal (gum) disease and for past 8 months I have had 3 teeth just fall out. I am Mortified how I look. I do not have any dental insurance. I just cannot bring myself to go to the dentist. I'm the biggest procrastinator. Any advice?

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Phobia :: Cancer Causes Depression

I am 47 and had been battling the health anxiety since 20 years. I have hypertension,hyperlipidemia & mitral valve prolapse with trivial regurgitation (which causes anxiety & palpitation). All these years my focus was mainly on heart, but since one month i has become very cancer phobic, as i remember one of aunt who died of cancer before 15 years..

I asked whether anxiety can cause cancer, so one allexperts counselor replied me that, anxiety & depression does not cause cancer, but cancer can cause depression. I don't know under what context she said that, which made my life like a living hell.

I know that, anxiety & depression does not cause cancer.

But Now i am fearing & obsessing that, depression is the symptoms of cancer.

What i know is that, upon being diagnosed with cancer, the patients become depressed, anxious & sad.

I have seen the people having depression for 30+ years & living with it & they don't have cancer.

Half of the world has depression, if depression would be the symptom & then half of the world would have cancer.

If somebody is depressed, when he will go to psychiatrist for treatment, will the psychiatrist will tell him to go & test for cancer.

This obsession had made me more fearful & i am having full blown continuous panic attacks since 2 weeks. The anxiety is 10 out of 10 since i read that answer. I unable to function & get up from the bed. I am not going to work since one week & unable to sleep since one week only obsessing that, cancer causes depression & it is becoming vicious cycle.

All these years i know that, panic & anxiety symptoms are harmless & i never bothered about these symptoms,only afraid for the first few years when i was not aware.

Due to continue ongoing challenges of health anxiety & mitral valve prolapse i have anxiety & palpitation. Now, every time when i feel anxious or depressed, i am thinking it is due to cancer.

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Chemicals

I have recently read about harmful chemicals and azo dyes used in some clothes. Last week I bought a pair of blue jeans and they dyed my hands, handbag and other T- shirts blue. I know that wearing such a jeans can be dangerous after prolonged direct contact. The problem is that I am even afraid of touching these jeans or the handbag and then I am afraid of touching food, my face, etc. I know that this fear is irrational.

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Arteries And Veins Phobia

I've started having this phobia in year 7. The teacher was talking about veins and arteries and I suddenly felt faint so I had to go out of the class then I collapsed on the floor. And all my friends thinks it's completely abnormal and they tease me about it!

And also the other day, everyone had jabs but I didn't have them and after my friends had theirs done they were all talking about it with other girls in my year in front of me. I was queuing to get food but suddenly my appetite just went and I felt light headed and I really needed to sit down! I also wanted to go outside because the hall felt really airless and warm! So one of my friends kindly took to go outside but while I was still in the hall I just collapsed in the middle of the room! So i was beginning to wonder has this phobia gone too far with me? I just cry when I hear about veins and arteries or feel light headed!

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