Meniere's Disease :: Driving In The Dark Increasingly Difficult

Dec 8, 2015

I have Meniere's Disease and I find driving in the dark increasingly difficult.

Can my employer grant me time to leave work early so I can travel home in daylight?

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Meniere's Disease :: What Are The Tests?

I have been told I have MD but had no tests what are the tests diagnosed just by my symptoms

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Meniere's Disease :: Chocolate?

Have been diagnosed with meniere's 2 years ago limit salt no coffee I now it seems silly compared to crippling attacks but is a tiny bit of chocolate a problem. I mean like a half a chocolate chip cookie?

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Meniere's Disease Without Hearing Loss?

In Jan 2016 I experienced minor episodes of vertigo on a near daily basis, which I believed was remnant of motion sickness during a traumatic sea crossing! I noticed they continued weeks after and seemed to correlate with instances where I was feeling stressed. During this time I moved to the other side of the world and began a new job. I was previously living at 2800 m and spending my weekend’s alternating between the high Andes and the beach (involving lots of air travel). I am now living in the humidity at sea level and wonder if this could have provided sufficient trauma to initiate these attacks. 

After a night of moderate drinking I had my first and only severe episode of vertigo, which left me violently vomiting and unable to walk. After which, I experienced a month or so of very mild vertigo attacks, lasting 4-5 hours at a time. I felt unable to exercise and spent a lot more time at home. Throughout this time I always felt unbalanced and even a drop of alcohol would exaggerate symptoms. 

A hearing test came back fine, to my surprise, and I was treated for vestibular neurosis and given Betaserc for almost 3 months. I had no vertigo whilst on the medication but have had two or three minor episodes since coming off it (during yoga classes, playing football but also when lying in bed). The first specialist was happy the vestibular neurosis had been treated and any imbalance etc. was a product of my body overcompensating or lasting damage. I continued to turn to the extreme right when trying the Unterberg test. Now, my symptoms are fullness in my left ear, which occasionally proves painful and some mild tinnitus. The persistent fullness led my GP to refer me to another specialist, concerned it sounded like MD. Another hearing test and a pressure test both came back fine. I would suggest my hearing is more muffled but could this just be a sensation I notice because of the fullness? I am adamant my hearing suffered immediately after the vertigo attacks (before being treated) because I remember it being relatively distressing. I have been given Vinpocetine to try and hasten recovery of what the specialist believes is just a viral infection and to help with the tinnitus but I have seen no difference. I feel largely like I am not being taken seriously. It is coming up to 6 months now and I am desperate for some resolution or diagnosis that I can work with to try manage these symptoms. I am really active and travel a lot. If I should expect vertigo symptoms to return, I feel I would need to adjust or review my lifestyle as to not take unnecessary risks. Any one else in such situation? Or know anything about altitude and ear issues? Any advice or opinions are very much welcomed. Specifically, I was searching for information on whether it is possible to have MD but without suffering hearing loss? I am only 24 and so had wondered if my hearing could have been affected but remained within the so-called ‘normal’ range?  

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Meniere's Disease :: Significant Hearing Loss?

i have had Meniere's for well over 20 years. In the early years the attacks were horrendous and frequent but gradually settled down to one or two a year. More recently they have returned with avengence. This is not the normal pattern of the disease from what i have read. Also my hearing remains almost perfect despite having suffered with tinnitus daily from the onset of this disease. Obviously i am grateful for this but was just wondering what pattern the disease is taking with others? Has anyone noticed significant hearing loss? 


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Meniere's Disease :: Menopause - 57 No Periods For Two Months?

I'm 57 years and I'm just wondering if anyone else has just stopped bleeding about two months ago I'm confused I don't know if I'm starting MP or is God playing games with me I get bad pain every month now like there coming again, have I started or not or do I have to wait a whole year with out a period, I do have signs hot flushes cry a lot, really bad back and ankle pain and to top it off I have meniere disease   

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Meniere's Disease :: Stem Cell Therapy?

what about stem cell and the story of dana white cured 100% from meniere's is that true?

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Meniere's Disease :: Cold All The Time And Have Pain In My Knees

Diagnosed with md all usual symptoms but I am cold all the time and have pain in my knees and upper legs anyone else have this problem

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Meniere's Disease :: Alcohol - Incredibly Dizzy, Nauseous

Can you have meniere's but be dizzy/lightheaded,floating/nausea rather than experiencing the whole room spinning? My ENT believes I have menieres.

Also: I went on a 100 mile bicycle ride yesterday all through the night, so i am very fatigued. Today I had one glass of wine and it has made me incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and when i move me head I feel like I'm going to fall over. Does this sound like Meniere's?

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Meniere's Disease Of Right Ear After Sinus Cold - Surgery Or Medication?

Recently told I may have Ménière's disease of right ear. Any medications or surgery has helped for you? Symptoms are constant dizziness(at times have sensation of falling or floating when really bad), lightheadedness, very unbalanced, foggy headed, at times ear pressure and constant headaches. All started after bad sinus cold in mid last September and hit me really hard a few days after cold and has never left. The only time I had relief and felt 100% percent was when they gave me antibiotics and prednisone.

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Meniere's Disease :: Entire Left Side Numb And Tingling

I was healthy and happy then got a headache so bad that 6 migraine excedrin did not touch it. Went to bed and woke up in middle of night with my entire left side numb and tingling.

Went to er they told us i had a bad migraine. Over the last month symptoms have worsen. Pain in left back of head hurts all the time, left side is pain, and spells of dizziness.

Two mri later, going for a third, clean blood work, eeg, many trips to er and no answer

After talking to an aunt found out she has meniere's-disease so we are going to a ent next.

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Meniere's Disease :: Computer / Phone Screen Triggers Vertigo Episodes

Recently diagnosed w/menieres. Does anyone find that things like a computer screen or phone screen triggers vertigo episodes?? Is there anything that can be done to help this? I have to work on a computer all day. Also noticed driving causing issues from time to time.

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Meniere's Disease :: ENT, A PT, Chiro's Beyond Chiro's, Acupuncture, Massage

My boyfriend suffered a neck injury about 15 years ago. He had surgery for that whiplash and has seen Chiro's since. Symptoms include: allergies, sinus issues, sudden BPPV, sudden chronic Vertigo not benign, aggressive sneezing from time to time, red eyes, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches. He has been a mess to say the least for a very long time. He sees an ENT, a PT, Chiro's beyond Chiro's, acupuncture, massage. We don't know what the ultimate fix is- or what this disorder is. He has taken oils from an allergy Specialist to alleviate those systems yet some days he wakes up and is in a super funk because of his vertigo. We have established that it is not benign because it is more than one position. I have also witnessed us working through exercises where his eyes go completely crazy (in the sense that they spasm like crazy with head movement) I only joined this forum because I don't know what solution to provide and I also don't know if this is an unresolvable issue or there is something we can do (he can do) to improve the current situation.

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Lyme Disease :: Small Flat Dark Brown Tick On The Back Of My Upper Thigh

I found a small flat dark brown tick on the back of my upper thigh on 7/22. I went to see a doctor at MedExpress and she told me that the tick was engorged and that she believed that it could be a deer tick. We estimated that the tick had been on me for over 72 hours based on the time I was in wooded areas. As a precaution she put me on 200mg daily of doxycycline. I have been tracking the bite via pictures and there appears to be a bulls eye forming but I may just be paranoid. I know several people who have Lyme disease with varying forms of diligence for care. I have seen how it can ravage a person's body and mind. I want to make sure I am doing everything I possible can to help myself. What, if anything should I be doing from here?

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Anxiety :: Difficult To Breathe

I particularly find it difficult to breath. I feel my chest is being crushed & I have to try to yawn to 'catch' my breath. If I can 'catch' my breath it feels immediately better...for five minutes, but, if I can't, it can go on indefinitely & I get panicky about it. This has happened since I was seventeen & Drs couldn't find anything wrong.

This always happens as I try to go to sleep & annoys my husband so much, which panics me still more.

I find that it happens when I am not absorbed in doing anything, i.e. watching tv, sitting here on the computer, driving, trying to sleep! I don't really sleep at all, my dreams are dark & fitful so I awake to watching the clock tick by all night. Yet I could sleep all day.

I have tried many different types of prescribed anti depressant, to no avail though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to look for a different job, but am scared from going 'from frying pan to fire'. I think I need something else in my life, but I'm frightened of doing it wrong & feeling much worse. HELP!

I don't have good concentration, (perhaps due to exhaustion)? I am very forgetful. I suffer hot sweats too.

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Child Health :: Difficult To Breath At Night

I am a 24 year guy who have been facing the problem of breathing at night.

i get this problem specially at nights.

sometimes i wake up at middle of night and start facing  this problem until i get out off bed at the morning. I am suffering a lot my days are gone unproductive due to this problem as i become completely sleepy at the day time.

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Heavy / Difficult Periods While On Norethisterone For Fibroids

I'm 33 and have uterine fibroids for which I have been taking norethisterone to stop my heavy, prolonged periods. On the advice of my GP I took a break from the tablet, but she gave me a supply in case I desperately needed them. She told me not to take any more for a while as I wouldn't know if the mini-pill (which I was prescribed 2 months ago) was working to regulate my periods and shrink the fibroids. I have started my period now and it's been going on for over a week. I'm in pain, it's heavy and clotting and my moods are all over the place, I'm tired all of the time and I can't go out for too long for fear of flooding. It's affecting my work and my relationship as I feel unattractive and sad all of the time. When I was taking norethisterone I didn't get any of these problems.

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Chest Pain :: Smoke Too Much - Sometimes Find Difficult To Breath

i smoke too much these days, i tried to leave but that's too not very easy. i felt some pain in my chest and sometimes find difficult to breath.....can you please answer my question

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Prostatitis - Difficult And Incomplete Urination With Abnormal Ejaculation

I have had some signs of Prostatitis (difficulty urinating. Incomplete urination. Abnormal Ejaculation) for some time now. My doctor put me on Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days and it seemed to lessen the symptoms and ease some of the swelling. However, recently I have noticed that on the underside of the penis,at the base, above the scrotum, there seems to be a little more swelling.

There is also a pinching-type pain and it feels like a small grain of sand or something is stuck inside my urethra. I can feel a slight pain throughout the length of my penis around the urethra as well.

I feel a slight "click" when I massage underneath my scrotum as well and it seems that this location is where a majority of the pain (although not severe, it's very uncomfortable) is originating from.

I contracted HPV/G.W. about a year ago and I was also curious as to whether or not this could be causing more serous issues.

Can anyone offer some information. I'm desperate and don't know what to do....

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Thyroid Nodule :: Close To Carotid Artery - Difficult Biopsy

Just had a thyroid ultra done..showed a 9.7x7x7 cm nodule adjacent to the left carotid artery (I have lots of cysts which have already been biopsied)..after much discussion we did try to do biopsy, but because I have a short neck, and they were unable to tip my head back enough to do the biopsy without hitting the artery, I was sent home with instructions that I should have another ultra in 6 months..should I be worried, they said its small, but if we can't biopsy it, whats next..I'm off to see my primary doc today..they also asked if I had Hashi's, maybe I should be put on meds to try and shrink the nodule? 

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Driving Stress And Anxiety

I have been driving now for 1 year and 2 months and find myself constantly stressed and sick. Its getting to the point I am sat in work and feel like I need to be out in the car. The thing that makes me so stressed is my own driving, I can be fine and then come up to a roundabout for example, get ready to move off again and if my car jolts even a little bit (bringing the clutch up to fast etc) I will be stressed for the rest of the day. It sounds ridiculous I know but it frustrates me so much. I now find myself analysing everything I do when I am in the car which I think is making me worse as I am even more concentrated on it now when driving should be something you just automatically do. I am stuck in a viscous circle and my over thinking is getting to the point that I feel physically sick with constant headaches and worry. I've looked up how to stop over thinking but nothing seems to work.

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