Child Health :: Difficult To Breath At Night

Nov 26, 2015

I am a 24 year guy who have been facing the problem of breathing at night.

i get this problem specially at nights.

sometimes i wake up at middle of night and start facing  this problem until i get out off bed at the morning. I am suffering a lot my days are gone unproductive due to this problem as i become completely sleepy at the day time.

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Sleep Disorders :: Wheezing And Difficult Breath And Short Breath

Few day ago till now I feel very tired and difficult breathing. I feel short breath and chest congestion. I also feel numbness all over my body and dizzy. I also feel very dry mouth and dry throat. I cannot sleep every night for full night. I had lung x-Ray last months but result was fine. I had severe stress due to some mental health last month but now I feel relieve but I don't know why I had all symptoms I mentioned above.

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Chest Pain :: Smoke Too Much - Sometimes Find Difficult To Breath

i smoke too much these days, i tried to leave but that's too not very easy. i felt some pain in my chest and sometimes find difficult to breath.....can you please answer my question

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Heart :: At Night Vibrating, Short Of Breath, Aching

For a couple of years now I've been having weird behaviour, episodes, happening with my heart. I've had a heart murmur since I was a teenager, caused by hyperthyroidism that went undiagnosed for too long, so heart issues for me aren't new, but this is different. They seem to happen primarily at night, I wake up feeling short of breath, my heart feels like it's vibrating more than beating, my chest and limbs ache, especially my arms, but it's not a stabbing pain, just feels like really tense muscles. It leaves me feeling the next day like I have a cat sitting on my chest and very tired, and often within a couple of days I notice splinter haemorrhages on my nails, up to 6. I've had numerous tests, ecgs, an echo, week long ecg, stress test, thyroid test, iron test, MRI. Nothing has come back conclusive, I've been told it's just a heart murmur, that it's probably just anxiety (then why is it hitting me when I'm sleeping? and since when does stress cause splinter haemorrhages?), that splinter haemorrhages are nothing are not proof of anything. A bit of background, I'm almost 40, it's been happening for 2 years, 6 months after I got a copper coil, 3.5 years after I gave birth, I've had hypothyroidism for 5 years, but had hyperthyroidism up to 3 years before that, I have a strong family history of heart disease on father's side, (but I don't have the high blood pressure they did, I do have high cholesterol though, but not severely) and low iron on my mother's (I've been taking supplements since a test many years ago found me low on this). This seems to happen when I have my period, but not with every period, and does pass, but eating a poor diet and little exercise also seem to effect it. Anyone have any ideas? Mine have been: low iron, thyroid storms, Prinzmetals angina, cholesterol floating around my body, a blood clot condition causing small clots to float around my blood periodically affecting my heart, lupus, or, my body reacting badly to the copper coil

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Crackling Sound When Breath In At Night In Bed?

Does anyone else get a crackling sound when you breath in at night in bed? I had an endoscopy on tuesday and all that was found was gastritis and was given a leaflet on gerd/acid reflux. I have a constant back/shoulder/neck discomfort and i am worrying it's my lung now. I am having an abdominal ultrasound on saturday to check my gallbladder.

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Child Health :: Crackling Sound On Exhale?

I recently went to the doctor with a bad cough, slight fever and coughing up green mucus a lot. I was told my lungs sounded clear (4 days ago) and I have no chest pain, but the doctor gave me antibiotics just "in case" my symptoms worsened over Christmas. A new symptom I have noticed now is, when I exhale, sometimes I get this strange crackling or bubbling noise. Does anyone think it's a good idea to take my antibiotics before seeing my doctor again as I have to wait over the weekend for them to open again?

I am just worried that Penicillin may be harmful to take for something that might not be bacterial, even though I am getting this strange crackling sound and severe cough?

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Child Health :: Precocious Puberty Starting At 4

I am writing this posting to gain some further understanding of the premature puberty.

My daughter was 4 1/2 when I noticed her having proper body odour. The doctor said that some kids just get it and for her to wear deodorant. I was never totally happy with it as it didn't seem normal to me. My daughter has always been tall and slim for her age and I have always been concerned that she is a little too tall. Last summer, aged 5 1/2 I noticed she seemed to have more hairs on her legs and a couple of dark pubic hairs. I took her to a new doctor, as we had moved, and he referred her straight away to the paediatrician at the hospital, as when he looked at her height he thought she was a little too tall for her age.

A year later my little girl has breast buds and is having injections every 4 weeks to halt the puberty. She has had all the blood tests to check her hormone levels which were positive for puberty, as well as her bone age (currently 8 1/2) by x ray. She has had an MRI scan of her brain to check for tumours and ultrasound scan of her pelvis for polycystic ovaries. She has been very good with it all but all she knows is that she is growing a bit too fast and the doctors want to slow her down a bit.

We have been told by the paediatrician that it is best for her to have these injections otherwise she will start her periods, which they do not want her to do. They have also told us that unless they halt the puberty that she could end up short because she has already started her growth spurt which will finish 4 years too early. She is already 4ft 4 at age 6 and in age 9-10 clothes. Her puberty doesn't seem to be linked to obesity though as some papers seem to suggest as her BMI is healthy for her age and height. Unfortunately they don't seem to have an answer as to why this has happened to my daughter.

We are finding the hardest bit is the teenage strops and temper that appear to be coming with it. We have been told to expect her to be more grown up in age and expect the hormone strops because the injections contain a massive overdose of the puberty hormones to confuse her body. She does seem to be struggling with concentration and odd little behaviour issues at school which we feel could be related.

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Child Health :: Bruising (purple And Blue) For No Reason?

I'm a 14 year old girl. I have recently being getting purple and blue bruising on my knee, the side of my knee and my hip bone. I also have a small green bruise on my left breast and brown bruising over my calves and thighs. All of this has appeared within the last 2 weeks. I really don't know how I got them as I have had no recent traumas or bumps. The only thing I can think of that might be linked to the bruising is the exercise I do at the gym. I go on the elliptical trainer for 40 minutes 4-5 days a week, but I being doing exercise for 3 months and It don't make sense that the bruises are only appearing now. If you know what this is then please help me as I'm starting to get a bit worried now

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Child Health :: Precocious Puberty At 5 - Breasts And Pubic Hairs

i believe that my daughter who is 9 yrs old has this condition and has been living with it since she was 4 of 5 yrs old.It started with mood swings which i just put down to a bad temper,how wrong was i when the breasts and pubic hair then started to appear.Until 12 1 08 i just thought my daughter was one of the unlucky few that had just started to develop early,but i saw a programme about prococious puberty and realised that my she has more than likely have this condition.Now my worries are for her childhood being no longer as child like as it is for her friends.I am also worried it may give children reason to bully her as it is so perfectly obvious that she is physically and mentally different to others.Unfortunetly we don't know of any one else with this condition so have nobody that understands,my daughter doesn't seem concerned about the changes tha are happening to her so i'm trying to be the same but it's difficult.She is far to young to be going through this.If there is any one that knows what it's like either as parent or was a youngster with the same please get in touch via this space. thanks.

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Oral Health :: Breath Smells Like Faeces (Poo)

I have this horrid poo smell from my mouth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, use Dentyl PH mouthwash, I have the best oral hygiene of anyone I know but I still have this smell. I am too embarrassed to even ask my friends or family to tell me my breath stinks. I am becoming totally reclusive because of it. Id rather go to my GP and tell him i've got an STD. I know i've got it coz sometimes people look around and ask if i've farted, and I see people with babies smelling their nappies when I speak. It really is starting to badly affect my life but I just can't pluck up the courage to go to my GP. How on earth can i ay "DR, My breath smells like poo!"

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Dental Health :: Smelly Breath But No Teeth Or Gums Involved

breath smells phlegmy..... dentist said not teeth or gums

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Respiratory Disorders :: Shortness Of Breath, Light Headed, Breath Stuck In Stomach

I am debating if I should go to the Emergency Room, as it's a Sunday. My story - 26 year old male, healthy. Since age 10, I have had an intermittent feeling of my breath being stuck in my upper abdomen (solar plexus area) and a little in my chest but not much. Sometimes when going for a deep breath, I feel pain in the chest, but very rare. It almost feels like there is a wall in between my stomach and my lungs that prevents air coming out. I know it's weird because you breath out of your lungs not your stomach. The only way it comes out is when I finally catch my breath, which means I need to wait for it to be able to escape and then I finally get the deep breath I need. Also yawning often allows the breath to occur. When this is happening, I can still breath but it's like only 10% of my lungs fill up with air, like someone is standing on the other 90% of my lungs, preventing them from filling up.

My BASELINE/ usual status is having the breath being stuck symptom maybe 10 times a day, usually while eating. This has become normal for me and I don't even think about it until people who I am eating with say, "what is wrong with you?"

When it is GOOD, it happens even less, maybe once a day and I will barely realize it happened.

When it is BAD, it happens often, maybe 20 times an hour.

The last week it has been EXTREME to the point where I will be struggling for a full breath once a minute. It is so bad that I have been feeling light headed (main reason for the alarm here). I have class on weekends and I was walking to the train for class, and my body was telling me to stay home (i am the type of person who doesn't make a big deal out of anything and never skips stuff).

Background- I sleep very well, usually 7-8 hours a night, am very healthy, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, run 6 miles 3 times a week (it happens the same when I run but it doesn't prevent me from running), played sports my whole life, doctors always tell me my blood work and everything is off the charts good. The reasons I just listed, combined with my Mom (nurse) always telling me I am fine have made me stop seeking cures for this. I had every test under the sun done when I was 15 (EKG, Barium Swallow, Blood work, etc) and everything came back clear. I have a concave chest (my chest caves in) and the doctor told me that my chest bone is interfering with my breathing (eyes rolling). But now that I am feeling light headed, I think it's time to go to the emergency room. I am going to go to a heart center in my town (Brooklyn, NY). Also, I LOVE doing research about stuff and have been reading about this a lot and tons of people have similar symptoms which has comforted me. But now it's time for me to get tested again I think. Maybe this just talked me into going to the ER.

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Bad Breath - Lactose Intolerant - Nappy Breath After Eating Chocolate And Ice-cream

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with fart/baby nappy breath especially after eating chocolate and ice-cream, but worst of all even after brushing teeth and drinking water etc. I'm lactose intolerant, but never really had stomach pains unless I drink milk or eat ice-cream. Also my saliva stinks and I have a whitish tongue.

I'm now in my 40's and finally plucked up courage to go to my GP.

I had an h-pylori breath test in July this year and surprise, surprise was positive. I had metronidazole, Amoxycillin and omeprazole for 1 week. At the time my saliva stopped stinking and I thought I was getting better breath. However a few weeks on and my mouth tasted horrible again and I could smell my own fart/garbage stench when talking to people.

I asked my doctor to retest for h pylori, but he said I need to wait a year, even though the test kit says you can repeat a month after taking antibiotics. How else can I tell if the treatment worked, and then tell if it is the culprit of my bb?

I know this is nothing to do with my mouth care as I have an immaculate regime and people often say how white my teeth are. Unfortunately people also keep brushing their noses when I'm talking and I get the odd "have you farted?" comment.

I am married with kids and it never bothers me when I'm at home, but I know the problem exists and am desperate to solve or at least reduce the problem. 

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Asthma :: Shortness Of Breath Feels Like 60%-70% Of A Breath

Went to ER last night because of shortness of breath that started the day before, with neck and back pain. I could/can seem to breath normally but then I feel like I need a deep breath and I can only get what feels like 60%-70% of a breath. Every 2 minutes or so I can get a "full" breath. EKG, blood test, X-ray, d dimer all came back normal last night and I was discharged. Nebulizer treatment had no affect. Vitals were okay over 4 hours with the exception of my oximeter level dropping below 90 a few times (as low as 86). It recovered within 30 seconds each time.

I am 28/male and have a history of mild asthma, non-smoker. I also have 2 herniated discs (l4/l5 & l5/s1, and l3/l4 bulging, with chronic back spasms). Albuterol inhaler, allergy medication shows no improvement.

I have purchased a pulse oximeter and tonight my oximeter level (not pulse) has fallen below 90 (4 times), but each time recovering to 92+ withing 30 seconds.

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Sleep Disorders :: Myoclonus That Occurs Every Night All Night

I posted in epilepsy earlier. I couldn't find the sleep boards. I am suspicious I have epilepsy but I wanted to see if anyone else has experience with this. I have severe sleep myoclonus that occurs every night all night. It causes me and jerk and I usually see a flash of light and hear a clicking sound. This occurs over and over so I hardly ever sleep. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Anxiety :: Difficult To Breathe

I particularly find it difficult to breath. I feel my chest is being crushed & I have to try to yawn to 'catch' my breath. If I can 'catch' my breath it feels immediately better...for five minutes, but, if I can't, it can go on indefinitely & I get panicky about it. This has happened since I was seventeen & Drs couldn't find anything wrong.

This always happens as I try to go to sleep & annoys my husband so much, which panics me still more.

I find that it happens when I am not absorbed in doing anything, i.e. watching tv, sitting here on the computer, driving, trying to sleep! I don't really sleep at all, my dreams are dark & fitful so I awake to watching the clock tick by all night. Yet I could sleep all day.

I have tried many different types of prescribed anti depressant, to no avail though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to look for a different job, but am scared from going 'from frying pan to fire'. I think I need something else in my life, but I'm frightened of doing it wrong & feeling much worse. HELP!

I don't have good concentration, (perhaps due to exhaustion)? I am very forgetful. I suffer hot sweats too.

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Heavy / Difficult Periods While On Norethisterone For Fibroids

I'm 33 and have uterine fibroids for which I have been taking norethisterone to stop my heavy, prolonged periods. On the advice of my GP I took a break from the tablet, but she gave me a supply in case I desperately needed them. She told me not to take any more for a while as I wouldn't know if the mini-pill (which I was prescribed 2 months ago) was working to regulate my periods and shrink the fibroids. I have started my period now and it's been going on for over a week. I'm in pain, it's heavy and clotting and my moods are all over the place, I'm tired all of the time and I can't go out for too long for fear of flooding. It's affecting my work and my relationship as I feel unattractive and sad all of the time. When I was taking norethisterone I didn't get any of these problems.

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Meniere's Disease :: Driving In The Dark Increasingly Difficult

I have Meniere's Disease and I find driving in the dark increasingly difficult.

Can my employer grant me time to leave work early so I can travel home in daylight?

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Prostatitis - Difficult And Incomplete Urination With Abnormal Ejaculation

I have had some signs of Prostatitis (difficulty urinating. Incomplete urination. Abnormal Ejaculation) for some time now. My doctor put me on Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days and it seemed to lessen the symptoms and ease some of the swelling. However, recently I have noticed that on the underside of the penis,at the base, above the scrotum, there seems to be a little more swelling.

There is also a pinching-type pain and it feels like a small grain of sand or something is stuck inside my urethra. I can feel a slight pain throughout the length of my penis around the urethra as well.

I feel a slight "click" when I massage underneath my scrotum as well and it seems that this location is where a majority of the pain (although not severe, it's very uncomfortable) is originating from.

I contracted HPV/G.W. about a year ago and I was also curious as to whether or not this could be causing more serous issues.

Can anyone offer some information. I'm desperate and don't know what to do....

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Thyroid Nodule :: Close To Carotid Artery - Difficult Biopsy

Just had a thyroid ultra done..showed a 9.7x7x7 cm nodule adjacent to the left carotid artery (I have lots of cysts which have already been biopsied)..after much discussion we did try to do biopsy, but because I have a short neck, and they were unable to tip my head back enough to do the biopsy without hitting the artery, I was sent home with instructions that I should have another ultra in 6 months..should I be worried, they said its small, but if we can't biopsy it, whats next..I'm off to see my primary doc today..they also asked if I had Hashi's, maybe I should be put on meds to try and shrink the nodule? 

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Chickenpox :: Need To Keep My Other Child Away?

My son has terrible chicken Pox, he has it everywhere & so aggressive too!! tried virasoothe which helped, now using Poxclin which seems much better! 

I'm I'm unsure if I should keep my 6month old away from others in case she has it but it hasn't come out yet?

can anyone advise?

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