Prostatitis - Difficult And Incomplete Urination With Abnormal Ejaculation

Dec 24, 2006

I have had some signs of Prostatitis (difficulty urinating. Incomplete urination. Abnormal Ejaculation) for some time now. My doctor put me on Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days and it seemed to lessen the symptoms and ease some of the swelling. However, recently I have noticed that on the underside of the penis,at the base, above the scrotum, there seems to be a little more swelling.

There is also a pinching-type pain and it feels like a small grain of sand or something is stuck inside my urethra. I can feel a slight pain throughout the length of my penis around the urethra as well.

I feel a slight "click" when I massage underneath my scrotum as well and it seems that this location is where a majority of the pain (although not severe, it's very uncomfortable) is originating from.

I contracted HPV/G.W. about a year ago and I was also curious as to whether or not this could be causing more serous issues.

Can anyone offer some information. I'm desperate and don't know what to do....

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Prostatitis :: Erectile Dysfunction, Pain Ejaculating And Frequent Urination?

I'm pretty confident I have prostatitis. Here are my symptoms and the dates they started, I will specify frequency

Erectile dysfunction (5 months ago) - Always
Very low / none libido (5 months ago) - Always
Pain after ejaculation (2/3 months ago) - Rarely
Cloudy urination (2 months) - Most days
Painful urination while initiating urine flow (2 months) - Most days
White powdery/chalky very painful urine (2 months) - Just once
Hesitant to urinate (5 months + ) - Most days
Frequent urination, though nothing to urinate (1/2 month) - Most days
Dribbling (5 months + ) - Always

I'm a very healthy 17 year old male, exercise 4/5 times a week, eat healthy and drink between 1/2 - 1 gallon of water daily. I don't smoke but I do drink once or twice a month. This is getting extremely frustrating. I went to my doctor last week, told her my symptoms but she didn't seem very concerned just took urine and blood samples which I get the results for tomorrow. She prescribed me a weeks worth of antibiotics which I have taken and I had no relief of any symptoms. I believe prostatitis is tension related (trigger point). However I have no idea how to perform trigger point release, I tried earlier now I had a pain in my dick which is a bit frightening tbh.

Does anyone have any resource as to how to perform trigger point therapy? Or any other ideas to help relax my pelvic floor muscles? Considering I've had a fractured spine for 3 years and now this is seriously ******* annoying and it makes life as a teenager of the fabled "fun years" a complete joke.

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Hormones :: Low Testosterone, Incomplete Puberty

I am 28 years old, male, and was currently told I had Hypogonadism and incomplete puberty upon physical examination and blood results due to low testosterone. I went to see a general physician due to being symptomatic (Lack of body hair, balding, Gynecomastia, very sparse facial hair, underdeveloped sexual organs, Tired, Moody etc). I have been symptomatic since around age 12 so it has been ongoing for quite some time. I had 3 doctors all tell me that there was nothing wrong and the issue would correct itself. They chalked it up to a hormone imbalance.

My current doctor is running some more blood work and wants to do a karyotype to rule out genetic problems like Klinefelter's. I suppose what I'm trying to determine is if pituitary or thyroid complications can be ruled out by blood results? My doc says that it doesn't seem to be pointing to thyroid or pituitary issues but that the only way to determine truly is by doing an MRI for my brain and having a karyotype to rule out xxy.

He did mention that my testosterone levels are abnormally low for my "age group" and that I am underdeveloped and have incomplete puberty or lack of secondary sexual characteristics for my age. I do look quite young. I do recall having a stroke and facial paralysis when I was 2 years old, maybe I have some brain/gland damage. They never were able to determine what caused the stroke and paralysis. I recovered for the most part and have about 90% function on the affected area of the mouth and face.

I'm just thinking whether I should go see an endocrinologist or continue with this doctor. This doctor seems to want to put me on testosterone therapy which I've heard terrible things about. He feels that I would benefit from it. I'm really shooting in the dark here as I have no idea what to do next. Below are some of the results back from the blood work, Don't know what to specifically look for so I'll write what I see or think is related to the subject at hand. Could this be Pituitary or thyroid related? Does blood work accurately help determine pituitary and thyroid disorders?
LH 4.4
TSH 0.90

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Bowel :: Incomplete Movements - Cannot Completely Eliminate

I can not completely eliminate, and terribly bloated and gas pains, I have shortness of breath its hard to inhale making me take short quick breaths. Can anybody relate to this?

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Gastroenterology :: Incomplete Bowel Movements - Hemorrhoids?

I am currently 25 years old.

One and a half month now I am experiencing some incidents of incomplete bowel movements. It all started as a constipation episode because of the lack of hydration and proper eating but even though I started eating properly , a part from the discomfort seems to persist. I used lactulose syrup to alleviate some of the discomfort, but after a couple of days it is still there.  

I go everyday to the bathroom but because I can't complete my bowel movement, I usually need to have a second or even a third visit after approximately 1-2 hours.

I try not to struggle much, because I am afraid of getting hemorrhoids.

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Internal Rectal Prolapse Or Hemorrhoids? Incomplete Evacuation

I've been having problems recently that i'm pretty sure is either internal rectal prolapse or pretty bad haemorrhoids. This has made wiping after a bowel movement very difficult. I have also been suffering from incomplete evacuation, presumably as a result of the blockage.

I tend to use wet wipes but i still find that i am on the toilet wiping for a very long time. Its an extremely frustrating and demoralising experience. I wonder if anyone else has a similar issue? if so, does anyone have any tips so that I can ensure that i get the whole area clean? As i often worry that i haven't been able to clean everywhere properly and that its making me smell bad.

I have tried wetting the wet wipes with warm water, but i find this makes the area more sensitive which causes pain when wiping further down the line.

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Anxiety :: Difficult To Breathe

I particularly find it difficult to breath. I feel my chest is being crushed & I have to try to yawn to 'catch' my breath. If I can 'catch' my breath it feels immediately better...for five minutes, but, if I can't, it can go on indefinitely & I get panicky about it. This has happened since I was seventeen & Drs couldn't find anything wrong.

This always happens as I try to go to sleep & annoys my husband so much, which panics me still more.

I find that it happens when I am not absorbed in doing anything, i.e. watching tv, sitting here on the computer, driving, trying to sleep! I don't really sleep at all, my dreams are dark & fitful so I awake to watching the clock tick by all night. Yet I could sleep all day.

I have tried many different types of prescribed anti depressant, to no avail though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to look for a different job, but am scared from going 'from frying pan to fire'. I think I need something else in my life, but I'm frightened of doing it wrong & feeling much worse. HELP!

I don't have good concentration, (perhaps due to exhaustion)? I am very forgetful. I suffer hot sweats too.

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Child Health :: Difficult To Breath At Night

I am a 24 year guy who have been facing the problem of breathing at night.

i get this problem specially at nights.

sometimes i wake up at middle of night and start facing  this problem until i get out off bed at the morning. I am suffering a lot my days are gone unproductive due to this problem as i become completely sleepy at the day time.

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Heavy / Difficult Periods While On Norethisterone For Fibroids

I'm 33 and have uterine fibroids for which I have been taking norethisterone to stop my heavy, prolonged periods. On the advice of my GP I took a break from the tablet, but she gave me a supply in case I desperately needed them. She told me not to take any more for a while as I wouldn't know if the mini-pill (which I was prescribed 2 months ago) was working to regulate my periods and shrink the fibroids. I have started my period now and it's been going on for over a week. I'm in pain, it's heavy and clotting and my moods are all over the place, I'm tired all of the time and I can't go out for too long for fear of flooding. It's affecting my work and my relationship as I feel unattractive and sad all of the time. When I was taking norethisterone I didn't get any of these problems.

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Meniere's Disease :: Driving In The Dark Increasingly Difficult

I have Meniere's Disease and I find driving in the dark increasingly difficult.

Can my employer grant me time to leave work early so I can travel home in daylight?

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Chest Pain :: Smoke Too Much - Sometimes Find Difficult To Breath

i smoke too much these days, i tried to leave but that's too not very easy. i felt some pain in my chest and sometimes find difficult to breath.....can you please answer my question

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Thyroid Nodule :: Close To Carotid Artery - Difficult Biopsy

Just had a thyroid ultra done..showed a 9.7x7x7 cm nodule adjacent to the left carotid artery (I have lots of cysts which have already been biopsied)..after much discussion we did try to do biopsy, but because I have a short neck, and they were unable to tip my head back enough to do the biopsy without hitting the artery, I was sent home with instructions that I should have another ultra in 6 months..should I be worried, they said its small, but if we can't biopsy it, whats next..I'm off to see my primary doc today..they also asked if I had Hashi's, maybe I should be put on meds to try and shrink the nodule? 

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Pregnant Without Ejaculation - Pre Ejaculation

So yesterday my boyfriend and I were messing around a bit. I still had my undergarments on, and he was grinding against me (his penis was out). He didn't climax, but my panties kept snagging and I think he might've accidentally penetrated me a bit. I've never had sex though, so I have no idea whether he did or not. Would I have definitely been able to tell? Also he hadn't ejaculated in awhile, so his pre-ejaculation fluid couldn't have had any sperm, right? (I'm not even sure that there was any pre-ejaculation fluid.)

I know the likelihood is not high at all, I'm just scared. I'm really young and I can't talk to my parents about this without my life turning upside down. Is there any chance at all of me getting pregnant? Should I scrape together money for a morning-after pill?

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STD :: Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding After Fingering

when my boyfriend fingered me last week , it bled , and i thought it's cuz it was pretty hard that my cherry popped, but this week, he did it again ,
and it bled again, and im really scared, i know it's abnormal but is there any advice or anyone who has gone through this that knows that it is or knows how to help me?

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Menstruation :: YAZ - Abnormal Menstrual Cycle And Sex

I am 19 years old and was taking yaz (which worked very well in regulating my period). I happened to loose the pack of pills with two weeks remaining. Since then, I have had sex with him ejaculating and my menstrual cycle has not come in 6 weeks? Is there a possibility that i may be pregnant?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Abnormal Acoustic Reflex

Anyone else with MS have this? I developed pulsatile tinnitus over the summer and saw an ENT recently to look into it further. It's only in one ear, which is coincidentally on the side where I have the majority of my dysesthesia. My hearing was fine, but acoustic reflex came back abnormal and there were no ear issues found, so he ran a CT scan to look for tumors. None turned up, so they are saying this could all be from MS. Seems strange to me, but many things are with this disease. Anyone think this sounds right or should I push a little more for answers?

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Abnormal Bright Orange Color Periods

My period was a week late and now I spotting like a bright orange color. It is like red orange. It isn't all the time though like only when I go to the restroom and wipe myself. I wear a pad just incase I start bleeding but nothing is on the pad. I don't know what is wrong with me I am scared. The one thing I want is a child, but I think that something is wrong with me and I won't be able to have one.

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IUD :: Abnormal Heavy Bleeding And Blood Clots?

In January I had polyps removed and an IUD put in. There haven't been any issues until now. Tuesday evening/early Weds morning (about 5 days ago on the 15th) I noticed some breakthrough bleeding. My period had just ended on the 6th. It continued on and I started to have some slight cramping so I called my doctor and got an appointment. He took a look and said my IUD seemed a little lower than usual (that was Thursday). I made an appointment for an ultrasound and thought everything was ok. My bleeding was getting heavier and heavier, but a regular tampon managed it. In the afternoon I was out and I stood up and apparently I had bled through my tampon and underwear and it was coming down my leg. I called my doctor and they said keep and eye on it and if it continued to be like that or if it was a pad an hour go to the hospital. But it seemed to slow down. Today, however, it seems I have been clotting even more. And I just felt what I thought was a really large gush of blood, I went to the restroom and it was a huge blood clot. About an inch or so long and it wasn't flat nor did it just fall apart when I grabbed it with a tissue. What should I do? Has anyone experienced something similar?

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Abnormal Periods Since Stopping Birth Control Pills

I'm 23 and have been trying to conceive for almost a year. I’ve had abnormal menstrual periods ever since I stopped taking birth control pills – since 4 years ago. During first 15-16 months, my periods came every 3 months, but now it got closer to normal - every month or so, and sometimes even after three weeks. Moreover, during my period I experience intense pain and heavy flow. There is a history of endometriosis in my family so I’m worried that I may never be able to conceive. I had all kinds of tests by now and the doctors told me I would become normal again within six months to a year but that did not happen and now they don't know what to do with me. Could anybody here suggest something?

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Menstruation :: Abnormal Menstrual Cycles And Severe Pain

should i see a doctor because i haven't had my period in 6 months and experience moderate to severe pain in abdominal area?

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Gestational Diabetes :: Abnormal Numbers - Failed One Hour Test

I just took my one hour glucose test yesterday and the doctor called me today to have a 3 hour glucose test done because my numbers were abnormal, has this happened to anyone else and not end up with gestational diabetes? I'm just worried, this is my second pregnancy and with my first I didn't have this happen, but diabetes do run in my family so I don't know if I should be worried.

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