Anxiety :: Difficult To Breathe

Mar 12, 2014

I particularly find it difficult to breath. I feel my chest is being crushed & I have to try to yawn to 'catch' my breath. If I can 'catch' my breath it feels immediately better...for five minutes, but, if I can't, it can go on indefinitely & I get panicky about it. This has happened since I was seventeen & Drs couldn't find anything wrong.

This always happens as I try to go to sleep & annoys my husband so much, which panics me still more.

I find that it happens when I am not absorbed in doing anything, i.e. watching tv, sitting here on the computer, driving, trying to sleep! I don't really sleep at all, my dreams are dark & fitful so I awake to watching the clock tick by all night. Yet I could sleep all day.

I have tried many different types of prescribed anti depressant, to no avail though. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to look for a different job, but am scared from going 'from frying pan to fire'. I think I need something else in my life, but I'm frightened of doing it wrong & feeling much worse. HELP!

I don't have good concentration, (perhaps due to exhaustion)? I am very forgetful. I suffer hot sweats too.

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Citalopram :: Difficulty To Breathe

After taking citalopram 10mg for 4 weeks started little bit difficult to breathe for 5 days already and everytime i feel pain in heart area. Can it be allergy? i never felt like this before, today i have to rise to 20 mg and im panicking.

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Child Health :: Difficult To Breath At Night

I am a 24 year guy who have been facing the problem of breathing at night.

i get this problem specially at nights.

sometimes i wake up at middle of night and start facing  this problem until i get out off bed at the morning. I am suffering a lot my days are gone unproductive due to this problem as i become completely sleepy at the day time.

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Heavy / Difficult Periods While On Norethisterone For Fibroids

I'm 33 and have uterine fibroids for which I have been taking norethisterone to stop my heavy, prolonged periods. On the advice of my GP I took a break from the tablet, but she gave me a supply in case I desperately needed them. She told me not to take any more for a while as I wouldn't know if the mini-pill (which I was prescribed 2 months ago) was working to regulate my periods and shrink the fibroids. I have started my period now and it's been going on for over a week. I'm in pain, it's heavy and clotting and my moods are all over the place, I'm tired all of the time and I can't go out for too long for fear of flooding. It's affecting my work and my relationship as I feel unattractive and sad all of the time. When I was taking norethisterone I didn't get any of these problems.

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Meniere's Disease :: Driving In The Dark Increasingly Difficult

I have Meniere's Disease and I find driving in the dark increasingly difficult.

Can my employer grant me time to leave work early so I can travel home in daylight?

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Chest Pain :: Smoke Too Much - Sometimes Find Difficult To Breath

i smoke too much these days, i tried to leave but that's too not very easy. i felt some pain in my chest and sometimes find difficult to breath.....can you please answer my question

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Prostatitis - Difficult And Incomplete Urination With Abnormal Ejaculation

I have had some signs of Prostatitis (difficulty urinating. Incomplete urination. Abnormal Ejaculation) for some time now. My doctor put me on Sulfamethoxazole for 10 days and it seemed to lessen the symptoms and ease some of the swelling. However, recently I have noticed that on the underside of the penis,at the base, above the scrotum, there seems to be a little more swelling.

There is also a pinching-type pain and it feels like a small grain of sand or something is stuck inside my urethra. I can feel a slight pain throughout the length of my penis around the urethra as well.

I feel a slight "click" when I massage underneath my scrotum as well and it seems that this location is where a majority of the pain (although not severe, it's very uncomfortable) is originating from.

I contracted HPV/G.W. about a year ago and I was also curious as to whether or not this could be causing more serous issues.

Can anyone offer some information. I'm desperate and don't know what to do....

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Crackling Noise When I Breathe

I have noticed when i am in bed at night i can hear a crackling noise when i breath. Anyone else?

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COPD :: Breathe Easy Groups Experience - Anyone?

Have any experience of a Breath Easy group.  I believe they are run by The British Lung Foundation.  There does appear to be a local group for us.  My husband who has just been diagnosed with COPD is not keen on this sort of thing but I thought I might give it a go.  Does anyone know what goes on at these groups.

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Thyroid Nodule :: Close To Carotid Artery - Difficult Biopsy

Just had a thyroid ultra done..showed a 9.7x7x7 cm nodule adjacent to the left carotid artery (I have lots of cysts which have already been biopsied)..after much discussion we did try to do biopsy, but because I have a short neck, and they were unable to tip my head back enough to do the biopsy without hitting the artery, I was sent home with instructions that I should have another ultra in 6 months..should I be worried, they said its small, but if we can't biopsy it, whats next..I'm off to see my primary doc today..they also asked if I had Hashi's, maybe I should be put on meds to try and shrink the nodule? 

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Costochondritis :: Ribs Keep Popping Out Makes It Hard To Breathe

I am 35 yr old male and for 5 yrs now my ribs keep popping out weekly. They don't come all the way out they just separate from the sternum and spine a little bit but enough that it causes pain and makes it hard to get a deep breath through. Anyone have this issue?

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Sleep Disorders :: Forget To Breathe Just As I'm Falling Asleep

I'm curious if anyone else experiences this. Just as I cross the line from being awake to falling asleep, it seems like my body just forgets to breathe. I jolt myself awake and just get right back to sleeping. I don't notice it every night but sometimes it happens a few times before I'm fully asleep.

I'm otherwise a healthy 32 year old male. I go to the gym multiple times a week and don't have any other major health issues other than occasional teeth-grinding at night. I don't snore heavily and I typically wake up rested when I do get to sleep early enough.

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Cannabis :: Can't Breathe, Heart Beating Fast After Weed

i am 15 years old, and i have smoked weed about 8 times. but the last time i really got a bad trip. it felt like my heart was going to explode and like i couldn't breathe properly. after the effect stopped. i were fine. but some days later i felt that my heart was beating fast and hard. i went to the doctor, he said it was just fine but i still felt in in the same unpleasant way. sometimes i get this tickling feeling in my heart and i've lost my appetite. any ideas to what it could be?sorry 4 the bad english.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Can't Breathe, Chest Pain And Heart Flutters / Tightness

Just to put it bluntly I am 35 years old and honestly I feel like I am 95 and just waiting to take my last breath. This is so crazy that a disease such as acid reflux can make you feel this way. My symptoms to name a few, I can't breathe, I have chest pain, I have the heart palps, I have the heart flutters, I have the chest tightness. The first thing I think of is THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY HEART! But no its the thing called gerd! I quit drinking, I quit smoking, I quit all of the stuff that I loved, and it is still here.

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Sleep Disorders :: Wheezing And Difficult Breath And Short Breath

Few day ago till now I feel very tired and difficult breathing. I feel short breath and chest congestion. I also feel numbness all over my body and dizzy. I also feel very dry mouth and dry throat. I cannot sleep every night for full night. I had lung x-Ray last months but result was fine. I had severe stress due to some mental health last month but now I feel relieve but I don't know why I had all symptoms I mentioned above.

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Reflux Oesophagitis :: Acid Reflux And Not Able To Breathe

Actaually my brother got synus surgery in throat at january,My brother got refexion 2 times for past one month.oneday while he is eating its just choked and cant able to breathe for a minute with some sound in throat.After 2 days one mid night he again felt breatheless and awake and went for clinic to get back his beathe normal.Thereafter we discuss with ENT surgeriant doctar said its of acid reflextion and will cure it slowly.Even he hates all night and fear of sleeping.How to recover him to a normal guy. Since he is only 25 years old.

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Anxiety :: After Effects (Anxiety, Dizziness) Of The Drug Molly (MDMA, Ecstasy)

About 3 and half weeks ago (24 days to be exact) I ingested 100 mg of a drug called Molly, which is a form of Ecstasy.  This was done simultaneously with lots of alcohol (all beer).  I am typically not a drug user, trying marijuana only a couple of times, but I had consumed alcohol fairly often (pretty much every weekend, not during weeks), before that. I was with 10 other people in a safe setting who all did the drug (most of which took a higher dose).

In the days after the night that I consumed the drug, I felt extremely lightheaded, nauseous, couldn't sleep, heart was racing, and I was very worried that I had done permanent damage to myself or my brain.  As the weeks have gone by, the nauseousness and insomnia have gone away, but I still am feeling lightheaded and dizzy.  Everyone that I was with felt completely back to normal after a day or two, and it seems I am the only one who feels this way.  It is better than it was the week after, but by no means do I feel normal.  I am now extremely worried and having extreme anxiety that I will feel like this forever and that I have permanently messed myself up.

Does anyone know what could be wrong with me? I just want to feel normal again.  I have been to two doctors, each of whom has taken a blood test from me, and they told me that the blood tests came back normal.  They both told me that the lightheadedness and dizziness would both subside, and that I needed to stop worrying about it, but it has now been almost 4 weeks and I am still feeling the same way. 

I am just really scared that I have messed up and ruined my life by taking that one drug one time.
PS; I am fully aware what a mistake it was to take the drug in the first place.  I understand that whatever I am feeling I deserve, and I will never come close to doing any hard drug ever again. 

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Anxiety :: Physical Anxiety Symptoms 24/7 - Stomach Butterflies And Shaking

Hi. I just wondered if what I'm experiencing is normal. For the past 2-3 months I've had constant anxiety symptoms. I'm not just talking anxious thoughts (although I have those all the time), I'm talking physical symptoms. All day long, I have a horrible tightness in my chest, butterflies in my stomach, dry mouth, internal shaking in my legs and adrenaline rushes up and down my body. I can't control the symptoms, no matter how hard I try. When it first hit, it was different. I had constant nausea & a general feeling of not being able to cope. But I could switch out of it sometimes and feel normal. Now I can never switch out of it. It's there all the time, although the nausea has stopped. I even have it in my sleep because I've actually felt it in my dreams and when I wake up, it's still there. (Not that I can sleep much in this state. 5 hours is the most I ever have.) I'm on Citalopram but if anything, it's made my anxiety worse. The leg symptoms weren't there before I went on the drug and nor was the chest tightness.

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Anxiety :: Physical Anxiety - Pain And Pressure Around Heart

I've had some really strange physical symptoms. I feel a lot of pressure around my heart. I feel pain in my heart area and fear that it will stop beating. I've had my heart checked out and they found nothing. I constantly fear they missed something. Also feel like my heart twitches at times. But I think it's my chest muscles that twitch. It's really hard to explain. Anyone else feel this?

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Anxiety :: Cause You Insomnia ?

Does anyone deal with insomnia induced by your anxiety?  I have horrible insomnia (can't fall asleep and can't stay asleep).  I know anxiety and insomnia go hand in hand, but I'm not certain if my insomnia is a direct result of my anxiety.  

What ways do you deal with this?  I was recently prescribed sleeping pills by my doctor, but those are even hit or miss as far as helping me sleep.  Does anyone have any tried and true remedies that they use or have found to be helpful?  

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Anxiety Causes Acne?

Iif anyone has got this it is only mild acne and do u know any good treatments I've tried antibiotic but they don't work

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