Anxiety :: Scared Being Alone With My Thoughts

Mar 13, 2016

Does anyone hate their own company? I hate being on my own! I just feel scared being alone with my thoughts.

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Anxiety :: I'm Really Scared

I'm really scared I'm getting blackheads on my face my buggers just came out white my rea hurt like I feel I need to shut them closed doctors say I'm fine but say I'm dealing with extreme anxiety is this normal pl is this Norma some one help me

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Bad Anxiety And Scared To Sleep At Night - I Won't Wake

Hi since last ear in April I've had really bad anxiety . Its to the point where I wake up and in my head I say ' whats the point of living if I dont eat much , if I'm constantly thinking of things , and the fear of me dying soon ' . Is this normal ? I'm scared to sleep at night cause I'm afraid I won't wake up ! I often pray to God that he doesn't take me or neither of my family members yet . Not till we're 100 !! But I feel like he will take me soon . This is really stressing me out ! To the point where my appetite is off and I overthink so much . I'm in tears.

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Anxiety :: Fear / Scared Of People And Places

For as long as I can remember, I've been worrying about what others think of me. It's affected me so much that I can't go outside without feeling that I look as perfect as I can, and I must have everything (like a mobile, emergency money, pens, inhalers, lighters etc) that I could possibly need in any circumstance on my person- only with others with whom I am comfortable with. I won't ever go outside on my own. I can't use toilets where there's even a slight chance that anyone can hear me pee, even in my own house. It's as if my bladder locks up and I don't need to anymore (I've had infections because of this). I can't swallow food in social situations, and that's if I can bring myself to eat it in the first place (I feel as if everyone is looking at me). I can't orgasm in front of my partner, no matter how close I get. I can't go into my own garden anymore because of a fear that people can see me.

I'm here because I'm too scared to go to my doctor, on my own or with someone I'm close to, because I don't want to go to a semi-unfamiliar place and also because I don't want to talk about all this to a stranger- no matter how much I'm assured that they're professionals and will not judge me. I'm always uncomfortable, even alone. I'll do something that I wouldn't want to do in front of someone else, and I'll feel as if they were there and feel ashamed. It's stopping me from doing so many things that I want to, and I plan my days around whether I'll feel comfortable here or there, or if a restaurant has suitable toilets.

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Anxiety :: Afraid Of The Things That Have Made Me Feel Scared In The Past

Does this sound like how anxiety works to you? I feel like I become so afraid of the things that have made me feel scared in the past. And, of course, with anxiety, the things that have made me feel scared form a very long list.

This then is what keeps anxiety going. For example, "once I had a panic attack while waking up, now I always feel scared when getting up in the morning".

Does this sound familiar?

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Anxiety / Panic Attacks :: Scared Of Dying And Leaving My Kids

I'm suffering really bad from anxiety & panic attacks, I can't sit n watch tv or anything as my mind is wondering. I'm scared of dying n leaving my kids. Im healthy apart from the anxiety n panic, What do u all do wen u feel 1 comin on ? 

I have been trying 2 ignore it & carry on what I was doing as hard as it is, is this the rite thing 2 do ?

i can't eat as it gets stuck in my throat but I forced it down. Sleeping is all mixed up been Up since 4.20....

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Anxiety :: Paranoid Thoughts

I've been suffering from Anxiety disorder for some months now and I never had paranoid thoughts what so ever, but lately my Anxiety as gotten worse and I've been having paranoid thoughts like ,what if my family member is try's to hurt me,what if their talking about me behind my back,what if my brother tries to rape me  eh !!!!!Where the hell are these strange thoughts coming from!!!Is it normal to get these thoughts off anxiety , I really don't want to go schizo or turn crazy!

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Anxiety :: Xanax - Intrusive Thoughts

ever since i started taking alprazolam generic of xanax daily (2 months now) i know its supposed to cause memory loss but i keep getting very strange memories of random events from years ago that pop into my head unless im very very busy or with people or occupied. im very scared and have posted about this many times... like its intrusive thoughts but memories instead of thoughts. i also am a hypochondriac and think i have a brain tumor so this new problem is only escalating that fear... what is this and do you think xanax is correlating to any of it?

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Anxiety And Depression - Negative Thoughts

I have and still do suffer from anxiety and depression. And recently have been having negative thoughts, things I shouldn't. I feel like such a terrible person because I know that's not me I couldn't hurt a fly. And I feel like i'm all alone, i'm ashamed of my own self, its worst when i'm alone it's like I get lost in my own mind and I hate it. I'm on medicine for my anxiety, and have a doctors appt coming up. Is this occurring because of my anxiety/depression? Am I the only one?

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Sertraline Or Anxiety? Negative Thoughts

Does anyone know if Sertraline causes negative thoughts or is it because of my anxiety it just i'm not as depressed as before but can't get rid of these negative thoughts and I think it's that what's making me feel down been on 5g for 5 weeks then 100mg for a week

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Severe Depression/anxiety - Suicidal Thoughts

I am new to this site and have been having alot of issues as of late. About a year ago I was diagnosed with depression  and anxiety. Even with medication I was having a hard time with life and due to this was let go from my job. I lost my medication when I lost my insurance. I began to spiral and crashed hard about a month ago. When I get depressed I become self destructive. I started drinking heavily, self harm mutilation, and had an affair with a stripper in which I received oral sex. When I sobered up a bit the guilt got to me so much I had to be hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. I am on new medication  (buspar, wellbutrin xl, and remeron) but still have an issue with guilt and anxiety about the affair and possible std I may have gotten. I can't stay out of my head and still have many suicidal thoughts. I broke down and let my wife know what happened, for her part she is mad but willing to work it out. Any advice would help. Also do any of my meds cause horrible stomach cramps?

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Anxiety :: Feeling To Die Young - Death Thoughts

I have a son who thinks he is going to die young and is causing him anxiety everyday it is literally spoiling his life, He is fit and healthy other than this as he plays sports. The thing is this, I need to help him get over this and I need help with technics to make him well again. Any suggestions that helped you overcome this feeling of death?

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Anxiety :: Fear And Thoughts Of Death Of Loved Ones

I am a girl and I am 21. I'd to know if I suffer from anxiety or maybe it's just a crisis that will soon pass. However,every single day I wake up thinking that another day passed and we all are getting older as a result. I can't stand the idea that one day I will lose my parents. Of course no one wants it but the thing is that I can't control these scary thoughts and whenever I have fun with my parents or close people I unwillingly start to think that one day this day will be just a memory.This is so overwhelming.I can't enjoy even a moment that's why I prefer being alone. The fact that my parents are much older than the parents of my friends makes it even worse. I count days, months, try to see if they have too many wrinkles.It is so unfair to them but I can't help doing it.I love them too much but I get that this is not normal.I used to be a very calm,happy,rational girl but after graduation I don't see the girl I used to be.

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Citalopram :: Waking Up With Anxiety And Negative Thoughts

I've been on 20mg for 16 weeks and upped to 30mg 3 weeks ago every morning I wake up I have high anxiety and negative thoughts this seems to ward off about 5pm has anyone had this problem and will it get better with time.

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Social Anxiety/ Negative Intrusive Thoughts

Ok, so just a short introduction about myself. I'm currently 25, I'm a male with chinese ethnicity. My nickname is Jas. I came from a pretty well-off family (enough to get me my needs and some of my wants) . I have a couple of caring but overprotective parents. I went through my entire "going-to-school" life with them. I graduated with a decent course and was successful in getting my professional licence. Life was really great that time for me, but i think I only felt that way because I was naive back then.

Anyway... As soon as I started working, I left home for good. I went into a different city and started to become an independent person. I was around 21-ish that time. This is when I became conscious of my behaviours and holes within myself. I think, a big part of this is due to me staying with my parents for a very long time, which probably delayed my maturity, but hey, let's not live in the past. Let's focus on what we have right now.

So when I started to become conscious with my own movements, I looked for ways to improve myself - I spent long hours in a day to reflect how my day went, how i behaved in front of other people, etc... When I started, it was really bad - i didn't know how to carry myself in public, people would most often laugh at me. One thing i noticed also is that I craved for attention - I was needy. I didn't know how to construct my thoughts properly. I didn't even know how to know what I feel for a certain scenario. I was really bad that time, trust me... If i write all of them here, this will be a VERY LONG list. Oh well, that was the past. But over time, I was able to get some of the negative traits out. I gained more control over myself now. But there are some that I can't get out:

1. Negative intrusive thoughts - thoughts of people laughing at me... thoughts of people bullying me. It's one that keeps on going my head OVER and OVER again. I have read some of the forums and took the advise to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. yeah it sure helped, but when i'm under pressure, i just lose control of myself. For example, one of the things i'm interested with is music... singing.. playing musical instruments. I could very well do those stuff if i'm alone, but if i'm in front of several people, thoughts like people laughing at me creeps into my mind, then i lose control with myself. I don't know why, but I'm so overwhelmed with my emotions, that I lose control of myself completely.

2. Social anxiety - Back then, I was really afraid of people. I don't know what to do in social gatherings (i was the one who sits in the corner and eats cheese). Soon, of course, i had to face my fear and had to start talking with people. I think i found some success in it. Although, my biggest problem right now i think is approaching groups. it's like i feel fear even before i do anything. I think my reasoning also break down quite easily when i'm under pressure (like for unexpected circumstances/responses...).

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Anxiety :: Negative / Suicidal Thoughts With Paxil?

Experiencing negative thoughts, paranoid thoughts, and extreme anxiousness where I am focusing on dumb things. Do I stop taking it? I don't have a follow up doct apt for another 5 weeks 

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Anxiety :: Excessive Negative Thoughts Of Death And Dying

For the past 3 months I have thoughts of death and dying, almost everyday I feel a choking feeling around my throat and neck area and I keep thinking that I would suffocate. It's gotten to the point where I panic on a daily basis thinking that I'm going to die.

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Severe Depression And Anxiety - Irrational Thoughts Are Destroying Me

I'll just tell you a little about myself i'm female, 23 and unemployed. Took me a while to first go to the doctors, First diagnosed with depression n anxiety at around 18. Was very low in mood, constant worrying, staying indoors not wanting to go out or do anything. Through childhood and school, college n work always had difficulty in talking about my problems, issue's bottled things up never hardly spoke about how I was feeling and fitting in, socialising, relationships, exams etc was extremely hard found myself mixing with the wrong crowd a lot. Employed Since leaving school2008 till 2014. 2014 everything went downhill my behaviour was manic, erratic, obsessive and violent highs n lows lost my job, wrote off my brand new car under the influence, lots of debt, family troubles, getting into trouble with police, stealing much more things really could go on n on. Currently and the last two years have been horrendous withdrawn myself from the world stayed in bed days, weeks, months got sectioned diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety n psychosis disgusting place if anyone can relate...In there i was on lorazepam felt amazing was discharged but they couldn't prescribe me that at home so i went back down. irrational thoughts are destroying me. I've tried most types of AD meds most of them have had no effect or made me like a zombie. Been back to see my gp last week and started again on Sertraline 50mg increased to 100mg following week and she has give me beta blockers propranolol 40mg twice daily.

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Anxiety :: Ruining My Marriage And Losing Control Of My Thoughts

My step daughter is getting married I am completely excluded and my husband feels I'm being selfish. How do I change my feelings of constant sadness like break down in tears sadness?

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Anxiety :: Preoccupation With Death / Suicidal Negative Thoughts

I'm 17 and been suicidal for  five years, i want to die all the time, preoccupation with suicidal thoughts has affected everything like my studies a sudden plummet in my academic score and physical health too, i only weigh 39 kg n im 5"3 tall girl. I want to die all the times i don't want to live Is this normal?

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Anxiety :: Excessive Negative Thoughts / Overwhelming Bad Memories

I have had anxiety issues since I was a kid but this last year or two has been the worst it's ever been for me. I find myself always reverting back to my negative thinking ways. I haven't seen a therapist or a professional because frankly I can't afford it and I always end up chickening out when I do find a somewhat affordable place. 

I've been researching alot about different anxiety disorders and I'm most relatable to that of OCD and I definitely feel I have depression as well. I'm sorry if my post is a little excessive but I find that even writing it all down, gives me some relief of all the stress I feel. I would really love any feedback and any type of help you could all give me. 

I am constantly making myself feel like I'm a bad person. I have a lot of negative thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis. I will bring up bad memories from the past of things that I did wrong or when I had made bad judgements. It's really hard for me to try and move on from past mistakes. I am always saying in my head, "I should of did this" and "why didn't I do that instead." I beat myself up over things I can't change. I notice that anytime there is something that is going good for me, I will find reasons why I don't deserve it or why I'm not worthy of having it in my life. 

I also have panic attacks when driving alone. I always worry that I hit someone or something and didn't realize it or notice. I turn the radio down real low so that I can hear every noise just in case. I get so nervous and worried that I will check my car a bunch of times just to see if there's any type of damage or difference. I think the worst if I feel a bump or hear any type of ding. 

I think the biggest thing that triggers my anxiety disorder is my fear of how people perceive me to be. I really need reassurance from others in order to feel like I'm doing things right or that I'm a good person. Everything I do or say in front of people, I analyze. I try and figure out what they are thinking and how they are judging me. I just want everyone To like me and think I'm a good person. I try to relate to everyone so that they have a positive view of me. I am always in fear of people getting the wrong idea or misinterpreting something I said and in doing so, they think I'm a terrible person.  

I also get really stressed out whenever I go into stores because I get worried that the people working there will think me or the person I'm with is trying to shoplift. I will as far as buying something I don't even really want just so that they don't think I went there just to steal something. 

When leaving the house, I go over everything  in my head and if I'm not sure whether I locked, shut or turned something off before I left, I worry the entire time something will happen to my dogs while I'm away because of it. Like if I don't make it apparent that I checked all candles were blown out, then I will just worry that my house will burn down with my dogs in it......

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