NEED To Quit Smoking - Too Scared And Too Weak

Sep 28, 2013

But I don't know how! I am soooo bored with my life, I only work part time, I have nothing to do half the time and I smoke and smoke and smoke just to pass the time away. I constantly think about smoking, I smoke to do everything, I smoke driving and I smoke before I go for a run and when I get back! I smoke all day and all night long, without stopping for more than an hour. if I go more than an hour, I get nasty, snippy, grouchy and miserable. I can't be around anyone else if I have no cigs and if I can't smoke somewhere, I am just too miserable. I don't know how to quit, I keep saying, this is my last pack and then the next day comes, I have nothing to smoke, so I go buy some by 10am. I am weak and lazy minded and undisciplined. I can't cut down and I can't go cold turkey. I can't take the patches, I have nightmares from them, I can't chew the gum, I have crowns and I had no success with the nicotrol inhaler. I have electronic cigarettes that I used when i'm in public and can't smoke but never tried just using them and not buying a pack of real ones. I'm too scared and too weak.

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I Want To Quit Smoking

very difficult to stop smoking

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I Wish To Quit Smoking

My name is Ivar. I'm 21 years old, from Europe.

My profession is cook. But currently I'm working 2 jobs, sales agent and consultant in electronics store.

I also skateboard and play video games in my free time. Like any young adult.

Why am I here?

Well, I wish to quit smoking. That's the main reason.

So far I've come to two ends, which is:

First I will try hypnosis, and if that doesn't work out, then I'll get some champix and **** myself up.

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Asthma :: I've Quit Smoking

Well I'm 21, coming 22.

Quit smoking after doing it for 6 years and 2 months!  

Last cigarette 52 hours ago and I'm NOT going back!! I've been using the eCig - they're brilliant.

But I'm so worried - could my asthma have progressed into COPD?! Sometimes when walking vigorously, I get tight chested, but it goes away by itself.. I think I've always had that?

My lung capacity hasn't changed (yes, I actually measured it all those years ago when I started).  

Reading about COPD is what made me give up.  Basically, is smoking for 6 years long enough to change my asthma into COPD? 

* Smoked 10-15 a day for first 2-3 years, then 20 a day the past 3 years roughly

* Used reliever inhaler 2x per day during that time

* Since stopping smoking, I've only used my reliever in the morning

* Have a very dry cough with tiny amounts of phlegm - when smoking had more phlegm!

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Quit Smoking :: How Can I Stop It?

I use 10 or 12 cigarette daily so that i can't stop it. If i didn't use it i can't be normal. It's my life but it's not fair it harm our health. My friends force me to involve in such behaviours but now it has been my friend. I don't have any ideas to stop it.

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How To Quit Smoking When Drinking A Beer?

I like to drink beer and can’t even imagine having a beer without cigarette. So, now when I think of quitting smoking, I can see myself without cigarette in every situation except when I take a beer. How to quit smoking when drinking a beer?

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How Do You Strengthen Your Lungs After You Quit Smoking?

How do you strengthen your lungs after you quit smoking?

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Pregnancy :: How To Quit Smoking Without Stress?

I just found out I am pregnant yesterday with my first child. More than excited for it, but I'm a smoker. I've been for years. I need advice, please. How do I quit ASAP without stress. Everyone around me smokes. I'm scared of the harm I'm bringing or could bring my child.

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Hip Replacement :: Should Quit Smoking Before Operation?

I'm due a hip replacement very soon I know it's bad but I smoke should I give up before op are there more dangers

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Pregnancy :: 4 Weeks - Want To Quit Smoking

Just got a positive pregnancy test. I'm 4 weeks in. Can anyone help me quit smoking cigarettes I don't want to hurt my baby. How did you quit if you are a smoker

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Quit Smoking :: How To Stop My Boyfriend

Just like the title, how to let my boyfriend quit smoking this time.

We knew each other for 6 years, and now is the time to marry.

I love him, and he loves me, too.

If I want a baby, then he still keep smoking is not so good.

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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Works?

So my friend has heard about a guy who gave up smoking after single visit to a doctor. He said that he was hypnotized and when he woke up he felt like he can't smoke anymore. I am really puzzled by this. I think its just a rip off. I don't know, it sounds too good and to easy to be true. Could it be?
Has anyone heard of anyone else getting hypnosis to  help prevent smoking? Maybe its just a placebo effect, i mean you already know that you should quit smoking after the hypnosis and maybe that's why he felt like he does not want to smoke anymore. That and the fact that he paid for that session.

What are your thoughts?

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Son Smoking Pot - Herbals Like Ciwujia To Quit Marijuana?

Has anyone had an success using herbals like Ciwujia to quit marijuana? My neighbor swears it helps him be responsible about the stuff, but I cant find it in any stores by me (I don't like buying stuff online)

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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking And Stop Addictions

Users comments and reviews on article Hypnosis to Quit Smoking and Stop Addictions - Hypnosis as Addiction Treatment

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Quit Smoking :: Nicotine Therapy Is Exceptionally Useful

i have found nicotine therapy exceptionally useful since it helped me to quit smoking. many will appreciate that the most difficult part in the smoking cessation program is cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Why Should A Successful Person Quit Smoking Pot?

I'm a 30 year old single guy. According to social criteria I'm a successful person. I have a PhD degree in engineering from a university which is always in top 30 in the world. I started my professional job 20 months ago and during this period I have got two promotions and now I'm a manager. I have lots of friends and people enjoy being around me. I have a very good relationship with my parent and sister. I speak 3 languages and now working on the 4th one. I have traveled a lot and can socialize with anyone from any country on any subject. Financially I'm doing OK but not amazing. I work out 3 times a week and have a athletic body. I'm very energetic and I have told that I'm hyperactive.

I started smoking pot when I was 26 and since then I've been smoking from once to 4 times a week. The weed has really changed my life because since I have been a smoker, my brains works much better and I'm much more concentrated. I can solve more complicated problems and understand engineering facts much better. When I'm high, I always come up with brilliant ideas which motivates me and drives me in life. I'm more artistic when I'm high and enjoy the music to the end.

The only down part of my life is that I haven't had a girlfriend past 3 years. I have dated lots lots of girls but find them either ugly or not bright.
Since 6 months ago I came up with the idea of quitting smoking weed but I'm unable to do that. I have no good reason or no motivation of doing it. I think maybe by being high in past 4 years I have built a fantasy world that not most of the people can understand and enter and that's why I don't have a girlfriend.

Today I came up with the idea of going to a rehab center but then I though if I don't convince myself that I have to quick, if I don't have enough reasons then I will never quit. So I thought to share my story with people and see if they can give me some reasons to quit.

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Cannabis Addiction :: Trying To Quit Smoking Pot - Cold Turkey?

I have been smoking non stop for 6 years. Heavy heavy smoker. I'm going to college and am getting drug tested so i had to quit smoking. I am having problems with eating, anxiety, horrible stomach pains, hot flashes, food doesn't even sound good EVER! Yogurt has been my best friend. But it gives me the sh**s. I really just need some helpful tips to get me through this. . Just quitting cold turkey is so hard but i know i have to do it. Its been 3 days sober. Will my appetite ever return or am i stuck like this. I am sure i have lost a lot of weight. I don't really experience insomnia but i do everything else. My body seems to hate me for doing this. Feeling super dehydrated and i have been trying a protein powder that i mix with milk, could that be causing....

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Anxiety :: Propranolol - Consult Doctor If You Start Or Quit Smoking?

I was wondering if anyone has even been on propranolol 40mg once a day for anxiety and stopped smoking and if so did you feel fine!

I want to stop smoking but on the leaflet it says consult your doc if u start or stop smoking.

I did ask my gp but he dismissed the leaflet and just said stop smoking - I kinda didn't trust his answer.

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Cannabis :: Need To Quit Marijuana

i am 19 years old and has been smoking cigrattes and marijuana since the age of 16. i seriously want to quit all this as i have been smoking atleast 3-4 joints (sometimes even 10 )everyday and 5-10 cigrttes everday from past 2 years but i am not able to quit . i need help!!!!! will any medicines be helpful.?

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PreDiabetes :: Could Pancreas Quit Functioning Normally ?

I am a 41 yr old, thin, 95 lbs female. At age 19 had car wreck/ distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy. My A1C came back 5.7 pre diabetes. My question is how likely after 22 years could my pancreas quit functioning normally and I become diabetic. Would it be type 1 or type 2? I also have neuropathy in my feet.

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HIV :: Symptoms And Scared

On Dec 6th i had a protected sex with a sex worker. I read through Google and found it is a low risk.

But what am worried is the symptoms or the things happening.

On the 10th day after the incident, i had a sudden huge dehydration and from there mild fever, fatigue, Throat pain, Pain in my groin, Arm pits as well, Loss of appetite, felt a lot of tiredness. I don't know if the lymph nodes were swollen or not, Nausea, Oral thrush, Blood red spots inside the mouth for a day. I felt all disappeared yesterday. But from today morning, i feel nerve tickling or blistering in my legs and frequency is slowly increasing with a mild joint paints as well.

Tests taken

13th day PCR DNA - Negative

28th Day - Antibody screening (finger prick) - negative

30th day PCR DNA - waiting for results.

my questions are

1) Do you think i will be hiv + ?

2) How good is a 13th day PCR DNA test?

3) 30th day PCR DNA test results are expected to come by this weekend.. If it is negative, then do you think i still need to do the testing after 84 days or 3 months?

I know symptoms cannot diagnose HIV, but i m really worried confused and keep thinking of this always. Please help me with any possible information.

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