Chronic Pain :: Ms-contin Vs Methadone And Edema

Jul 9, 2014

I am on methadone 5 mg X 3/day and increased one dose to 10 but the edema I had got worse. My PM wants to switch me back to MS-Contin 15mgX3 but I am afraid of edema too. and constipation.

Which would be better?

I have lots of problems:

1. small fiber peripheral polyneuropathy
2. failed back syndrome.
3. r-hip derangement

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Chronic Pain :: Methadone Switching To Opana After 11 Years

Hi im new to the site..heres my story. 05 was in a car accident head on collision by a drunk. Injuries..fractured acetebulum and broken left pelvis plus 3 fractured ribs and puctured lung. Now 11yrs later im 34yr old mother of of 1, 6yr old son a wife... On ssi since 09... I have been on 10mg methadone bid for about 2months and much higher doses in the my pm is switching me to opana er 7.5 bid. At my request. Just needed a change...methadone was making me feel exhausted and not helping my pain as it usrd to. So i tried the butrans patch a few months ago and it went horrible...after 7days without methadone and 3days with butrans patch on i had major withdraw symptom and i started to have major difficulties breathing. So to no prevail i went back to the beast (methadone)up till now... Now im on my second day of opana er7,5 bid with vicoden 5mg tid for break thru. Im not sure what to very confident in my decision in swithing meds but...i just started feeling slight withdraw effects n having long will this last...has anyone been on methadone for 10+yrs and swithed to a pain med that significantly helped...thank you for reading. I appreciate all of your posts and i hope to be of help to someone with my many years of experience of living in pain with a smile. Thank you...

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Oxycodone/contin Tapering Off

Fourteen surgeries, three major spinal in past year yeah, I am struggling with the opioids. Last left hospital in September on a mix of about 350 mg oxycodone or contin.

I have two more surgeries ahead of me in the new year. But in the meantime I have become convinced that the oxycodone/contin is actually causing me pain. I have no idea how I am going to face the next surgeries but I CANNOT keep going on this particular road.

So I have weaned myself down to 65 mg per day. Even so I am so jumpy, legs restless, stomach cramping reminds me of quitting smoking (I was a 2-packer) except this is ten times worse. I am craving food but cannot eat. I am tapering another 10 mg every 4 days. Is this a good idea or would it be better to just STOP?

I am 63, retired and have a sweet supportive husband who wants to be helpful but does not understand. When he quit smoking he just stopped and did not miss a beat so he really does not have a clue what I am going through now. My health, aside from all the orthopaedic issues is good.

I've read some of the "recipes" on other sites for easing withdrawal but don't even know if I could get some of that stuff where I am (Canada).

I am starting to ramble but God bless you for listening. Also, any idea how I am going to handle the pain of surgeries in spring?

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Pain Management :: Given Up Methadone

I went to my Pm yesterday and let him know that I wanted off the methadone. So since I had to see the NP because it was considered an emergency visit they decided they were going to put me on the patch where you wear it for three day then take it off. So I asked about the side effect and after hearing them something in me panic and snapped and I said forget I want off of everything. So as off right now I am coming off of the methadone. I decided that with the scare of my heart and the new neurological problems they only way to know is if I come off of the meds. I am still on the Topamax he did not want to take me off of that because I have been on it for over a year and never had a problem. SO I am hoping in with 2 months we will know if it was the meds causing the neurological problems or the something else.

What made me snap was I was telling him that I wanted something for the muscle because I was having a lot of spasms and tightness and off of the methadone and he totally ignored me and said well we are going to give you something a lot strong and this should work since the methadone has not been working. It was as if he was not listening to me. He said to me you are going to Cleveland clinic (CCF) to be treated for the muscle so the will figure it out soon, I said yes but I do not get medicine from them because I have a contract with you. I don't know why he would not give me a muscle relaxer but I feel better knowing that I am coming off of the medicine for a while I just hope I can handle the pain long enough to see of it is neurological or a side effect from the methadone....

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Pain Management :: Oxy Vs. Methadone?

.I had a C5-C7 disc fusion done 5 years ago that alleviated all of the pain in my neck and shoulders. What I am left with is a severe case of peripheral neuropathy. My feet and legs are numb to the touch but hypersensitive when I walk so I cannot go very long distances without the tingling burning throbbing pain. This pain is heightened at night when I go to sleep thanks mostly to the 300mg of Lyrica twice daily. I had an EMG nerve conductivity test performed which of course indicated severe neuropathy.

Now I am going to a neurologist who says I have to put up with the pain. I am going back on Monday to my neurosurgeon to ask for a lower MRI (never done) and I wanted a referral to PM because the pain is out of hand on 600mg of Lyrica daily. I have been on Oxycodone before and hated it and I do not like the stigma attached to these drugs so I thought I would ask my doctors to consider Methadone. What does everyone think? I know Methadone has its own stigma but is long acting and something I NEED right now and probably for good as I have had this neuropathy for 5 years.

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Neuropathy :: Methadone For Nerve Pain?

Has anyone tried methadone for nerve pain? I've just started a low dose and wondered if you had any side effects and how long they lasted? Most important, any relief?

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Back Pain Management :: Methadone 5 Mg 2 Tablets Will Help?

I was wondering if 2 5mg methadone a day will help back pain-,i was taking 3 a day but now my appt has been moved because i wait on my check and i will only be able to take 2 of the 5 mg pills a day

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GCA :: Headache, Jaw Claudication, Facial Edema, Neck/shoulder Pain

I was diagnosed with GCA June 29 and put on 50 mg prednisone. Most symptoms (awful headache, jaw claudication, facial edema, neck/shoulder pain, fever, dry cough, ESR 41, CRP 8.9) resolved. I am now on 40 mg prednisone, but continue to have fatigue, mild fever in afternoons, and weakness. Some days I feel almost back to normal, but then I relapse into the fatigue and mild fevers. Is this just what GCA feels like or should I be feeling better? My jaw is also still messed up and feels as if my bite is off.  I read about flares, but not as much about the day to day life with GCA while waiting for it to resolve.

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Pain Management :: Methadone With Emotional And Stress Issues

I had my long-anticipated consult with a Pain Management doctor yesterday (Monday 1/27) It went reasonably well, though as expected we both have HEAVY accents, with his being Egyptian and my being SOUTHERN=) We had some issues understanding each other, but nothing we can't work through. I was "happy" to find that I had nothing to prove to him because my pain is well documented (partly due to my OCD) through my medical records and subsequent reports on various treatments. He had no interest in repeating any of the modalities that I have already tried with no success. That, too was well documented, including but not limited to Injections, PT, TENS, Biofeedback, Cognitive Therapy, Psychotherapy (counseling). He seemed "baffled" that I am "still standing" with the extensive problems that I have. He said it was most helpful that I have seen specialists in all fields of expertise pertaining to my pain, to rule out the need for further surgeries and treatments.

Now, we go forward with pain management. There is an IRONY here. I have finally found a doctor who will help me to "manage" my pain through medication. However, as of January 2014 my insurance will not cover medication. Believe me, I'm not complaining, as I realize I am fortunate to have insurance period, in today's environment. It just horrifies me to know that I cannot afford most of the medications that a PMD would prescribe for me.

He has no problem prescribing the Fentanyl patch for me, with my gastric/absorption issues. However, without further research into a generic option (which will still be expensive) I don't feel that I can afford that. I used the patch successfully in 2005-2006, but I had excellent insurance with $25 script co-pay. We discussed that Morphine has helped me, but he says that, too is extremely expensive. He suggests Methadone for not only its similarities to Morphine, but also its steady release once established. I must confess I freaked out (just a teeny bit) because I asked him if that was like the drug on "Breaking Bad". Yea...He thought I was silly, too. He chuckled and said "Funny you think I prescribe that".

He suggests that if I can't afford the patch (I can't ) then let's try the Methadone, starting with 5 mg twice daily with the option to increase if necessary. He wants to try one medication at a time (I agree) so that he can determine it's effectiveness vs. multiple meds causing multiple side effects. He explained that he will work with me until I can achieve an acceptable level of pain relief, by seeing me once per month. WHEN, not IF...say hallelujah...we reach success, he will start seeing me every 3 months. I can certainly do THAT.

I have concerns before filling the Methadone script and starting to take it. I'm hopeful that some of you may be able to share your experience. Is it effective for pain relief? Is it sedating or is it mood-elevating? I cannot cope with sedative effects because my career is demanding that I am alert and on my game at all times. I could benefit from my "mood" being elevated, as these past months of "fighting" for help have really dragged me through the depths of Hell. I take medication for anxiety and depression, but they're not magic pills...I guess I will always battle those demons. I just want to be very selective and careful to avoid any pain medication that may exacerbate my emotional issues.

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Chronic Pain :: Myofascial Pain Syndrome?

I just started reading about this and it really sounds like I may have this but I'm not sure. I have headaches sometimes that are awful and seem to start from my neck and back of my head. I see a chiropractor once a month and my x rays showed problems in c5 and c6 in my neck. I also have notalgia paresthetica which itches me too death sometimes in my right back shoulder. We figure it's caused from the c5 and c6 in my neck. I never sleep all through the night, always tossing and turning. And I feel fatigued ALL the time no matter how much rest I get. I had a blood test and my vitamin D is low. I can find "knots" on my back, usually I can find about 5 or 6 of them, even on my sides. I work a very physical and mentally stressful job and this causes me a lot of pain. When I am working usually mid day I will get a horrible sharp pain somewhere in my back and it just stops me. It's like someone taking a hot knife and stabbing me with it. It's hard for me to straighten myself up. My pain is in my mid and upper back, rarely ever in my lower back. I do get dizzy sometimes also and feel off balanced.

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Arthritis? Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this condition? I shall explain! for 10yrs i've been told i had arthritis in my right hip and right hand giving me chronic pain, only to be seen by 5 different doctors due to a recent change in location and investigations i've now been told i have , mild osteoarthritis in my right hip and the joint between my thumb and index finger.

Not only that but all differnet 5 doctors have said it was different things. seeing my own doctor today, she said (or applied) that the pain might be in my head, then to turn round and say that she was certain that i had A chronic medical condition and what it was she was unsure of.

Is this Chronic pain syndrome another name for they havent a clue whats going on?

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Chronic Pain Following Total Hip Replacement

I had both hips replaced in Feb and Sept 2011. Prior to this I had many years of pain and a great deal of difficulty with medical fields trying to determine what was causing my pain. Anyway once it was decided to replace both hips I was happy they had at last found a cause and what I thought was a solution. My first his replaced was my right and this seemed to go okay, it was a total different story with my left. I have been in excruciating back and leg pain since, I cannot walk any distance or stand for any more than five minutes. I need to use a wheelchair if I go out and crutches also, I am stuck at home all day while my family go out to work - I am frustrated and feel useless.

My pain is across my lower back and generates down my legs, my last three toes on my right foot go numb constantly. The pain is tingling, numbness, sharp, deep pulsating pain and electric shock type pain. The more I try to do the worse the pain gets. I spend most of my time with my legs raised as this helps, the pain never goes away but does ease when resting. I have painkillers and muscle relaxants but they do not really help. My hip surgeon like most of the forums I have read told me my hips are fine according to the MRI scan. He then referred me to the Spinal consultant, after nearly a year of seeing the spinal people they have now turned round and said the pain is not coming from my back and there is nothing they can do to help. I asked them what I was supposed to do and they said they had no answers!! I have attended all the physio appointments and even did a three week intensive course along with hydrotherapy - nothing has made a difference.

I lost my job due to all this pain and I am now registered disabled. I had more mobility (although painful) prior to my surgery than I do now. It was nice to read that other people are going through what I am experiencing (although I would not wish this on anyone) it somehow makes me feel better.

I have had numerous cortisone injections in the hips, nerve block of the L4/5 nothing has worked for me post surgery. I had cortisone injection prior to my surgery and guess what it helped - work that one out. I am now being referred to the Pain Clinic (again) and Rheumatology as it was noticed on one visit to the hospital that I had a butterfly like redness on my face and they queried Lupus (still waiting for those appointments - surprise, surprise).

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Chronic Pain :: Stiffness And Cramps In Legs

For the past years, I've been taking 5 tabs of Methocarbamol 750 mg. along with 600 mg.(6 caps) of Gabapentin during supper and right before going to the bed, because I have not only leg cramp and spasm but also nerve pain on my legs. Those two meds. have been alleviating my pains that mostly occur during sleep, ... specifically during early morning hours before getting up from the bed.

Prior to those two meds. I had an excruciating and unspeakable pains that waking me up in the middle of the nights lasted about 10 minutes or so. Furthermore, the pains made all over my body sweat like taking hot bath, because of excruciating and unspeakable pain. Those nights, I self-exercised stomping, and often back and forth legs on hard floor in trying to subside the pains.

However, despite maximum doses of two pain meds., I still have been experiencing 'stiffness' along with 'pain' on my legs, some mornings before getting up from the bed.

Is there any good meds. for me more to manage and first of all control muscle spasms and cramps on my both legs?

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Alternative To Opiates For Chronic Nerve Pain?

I live in the U.S. so the drug names may be different.  I have been taking hydrocodone (norco) 2 x 7.5 a day for over 2 years.  I had neck surgery in 2012 and within 6 mos the pain in my neck and left arm returned, along with the nerve pain in my arm.  After ruining my digestive system with ibuprofen ( I was taking at least 8 to 12, 200 mg each,  a day) I gave up and went to pain management for help. I had successful injections for low back pain a year or so before that, so I thought that is what they would want to do for this.  But the doctor said that it would not help, probably because of my surgery, I'm not sure now because its a distant foggy memory.  Anyway, the result was pills.  At first it was only 5 mg 2x a day.  Then he upped it within 2 mos to 7.5 mg. 2x a day. Since then I have read  a lot about opiates and know that it is very addictive.  I take it as prescribed but that means that I am just addicted to the prescribed dose.  I had surgery in September for my digestive problem that all started with the ibuprofen.  After the surgery they gave me Oxycodone.  Within 3 doses I started sweating and having a headache soon before my next dose was due.  I recognised this right away as a symptom of withdrawal.  I immediately stopped taking that and just suffered through the surgery pain with my "usual' med, hydrocodone.  Within a month, I started to realize that I have the same symptoms to a lesser degree with this med.  This can only mean that I am addicted to it.  When I went to my doctor for my usual appointment and med refill, I asked if there were any alternatives to Opiates.  I said I was uncomfortable taking this and wanted to find something else.  He said "Tylenol?, that's your only choice."  I was floored.  Well, I know tylenol can ruin your liver, so that wasn't even an option.  He then said, "the holidays are coming up, why don't WE wait until after that and rethink this".  Wow.  I was truly speechless.  So I took my scripts and left.  I did NOT make another appointment.  All that to ask this question.  Does anyone know if there is ANY option to opiates for chronic pain and permanent nerve pain?  If I do not take the med, my pain comes back, but the Nerve pain is the one that drives me back to take the pills.  Now it's in both arms and when the med starts to wear off they start to ache, then burning and tingling.  I have tried reducing the dose by taking half a pill, but all that does is make me count the hours to the next half pill. ugh. I want off this stuff and I know it can be done!  I have read several success stories right here.  Other symptoms I have are anxiety, depression, anger, constant waking up at night with the sweats.  I need support, answers, and a way to do this without losing my job,all my friends and my mind!!  

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Women Pelvic Pain :: Chronic Prostatitis

I have had CP for almost 3 years. I can't remember life without it or being able to sit down in real comfort. I have had all the hospital tests and regularly have a well-man check every autumn. I still try to keep fit and go walking and having recently retired so I am determined not to let it spoil my life. You always continue to worry that it will not turn into something else. I probably don't take as many pain-killers anti anti-inflammatory drugs as I should because you feel that can't be good for you as well. I dream of the day it will go but I fear it will be around for a long time yet, if not for ever.

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Hemorrhoids Flare Up :: Chronic Pain And Itching

This is embarrassing but I've been experiencing haemorrhoids on and off for at least 2 years now. I think they are external. They are big and blue. When they flare up I have chronic pain and some itchiness. They don't often bleed though. I am a 20 year old female. Two Drs have told me to increase the fibre my diet. One said to drink 3L of water per day. Clearly I haven't been very successful.

My question is what do you do to relieve the pain when you have bad haemorrhoids? I have bought Retinol cream but one of the Drs told me not to use it, I'm not entirely sure why. Also, at what point do you know if you need surgery for haemorrhoids?

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Chronic Pain :: Fibromyalgia Or Vitamin D Deficiency? Or Both?

Okay so I'm feeling really down at the moment due to chronic pain. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia three years ago but can't tolerate all the medications such as gabapentin, pregabalin and amitriptyline so I'm basically just taking solpadol 30/500s and tramadol 50 mg if it gets really bad.  I've now been diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency and all they would tell me it was below 20 so I've been started on 60000 units of cholecalciferol per week. I'm now getting sharp pains in my feet which I can only describe as a cross between a bee sting and an electric shock in my heels and feet, and a constant ache of calf muscles and bad bone pain to my shins. Everything is getting me down

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Chronic Pain :: Stem Cell Therapy?

Haven't posted in a long time- years....I have a family member that is an adult pain patient. In 2004 he began his journey when a surgeon damaged nerves during surgery and now he suffers severe pelvic floor pain that radiates into his legs and toes.

Medication regimen is MSir and methadone; pain levels are 5-10 without remittance. Pain specialist has tried every available block, implantable device and nothing has worked due to where the nerve injury is.

We've talked about a motor cortex stimulator but the chance of something going wrong (seizures, stroke, hemorrhage) keeps us at bay.

I recently read that stem cell therapy has been attempted with success on pain patients and was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of this potential therapy. Some centers use autologous stem cells and others are using banked, pooled cells. UCSF (I've heard good things about their pain service)

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Gallstones? Chronic Diarrhoea And Stomach Pain

Been sick since late September 2015. Have had on and off chronic diarrhoea pain in abdomen,back ribs area and occasionally feeling like a heart attack. That would disappear in a few hours.

I have had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood tests, fecal tests, ct scan and pancreas.

Specialist isn't booked till next month. I also basically eat only salad and meat these days.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Constant Groin Pain

I have had various health issues in the latter part of my adult life but one thing that has always remained constant throughout is my groin pain. It does come and go but, in recent years, has become a real, persistent pain. I think I have learned to live with it until I was recently Assessed as having ME/CFS.

My support suggests I self medicate as all pain uses energy!

One specialist I saw suggested it was ACNES and gave me a cortisone injection which worked for a short while.

I have asked my doctor to do a scan for me just to see if it is related to my ovary removal 3 years ago.

That brought up nothing.

recently had blood tests done and no concerns there.

has anyone experienced this pain, just in one groin, not both; the right side ??

I would love to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on this or experience of it themselves.

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Gabapentin Causing Chronic Pain - While Taking Or Withdrawal

Any experience with gabapentin causing chronic pain problems when taking or withdrawing? During my taper I developed major issues with sciatica and my hip. I'm also taking forever to heal from a frozen shoulder injury (14 months). I had preexisting issues. My guess is it's from all the couch time necessary to heal. But it feels like it shouldn't be this bad. I'm only 29

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