Citalopram :: Weird And Vivid Dreams

Mar 18, 2016

I have been on Citalopram for nearly 2 months now (1st week 10mg, and 20mg after that). I am still having very weird and vivid dreams, although never nightmares. I was just wondering when they may stop?

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Citalopram :: Vivid Dreams

Hi all, I've been on cit for about 7 months now, its slow going but I am progressing to recovery, i'm pretty certain of that. My question is regarding some very vivid dreams i'm having, they can be about absolutely anything but in them I have the most severe depression/anxiety where there is absolutely no hope for me, they're freaking me out a little as i'm now thinking these dreams will become reality. Has anyone else suffered from horrible dreams whilst on cit?

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Extremely Vivid Dreams?

Anyone else having extremely vivid dreams?  I have been dreaming every night and they are so vivid and a little odd.  Maybe it's something I ate before bed?  

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Sertraline :: Vivid Dreams And Nightmares

I am on sertraline 100mg, it has helped me feel less anxious overall but has given me strange, vivid dreams and nightmares. Can anyone relate to this? Is there any way to reduce or stop these dreams? Sometimes the dreams tire me out so I don't feel very rested at all...

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Sertraline :: Day 28 Zoloft - Having Horrible Vivid Dreams

So I'm on day 28 of starting Zoloft & I'm feeling worse than before I started the meds. I'm sleeping okay but having horrible vivid dreams. I've had a few good days but now if I don't feel anxious I feel depressed & Iv zero enthusiasm for anything 😞 I'm unsure whether to persevere or up my dose.

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Vivid Dreams - Common Side Effect Of Fluoxetine

I know dreams are a common side effect of fluoxetine, but do they ever settle down?

I seem to be having quite a few vivid and realistic dreams per night, usually about things that are worrying me which then makes me question myself as to whether it was a dream or not!

Has anyone experienced this and did it settle for you? Or is there anything we can do to ease it?

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Insomnia - 27 Years - Vivid Dreams And Wake Up Every Hour (1 Month)

I have been suffering from insomnia for the past 2 months. It all came suddenly. I had shifted to a new country and had been living there for one month when this problem started. Initially, I stayed up extremely late- till early in the morning at 5 am and would fall asleep and wake up at 12 pm or later. But slowly, I ended up sleeping less and less. Nowadays, I can only sleep for 2-3 hours at most, and I end up waking every hour, and have extremely vivid dreams. I yawn throughout the day. When I do fall asleep during the day it is only for 30 mins or so, during which I have vivid dreams of me doing something or talking to someone. When I wake up I realise it was just a dream- but it was so like real life that its hard to distinguish it from reality. I also sometimes wake up drenched in sweat. I am so scared this might be fatal insomnia. What should I do? Try as I might, I cannot go off to sleep at night. I am so scared. Its as if I have lost the power to sleep. There is no history of fate insomnia in my family. But I have heard of a disease called sporadic fatal insomnia which doesn’t require a family history. I am 27 years old.

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Sleep Issues :: Vivid Dreams In A Small Room - Lack Of Oxygen?

Recently I've been sleeping in a very small room. Due to this I try to leave the door slightly open to allow more oxygen in as I'm concerned that the room is too small to sleep safely in overnight. However sometimes I can’t leave the door open - for example if we have guests staying over. I’ve found that when the door is closed all night I tend to dream more vividly. I'm wondering if I'm dreaming more due to a lack of oxygen?

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Menopause :: Weird, Crazy, Acid Trip Dreams

Let's talk dreams, ladies.  I'm 47, been dealing with peri for about 2 years in a big, rotten way.  About a month ago, I started having dreams.  Weird dreams.  Crazy, acid trip dreams.  From the minute I close my eyes, 'til I wake up in the morning, dreams.  Not bad or scary, but definitely weird and some are creepy.  I am waking up several times a night and wondering what the hell that last one was all about, only to segue right into another.  No new meds, nothing has changed..just all of a sudden with the crazy dreams, all night, every night.  Even if I try to nap during the happens.

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Started Taking Citalopram And My Head Feels Weird

I have just been put on citalopram 3 days ago on 20 mg. I'm so tired and have not left my bed in the past 3 days. My head feels weird and i do feel really sick till round the afternoon. I'm thinking of taking the tablet before bed see if that makes any difference as i might sleep through it. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms ? Will this actually work , i know it doesn't work straight off but will i start to feel better in time ?

I have zero energy , i feel constantly down , i hate leaving the house and i have shut myself of from the outside world. I have lost my friends but that was through my friend who went out to ruin my life and turned everyone against me. I really hope these tablets will help me get back to the person i was. Im going to start the gym once im more confident and have controlled my anxiety.

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Citalopram :: Crazy Realistic Dreams

Does anyone else have such crazy realistic dreams while being on citalopram ? I feel like since I upped my dosage to 20 that they are getting crazier...

Whatever I do or think about that day or before bed I dream about it.

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Sleeping Trouble - Uncontrollable Vivid Thoughts When I Close My Eyes

I've been experiencing this for quite some time. the first time I noticed it was when I came home from a festival after taking ecstasy. I closed my eyes to sleep and would find myself walking through the festival as if I was there just a few hours before. i could open and close my eyes and knew the situations weren't real but they were so vivid and i had no control over what i was doing. I couldn't change the place I was or scenario or control my movements when i had my eyes closed.

I've noticed this a fair few times after taking drugs but now it has started to happen to me on nights where I'm sober (98% of the time). It could be a possibility that I stand under the speaker at work which we play music from and it is quite loud not to mention a very busy retail job in a liquor store. I come home to sleep around midnight and close my eyes and it's as if i'm in the store with no control over my actions just serving customers going about my normal shift work.

My bedroom has a few led lights that flash but I mostly cover them up with t shirts, they're from computers and such, I'm 22 years old healthy never had problems with sleep as a teenager and I've only noticed it in the last 2 years. I'm thinking it might be to do with the long exposure to loud noise since its now happening once I'm sober. when I drink alcohol I tend to pass out no problem within seconds of hitting the bed. Any ideas, theories or information on what I'm experiencing and possible causes.

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Citalopram :: Week 8 , Still On 10 Mg Citalopram - No Motivation

I gave up my job because I was so stressed and such an emotional wreck. I 've gone back to uni to do another course, I have tasks to complete and I just don't feel motivated to do anything at all. I m doing work experience and I don't care anymore. I m On list to see therapist at the end of month. I'm usually active  person and maybe  it's the anxiety that kept me going but all I do now Is not to do anything at all I lay about  and sleep I postpone everything I need to do is this normal? I have no energy or drive, has anyone else experienced this?

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Citalopram :: 20mg To 40mg Citalopram?

I have had a really tough year, and was prescribed citalopram 12 weeks ago, started on 10mg for 2 weeks then 20mg ever since. I haven't been feeling any better, I have been going through a break up so its hard to know what's heartbreak and what's depression but the only thing that's seemed to be improving is anxiety which was taking over my life.

I still wake up most days not wanting to move, feeling hopeless and like I don't want to be here (I wouldn't physically hurt myself) and non stop crying and fear of the future and low self esteem. I used to be so confident and outgoing and happy, my world has crashed in the last year and recently I spoke to my doctor who has raised the dose to 40mg which I have now been taking for 3 days. I feel absolutely worse and again not sure if it's circumstantial. I feel embarrassed In Front of my friends and family as one minute I'll be crying and struggling to breath having a panic attack and the next I'll be laughing and smiling. Has anyone else suffered in the same way? I am hoping that this dosage is what I need but I'm just having teething problems. Right now though I feel very scared and worried it's not going to do the trick if I feel like this.

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Pregnancy :: Smells So Weird

My sense of smell is so weird.. How about yours ... what are some of the things you can't stand the smell of ??

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Tinnitus :: Weird Clicking Noise In Ear

I'm 23 and I've always had tinnitus in both ears but worse in my right. For about the last year I sometimes get this random light clicking noise in my right ear which sometimes happens once, twice or 10 times in very quick succession but then will just stop. It might not happen for a day or too and will suddenly come back again. There seems to be no pattern but happens more at work but might occur once or twice a day. The best way to describe it is a bit like a computer mouse clicking but a lot higher. I have no ear pain, blood or trouble hearing and any other symptoms. What is this? Can I cure it? Should I worry?

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Random Weird Ejaculations Without Erection

I am teenage and have been experiencing some awkward situations where I begin to feel odd. I get some butterflies in my stomach, my muscles weaken, and my brain "shuts off" and I can feel as if something might be being released from my penis. I am not too sure of what is being released as i'm a little too worried to know if it's semen or not. prior to these happening, I am not aroused of any sort, I can just be sitting down watching TV and these occur, I have masturbated in the past, but I don't have any routine when I comes to masturbation, since this began I have not masturbated, not knowing if I should or not. When this occurs, I don't have an erection, and if I do it doesn't last for too long. I am worried because this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me, and if it is ejaculation, it is the first time I have ever ejaculated. I don't know what this is because of. Is it just a stage of growth or puberty? Is it anything I need to see a doctor about? I am worried to talk to a doctor or my parents about the situation because it is just a weird topic and I don't feel comfortable talking to them about it.

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Weird Sounds In My Ear With Head Pressure And Dizziness

I started these pressure headache on top of the head and my one ear felt like was close also i feel weird sounds in my ear ( not always). The head pressure was soo much that i feel dizzy and felt that i would fall off.

I did CT sinus , MRI cervical , MRI head and all these test came clear so the neurologist told me that it's basically your anxiety as you have panic attack in which i feel pain in my chest , shortness of breath and constant muscle pain.

The most important factor here is that i have IBS for the past 2 years now which is high enough for me.

The doctor has given me Seroxat 12.5 mg ( paroxetine hydrochloride) which i have been take for the past 6 days but this medicine is not helping and in fact when i take it i feel that headache has grown more with shortness of breath and stomach upset and tremor in my hand or shall i say fingers but ve but the doctor is saying that it's not the reaction , its normal thing and you would adjust it in 2 weeks.

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Lupus :: Gabapentin - Weird Side Effects

Right now I'm being treated with gabapentin during this process(not diagnosed yet), but I'm having weird side effects. I was told it would make me sleepier, sleep better (although I already slept like a rock for 10-18hrs day), and help with pain.

I can say, it did help with fatigue - too much so. I went from sleeping a minimum of 10 hrs + naps to sleeping 4-5hrs. I wasn't sleepy during the day but my body would crash and get emotionally/physically exhausted, but unable to fall asleep. When Id finally sleep, I think I slept OK but it wasn't as deep as I'm used to.

It did not help with pain at all, in fact my pain has been slowly increasing since starting it.

My rheum's only suggestion was to increase to 800 mg, which worsened the sleep issue more. I started flaring again Jan 1, may be partially due to lack of sleep. But it was like a bus hit me again. Actually, the flare might have started before as I was having hair loss christmas week - scalps getting pretty thin from temples to the nape of my neck.

I am so frustrated by this med, I stopped taking it for a couple days. Now I'm immediately back to being tired a lot and wanting to sleep (and able to sleep) 10+ hours. Is there no middle ground? Would anyone have any suggestions here of what to ask rheumatologist?

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Kidney Stones? Weird Sensation In My Penis Area

About 24 hours ago, I noticed that after I urinated, I would feel a weird sensation in my penis area. I thought I had an infection of some sort, but later through the day, my left kidney started to feel a bit weird.

This prompted me to believe that I might have some sort of kidney stone. I'm not sure what to do, or how to approach this, but figured I should see a urologist? I have thought about going to the ER as well.

The pain isn't unbearable, but I can feel a slight discomfort; something telling me, something is not right. There's no blood in the urine though.

I've been trying to drink lots of water tonight to see how it'll go.

Will it flush out on its own? What should I do?

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Nervous System :: Weird Feelings And Negative Thoughts

It's been a rough two months. It started with possibly anxiety and then panic attacks. Fast heart rate, tingling feeling in hands, tight chest and as time goes by. Others symptoms. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I been on medication for a month already but still been feeling weird. I have good and bad days. Like yesterday, I was fine for the most part. Felt normal, then the feeling of being nauseous and thought of something is wrong with me came on. Lasted for about 40mins till I got home. This morning same thing, just a weird feeling. Discomfort in the chest area. Nauseous and the feeling something is wrong with me. I had an MRI of the heart, CAT scan of the brain and everything seemed fine. I do have to get an ultrasound for my thyroids and ct scan of the brain again to rule out MS. Other symptoms throughout the day (it varies) shooting pain in my right hand. Headache, dry mouth, chest discomfort, tired, anxious. Please, can someone help? I want to be my normal self again.

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