Citalopram :: Week 8 , Still On 10 Mg Citalopram - No Motivation

Apr 7, 2016

I gave up my job because I was so stressed and such an emotional wreck. I 've gone back to uni to do another course, I have tasks to complete and I just don't feel motivated to do anything at all. I m doing work experience and I don't care anymore. I m On list to see therapist at the end of month. I'm usually active  person and maybe  it's the anxiety that kept me going but all I do now Is not to do anything at all I lay about  and sleep I postpone everything I need to do is this normal? I have no energy or drive, has anyone else experienced this?

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Citalopram :: 20mg To 40mg Citalopram?

I have had a really tough year, and was prescribed citalopram 12 weeks ago, started on 10mg for 2 weeks then 20mg ever since. I haven't been feeling any better, I have been going through a break up so its hard to know what's heartbreak and what's depression but the only thing that's seemed to be improving is anxiety which was taking over my life.

I still wake up most days not wanting to move, feeling hopeless and like I don't want to be here (I wouldn't physically hurt myself) and non stop crying and fear of the future and low self esteem. I used to be so confident and outgoing and happy, my world has crashed in the last year and recently I spoke to my doctor who has raised the dose to 40mg which I have now been taking for 3 days. I feel absolutely worse and again not sure if it's circumstantial. I feel embarrassed In Front of my friends and family as one minute I'll be crying and struggling to breath having a panic attack and the next I'll be laughing and smiling. Has anyone else suffered in the same way? I am hoping that this dosage is what I need but I'm just having teething problems. Right now though I feel very scared and worried it's not going to do the trick if I feel like this.

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Citalopram And Cerazette Can Be Taken Together?

So I have successfully completed my first week on 10mg of Citalopram....bloody tired ha! I should be on Cerazette but since not being in the mood to have sex for well more than 6 months, I haven't really been taking the "pill", I know most people are going to say ask my Doctor but I don't have an appointment till the 21st and was just wondering if the 2 can be taken together?

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Citalopram And Bruising

I've been on 10mg of Citalopram for 8 weeks, a few days ago I knelt on a small toy which didn't hurt just made me jump. I now have a completely bruised knee (it's totally purple!) Has anyone else experience excessive bruising or should I worry that it's something else??!? 

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Citalopram And Alcohol

Started on Citalopram before Christmas and gradually worked up to 20 mg per evening. Had been at that level for 3 weeks by the end of last week. It seemed to be working well in combination with Amitriptyline to help with the sleep disturbance. Anxiety and depression were controllable and I felt more positive about my marriage.

​Had a dry January, so thought it would be OK to have a few drinks at the weekend. Nothing OTT, just a few drinks, not a binge. Since then I have been irritable, agitated and feel very pessimistic about my feelings for my wife.

​Does alcohol counteract the Citalopram, especially this early on. I'm racked with doubts and anxiety.

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Citalopram With Alcohol

I have been on 20mg of citalopram and 20 mg of propranolol, I have also been taking 2mg of diazepam when I need it, for the last 4 weeks and as it's coming up to Christmas, I do enjoy a beer or two, I asked my dr was allowed to drink on the tablets and she said yes I could have one or two but don't get drunk (not that I would with a 5 year old and 4 month old) but I was just wondering does anyone have any 1st hand experiences taking alcohol on medication.  I haven't had any alcohol for the last 4 weeks

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Can I Take Cannabis With Citalopram?

I have been down for a while and it got bad lately, doc gave me citalopram to start taking, this is my first day. i smoke weed most days, does anyone else do this whilst taking this drug? i don't blame weed for making me depressed, if anything i blame all the pills and md i took at a young age but mainly personal life problems. i've read the response to the alcohol one and seems most people still drink, i'm more scared to drink though, been a bad drunk lately, get too drunk, upset, memory loss and that's without the meds.

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Citalopram With Xanax?

I have been taking xanax for anxiety for a year now at first PRN and then .025 mg twice a day and for

the past 2 weeks i have taken 1 mg split up 4 times a day every 4 hours and it has stabilized me.

Finally. Dr wanted me on Cit 2 months ago i took one 20 mg pill at 1pm and then a 0.5 mg xanax at 10pm and got hot feeling threw my chest and was nauseated in bed for a week dr said it had nothing to do with the meds? So here I am again dr wanted me to to try again i got the guts finally today to

take my first 10 mg cit I also have been taking my regular dose xanax,I am scared to death of the side effects of cit.

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Citalopram For PTSD

I've been living with depression for ever (or does it just see mike that!) and have been taking cit for about 6 months with a real relief from the despair and hopelessness. I'm also suffering from PTSD following a horrible trauma and wondered if anyone has taken cit as an effective treatment for this?

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Citalopram :: Trouble Relaxing

Sorry its me again, after having a good day yesterday, today started off well but went downhill. Had a good walk out for 1 1/2 hours felt quite good. Got home, started feeling agitated couldn't settle, tried breathing exercises helped a bit. Had a wee sleep in front of the fire. I have been pacing round the room wanting to self harm haven't done this for ages, head hurts, chest hurts breathing fast and erratic, feel hot, have been crying hasn't released this tension. Tried reading, crosswords just can't concentrate, don't even know what's going round in my head. I haven't felt this bad for a while.

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Citalopram :: Feeling Really Nauseous

After I take Citalopram in the morning I feel really nauseous with feeling of discomfort in my stomach.  Any suggestions?

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I Want To Stop Taking Citalopram

I'm so fed up! I don't see how my life can go from so good, to this complete isolation within a couple of weeks. I'm constantly anxious about my future, and what lies ahead for me. I feel so insecure, and feel like i'm living my life day by day, to survive. Citalopram is just making me tired at strange times of the day, i have NO motivation to do anything at all. I tried to see friends yesterday, but didn't enjoy it at all, i just wanted to be at home, this is not me? I feel like i've got someone else's personality.

Work is so hard, to just be in. I feel like there's no one there for me other than my Mum.

I seriously don't know how i'm going to get through this now. I'm so scared.

I'm seeing my counsellor later today, its the only thing thats keeping me going today.

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Citalopram Started Nosebleeds

I was on citalopram for a few days but I started getting nose bleeds so I just started 150mgs of trazodone yesterday and boy did I feel like shite! all I wanted to do was sleep so I slept all day even when I finally woke up I had no energy

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Citalopram :: Did You Get Better On Increasing Dose?

Could you please tell me the dose you started, how you felt then the dose you increased too and the results?

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Citalopram :: Headache And Dizziness

I'm 26 years old and a week ago I felt a sudden headache in my left part of the head(left Parietal Lobe) and my head fell down suddenly like I was fainted. This lasted not more than 30 seconds and happened twice on the same day. 

Now sometimes I feel a headache in my left part of the head(mainly Parietal Lobe area) and the dizziness never appeared again. 

I'm 175 cm tall, and weight is 70kg 

I'm a software engineer and work almost 10 hours a day with the computer. 

I also do some studies after my work. 

I go on jogging every day. 

I occasionally take liquor and smoke(once per month may be) 

I'm following intermittent fasting( I don't take my breakfast, only lunch and dinner) for about 30 days now. 

I think with my work and studies, the stress is a bit high. 

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Citalopram :: Safe To Take Viagra?

Is it safe or indeed effective to take viagra whilst on Cita? Just asking, haven't tried but thought I'd ask.

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Citalopram :: Vivid Dreams

Hi all, I've been on cit for about 7 months now, its slow going but I am progressing to recovery, i'm pretty certain of that. My question is regarding some very vivid dreams i'm having, they can be about absolutely anything but in them I have the most severe depression/anxiety where there is absolutely no hope for me, they're freaking me out a little as i'm now thinking these dreams will become reality. Has anyone else suffered from horrible dreams whilst on cit?

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Alcohol While Taking Citalopram?

Does anyone else drink alcohol while taking Citalopram??

I was off alcohol for about 8 weeks when I started citalopram but I have started to have sociable drinks again but I have noticed o have a hangover even with 2 drinks and I feel very very anxious the next day

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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Cannot Sleep After Cannabis And Citalopram Together?

This might be really stupid but it's 1am and I cannot fall sleep at all. I just started taking cita 3 days ago. I use cannabis for many reasons already, usually for my poor appetite, anxiety, and to go to bed. I am trying to overcome this depression and get help. So I thought I shouldn't smoke while in the process. I can't sleep and still no appetite, my mind is going crazy I don't know if I should use cannabis to help me still or wait it out and let the pills do their job?

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Mixing Citalopram With Cannabis

Anyone had dealings with mixing these two drugs?

I smoke Cannabis and have just been put on Citalopram.

Wondering if anyone can inform me of any problems I may encounter.

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Citalopram :: Awful Nausea

I have been on citalopram since Monday as I am having anxiety and depression I have not been at work all week due to the side affects I have felt awful the nausea is getting me down also the fidgeting in the night not been sleeping great the first night I only had 5 hours and felt all spaced out so now I have been taking the tablet at night.feel very anxious today but I think it might be the fact I am going to try and go back to work tomorrow.feel like all my work colleagues are bitching about me they prob not but can't help thinking like they are.I have been taking motilium for the nausea my mum works in a pharmacy so she can check what I can and can't take with the tablet hope that helps someone who is suffering with the nausea.

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