Citalopram For PTSD

May 17, 2015

I've been living with depression for ever (or does it just see mike that!) and have been taking cit for about 6 months with a real relief from the despair and hopelessness. I'm also suffering from PTSD following a horrible trauma and wondered if anyone has taken cit as an effective treatment for this?

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Difference Between PTSD And Complex-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I was recently diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The difference between C-ptsd and PTSD is that Complex happens over an extended period of time, and usually originates in childhood. Whereas PTSD is typically a one-time traumatic event (such as rape, war, etc).

After spending my entire life in pain, confusion, and emotionally abusive relationships, I finally have an answer. While it is a big relief, the process of recovery is not easy. I feel like there are two versions of me: The chameleon who has put on a good act and adapted for the sake of everyone else, and the real me, who has been hidden all these years. I'm just now starting to get to know the real me.

This is a relatively new diagnosis, and it didn't make it into the new DSM, but I read where someone said that Complex PTSD is at the core of a great many mental health issues.

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Citalopram :: Week 8 , Still On 10 Mg Citalopram - No Motivation

I gave up my job because I was so stressed and such an emotional wreck. I 've gone back to uni to do another course, I have tasks to complete and I just don't feel motivated to do anything at all. I m doing work experience and I don't care anymore. I m On list to see therapist at the end of month. I'm usually active  person and maybe  it's the anxiety that kept me going but all I do now Is not to do anything at all I lay about  and sleep I postpone everything I need to do is this normal? I have no energy or drive, has anyone else experienced this?

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Citalopram :: 20mg To 40mg Citalopram?

I have had a really tough year, and was prescribed citalopram 12 weeks ago, started on 10mg for 2 weeks then 20mg ever since. I haven't been feeling any better, I have been going through a break up so its hard to know what's heartbreak and what's depression but the only thing that's seemed to be improving is anxiety which was taking over my life.

I still wake up most days not wanting to move, feeling hopeless and like I don't want to be here (I wouldn't physically hurt myself) and non stop crying and fear of the future and low self esteem. I used to be so confident and outgoing and happy, my world has crashed in the last year and recently I spoke to my doctor who has raised the dose to 40mg which I have now been taking for 3 days. I feel absolutely worse and again not sure if it's circumstantial. I feel embarrassed In Front of my friends and family as one minute I'll be crying and struggling to breath having a panic attack and the next I'll be laughing and smiling. Has anyone else suffered in the same way? I am hoping that this dosage is what I need but I'm just having teething problems. Right now though I feel very scared and worried it's not going to do the trick if I feel like this.

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What Is Complex-PTSD?

I don't agree with my bpd/eupd diagnosis and believe that this is the condition I'm actually suffering from.  I'm not self-diagnosing just wonder if anybody has this and can tell me a little bit how it affects them?

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PTSD :: Space From Their Partner

Most who have ptsd ask for space from their partner.

Can you please tell me how long is this space: weeks, month, or months

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PTSD :: After A Minor Accident

I had ptsd for a few a  years and was getting help(cbt treatment),then i was involved in a minor accident and iv had to quit work.i suffered severe concussion after it,not sure if it has anything to do with me getting worse.I just wonder do i have complex ptsd now?i have never felt so bad.

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PTSD :: Normal To Have Flare Ups?

I have suffered PTSD for over 6 years now and my PTSD has started to flare up again with vengeance this time. My PTSD hasn’t bothered me for over a year and now it’s started to come back again like it did before when I was at my worst time. To the point of me not caring about my friends or my family about what they think about me and me not really caring about their feelings, have augments with my wife over nothing but make it sound like the first thing in the world. Do you have any advice on how to get through this at the moment? I’m really struggling and just don’t know if this is normal (to have flare ups) or if I’m just giving up on the people I care about because they are selfish. Any advice would be very helpful.

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PTSD Can Last For Years? After Assault

I was assaulted nine years ago and I cannot seem to get past feelings of anger and feeling depressed about it. I just want to put it behind me as it is causing problems in my life. Could I be suffering from ptsd? After all of this time since it happened to me?

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PTSD And Pseudoseizures - 13 Years Old

I'm 13 years old I am an honors student who has big dreams and one who loves animals. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and pseudoseizures. I'm struggling to be a normal person and I cry myself to sleep each night, but I also have nightmares. This has become extremely difficult and I feel like I'm going insane and I thought posting in here would help clarify my feelings with people who not only suffer from the same thing, but would understand my pain. Will this end? What if medications don't work? What are other options that will work better for me? Being so young I don't know what to do.

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Retiring On Disability Due To PTSD?

I suffered an extremely abusive home, foster care, hospitalizations, and loss. That was 30 years ago! I eventually moved out of state and just stopped focusing on my life. I married, divorced, remarried, changed jobs and have worked for over 20 years in one job. After several years of medical problems and being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Chronic Pain I just am losing my mind. I was diagnosed with PTSD many many years ago and it is horrible right now. I am not sure I can continue working and resolve this! I desperately need to retire and can on recommendation from a Doctor. I am seeing a therapist now and have a psychiatrist appointment at the end of the month. Has anyone else had experience with retiring on disability due to PTSD?

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PTSD :: Cannot Get A Good Night's Sleep

So my main issue when dealing with my PTSD is the really vivid terrifying nightmares. I was controlling them for a while with trazodone, which I will admit I did not have a prescription for and received from a friend, but as I really don't feel like becoming addicted to medications, I've stopped taking it for the time being. Most of the other symptoms of my PTSD have so far not affected my day to day life but I cannot get a good night's sleep to save my life right and I was wondering if there was any type of meditation or something that you might recommend? I don't have the time or money right now to see a therapist or trauma expert.

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PTSD After Rape (sexual Assault)

Need female support and hugs, was raped at 19 and buried it for 22 years, tried counselling, speaking to a c.b.t therapist and my doctor, the last one was the best I'd have to say!  I am trying to conceive and have found the c.b.t has highlighted ptsd due to events in the past  ie this.  Don't like sex all sorts of hang ups due to my past and nearly lost a really close friendship due to this, just feel dreadful as I'm sure but need evidence that it is events from the past that are stopping me from conceiving.  Does anyone know where I can turn or what I can do next, just desperate to have someone else share my life, am aged 42 and feel he's ruined my chances forever!

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Delayed PTSD After 8 Years Of Trauma - Sertraline

I'm 27 almost 28 and was diagnosed with delayed PTSD as the trauma was 8 years ago and as the DR said there's other things going on through hiding the trauma  but we will start today with trying a drug called sertraline for a week or 2 and then through psychologists or CPN's we will look at multiple medications for the other problems as time moves on and as i tell them more of what happened they can better understand how to treat me. chronic nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety about going outside, bouts of anger. Anyone similar story or else close to this or know anything about the kinds of medications and stuff? Im hoping this is a step forward 

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PTSD :: Freaking Out, Familiar Sounds And Nightmares

How it affects subtle...I don't' always realize it always.

For example:  I am in a relationship.

If that b/f says something similar to my past...I freak out on him...He is NOT the person that hurt me...but he suffers my wrath.

When I hear a police car...I shake and think something has happened to one of my boys. 

I really think it is MY HOUSE that I live in that causes me all the anxiety...If I could move...I think I could move further away from all the memories..all the walls I was hit into...the shower I had to think about who would bother me in.

The boys lived in and destroyed.

Etc....I don't have alot of nightmares...but I have alot of familiar sounds, and situations that set me to the past and cause much anxiety.

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Depression Or PTSD? After 8 Years Of Father's Death

I would like to ask if it's possible to have PTSD 8 years after a traumatic event that happened in childhood. My father died when i was 11 and now as an adult,memories are interfering in my life. So much that i'm not able to function properly. 

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PTSD :: Overwhelming Stress, Anxiety, Panic And Fear

i've suffered from social anxiety since i was 13, i'm now 34. almost 4 years ago the stresses in my life got to much and something happened where i felt overwhelming stress, anxiety, panic and fear. i still to this day don't know what happened to me. these symptoms would last from morning till the evening for upto 2 months. it was the most scared i've been in my life and the fact i never got a break from the feelings made it literally unbearable.

i did manage to calm down after taking a different medication but the same thing happened again a year and a half later, maybe more disturbing as i knew what to expect. over 2 years on from whatever it was that happened to me and i've had those feelings again. i've been under stress again and some of those feelings have came back. i thought i could control it but my obsessive thoughts about feeling that way again have started to make me panic again and now i'm really worrying. someone said to me that i have to process what happened to me in the past else i won't get over this.

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PTSD - Sleep Issues, Agitation And Suicidal Thoughts

I have ptsd following severe septic shock in 2013 with no memory of being in ICU for 5 days and then Sudden cardiac arrest 2 times this year,  Now have pacemaker.   Do not sleep well, startle at slightest noise, become agitated or angry at slightest provocation ,occasionally suicidal thoughts.  What can I do ?  No one seems to understand. 

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Sertraline And PTSD - Bouts Of Anxiety For A Couple Of Days

I have PTSD and have been struggling lately. My Dr prescribed me Sertraline about 7 weeks ago. I started on 25mg and have increased to 50mg.

Initially I had a few wobbles but persevered and feel so much better generally. The problem is that I feel pretty good then will suddenly drop and feel anxious for a couple of days. I feel shaky and as if I'm having internal tremors. I felt like this before the tablets too. 

Another problem is that I'm already only a UK size 6. I have bowel disease and struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Now I've dropped half a stone again so only weigh 8 stone and I'm 5 foot 7. 

The last 2 days I've felt 'nervy' again.

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PTSD :: Mirtazapine + Xanax + L Methylfolate - Drowsy And Increase In Appetite

I have been suffering from psychological disorder from last 12 years.

I have depression and anxiety visited psychiatrist last week I am taking Alprazolam .25 + L Methylfolate 7.5 mg in the morning and Alprazolam .25 mg + L Methylfolate _ Mirtazapine 30 mg in the night. i am feeling so much drowsy and increase in appetite is a lot. Its 6th day of my medicine. What should I don't feel any positive change.

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Symptoms Of PTSD After Thoracic, Abdominal Aneurysm Repair Surgery


I am a 54 year old female who underwent a thoracic, abdominal aneurysm repair surgery 8 months ago.  The aneurysm was 5.5 to 5.6 centimetres and essentially the aorta was repaired from my heart to my kidneys.  I would like to discuss my recovery.  I am still not up to my usual level of energy in that I still have to rest if I have not taken it easy.  During the surgery the left side of my ribs were clamped open and I find myself still favouring that side of my body. eg: protecting my ribs with my hands if I am in a crowded area.  But, what has really stumped me is a feeling of panic and anxiety.  I had imagined that after the aneurysm was repaired that I would feel relieved.  I AM most grateful  but sometimes I feel dissociated from my body and I feel depressed a lot of the time...which was not a usual occurrence before the surgery.  It feels as if for the 18 years that I knew about the aneurysm I lived in a mild state of anxiety as to whether or not it would rupture or if and when I would have major surgery.  Now, that it's repaired I feel like I have to learn to live in a different way....kind of like when I was a child and went skating all afternoon and then took off my skates.  It felt strange to walk in boots.  I know it's a silly analogy but it feels like I have to learn to walk again.  Is there anyone else that has felt this panic or does anyone have symptoms of PTSD following their surgery?

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