PTSD :: After A Minor Accident

Nov 18, 2015

I had ptsd for a few a  years and was getting help(cbt treatment),then i was involved in a minor accident and iv had to quit work.i suffered severe concussion after it,not sure if it has anything to do with me getting worse.I just wonder do i have complex ptsd now?i have never felt so bad.

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Difference Between PTSD And Complex-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I was recently diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The difference between C-ptsd and PTSD is that Complex happens over an extended period of time, and usually originates in childhood. Whereas PTSD is typically a one-time traumatic event (such as rape, war, etc).

After spending my entire life in pain, confusion, and emotionally abusive relationships, I finally have an answer. While it is a big relief, the process of recovery is not easy. I feel like there are two versions of me: The chameleon who has put on a good act and adapted for the sake of everyone else, and the real me, who has been hidden all these years. I'm just now starting to get to know the real me.

This is a relatively new diagnosis, and it didn't make it into the new DSM, but I read where someone said that Complex PTSD is at the core of a great many mental health issues.

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Spinal Cord :: Edema After Accident

my Daughter aged 9 year is suffering from cord edema due to road accident. she was hit by a bike three months before, and after all the examination her reports are fine but in MRI report the doctors find that :

There is a long segment T2W hyperintense extradural collection is seen in dorsal aspect of cord extending from D1 to L1 level. There is rupture of ligamentum flavum at D2/D3 level. T2W hyperintensity is also seen at interspinous at D2/D3 level. On T2W and STIR images paraspinal hyperintensity is seen from D2 to D6-7 level.

Prevertebral hyperintensity is seen from C2 to C5 level s/o edema/bleed.

Impression in MRI:-

1. Long segment Spinal Extra Arachnoid CSF collection in dorsal aspect of cord extending from D1 to L1 level causing cord compression leading to cord edema/contusion D3 to D5-6 level.

2. Rupture of ligamentum flavum and interspinous ligament at D2/D3 level.

after the injury she is on bed due to paralysis and loss of sensation below waist. and also suffering from bed sore due to bedridden.

I have consulted so many neurologist but they said the injury will recover itself after long time.

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Hemorrhoids :: Minor Bleeding At BM

I am a 31 year old male. I have had some minor bleeding at bm's. After some time and research on the internet I became concerned and went to see my doctor. My doctor did a quick check up and took a medical history. My med history is clear including family members. No cancer or anything major. Furthering the exam my doctor did a visual exam of my anus and a digital rectal exam as well. She diagnosed me with having hemorrhoids. How long does the bleeding last before it is a concern? I have had diarrhea for the past 5 days and bleeding as well after bm's. Today however I had a normal bm good size and shape, no blood, then this afternoon it was almost diarrhea again with some more blood after the bm was complete. It is just concerning even after the dr telling me I had hemorrhoids.

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Shoulder Injury From Car Accident 4 Months Ago - Still Hurts

I was in a rollover car accident about 4 months ago and my shoulder hurt pretty bad right afterwards due to the seat belt. The docs took x rays but nothing on it. I had several weeks off from work and thought the pain was getting better. Ever since returning, the pain has come back and has not gone away. I finally went back to the doctor about a month ago and they prescribed me some ibuprofen and muscle relaxer and also referred me to physical therapy. Well, a month into physical therapy, the shoulder really still hurts. It's hard to lift my arm and do overhead activities. It's also hard to reach in the back and put on my coat for example. Any kind of pressure on it makes it sore and it feels pretty weak now. I was told from worker's comp to possibly ask a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon but I am not sure I want to go down that road. I am thinking of asking the doc to order an MRI.

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Cant Walk Or Straighten Knee After Bike Accident

So 3 weeks ago, I had a bad bike accident where I flew off the bike and slammed onto my knee. Had no immediate pain until about 2 hours later, but at that point my knee was so swollen that it looked like I had grown a second kneecap! The pain got progressively worse and by the end of the day, I couldn't walk. I'm homeschooled so for the past 3 weeks, I've only left my house to go to doctors appointments because the pain is so bad even while sitting. I can't bend my knee too far or straighten it much at all, it pretty much has stayed in a bent position for three weeks. So I went to the dr, got an MRI done, and the dr was so disrespectful to me. Told me my pain was all in my head, told me to "just get up and walk" even though I visibly couldn't. He tried to manipulate me into straightening my knee by talking to me about college while trying to push the knee straight. So unprofessional. But that's besides the point - he told me my MRI looked completely normal? My knee is always popping and has all the symptoms of a torn ligament (although I don't have excruciating pain if you put physical pressure on the kneecap, although it is somewhat painful.) anyway, just wondering if I could get a few second opinions on these MRI's? I was thinking torn meniscus or ACL, but let me know.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Pink Spotting And Minor Cramping

I am 30 yrs old. My LMP was 3/7 and my cycles are usually 26 days. I was sexually active and did not use protection on 3/13, 3/18, and 3/19. I started light pink spotting and minor cramping on 3/27 And it stopped by the end of the day. The same happened again on 3/30 and has been since. The spotting is so light I have not needed a pad. I am due to start my period tomorrow. Could I be pregnant or could it be something else?

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Vulval Issues :: Lump On Minor Labia

I had a lump in minor labia ( area between major and minor labia). I tried warm compress for few days in order to soften the lump and bursted it. It seemed to have developed a red rash around in the opening area. I applied anti itching cream came with Miconazole cream ( 3 day prescription) for yeast infection. This treatment hasn't helped so far at all. I can see the redness has come down but not completely gone down. It still has soreness and pain in that area. Today morning I noticed a small I can see a small soreness ( like a small pimple) closer to the tip of other labia minora as well. I don't understand what's happening ? In the past i have had acne / lump in labia minora after the menstrual period and then they would burst in next 2-3 days. Can you please help me in this ? some cream that I can apply on this ? I m currently in US for holiday so cant access the local doctor since my insurance has expired. However I m gonna try to reach to my doctor in India as early as possible...

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Methadone Withdrawal - Minor Diarrhea And Tired

I've been on methadone for 7 years i got down to 12mg and have stopped i'm on my 5th day and have only had minor diarrhea and a little tired i guess i want to know if it's going to get worse.

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Knee :: Pre TKR - No Wound / Minor Injuries Or Skin Scratch ?

My TKR is 12 days away now and I was told I that if there was a single break in the skin on that leg the op would be cancelled because of the infection risk. Even an insect bite would be a problem...

I have to say I never realised how often my legs had minor wounds... I'm generally quite outdoorsy and I'm permanently covered in bites, bramble scratches, nettle rash (which I always manage to scratch open) etc, or accidental scratches from playing with dogs and cats, or catching my leg on a fence whilst struggling to get my dodgy legs over a style...

i never even think about it, but now I feel like I have to wrap the leg in cotton wool to protect it these last few days... Just got me wondering... What aspect of your surgeries took you totally by surprise? What did you have have to think/worry about that you never even thought about before?

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Vaginal Health :: Torn Vulva From Accident, White Fleshy Stuff Hanging

I'm embarrassed to even type this question but when I was around ten I fell on a bedpost and had to get surgery on my vagina area, a couple years later I noticed that my vagina doesn't look normal. There's a red piece of the vagina hanging on one side and another smaller piece on the other? It might be that my vagina ripped due to the stitches not working or something? Also on the bottom of my vagina looks a bit torn and has white fleshy stuff showing? I want to have sex in the future and I'm 19 but I'm a bit embarrassed to go to a Gyno even though I have heavy periods because I'm afraid of revealing this...I'm on my parents medical plan so if I get surgery I don't really want to tell my parents because this is so embarrassing...What could I do? Is this serious and was the doctor who did this supposed to do a checkup or something because I wasn't aware of this for awhile so it could've torn over the years?

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Deep Vein Thrombosis Post Thrombotic Syndrome - Minor Surgery

My son had a large DVT in his left leg and was told to take Warfarin and wear compression stocking but nothing else could be done. We have learnt through Thrombosis UK charity  that there is treatment available at St Thomas' Hospital in London. My son has had several visits for tests and now is going to have minor surgery to stent his blocked and scarred veins to improve his blood flow and alleviate swelling. Good news for a change.

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What Is Complex-PTSD?

I don't agree with my bpd/eupd diagnosis and believe that this is the condition I'm actually suffering from.  I'm not self-diagnosing just wonder if anybody has this and can tell me a little bit how it affects them?

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Citalopram For PTSD

I've been living with depression for ever (or does it just see mike that!) and have been taking cit for about 6 months with a real relief from the despair and hopelessness. I'm also suffering from PTSD following a horrible trauma and wondered if anyone has taken cit as an effective treatment for this?

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Pain Management :: Pain In Bruised Ribs After Accident

I was in a car accident about a week ago and 4 days after the accident I started having pain on the left side of my ribs right under my breast when I take deep breathes, yawn, sneeze, ect.  It a little swollen but doesn't hurt to touch. what could this be?

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PTSD :: Space From Their Partner

Most who have ptsd ask for space from their partner.

Can you please tell me how long is this space: weeks, month, or months

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PTSD :: Normal To Have Flare Ups?

I have suffered PTSD for over 6 years now and my PTSD has started to flare up again with vengeance this time. My PTSD hasn’t bothered me for over a year and now it’s started to come back again like it did before when I was at my worst time. To the point of me not caring about my friends or my family about what they think about me and me not really caring about their feelings, have augments with my wife over nothing but make it sound like the first thing in the world. Do you have any advice on how to get through this at the moment? I’m really struggling and just don’t know if this is normal (to have flare ups) or if I’m just giving up on the people I care about because they are selfish. Any advice would be very helpful.

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PTSD Can Last For Years? After Assault

I was assaulted nine years ago and I cannot seem to get past feelings of anger and feeling depressed about it. I just want to put it behind me as it is causing problems in my life. Could I be suffering from ptsd? After all of this time since it happened to me?

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PTSD And Pseudoseizures - 13 Years Old

I'm 13 years old I am an honors student who has big dreams and one who loves animals. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and pseudoseizures. I'm struggling to be a normal person and I cry myself to sleep each night, but I also have nightmares. This has become extremely difficult and I feel like I'm going insane and I thought posting in here would help clarify my feelings with people who not only suffer from the same thing, but would understand my pain. Will this end? What if medications don't work? What are other options that will work better for me? Being so young I don't know what to do.

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Retiring On Disability Due To PTSD?

I suffered an extremely abusive home, foster care, hospitalizations, and loss. That was 30 years ago! I eventually moved out of state and just stopped focusing on my life. I married, divorced, remarried, changed jobs and have worked for over 20 years in one job. After several years of medical problems and being diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Chronic Pain I just am losing my mind. I was diagnosed with PTSD many many years ago and it is horrible right now. I am not sure I can continue working and resolve this! I desperately need to retire and can on recommendation from a Doctor. I am seeing a therapist now and have a psychiatrist appointment at the end of the month. Has anyone else had experience with retiring on disability due to PTSD?

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PTSD :: Cannot Get A Good Night's Sleep

So my main issue when dealing with my PTSD is the really vivid terrifying nightmares. I was controlling them for a while with trazodone, which I will admit I did not have a prescription for and received from a friend, but as I really don't feel like becoming addicted to medications, I've stopped taking it for the time being. Most of the other symptoms of my PTSD have so far not affected my day to day life but I cannot get a good night's sleep to save my life right and I was wondering if there was any type of meditation or something that you might recommend? I don't have the time or money right now to see a therapist or trauma expert.

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