PTSD :: Space From Their Partner

Nov 5, 2014

Most who have ptsd ask for space from their partner.

Can you please tell me how long is this space: weeks, month, or months

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Difference Between PTSD And Complex-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

I was recently diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The difference between C-ptsd and PTSD is that Complex happens over an extended period of time, and usually originates in childhood. Whereas PTSD is typically a one-time traumatic event (such as rape, war, etc).

After spending my entire life in pain, confusion, and emotionally abusive relationships, I finally have an answer. While it is a big relief, the process of recovery is not easy. I feel like there are two versions of me: The chameleon who has put on a good act and adapted for the sake of everyone else, and the real me, who has been hidden all these years. I'm just now starting to get to know the real me.

This is a relatively new diagnosis, and it didn't make it into the new DSM, but I read where someone said that Complex PTSD is at the core of a great many mental health issues.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Dissemination In Space And Time

Can a 6.6mm lesion if not seen on a previous brain Mri scan be classed as a new lesion? Regardless of location can extra spots not seen on a previous Mri, be classed as new?

I was told i had a few extra spots than on my previous Mri, I had symptoms which were new. When putting together these two findings, why was lumbar puncture results relied upon more heavily than new spots and symptoms?

In reading the McDonald Criteria it states in one of it's guidelines, that any new lesion or lesions regardless of timing when compared to a baseline scan is evidence of Dissemination in Space, am i interpreting this correctly?

Dissemination in Time. Is this guideline for clinical attacks? I was admitted to hospital with double vision and loss of balance in 2014. I was attending a neurologist for several years, beginning with pins and needles way back in 2010, roughly around 2012, 2013, I presented with morning headaches which were on going for months. I also experienced around this time a numbness all over my body upon awakening on several occasions it lasted mere seconds, but i wonder was were these headaches and numbness a sign of something happening.

Still have double vision and balance problems, my double vision happens when the pen or finger test is carried out, i don't see double daily, but do have blurring vision and fullness in my head. I cannot hold my urine. I get small leaking especially when i awake, or if i need to go it's with urgency. I have bowel problems, i have extreme fatigue and weakness. My legs feel tight and they can get extremely painful. The weakness is awful, i can't apply myself to simple tasks, they exhaust me, it's like climbing a mountain to do things. I think my planning and organizational skills have slowed drastically. I am all day getting nowhere, my concentration is very poor. Definitely planning and organizational skills are very bad.

New symptoms and new spots. Lumbar puncture was advised to rule MS in or out. What is confusing me still two years on are my symptoms and my brain Mri 2014. A lesion measuring 6.6mm was noted as being the largest of 19 in both cerebral hemispheres, most numerous in the right frontal lobe. My second neurologist referred to T2 hyperintensities in the juxtacortical right frontal lobe. My latest two MRI's 2015, 2016, note small area's of white matter abnormality seen in the right frontal lobe. Both were compared by the same radiologist. He said there has been no change in size or number when comparing 2 016 to 2015. They are stable. No progression.

So I don't know, if i have two lesions or one lesion. 6.6mm and 3.5mm are two different measurements.

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Anxiety :: Started To Feel Space And Weary Of My Surroundings

Just started to feel space and weary of my surroundings why can this be I did have a bad day thinking all sorts yesterday can this be from that ?

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Brain/Pituitary Tumors :: Parapharyngeal Space Tumor (pps)

This is all very new to me so I hope I'm doing this right but I'm just looking for some reassurance. I'm 26 years old and was diagnosed with a parapharyngeal space tumour in late 2012. 2013 my surgeon attempted to remove the tumor by cutting my jaw and going through the back of my throat into the pps, unfortunately he was unsuccessful and didn't remove any of the tumor. We decided to monitor it over two years and see if a change in growth was noted. I should mention that for the last 4 years I've had pain in my left ear and face which has been gradually worsening, and around 10 months ago I lost hearing in the same ear which is now joined by a high pitched ringing. A mri in early December 2015 showed a growth in tumor so my surgeon decided to remove it, however he would need to take a wider approach to ensure he would get the tumor this time, he is concerned that it's involved with my lower cranial nerves so we may need to remove or damage them which would greatly alter my quality of life. Currently I'm looking at other options or other ENT over the world for more desperate to find someone else who has been through something similar or if anyone has a suggestion of surgeon or alternative treatments. They are unsure the nature of my tumor so time is of the essence for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a 1 year old baby who I need to be around for to watch grow up.

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Dental Health :: Need Implants But No Space Between Top And Bottom Teeth

I am a young adult and I have huge problems with my teeth now after several years of not having medical coverage and extreme fear of dentists. pretty much all my molars are gone and need to be extracted, but on top of that, I may not even be able to get implants or partials because I have an even bigger issue with my bite.I went to a prosthodontist who told me that there isn't enough space between the top and bottom teeth to put anything there like an implant or even dentures and this is absolutely terrifying. He basically told me that he couldn't help me because he "limits his practice to crowns and bridges" so he told me to go back to my general dentist to ask what they can do with my bite. In the end of the day I didn't get anything out of that visit besides horrific news so my question right now is, can it be possible that I can't even get partials because of my bite? what exactly can be done about this? at the moment I have severe anxiety and fear so I can't sleep or even think because of the news that I got and I'm desperate for some good news. Can anyone please help me understand how I can be treated so i could AT LEAST get dentures if not implants?

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Back Issues :: Residual Intervertebral Disk Space At S1- S2?

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Residual intervertebral disk space at s1-s2.

I know it isn't anything catastrophic I am just not sure what it means.

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I Ejaculate As Soon As I Penetrate My Partner

I ejaculate as soon as I penetrate my partner. It happens very quickly and I really don't know why. The moment my penis start penetrating I ejaculate. I am 28 and this is happening for years now. I tried the desensitizer, but it didn't really work. I do not know what is really the problem and how to fix it.

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Herpes :: From Last OR Most Recent Partner?

Only days after being with my latest partner I have what I believe to be my first outbreak. At first I thought it was vaginal tearing from rough intercourse but it's only seemed to have gotten worse in the last 4 days. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow but I want to be as prepared as possible to having the "talk" if the results are positive. From what I've read and know about having the chickenpox the virus can stay dormant in your spine and some people never have symptoms but if you do have symptoms does that mean you got it from your last partner or could it be possible that I received it from a previous partner?

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Can I Get Herpes From A Partner With Sore Throat ?

I went to see my doctor today due to painful bumps on my penis. After an examination, he concluded that I had the herpes simplex. I have only ever had sexual relations with one partner and both of us were virgins before we got involved with one another. Neither one of us had any stds.

I did have oral sex with my partner while she had a sore throat (just a common cold). My doctor said that that is how I got it. But I don't understand how her sore throat could have given it to me if she didn't even have the herpes virus!! Is this possible? How can it come from nothing?

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Herpes :: Sex With Asymptomatic Virus Shedding Partner

I've been seeing this sweet girl for a month and a half now.

I know her background pretty well, as she's a friend of a friend.

She's a shy, quiet and reserved person with no history of STDs, and has only had one sexual partner before me.

Five days ago, we kissed and had protected sex using a condom.

Last night after dinner, I noticed a tingling/slightly burning sensation on a small part of my upper lip.

It's a sensation similar to when you have really dry and chapped lips, and the skin starts to recover, except perhaps a little more intense.
I'm really paranoid about having contracted HSV-1 orally, even though I have none of the other symptoms usually associated with an outbreak.

Because I'm a germaphobe, I live my life more carefully than most others; never really come into physical, skin-on-skin contact with other people (minus handshakes and hugs), and always pay close attention to what I do whenever my skin is damaged a little from being dry or cut.

Neither she (19 years old) nor I (23) have ever had an outbreak of cold sores, but I'm aware that you can carry the virus around all your life without ever knowing - that goes for the both of us.

Both her and my dad do get occasional cold sore outbreaks.

I guess what I'm after here more than anything, is a rough estimate on how likely I am to contract HSV-1 from her, with all the above details taken into account.

As a worst-case scenario, let's assume that she is carrying the virus, but is completely asymptomatic.

What are the odds of becoming infected from asymptomatic shedding?

In other words, what sort of transmission rates am I looking at for asymptomatic shedding?

If what I'm feeling on my lip is the beginning of a cold sore, at what point in time should I be able to SEE something on the lips at the spot? Because I've been up close with a magnifying glass and a flashlight and the area looks perfectly normal.

A related, but I guess more of a bonus question:

I called my doctor earlier this week, in an attempt to set up an STD screening as my new relationship becomes increasingly intimate - I'm confident that I'm clean, but it would be nice to have that confirmed.

I asked for an STD test and would like testing for HSV-1 and HSV-2 included as well, to which she replied, puzzled, why on earth I'd want that?

I explained my situation and that I'd like to know my herpes status, so I'd at least know where I stand in relation to my new girl.

She then said that she saw no reason to test for that at all, especially since I've never had an outbreak.

To be honest, this reaction from a medical professional kinda shocked me.

If a patient requests a specific test for a lifelong, incurable disease, why would a doctor stall like that?

At the very least, shouldn't she be interested in trying to prevent the further spread of the virus, by allowing me to know if I already have it - or if I don't have it, so that I'll be a bit careful about what I do?

Any input except "oh get over yourself, cold sores are so common, everyone has them!"

I'll take any fighting chance I can get, if it means I get to live out the rest of my life without having to constantly worry about infecting others and having blisters on my face.

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Anxiety / Depression After My Partner Committed Suicide

Having a rough time with anxiety and I believe a bit of depression that is being exacerbated by the anxiety. It all started last year after my partner committed suicide. He killed himself a week before I was due to graduate from university and start a brand new job. Obviously I was very distressed after this happened but chose to not have any time off work, not even a day in the hope that I could work through my emotions and keep busy. Now after being promoted and life starting to get somewhat better I' am probably worse now than when it first happened. 

Could it be the fact that the emotional trauma of it all has eventually caught up with me now that I'm deciding to take time off to reflect? I'm experiencing panic attacks on the odd occasion however for the best part of day, every day I' am severely anxious and stressed in regards to my mental state, I just have no idea on how to relax.

My symptoms include chest pain, throbbing head pain, dizziness, lack of motivation, I get no enjoyment from seeing friends anymore because I'm always a nervous wreck with anxiety. If someone makes a loud noise or drops something then I jump a mile, I definitely think my nerves have been damaged from this experience if that is even possible? 

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Herpes :: Chances Of Transmitting It To Your Partner? (outbreaks And Meds)

So I've been "with" someone since August and I've only ever had one outbreak last October. I take the medication somewhat sporadically but more often if I know we are going to mess around. I was wondering if anybody with genital herpes has NOT given it to their partner when or if they have unprotected sex? It's possible right? I mean for your partner to not catch it? The doctor told me the meds would help reduce outbreaks and the chance of me giving it someone. Is this true? Has anybody had unprotected sex with someone and they didn't catch it?

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Depression :: Detached From The World, Family, Partner And Friends

things just don't seem to be getting any better I can feel myself becoming detached from the world my family and my partner and friends all I do is sit in my room alone coz I can't face anyone and all I do is cry :-( had my tablets changed which I start tomorrow which I'm very anxious about.. I'm so scared of what my future holds if I can not get better.. I have everything to look forward too getting married getting my own place and everything is there for the taking but I can not seem to get myself out this rut and get myself back to work the thought terrifies me ! Really don't know what to do .......

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Transmission Of HSV1 To Monogomous Male Partner

BF of 1.5 years recently had his first OB, culture came back positive (they didn't test for which type)  [I go in Monday to have routine blood work, going to request them add HSV 2] Physician did not treat him for  HSV as his 3 ulcers did not appear to be HSV to the provider. His ulcers were painless however his malaise, fever and chills night sweats for 5 days bout did him in. II have HSV1 since a child. I Have not had an oral outbreak for 5 months. I am very particular and persistently cautious at the first sign of lip tingle, as I  how contagious herpes virus is and outbreaks are frustrating.  Even through all my meticulous behaviors,  he recently contracted HSV1 genital. I am hypothesizing from oral sex 12 days prior while I was menstruating I must of have been shedding oral HSV1 without any OB sign whatsoever. ( generally I break out during menstruration in the past) timeline is the best fit his IgG is neg leading me to believe a brand new infection for him. I am devastated that without an active oral outbreak I spread this to my partner.
Lifestyle, eating and supplement habits to read up on to prevent future genital outbreaks for him?

How often is HSV1 oral shedding asymptomatic?

How likely am I to get it HsV1 genital from him now?

Are there any additional precautions to take the first year beside condom use, no sex during any hint or active breakout?

Over the years will be begin to shed the virus less?

Thank you

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Skin :: Itchy Spot On Scrotum - Partner Has Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

For about 3 months now, my fiance has had an intensely itchy area on the left underside of his scrotum.  We tried numerous powders and creams, both medicated and unmedicated.  Some would work for a few minutes to a few hours but nothing "cured" it.  The area is very wrinkly and dry looking.  He scratches and itches it so much that it starts to get raw.  I stopped using any laundry detergent at all on his boxers and just washed them in water.  He said it helps, he isn't as itchy as he was before, but its not going away. 

My crazy mind is now going all over the place to try to solve this and I began to wonder....

I, myself, have been suffering from recurrent episodes of bacterial vaginosis for about 2 years.  I treat it with vaginally inserted metronidazole and it goes away.  Then, sometimes weeks, sometimes months later, it comes back.  I just did some research and am going to try some home remedies for myself. 

I find conflicting information online about men and a bacterial infection.  I read that it is uncommon for men to get this and if they do they USUALLY have no symptoms.  Is it possible that he got it from me and is now starting to show symptoms?  And I only treat myself so are we just passing it back and forth?  Maybe these are two completely different issues but I have to wonder and ask.  I hate to see him so uncomfortable all the time, and I know I hate the symptoms I get with my BV.

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What Is Complex-PTSD?

I don't agree with my bpd/eupd diagnosis and believe that this is the condition I'm actually suffering from.  I'm not self-diagnosing just wonder if anybody has this and can tell me a little bit how it affects them?

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Citalopram For PTSD

I've been living with depression for ever (or does it just see mike that!) and have been taking cit for about 6 months with a real relief from the despair and hopelessness. I'm also suffering from PTSD following a horrible trauma and wondered if anyone has taken cit as an effective treatment for this?

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PTSD :: After A Minor Accident

I had ptsd for a few a  years and was getting help(cbt treatment),then i was involved in a minor accident and iv had to quit work.i suffered severe concussion after it,not sure if it has anything to do with me getting worse.I just wonder do i have complex ptsd now?i have never felt so bad.

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PTSD :: Normal To Have Flare Ups?

I have suffered PTSD for over 6 years now and my PTSD has started to flare up again with vengeance this time. My PTSD hasn’t bothered me for over a year and now it’s started to come back again like it did before when I was at my worst time. To the point of me not caring about my friends or my family about what they think about me and me not really caring about their feelings, have augments with my wife over nothing but make it sound like the first thing in the world. Do you have any advice on how to get through this at the moment? I’m really struggling and just don’t know if this is normal (to have flare ups) or if I’m just giving up on the people I care about because they are selfish. Any advice would be very helpful.

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PTSD Can Last For Years? After Assault

I was assaulted nine years ago and I cannot seem to get past feelings of anger and feeling depressed about it. I just want to put it behind me as it is causing problems in my life. Could I be suffering from ptsd? After all of this time since it happened to me?

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