Contraception :: Bleeding For 3 Weeks Since Started The Pill

Jun 16, 2009

I just started BC 3 weeks ago when i started my period but i still am bleeding. Can i take 2 to finally stop bleeding or should i go back to my doctor to change to a stronger hormone?

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Contraception :: Started Getting Periods On Cerazette Pill - Is It Normal?

I've been on Cerazette (mini - pill) for 2 years and since I started my periods stopped which was great and what my doctor told me would probably happen. However 3 months ago my periods have seem to have come back the same time each month as if I'm not on the pill anymore. The only thing that I can think of that's caused this is that i've change the time i'm taking my pill from about 9am to 6pm could this be why? I thought after my first period I might just need to settle back but maybe not!

Just wondered if anyone can help me is this normal? I've read that irregular bleeding can occur but this seems to be pretty regularly, it's really annoying!

I'm thinking of changing to the implant will this be a better option? or as it's the same kind of hormone will my periods still carry on? 

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Contraception :: No Bleeding On Microgynon 30 Pill

I started taking this when I was 14 and had a regular bleed that began on the same day. However I stopped taking it at the beginning of the year. I then carried on at the start of the month for a new partner. I haven't been taking it at the same time everyday due to being out, its ranged from 8pm-12am. We have only had sex without a condom a few times whilst I've been on the pill but im now 3 days into my 7 day break and I have not bled yet. Could I be pregnant? And how do I approach my partner?

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Women :: Bleeding After Intercourse And Started Bleeding Again Today

Sunday night me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he came inside me. It gave me a weird feeling like tingling then most of his sperm just came out my vagina. but the next morning when I woke up I was bleeding, then stopped. And started bleeding again today. I don't understand why in bleeding because I just got off my period September 18th. That was the first time he ever came in me.

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Contraception :: Implanon Side Effects - Started Getting Acne

I have had an implanon for more than a year now. But probably 4 months ago I started getting acne. Although I realize that it is one of implanon side effects could it be possible that it is only happening now, after a whole year? And another thing is, whenever I take antibiotics like Tetralysal 300mg or purbac for my acne, my bleeding starts and it won't stop unless I stop with the antibiotic. Is this normal?

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Contraception :: Taking The Pill Before Period

My period is due in the next couple of days, and since I've been experiencing lots of PMS the last day or two, I started taking the combined pill today, will this affect my period? And how?

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Contraception :: Cerazette Pill - How Reliable It Is?

I have just started Cerazette yesterday and I am wondering how reliable it is. I have a long term partner and I am wondering if we need to use protection when having sex or can I trust this method of contraception?

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Contraception :: Horrible Depression Due To Pill

I had taken THE pill for only 3 months and since then i am having horrible depression.i am now 3 months off bc., but no improvements in My condition.
i am seeing a psychologist and she says that i should wait another 3 months and then only try for anti-depressants. I thought that being 3 months on THE pill is not long.

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Contraception :: Pill Causing Blocked Nose

i've been taking the contraceptive pill for 3 months and about a week after starting, I found my nose was getting blocked. It's still like this. I've been to see my nurse who says it's unlikely that the pill is causing this, though looking at the NHS website it states that the pill does cause this. Assuming this is the cause, is swapping to a different pill likely to make any difference or do I just need to live with it while I take the pill? And is it even safe to continue with this Pill if it's causing my nose to swell up like this?

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Contraception :: When To Start The Pill In Connection With Periods

I've recently just been to my doctors and asked to go on the pill. However, I am unsure when to take my first one, I'm due to come on my period in about 2 weeks, however I go on holiday around the same time, and I don't want to be on whilst I'm away.

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Contraception :: No Period After Messing Up Microgynon Pill

I had an old packet of the pill left with about 8 days pills remaining. I took one, not on the first day of my period, but about 2 weeks from the usual period days. My bf and I had intercourse and he ejaculated inside me. I continued with the remainder of the pack as required but forgot to take one pill about 4 days later, I took that pill on the Thursday mornings and took the usual Thursday pill on Thursday night, then Friday pill on Friday morning..I continued with the pack but forgot to take the Monday pill and took Tuesday on Tuesday and Wednesday on Wednesday... I should have had my period today and it feels like there should be a period but I've not had my period! Do you think I could be pregnant or have I just messed up my system?! Really don't want a baby just yet!! Boobs aren't sore like usually are when I'm premenstrual but tummy feels warm sometimes throughout today... I've now got 3 new packets of the pill which I should take on Thursday following a 7 day break...

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Contraception :: Morning After Pill Make Your Next Periods Late?

Me and my bf had unprotected sex about 5 weeks ago i took the morning after pill 50+ hours after!! .. however i came on my period shortly after light at first then normal... We had sex just over two weeks ago but we used protection EEEEKKKKK Obviously last week i was meant to start my period and i have still not come on!??! i've taken 2 pregnancy tests and they are negative! Please please PLEASEEEE help me i can't sleep and am worried sick!! .. people keep telling me that it does through your cycle up and down!!?? but how many weeks can it affect you!

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Contraception :: Chances Of Pregnancy If I Forget My Pill For 15 Hours?

I've been on birth control pill (Yasminelle to be exact) for more than a year. A few days ago I started a new pack. I took the first pill like normal. The same day I had sex with someone, without a condom but he didn't ejaculate. The next day I forgot to take my pill for a little longer than 12 hours and I took it as soon as I remembered and had access to it. The following day I took the pill at the normal time.

Reading the instructions for the pill, about forgetting to take it for longer than 12 hours during the first week of the new pack, it said that if there was sexual intercourse a few days before forgetting to take the pill, there's still a chance of pregnancy. I suppose that is, if there is ejaculation, which in my case, didn't happen. I know I probably shouldn't worry but I still wanted a second opinion.

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Contraception :: Spotting Within A Week Of The Birth Control Pill

I have been taking birth control pills for about 6 years now, on and off. I usually take it every month, however for the last month I did not take the pills. My periods did not come after the month ended but it came after about two months for itself. I started taking the pills after my periods finished and into about a week of the pills, I began spotting, this never happened before. I have protected sex with my bf, so I highly doubt I am pregnant, but I still wanted to find out what could be the causes of my irregular spotting?

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Menstrual Cycle :: Started Bleeding 3 Days After My Period

I started bleeding 3 days after my period it started light but continued to get very heavy using 3-4 pads a day then a few days ago it started to slow down and showed signs of stopping when the red turned to brown but restarted again, My period is due in 9 days and this definitely doesn't feel like a period too me.

I'm not on the pill as i was having issues and came off it last year since i stopped using the combined pill my period has sorted itself out a lot.

I don't think i am pregnant as even if i was bleeding for this long would mean a issue?

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Menstruation :: Copper IUD For 3 Years And Just Started Bleeding For A Month

Just curious if anyone has had this problem. I have had my paragaurd IUD for 3 years. Prior to this one I had one for 6 years with no problems whatsoever. Almost a month ago I started my period. It started strange with a clear pinkish watery discharge followed by thick brownish discharge. About 2 weeks later I passed something that was flesh colored and about the size of a dime. I thought it might be a miscarriage so i took a pregnancy test with a negative result. I have been continuously bleeding since then. This has been a total of a month now. I am very scared but unfortunately I can't be seen for another week. Up until now my periods have been every 21 days and lasted for 5-7 like clockwork. Has anyone experienced anything like this? FYI I have been in a monogamous relationship for 2 1/2 years and had STD testing with my last annual a year ago.

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Uterine Fibroids :: Started Esmya. How Long Until Bleeding Should Stop?

I started Esmya 6 days ago and am still bleeding, heavy at times. Had a slow wean off norethisterone, last tablet was 2 days before starting Esmya. So prob having a withdrawal bleed from that but just wondering how long til Esmya kicks in.

Had big haemorrhage at Xmas and lost over 30% blood volume so any bleeding leaves me highly anxious and unable to function normally. Has anyone else experienced that?

Also, consultant put mirena in 2 mths ago to help control bleeding. He said it won't impact on effect of Esmya but I've read that it can as they're both competing for progesterone receptors. Have others come across this at all? Is there anyone else out there on Esmya who also has the mirena? Did you have any results?

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Contraception :: Cerazette - When Bleeding Will Stop?

i've started being back on cerazette after years of not being on contraception. i started on my 1st day of my period and i finished like normal then after two days of none bleeding iv started again i'm on my 13 day of taking cerazette.... how long does the bleeding stop

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Birth Control :: Stopped The Pill After 3 Months Bleeding

I started birth control pills almost three months ago. As soon as I started taking them I bled and bled for the whole time I was on them, so almost three months. I recently decided in the middle of my third pack that I would stop taking them and get off of the pill. I am still bleeding two days after but it is heavier than the usual bleed I had on the pill. Is this my period starting? If not how long will the bleeding last until it stops?

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Contraception :: Mirena IUD - NOT Bleeding For 2 Months Straight?

I got the Mirena IUD inserted 16 days ago during the last couple days of my placebo pills from Ortho Tri Cyclen. I have been spotting ever since and it's taken a major toll on my sex life and it's driving me crazy. I talked to my doctor about it a few days ago and she said that this is normal but that i can try taking the pill again in a month or so if it doesn't go away. Then three days ago I just got so fed up with spotting that I started a pack of my birth control just to see if that helps anything. Now the spotting is less but I'm wondering if anyone has any positive experience with NOT bleeding for 2 months straight? Everything I read online is just a Mirena horror story but I need some positive experience stories or advice. I understand this is "normal" but it still sucks.

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Contraception :: Copper Coil Bleeding While Walking

I had the copper coil fitted over 2 weeks ago and have been bleeding everyday with low pelvic pain plus am so light headed I have nearly fainted twice, its seems worse when i'm walking around but more light when a sitting down has anyone else gone through the same thing I have appointment at the doctors 2mro .x

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