Diet / Nutrition :: Best Fruit To Make Healthy Juice

Nov 11, 2013

can you tell me, list best fruit to i make healthy juice?

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Nutrition :: Can Too Much Fruit Or Vegetables Be TOO Much?

This is my first post here, im a 14 year old male, 175 pounds (and losing weight at a steady pace, i've been working out since i was fat and 210 pounds a few months ago), and about 6 feet tall (i play basketball) and i want to know if i eat a large amount of fruits or vegetables i can get unhealthy. i eat maybe about a stalk or two of celery, a handful of baby carrots, an apple or an orange, a pear, about an eighth of a watermelon, a couple strawberries (maybe), yogurt, sometimes a vine of grapes, some sweet peppers and a plum or peach every day or two, just as snacks. i very rarely eat sweets although i occasionally eat meat and cheese during meals, and some eggs or grain/oats/whatever cereal for breakfast. i don't really follow the 8 glasses of water a day, i just drink when im thirsty tbh. i workout about 4-6 days a week and play basketball, and i've been wanting to know if this may be too much food for one day, and if this can make me unhealthy or fat.

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Nutrition :: Apple Cider Vinegar And Aloe Vera Juice. What's It Good For?

I would like to know if Apple Cider Vinegar is good for you and what it's good for. Also Pure Aloe Vera juice. Is it good for you and what is it good for?

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Constipation - Juice, Fruit, Fiber, Vegetable And Vitamins - Not Working

I am constipated most of the time. It goes about 3 weeks, I end up throwing up because food won't go anywhere (I don't induce vomiting, it just comes back up). I get constipated enough that my pelvic area and legs are in pain.

I take a fiber supplement, a multivitamin, and a B vitamin. For breakfast I usually have 2 eggs scrambled with spinach and a protein shake, eat a cup of raw vegetables for a snack, then a cup of raw raw vegetables and baked chicken breast for lunch, then usually stir-"fried" (with water) vegetables with chicken breast or steak for dinner. I drink 96 - 128 oz of water a day. I walk 1 hour a day (mile and a half) M-F and just 1 mile on the weekends with whatever wandering about in stores/shopping I do.

My doctor told me to eat more fiber, so I added the raw vegetables to my lunches 6 months ago, it was previously cooked kale and chicken breast. It just doesn't seem to be helping. The last time I passed stool, there was blood with it. I went to emergency and they didn't see any blood in the sample I gave there, and referred me to a GI doctor. Then I had diarrhea for 3 days (no blood). Now I'm back to constipated.

I'm at a loss. My doctor is at a loss and decided the weight gain/loss is fat, not stool (really!?) and has put me on Phentermine to lose weight. I've been fine on it, and have stopped drinking caffeine since it is one of those drugs that can slam your heart. Haven't lost any weight, just gained, as usual.

My question is more of what can I do to stop this never-ending cycle? I have an appointment with the GI doctor that I am definitely keeping, but this is a lot to slam her with all at once, and I'm trying to figure out how to condense this down with the relevant info. I'd really love any advice, the pain alone is hard to deal with even when I give up and take acetaminophen. My doctor is a great doctor when it comes to other stuff, doesn't seem to get that this is frustrating me to tears. I gain/lose about 20lbs of WASTE every 3 weeks. He doesn't seem to get that this isn't ok.

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Diet / Nutrition :: Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day?

I was wondering what type of ways you guys use to boost your energy throughout the day, whether its coffee, energy drinks, exercise, vitamins, etc. And how effective are these for you? What are negative side effects that you do not like from your energy booster?

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Diet / Nutrition :: Sugar Feeds Inflammation

I started a food diary and just wondering if what I am learning is common.

I have been told that many of my ailments are from inflammation. Ankle, hip, knee, back etc. I was told to start taking care of my gut and it would fix the rest of my body.

Anyway step 1 was to create a food diary. So what I am learning is that very quickly (like within 5 - 10 minutes) of eating sugar, my pain sky rockets.
And after taking an anti-inflammatory pill my pain goes away very quickly, like 5-10 minutes.

Yes I know that sugar feeds inflammation and I should avoid it.

What I am wondering is the timing odd?

I would not have anticipated sugar or a medication to have that immediate of results.

During my life I have taken anti-inflammatory pills a few times and really never found them to do much. Until today.

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Diet / Nutrition :: What Kind Of Food Give B12

What kind of food give B12

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Sciatica :: Food / Diet / Nutrition Suggestions?

I would figure good nutrition (less sugar, less white flour, less processed foods, less trans fat, and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains) is a good idea. It is a good idea if there are no sciatica problems.

But if you have any cause - effect food insights or if you know of any particularly helpful foods.

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Diet / Nutrition :: Chinese Food Makes Me Sleepy

I usually don't eat chinese food, mainly because my stomach HATES it. But, it does taste good, so last night I decided to get some.

My sleep schedule is a bit messed up right now, so I woke up at around 4pm, and got my Chinese at 6pm, so I literally had only been awake for about 2 hours. I got Sesame Chicken with some white rice, but ended up not really eating the rice.

After a few bites, I realized I was extremely tired. Like, I could've fallen asleep eating. I ate until I was satisfied, but really, that wasn't much, not even half of what I got. I put my chicken away, then went back to playing video games, and fell asleep while playing. It was only for about an hour, but still, It was weird.

This afternoon, I woke up, got myself my leftovers, heated them up, and again, a few bites in, and i'm practically asleep.

Is there something in Chinese food that makes people tired?

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Diverticula Diet? Fruit, Vegetables, Cooked Only?

In the past, I have spent quite a lot of money getting advice from a private Nutritionist.  She advised me not to eat any raw fruit and vegetables but to eat them cooked only.  Also not to eat salad as lettuce in particular can take a while to pass through the digestive system.  Also she said that wheat is not a good form of fibre but Rye is better but Rye bread is usually heavy, more like a house brick.  Rye crackers are O.K. sometimes but won't make a good sandwich.

Yesterday, when I had a bad flare up, I thought that I have got to rethink my diet yet again.

I have been eating wholemeal bread but it seems to make me really bloated and uncomfortable.

I am going to start taking probiotics again but not sure which ones are best.

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Coeliac Disease :: Juice Plus Diet, Does It Contain Gluten?

I recently went on the Juice Plus diet and was told it didn't contain gluten even though it does contain Oats. Since starting the diet all my celiac symptoms have come back. Aching joints, swollen face and wrists and extreme tiredness. Has anyone else found this?

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Weight Problems :: To Juice, Or Not To Juice?

I am seriously looking at beginning Jason Vale's "7lb in 7 days" Juicing plan, so much so I have already downloaded the book on my Kindle (as this is more than half price of buying the book) and am 40% through it. I am not totally "sold" on the idea, not because I don't think this is a good idea but mainly because I am not sure I can have the determination to stick to it!

I love my food. I have no other pleasure in life (don't drink/smoke/buy bags or shoes/have nails done or spoil myself with Spa Days or clothes shopping and as I have children, I find I don't go out much either!). Throughout my entire life, food has been a treat, a pleasure, a celebration, a commiseration - any event has always been celebrated or commemorated round the dinner table or with some kind of "treat")

Thought it may help/motivate me if I kept a mini "blog" on here (??) as to how, why and what happens as this may (or may not - probably the latter!) help anyone else who is thinking of doing it and doesn't know what to expect.

90% of the girls at work have done it and one member of my family is currently doing it (she is now on Phase 2 and 3 of the plan) and they all swear by it!

This is by no means my "quick fix" and I am fully aware and totally understand that this is a "health change" which is the reasons I am doing it but to lose a few pounds in the process can only be a bonus. Don't get me wrong, I NEED to lose about 4-5 STONE but my main draw to this Plan is the health benefits. Yes, I am over weight, Yes I have high blood pressure, Yes I have high cholesterol, No my blood sugars are not too high (thank God) and Yes I do have heart disease, stroke and diabetes in my family plus Cancer on all sides.

I am now 45 years old and need to kick my butt in order to stay alive long enough to see my kids married and to be around long enough to enjoy my life - because I sure ain't at the moment!

I feel lethargic, have a huge "can't be bothered" attitude, have absolutely no energy or interest in anything, do Zero activities and would much rather sit on the sofa watching a chick flick than walking briskly round the park with my dog/kids! I admit, I am LAZY.

Now, the thought of starting this process is VERY appealing and I am all for it with renewed determination every time I have just finished a Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic Bread!

But, can I do it - YES I CAN!

Watch this space!

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Diabetes :: Diet Ginger Beer And Diet Coke

Do either of these raise blood sugar, diet coke and diet ginger beer sometimes I like a rum with the diet ginger beer (no alcohol in the ginger beer)

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Weight :: Can You Be Overweight And Healthy?

I'm a 31 year old man. I'd always been slim but about a year ago decided I'd had enough of looking slim and weedy and decided to gain some weight. Since then I've gained just over 2 stone (30 pounds) and my BMI is now overweight (I'm 5'10 and about 186 pounds). I've gained the weight by eating bigger meals and having late night snacks.

Despite outgrowing lots of my clothes, for the first time in my life I'm actually happy about the way my (bigger) body looks. I do find exercise harder now so clearly my fitness levels have dropped. However, I do try to still exercise a couple of times a week and my blood pressure (tested recently) is healthy.

I really want to know if, despite now being overweight, I can still be healthy. I really don't want to lose weight as I don't want to go back to being skinny.

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Pregnancy :: Seafood Healthy?

Who follows the seafood rule? Some say it's not healthy for the baby but i've been eating sea food my whole pregnancy and my Baby haven't rejected it yet.

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Weight Loss :: No Exercise But Eat Healthy ?

If I don't exercise but eat healthy will I still loose weight?

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Sexual Health :: Oral Sex Healthy?

Oral sex healthy??

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Fitness :: Is Aloe Vera Healthy ?

My friend show me a website with lots of aloe products,and ask me to buy with her but i wonder if aloe vera is really healthy?

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Rhythm :: PACs In A Healthy Heart

This has been going on for about 2 years now, I was 26 then, now 28 (male) I went to the cardio when it started and nothing was ever picked up on the ekg so i had a stress (ekg) test and a echocardiogram, cardiac said I had a strong healthy heart with no blockages but did have a small murmur caused by a very mild mitral valve leak but it was nothing at all to worry about and that I needed to relax and exercise... fast forward another year and I start having a lot of pacs, or what feels like a lot, like 20 a day that I feel... so it gets my anxiety going and I go back to the cardio, still nothing picked up on the ekg, so for my peace of mind he's says we'll do another echocardiogram just to make sure the valve leak wasn't getting worse. Everything come back good on that and he said no need for another echo for 3-5 years... so he give me a 10 day event monitor where we finally figured out that I'm having pacs, he says they are harmless and no need to worry about them. My resting heart rate avgs between 50-60 which he said was good but with it being low it could be allowing the extra beats to fire off occasionally. I had blood work like 3 different times and everything come back good. So to this day I still have no idea what's causing the pacs, the only thing i can relate it to is it seems to happen more after eating so i got back on acid reflux meds when that spell started and it seemed to help, now I may go a week or longer without a single pac but then I might 2-3 a day for a few days and then they go away again as suddenly as they came... it really makes me think something I'm eating is triggering them. The reason I'm here today is because the devil makes sure to throw everything in front of me that will get me to worrying, latest example being the mma guy dying from heart trouble... so I go straight back to reading about my pacs and start reading stuff where they may cause afib, so now I'm literally a wreck scared I'm going to end up with afib. They say in a normal heart pacs are completely harmless but I worry that mines not normal bcuz of the valve leak, he said I didn't have mitral prolapse just that the valve wasn't closing as tight so it was slightly leaky but of no concern. Someone please give me some reassurance.

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Had A Healthy Pregnancy - Tubal Ligation Failed?

In 2008 I had a tubal ligation 2012 i I had a healthy baby girl do that mean my tubal ligation failed and I can get pregnant again

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Nutrition :: Has Anyone Tried Alkaline Water?

Has anyone tried this? I have read there are many health benefits to drinking this water and am considering purchasing a machine.

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