Diet Drinks And Soda Can Harm Kidneys

Apr 10, 2014

well they have found that the products they use to make a soda diet can be harmful. But it all depends on details. If you haven't drank soda that much, and just started drinking a lot, then that can harm your kidneys. but it's usually best to stay away from soda period.

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Fluoxetine And A Few Drinks (alcohol)

I have been taking flu now for 9 weeks and still have good and bad days. I am very anxious at times and feel impending doom which isn't helpful when I lead a busy life ie full time job and have a young child!! I still want to enjoy myself and although I don't need to I wouldn't mind a few glasses of wine with my girlies every now and then to relax and have fun. I'm wondering should I miss my 20mg flu capsule the day I want to have a few drinks?

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Depression :: Lot Of Self Harm Thoughts

i have a lot of self harm thoughts and i wish they would go away. i tried to kill myself before 3 times. i got help and it's been gone for a while and it's come back and i want it gone.

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Breastfeeding :: Can I Have Cold Drinks?

Why Is It That I Can't Drink Anything Cold While Breastfeeding?

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Gluten Free Drinks For Party?

I'm going to a party tomorrow night and of course I want to be safe about the drinks I'm choosing to have. I have been doing research on gluten free drinks, but I haven't been able to find anything on Sourpuss! Has anyone given it a go?

Also, what are some good gluten free coolers I could pick up?

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Trimethoprim :: Felt Very Dizzy - More Harm Than Good

I was prescribed Trimethoprim for a UTI. I took two 200 mg twice daily for five days. I felt very dizzy and almost an hour after taking a tablet I would have to lie down The infection returned after 3 days and I was prescribed a further seven day course of Trimethoprim. In spite of feeling ill and having no energy i was advised to finish the course. I still feel unwell and would never take this medicine again. I feel it has done me more harm than good

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Omeprazole And PPI Bad For Kidneys?

I know everyone bad mouths omeprazole and PPI but I really feel like they saved my life. For two yrs I was against taking them and had constant chest pains, reflux, and lost 30 pounds because all I ate was chicken and rice. Now, after taking the meds I feel like I got my life back. I go out again with my husband and friends, I can eat again (still no chocolate or coffee) and am chest pain free. However, now I see reports of these meds damaging kidneys and I feel trapped. I can't go off the meds cuz the chest pains come right back. Any advice?

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Got Pregnant While On Depo-provera - Harm / Defect For Baby?

start taking 10 mg pill beginning September for a week and found out from Dr. on September 23 got pregnant for three weeks. That means got fertilize at the same time while taking the pills. Is there any harm or defect for the baby?

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Oral And Dental :: Hot Drinks After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had my wisdom tooth extracted under local anesthetic thursday gone. Is it ok for me to drink hot drinks now? I'm missing a hot cuppa!

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Diabetes :: Diet Ginger Beer And Diet Coke

Do either of these raise blood sugar, diet coke and diet ginger beer sometimes I like a rum with the diet ginger beer (no alcohol in the ginger beer)

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Kidneys Fine (GFR) But Increase In BUN And Creatinine

We have been to 5 doctors already. 4 doctors told my mom that she has chronic kidney disease because of high level creatinine and BUN and low RBC. But when she undergo GFR, the function of the kidneys are fine. What could be the possible reason. How to lower the level of creatinine and BUN in her blood.What tests to be done? What could be the possible reasons of this condition?

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Life Span Of Kidneys Functioning At 50%

I just found out about my dad's kidney problem, apparently they are only functioning at 50%. He sees his kidney doctor every year to monitor the problem.

He's otherwise pretty healthy, so, my question is: will he be able to live a long life? What would his lifespan be with his kidneys functioning at 50%?

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Dull Ache In Both Kidneys For A Month

I had a UTI about a month ago and took antibiotics and was told to UTI was gone. I now have a dull ache in the kidney area (both sides) for the past month. Any ideas what this could be? Anyone have a similar situation?

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Pregnancy :: Having Caffeine And Soda ?

I know caffeine is a big thing while pregnant, but lately I've been drinking soda everyday. And coffee I've been craving it, I don't want to drink coffee and soda in the same day. Could I be drinking to much caffeine? I don't want it later on being my fault for drinking to much. I cant help it sometimes. The past 2 days I haven't drink any soda nor coffee, but right now I'm craving some coffee.

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Mononucleosis :: Pain In Spleen, Liver And Kidneys

Is it possible to have pain in spleen, liver and Kidneys with Mono. I have these issues on and off for 2 years now. I can't find any doctor that can help me resolving these issues. It's very frustrating and I am not sure how long i can handle these?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Soda And Caffeine Craving

I'm always needing soda or something with caffeine

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Food / Beverages :: Beer Vs. Soda

Yes, you know I like my beer. Now, is there really any difference between having a beer or two or a soda or two? I actually cannot drink soda due to the massive carbonation. It hurts my GERD. Beer doesn't give me any problems, and I like the taste better anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still drink a lot of water and milk, just enjoy a beer on occasion.

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What Has Caused My Kidneys To Reduce Uric Acid Removal

I have had gout since I was 48 years old and now at age 53 the flare-ups are more frequent from every 4-6 months to every other month. my diet is eat whatever I want and beer, changing my diet has been in progress for that last couple of years anyways. stopped drinking colas and diet sodas (lost weight and do not miss it) eating a lot less red meat is a good thing eliminating beer is a tough one. In the early years of gout I started with Indomethacin,piroxicam, colcrys and a couple others that I forgot the name, these meds worked fine in the beginning then their effectiveness has reduced to "not much help" I have lately had great luck with a 60mg injection of Toradol. my GP wants me to start taking a daily 300mg of Allopurinol (which I have long term doubts of) I am 5"7" 185 lbs and mountain bike 2-3 days a week for 20 years.

My question is: what has caused my kidneys to stop filtering out the Uric acid? or is changing of the diet helping the kidneys be more effective? a friend wants me to talk with an acupuncture doc, I do not have renal failure or history of diabetes.

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Weight Loss :: Bloating? Soda And Alcohol

My husband and I just started back earlier this week trying to lose weight. I am currently at my heaviest that I have ever been 225lbs. I have omitted soda and alcohol from my diet. I have also been drinking so much water that I feel like I am going to float away! My stomach is larger now than when I began. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of the bloating? Or just do I need to keep on the same path?

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Pregnancy :: Drink Teas, Caffeine, And Soda In Moderation ?

Should I drink teas, coffee, and sodas in moderation or not at all ?

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Cholesterol 205 - 40 Years, No Smoking, No Rich Foods And No Soda / Juice

Female, 40 years old. don't drink/smoke. exercises 2-3x a week. No meds. Seldom eat fried foods. No soda/ juice. Triglyceride (WNL) HDL= 66. LDL=133..Cholesterol=205 (>199). Should I be worried?

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