Dizziness- Amitriptyline For Neuropathic Pain, After Keppra

Mar 30, 2015

I have been prescribed Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain, after Keppra did not suit me. The pain seems to be derived from a back injury, but a neurologist Thinks  an antidepressant drug will help. The pain has been suppressed, but the side effects are a problem, like extreme tiredness and today dizziness when I was driving. Anyone had a similar problem and is it worth sticking with.

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Vertigo / Dizziness With Amitriptyline?

So I'm 8 months into my latest debilitating 24/7 dizziness. After a clear MRI, a neurologist suggested my imbalance might have a migrainous element to it. There is such a thing as vestibular migraine.

At this point, I'm willing to try anything, so the Dr has out me on Amitriptyline as a migraine preventative. I've been taking 10mg per night for the last 5 days (I can go up as high as 60mg by gradually dosing up).

I know it can have side effects that take a while to wear off and that it might not become effective for several weeks. But honestly, it's making me feel much worse already. I wake up every morning with a pounding head as if I'd drank a bottle of vodka, which is worse than the cannonball-head feeling I had already. Plus, I think it's making me woozier and dizzier than before (which was already so bad I've been off work for 3 months).

Has anyone tried it? Does it get better? I'm finding it really hard to cope with the side effects on top of how I'm already feeling. Many thanks.

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Neuropathic Pain :: Pain On Left Side Of Face - Tingling In Lip And Tounge

I suffer with pain on the left side of my face in the form of tingling feeling in the lip, gum, tongue, nostril and eye. Have been on amitriptlyne for a while and then on gabapentine and pregabalin but the last two gave me awful side effects so have come off them and just taking painkillers at the moment, but they don't do much at all. Has anyone tried a Tens Machine?  

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Neuropathic Pain :: Red / Dry Eye After Shingles

I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago with shingles and unfortunately it was on my head, forehead and around my eye, which was very painful and uncomfortable, My vision is ok  but I keep getting a very sore and pink eye, and have been told at the eye clinic that it is dry eye and I now have the same type of  drops that I was given weeks ago. Has anyone else experienced  sore itchy  eyes so long after getting shingles and if so, any idea how long it lasts? my eye gets SO itchy and sometimes I have to rub it which I suppose is just making it worse!! There seems to be nothing i can put on my eyelid to stop the awful itching

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Cannabis Helps My Neuropathic Pain

I was diagnosed with peripheral polyneuropathy 11 years ago. I take 300mg lyrica/day 60mg duloxetine/day and now they want me to take an opiate nucynta to manage my pain since I have trouble with pain. I live in California and recently got my MM license and obtained some Charlotte's web which is suppose to help with pain. Helps a little but pain killers work better. A friend of mine had me smoke some pot by way of vaporizing and it actually took my pain spike away for about 5 hours. Has anyone experienced this before? I'm afraid of what vaporizing cannabis could do to my health. However I feel like I actually have found a way to reduce my intake of meds and much more affordable.

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Neuropathic Pain :: Coming Off Gabapentin

been taking this medication since September 2011 as i was having back surgery in the December.. looking back on it all now i have been severely depressed but haven't realised until now... i want to come off them without a visit to my doctor & was wondering if anyone knows the safest way to do this

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Gabapentin :: For Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain - My Experience

I have been on gabapentin for about 5 years. I have suffered from trigeminal neuropathic pain since a botched dental operation in 2003 and have tried a range of different medication that made me feel either spaced out, dizzy and sick or made no difference what so ever. Finally the pain clinic at Pontefract Hospital prescribed a combination of Gabapentin, citalopram and pain relief, zomorph. I can honestly say that it has saved my life. The pain had been so unbearable  that I just couldn't see an end to it. 

I take from 600g  up to 2400g per day when the pain is at its worst. My memory has been affected but is nowhere near as bad as when on other similar medication. I do think it's like anything else in that people react to it in different ways and if it doesn't suit change it. During the summer, the pain recedes and I have gone on for days without any gabapentin and have suffered no withdrawal effects at all. Although I am not pain free, and I know that is never going to happen, the gabapentin makes it bearable. 

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Gabapentin :: For Fibromyalgia / Neuropathic Pain - Bad Reaction

I was prescribed Gabapentin for fibromyalgia like pain - neuropathic pain. About 90 mins after taking one 300mg capsule I was experiencing some strong side effects. My spatial sense was distorted - I seemed bigger or smaller than I usually experience myself. I kept hearing indistinct voices - whole sentences in voices I did not recognise. I felt intense nausea. At one point I caught sight of my face in a mirror and had the feeling that the image was somehow independent of me, and that the face there was malevolent, and I was unable to break away for several minutes despite quite strong fear. I went to bed and as I lay there I felt like I was not quite in my body - lying beside myself somehow. My mind was caught up for a while in a series of incredibly violent and distressing daydream-like images over which I seemed to have little control. My body twitched and convulsed irregularly - although I've experienced this with intense anxiety and at this point I was really quite afraid! I woke early after a fitful sleep with an intense headache - behind the forehead, temples and also pain in my neck. Also some nausea. The headache lasted all day and into the night. It felt on a par with a moderately bad migraine (maybe 7 out of 10). I was unable to do much of anything except lie down and wait for it to pass (pain killers had no discernible effect on the level of pain).

That was one pill of 300mg. And needless to say I won't be taking another, let alone the prescribed 3 a day!

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Neuropathic Pain :: Whats Next For Neuropathy Patients

I've suffered with chronic pain in groin area for over 2years now after a few tests and Mri exam my specialist Dr Chawla told me there's no cure for Neuropathy besides help with medication and pain clinic. None of the painkillers have worked, bad time with side effects! I recently had Acupuncture with Gp only for the pain to spread all over body.

I have had no help and as single parent to 2 children this puts a strain on my depression. I don't want this to take over my life.

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Neuropathic Pain :: Numbness In Both Feet And Lower Legs

I'm not sure Wat it is I have I have numbness in both feet and lower legs but my knees are in constant pain and buckle on random occasions or if I try and jog/run at the start of this I was detoxin of of alcohol addiction and that's when it started i've had and mri of my head and back bloods etc and all seems OK so it's leaving me and doctors scratching their heads?

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Neuropathic Pain :: Nerve Damage After Foot Surgery

I had foot surgery 8 weeks ago - quite a major reconstruction that took a few hours.

when the plaster was removed at 6 weeks I was told that I had nerve damage causing partial foot drop and a lot of numbness and pain. I have just had nerve conduction studies and have started on   Gabapentin and physio..

They said either the tourniquet or nerve block has caused it. I can't believe that this can happen, surely they know about these nerves and how to prevent problems.

Has anyone else experienced this and what has the recovery been like. I'm just wondering what my life is going to be like from now on.

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Neuropathic Pain :: Head Hurts And Temple Tender - After Effects Of Shingles?

I was diagnosed with shingles in my forehead and eye  6 weeks ago,( the worst kind!!) and after weeks of discomfort with eye and forehead re-infecting, watering eye, headaches , itching etc, I now feel better in myself and my vision is ok, but unfortunately I have had complications ands am left with such painful neuralgia, my head hurts just to touch it and my temple is so tender, I have been told that this can go on for months or longer.

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Pain Management :: Amitriptyline Vs Nortriptyline

I have suspected Piriformis Syndrome & SI Joint Dysfunction also causing sciatica, have also had some nerve pain in the back of my thigh, occasional calf cramps, foot cramps, and foot pain. Since my last Cortisol injection into my SI joint it has made everything horribly worse, I cannot sit now for very long without severe left foot pain that makes me feel nauseous it's so horrible. I have informed the consultant of this and am on a waiting list to go back and see him, this is the 2nd time the injections have caused me extra pain so have now lost faith in these and want to try alternatives.

My consultant previously wanted to put me on Amitriptyline but I have been on this before and was taken off it due to serious sedative side effects (even fell asleep eating in a restaurant) was on a small dose and still didn't improve with time. So I've read that Nortriptyline is an alternative with less side effects, can anyone advise if they have had less sedative side effects with this than Amitriptyline please?

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Headache And Dizziness With Neck Pain

Has anyone else experienced weekly headaches that just seem to last no matter how much sleep you get or water you drink? I also have neck pain in which I have already seen both chiropractor and physical therapist for. When I have these headaches, I feel pressure behind my ways so intense I can't stand bright lights. On top of all this I am dizzy, however, my balance is totally fine. I have already been to an ENT specialist and had an MRI, etc. Only thing I haven't moved onto is a neurologist because I already am racking up my medical bills and yes I have health insurance but a crappy one at that! Please help. Has anyone else been experiencing this and if so, what did you do to rid it?

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Neck Pain :: Extends To Head With Dizziness

my neck is hurting and when i massage it the bones click,but it gives me pain from my neck to the left side of my head to my nose i go dizzy when i lift my head up to look at things high up or bend my head down ,it makes me feel tired ,but it's so uncomfortable.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Unbalanced Feet - Dizziness While Walking And Standing

I have dizziness everyday while walking, standing as well as feeling off balance, unsteady on my feet like I am gonna fall over. I have had my ears checked by an ENT doctor in 2014 and he said I had meniere's disease so he treated it as that but medicine didn't help so went to another ENT doctor in 2015 who said I don't have meniere's disease but have hearing loss in both ears and did a test on my vestibular function which he said was normal so he referred me to a neurologist and I went and had an MRI done which was normal as well. I have had blood work done in November last year and my white blood count was a little high but not concerning and everything else was normal....no diabetes. Also had a stress test done on heart and was normal. I am at my wits end with this cause I don't know what's going on. I plan to see an eye doctor soon. Oh and I was diagnosed with anxiety 4 months ago but this dizziness and off balance feeling has been going on for 2 years now. I am on blood pressure medicine too. don't know what else to do. Does anyone have these same symptoms ?

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Pain That Switches Between My Breasts With Fatigue, Dizziness And Headache

For about a week, i have been feeling really fatigued dizzy and having an on and off headache. But i have also had a pain that switches between my breasts. Do you have any ideas what it can be?

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Gilbert's Syndrome :: Terrible Pain In Ribs, Nausea And Dizziness

I am 43 yrs old and just been diagnosed with GS.I have had terrible pain in the rt rib area for ages,has anyone else any experience of this? The pain comes and goes and alters in severity.My other main symptoms seem to be nausea,dizziness and anxiety.The medical books say i should be symptom free not in my case-any views welcome!

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Cervical Spondylosis? Neck And Back Pain, Nausea And Dizziness

I've been getting neck pain for some time and over the past 6 months or so it has become considerably worse. I get the usual pain at the back of the head, moving to the front. The change has been noticeable with nausea, dizziness and bed-ridden for usually 2 - 3 days at a time. Pain killers (over the shelf are not doing much for me) the sickness means that fluids and solids do not stay in for long and sleeping is out of the window.

Off tomorrow for a MRI scan hoping that this is going to shed some light on the problem and hopefully a diagnosis that makes sense.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Neck Pain, Numbness In Arms / Legs, Dizziness, Vision Problems

I was a raving hypochondriac, have suffered cs for 5 years,had mr scans,ct scans,myelograms and lumbar punctures,see my specialist regularly and just given different medication,vi suffer neck pain, headaches,numbness in arms and hands,but also have severe numbness in legs and feet,my hands and feet are permanently icy while the rest of my body burns up,feel permanently dizzy and nauseous,i have vision problems and incontinence problems,for past few months i have got steadily worse and not able to walk more than few yards,and cant get outdoors without aid of wheelchair,as pain in my joints and muscles is so bad,the nerves that are trapped have moved down my spine which is causing the leg pain,i have seen 3 specialists and a professor of m.s,i have meltdowns every so often as i always have been so active and cs can just bring you to your knees,i find that the specialists i see seem to think i am neurotic,i asked him to have my pain for a week and then come back and tell me how he feels...i feel people just don't understand how debilitating cs is and because outwardly you look ok and you do your hair and put some slap on your face,but walk a mile in my shoes when at 3am im walking the floor counting the hours till can have another pain killer,my last visit to my specialist i was given morphine patches,but suffering from ibs and gall stones was warned by my doctor that they would have adverse effects and they were so addictive.

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Constant Dizziness - Not Just Episodes Of Dizziness

I've been dizzy and "drunk" feeling since the end if march every day constantly. I don't know what it could be. I haven't gone back to the doc since they told me it was inner ear fluid build up. It came on after some extreme stress in my life started. What should I do? Go back to the doc?

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