Pain Management :: Amitriptyline Vs Nortriptyline

Oct 14, 2015

I have suspected Piriformis Syndrome & SI Joint Dysfunction also causing sciatica, have also had some nerve pain in the back of my thigh, occasional calf cramps, foot cramps, and foot pain. Since my last Cortisol injection into my SI joint it has made everything horribly worse, I cannot sit now for very long without severe left foot pain that makes me feel nauseous it's so horrible. I have informed the consultant of this and am on a waiting list to go back and see him, this is the 2nd time the injections have caused me extra pain so have now lost faith in these and want to try alternatives.

My consultant previously wanted to put me on Amitriptyline but I have been on this before and was taken off it due to serious sedative side effects (even fell asleep eating in a restaurant) was on a small dose and still didn't improve with time. So I've read that Nortriptyline is an alternative with less side effects, can anyone advise if they have had less sedative side effects with this than Amitriptyline please?

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Amitriptyline To Nortriptyline - Sleep Problems

I've been taking a low level of amitriptyline (10 - 20mg daily) for chronic pelvic pain for about 5 years (possibly longer).  Recently, my specialist suggested I change to Nortriptyline (10mg daily) as it has less side effects - particularly the 'foggy-head' feeling in the morning that I often experienced.

I spoke at length to my GP about this and they assured me that I could just switch from one to the other, which I have done.  Whilst I am definitely feeling less zombie-like in the morning, I find I can't sleep at night.  With the ami, I zonked out quite easily, but with the nor, every night since I switched, I haven't slept properly at all.  I'm quite run down at the moment so I'm a bit concerned that I'm going to make myself ill if I'm not sleeping.

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Nortriptyline For A Pain In My Leg ?

Just been given nortriptyline for a pain in my leg ?

i thought these were for depression ...

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Neck Pain :: Nortriptyline Vs Gabapentin

I know we're all different but due to neck/shoulder/arm/face pain with radiating pain to my arms at times I was previously prescribed pregabalin, that gave me heart palps and rls, now tried gabapentin and I think I had some sort of adverse reaction to it as my side effects were quite severe so I'm wondering where to go from here re meds. I've tried amitriptyline but not for long however the short time I took it it did nothing. Was thinking of trying nortriptyline as an alternative as read side effects not so bad.

Does anyone have any experience with Any of these 4 drugs or an alternative and if you've tried nortriptyline how well it did work vs it's side effects.

Or if anyone has found a miracle drug please let me know. I think key for me is muscle relaxation and nerve burning reduction.

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Dizziness- Amitriptyline For Neuropathic Pain, After Keppra

I have been prescribed Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain, after Keppra did not suit me. The pain seems to be derived from a back injury, but a neurologist Thinks  an antidepressant drug will help. The pain has been suppressed, but the side effects are a problem, like extreme tiredness and today dizziness when I was driving. Anyone had a similar problem and is it worth sticking with.

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Pain Management :: Nucynta To Opana - No Effects, No Pain Relief

I was switched from Nucynta 50mg to to Opana 5mg (OxyMorphone) by my Pain Mgt doctor and I have a total different experience. I don't know if they messed up or what, but here's the issue.

While I was on Nucynta, I would take it, and eventually feel the effects, i.e. the lightheadedness, the "high" feeling, and also the pain relief. The reason I was switched was that Nucynta gave me migraines. Bad enough where I got ill and had to run to bed with all lights off.

Onced I was switched to Opana 5mg, things were different. I took 3 last night, my very first dosage, and took the first. No effects, no pain relief, no "high" feeling, nothing. So, about a hour and fifteen minutes later, I took another one. Still nothing. So I wait again, same amount of time, took a third pill...... Nothing.

So, when I saw the doctor originally and was switched, I was told that Opana was an equivalent to the nucynta. So, if it's an equivalent, why did I go from 50mg to 5mg? I'm just curious. I know they are different drugs and probably manufacturers. Can anyone shed some light on this bizarre issue?

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Nortriptyline For IC And Generalized Nerve Ending Pain

I've been just prescribed Nortriptyline for IC, generalized nerve pain & Insomnia. My GP says it's a more recent  form of Amitriptyline & better for nerve pain. she's started  me off on 10 mgs x1 week, 2 x 2 weeks, & 3 x one month if necessary. 

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Pain Management :: Pain In Bruised Ribs After Accident

I was in a car accident about a week ago and 4 days after the accident I started having pain on the left side of my ribs right under my breast when I take deep breathes, yawn, sneeze, ect.  It a little swollen but doesn't hurt to touch. what could this be?

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Pain Management :: Extreme Calf Muscle Pain?

Couple days ago I stepped out of bed and almost hit the floor as the excruciating pain shot through my calves. I have not exercised or done anything extreme. I have tried stretching and over-the-counter pain meds ..

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Chiari Malformation :: Nortriptyline Helpful Or Is It Just Masking Pain For Now?

Was referred to a neurosurgeon to see a physiatrist which then referred me to 2 other drs - a neurotherapist and a neuropsychologist.  also prescribed nortriptyline.  i guess i shouldn't have said i was a little depressed.  but man isn't feeling that way probably normal after a car accident, then chiari diagnosis, then possibly brain surgery, and finally after being told i may never again get to play the sport i love which is hockey because of all this?  been to 3 neurosurgeons - 1st two say surgery is an option and come back when you're ready basically.  3rd one referred me to physiatrist and said basically surgery will be an option down the road.  26mm herniation with a CSF blockage (i had a cine study with 2nd neurosurgeon).  jw if anybody else has been down this road.  feels like im taking steps backward instead of forward...

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Pain Management :: Xanax And Right Side Pain

I have excruciating pain on my right side almost constantly and when I take a 1mg xanax, my pain goes away. Why is this? A Lot of people question this when I tell it but in all honesty it works. I wouldn't be telling it on here as telling it on here doesn't benefit me at all. I would just like to know why a xanax will stop my pain on my right side. Any ideas?

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Pain Management :: After ALIF

I have asked to be removed from all pain medications as they were not helping at all and did not want to just keep increasing dosage. So my PM Dr. suggested i try Ativan or Diazepam before bed and also a muscle relaxant  called Baclofen for spasms during the day (which i had been on in 2013) it did not work, but he insists on trying it over the Soma 350mg i had been on before the surgery.... any input

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Pain Management :: Getting Off Norco

I have been on 3 pills a day of norco 10/325, I want to slowly taper off. I need a plan that would be with no W/D's. I thought about starting a reduction of 1/2 a pill every week until I am free of the pills.

I also need to stop taking celexa, I am going to cut back 1/4 a week to iam off.

Will this work?

Or do I need to get suboxone and is that addicting.

Once off the pills, I don't know what I will do about my chronic pain.

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Pain Management Of Sciatica?

My dr. did a CT scan on my left side to see if I had sciatica as I had a lot of symptoms of it.  It showed minimum damage to the nerve. I was not told what to do next? Should I get a follow up with what kind of specialist? Would a MRI show more information then the CT scan?

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Pain Management :: Suboxone Vs. Oxy

will i have withdraws after taking suboxone 3 weeks? they put me back on pain meds because i having surgery soon

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Pain Management :: Given Up Methadone

I went to my Pm yesterday and let him know that I wanted off the methadone. So since I had to see the NP because it was considered an emergency visit they decided they were going to put me on the patch where you wear it for three day then take it off. So I asked about the side effect and after hearing them something in me panic and snapped and I said forget I want off of everything. So as off right now I am coming off of the methadone. I decided that with the scare of my heart and the new neurological problems they only way to know is if I come off of the meds. I am still on the Topamax he did not want to take me off of that because I have been on it for over a year and never had a problem. SO I am hoping in with 2 months we will know if it was the meds causing the neurological problems or the something else.

What made me snap was I was telling him that I wanted something for the muscle because I was having a lot of spasms and tightness and off of the methadone and he totally ignored me and said well we are going to give you something a lot strong and this should work since the methadone has not been working. It was as if he was not listening to me. He said to me you are going to Cleveland clinic (CCF) to be treated for the muscle so the will figure it out soon, I said yes but I do not get medicine from them because I have a contract with you. I don't know why he would not give me a muscle relaxer but I feel better knowing that I am coming off of the medicine for a while I just hope I can handle the pain long enough to see of it is neurological or a side effect from the methadone....

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Pain Management :: Oxy Vs. Methadone?

.I had a C5-C7 disc fusion done 5 years ago that alleviated all of the pain in my neck and shoulders. What I am left with is a severe case of peripheral neuropathy. My feet and legs are numb to the touch but hypersensitive when I walk so I cannot go very long distances without the tingling burning throbbing pain. This pain is heightened at night when I go to sleep thanks mostly to the 300mg of Lyrica twice daily. I had an EMG nerve conductivity test performed which of course indicated severe neuropathy.

Now I am going to a neurologist who says I have to put up with the pain. I am going back on Monday to my neurosurgeon to ask for a lower MRI (never done) and I wanted a referral to PM because the pain is out of hand on 600mg of Lyrica daily. I have been on Oxycodone before and hated it and I do not like the stigma attached to these drugs so I thought I would ask my doctors to consider Methadone. What does everyone think? I know Methadone has its own stigma but is long acting and something I NEED right now and probably for good as I have had this neuropathy for 5 years.

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Pain Management :: Going From Norco To Percocet

So I'm on 10 mg norco 4 x daily. I keep telling the doctor if I can take 5 a day because 4 isn't enough and I'm in a lot of pain. he doesn't even respond I'm frustrated. Should I ask for percocet 4 x daily.

Wouldn't I have to take 10mg percocet for it to be stronger then 10 mg norco since percocet 7.5 mg is equivalent to 1o mg norco

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Pain Management :: Norco Withdrawl

I have a few questions about withdrawal I have been taking between 2-4 Norco 5/325 for the last year for pain and i'm ready to get off but im so scared to go through the withdrawls so i'm wondering ow bad it would be I have read so many stories on the internet but they are taking way more then me any advice would be great I want my life back......

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Pain Management :: Norco And Percocet?

So told doctor about fentanyl issue and he said we could give Percocet a try again. Ni was getting nausea from it before. So I said ok, now have a script for 90 Percocet 7.5mg. Just had 60 Norco filled last Saturday hoping this won't be an issue at pharmacy. He said the Percocet will be more effective for pain. Also I have a box of unopened fentanyl patches. Can I return them to the pharmacy? I don't want to have pharmacy and my insurance think I'm stocking up on meds.

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Pain Management :: Norco Vs Vicadin

i took norco for first time it made me feel jittery doesn't have the same ingredients as vicodin. maybe it was just my nerves?

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