Don't Worry Women - Flexible Cystoscopy

Aug 14, 2007

I had a flexible cystoscopy for the first time yesterday as my GP keeps finding a trace of blood showing on urine tests & I have frequency of urination. I was nervous beforehand - not helped by a wait of over 2 hours - and could find little information as to what the procedure is like for a female. I want to say to all ladies about to undergo this procedure please don't worry. It is no worse than a smear test and a trip to the dentist is far worse in my opinion!

I had no sensation of the scope being inserted due to the numbing gel, no pain whatsoever, and only a momentary twinge of discomfort as the scope was rotated. I've had no bleeding or discomfort urinating afterwards and feel fine. I think this procedure may be worse for the men!

It was interesting to see the inside of my bladder & to be reassured that there was nothing wrong. The trace of blood is normal for some people and the frequency is possibly hormonal.

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Flexible Cystoscopy? Any Experience?

I am 39 years old and since 10 months cystitis is been part of my life. I took many antibiotic and resulted positive to 2 urine test with the “Escherichia Coli” bacterium. I went to the specialist and had an ultrasound, which was normal but now he is insisting on having the flexible cystoscopy which consist in inserting a small tube with a camera inside the bladder to make sure that nothing is obstructing the urine tract such a stones, small extra tissues etc.

Wouldn’t  the ultrasound identify these if any? Has any of you done this test (Flexible Cystoscopy)?

Does any of you managed to have an Antibiogram test (or ABG)  which allow to identify what antibiotic is right for that type of bacteria?

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Flexible Cystoscopy Was Quick And Painless

Today I had a Flexible Cystoscopy .i have to say I was really worried about this .i to had read lots of horror stories and got myself worried .well I need not have done ,the procedure lasted bout 5 mins and was completely painless.they did use some gel and I could feel the tube but no pain and very little discomfort. My consultant told me everything was fine and after a cup of tea I came home.i have had very slight stinging when passing urine first time but even that is ok now.

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Female Cystoscopy Experience - Don't Worry

I had a Cystoscopy yesterday afternoon. I've known for about a month that I would have to have one and I have been worried sick about it. Found some awful posts on the net about it, and then fortunately found many reassuring posts on this forum! Trust me that when the ladies on here say "Don't worry"....DON'T! I've been so anxious, that I've lost sleep and my appetite over it. I was in and out of Theatre in 7 minutes!  I asked my husband to time it as I knew I wanted to do a review on here to help others, as it has been this forum that got me through it yesterday! 

You are in the position for a smear test for the procedure. Knees bent and apart and feet flat and together on the couch. So no stirrups (which I was glad about, as I hate that restriction, and I had expected that!) First they swab the area down, then insert the local anaesthetic. That just feels slightly cold, but not uncomfortable or painful. Then the camera is inserted, and again, that didn't hurt either. The nurse holding my hand told me it was in and then let me watch on the monitor. Whilst the camera is in, the surgeon fills your bladder with water so that he can see it all clearly. Within a couple of minutes, it's all done! I honestly wouldn't even say it was uncomfortable. You are aware something is going on, but certainly no pain. And if the surgeon told me he was going to do another Cystoscopy on me, I wouldn't lose a moments sleep over it!  I was given a cup of tea after the procedure, and sat and rested for a while, and once I had passed urine the nurses discharged me from the ward. I've been passing urine normally and it hasn't even stung, so I guess I've been lucky. I had no pain until a couple of hours after the procedure, when I guess my anaesthetic had worn off. It was just like Period Pain. I took a couple of Paracetamol and it eased off, and today I am fine.

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Penis :: Cystoscopy To Examine Damage?

Can a Cystoscopy exam in the Penis Damage the Penis in anyway?

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Too Scared To Have Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

After reading all the posts on here, it made me postpone my flexible sigmoidoscopy 3 times as i was so scared on how painful it will be..Today i went kicking and screaming to have it done, I nearly walked out the hospital on more than one occasion. To say i was petrified is an understatement..

The nurse came and spoke to me asking if i wanted gas and air or sedation, this made me hysterical and i said no i don't want any of it..they took my blood pressure etc ..this was starting to look scary to me.. I went into the room to have it done, stiff with fright..They started doing the flexible sigmoidoscopy and by the time they had reached the top of my left bowel, i didn't feel any pain whatsoever, they pumped the air and still no pain, they took biopsies and still no pain.. I would just like to say that those of you who are posting that it's like torture are either very pathetic or just plain attention seekers.. saying the things you are saying could affect people's lives with frightening them to death with these comments, And will cause people not to have it done..

I am glad to say nothing was found sinister and im so glad ive had it done..To all of those who are worried about having a flexible sigmoidoscopy, please don't worry it really honestly doesn't hurt., you have nothing to worry about i promise..and if you have it done please do comment on here to back up what im saying.

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Took 15 Minutes - No Sedation For Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

This evening I went for my flexible sigmoidoscopy & to say I was terrified was an understatement. I did not eat all day just in case I opted for sedation. On arrival the nurse showed me to my room & could see how nervous I was & she was so lovely & talked me through the procedure & said she really didn't think I would need sedation. I decided to go ahead without sedation & can honestly say this was the right decision. I could feel the air being put into my colon & the did have some slight pain very near the end of the procedure but it was bearable & I am quite a wimp. The worst part for me was when it was all over & I had wind but this only lasted for approx an hour. I am extremely lucky as there was nothing wrong which I am very happy about & the peace of mind is such a huge relief. I would certainly recommend having this procedure if you have any concerns. The whole thing lasted approx 15 mins.

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Good Experience Of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

To start with, my pain tolerance is zero. I'm such a wuss that even with simple dental filling or cleaning I have to get anesthetic. I had a flex sig done 5 hours ago and in all honesty it doesn't hurt at all. I read a lot of negative reviews about it and decided to write my own to maybe help people like me who gets scared easily. Two weeks before the flex sig I always go online to research, read forum (which made me more scared). The worst part for me is the preparation. Clear liquid diet and the laxative. Which is two days before my sig test. Once in the examination room, I was so nervous to the point that I almost passed out, I anticipated the worst (probably because I read somewhere in this forum that it is worse than childbirth) and I was surprised that it doesn't hurt at all. Little background, I have internal and external hems, and reason for this test is because I had experience rectal bleeding (bright red blood) about a week ago. Going back to the topic, as the doctor begun to insert that camera tube that was the worst part. If I would rate the pain 1-10 and 10 being the most painful I would say this is easily a 2 just because of the pressure and 2 because I have external hems which is sore (because of the laxative last night). If I don't have external hem I would easily say this is a 1, walk in the park. Then came the camera inside and the air start blowing to expand my colon. This is another discomfort that I felt because it gave me a weird feeling in my abdomen. If I were to describe it, it feels like you're about to take a massive poop. Then again tolerable. It really is just uncomfortable. As the minute passes by I was just watching the monitor and taking a good look at my own colon which is pretty amazing. Then the first corner, they have to turn to the first corner and the nurse gave me a mothers tap like everything is going to be okay and it is. I didn't feel a thing. Honestly just the air and the weird sensation of trying to stop a poop of coming out and the abdomen cramp. Then they found two polyps which they needed to remove (biopsy). Removal of the poly, I didn't feel any pain. I'm not exaggerating this. I'm honestly telling the truth. Then it was all done. If I timed it correctly it took about 12 minutes. Now I know everyone's experience is different and again I decided to write this because two weeks ago I've made the mistake of going into so much forum and read the horror stories, and thought that this review might help balance the reviews. So if you're like me who's super scared, please don't worry too much. Go with the test, the peace of mind that you'll get after is priceless. I'm 28 years old by the way, male. As for the result, just the two polyps and the internal hem is the abnormality that was found. The biopsy they took (polyp) was sent to the pathology dept for further examination. The doctor said that he can almost guarantee me that the polyps are the innocent ones (not the pre cancerous ones). I wasn't recommended further testing like colonoscopy. One last thing, if I were to do this again, for peace of mind, I will certainly do it in a heartbeat as I already know that it is not that bad versus what I've read so far. And p.s I respect everyone's opinion and I understand that everyone's different. I'm just a guy who gets hurt easily with everything and can get easily scared with anything. But I did it, and I aced it.

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Had Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Today - Polyp Removed From Rectum

Had the much dreaded Flexible Sigmoidoscopy today. I was determined that I would be sedated after reading the posts on here.

As it turned out, sedation didn't happen and I can honestly say that it wasn't as bad as I had feared. Yes, it was uncomfortable and it was weird seeing my insides on the screen.

I even watched the consultant remove a polyps from my rectum - no pain felt at all.

Probably the worst part of it all was the wind pains afterwards, which fortunately didn't last too long. I have no idea just how much air they pumped in, but it felt like a lot came out!

I guess I just want to give some reassurance to anyone having to go through this procedure. It probably won't be as bad as you fear.

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53, Still Having Periods - Need To Worry About Pregnancy?

I am 53 and still having my period but the second day is always heavy like a river running but I have regular periods every month 10 years ago I had a cryosurgery for abnormal cells do I still have to worry about getting pregnant

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Gastroscopy And Colonoscopy With Sedation PLEASE DON'T WORRY

I thought I'd let you know about my experience of a gastroscopy and colonoscopy with sedation yesterday. I found this web site two days before my procedure and found it really useful.

I was told that I would have to have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy about three weeks ago and I've been so so worried about it ever since. I have a phobia about being sick so the thought of someone sticking a camera down my throat filled me with dread :shock: ....all that retching HELP!

Anyway I got to the hospital and after a short wait a really friendly nurse called me through to an assessment room. She asked me all the usual health questions. I explained to her that I was so anxious and was really worried about the retching and being sick. She explained that there might be some retching as this is the natural protection process to stop you choking.

The nurse said what might help is the anaesthetic throat spray. She also said that the camera had a little suction tube on it so if there was any fluid in your stomach they could suck it away. I asked if they could give me enough sedation to make me sleep, she said that they are only allowed to use so much, but I would be nice and relaxed and may fall asleep.

I was then asked to change into one of those groovy hospital gowns. The Doctor then came to speak to me and went through the consent form. I told him my fears, he was very sympathetic. He then asked me to walk to the endoscopy room. The doctor asked me if I wanted the throat spray, I said yes please! He told me that the spray may make me feel that there was a lump in my throat but I would still be able to breath and swallow normally. He then put a cannula in my arm and tried to put my mind at rest, he then asked me to lie on my left side. The nurse said she had to put a little sponge in my nose, this gave me oxygen. Also she had to put a tube in my mouth this was a type of mouth guard. The Doctor said that he would now be giving the sedation.

I felt myself relax, the next thing I knew the gastroscopy bit was over and they were nearly finished with the colonoscopy bit, with one of the nurses holding my hand. That was quite interesting as I could watch the screen (if I wanted), there was just one slight bit of discomfort, then I was taken back the to recovery area. The nurses said that I had tolerated both procedures really well. I was so relieved that I could not remember any of the gastroscopy...not even one retch :D ! The nurses then brought me tea and biscuits and shortly after was allowed to go home. I just wished I hadn't worried so much, so I hope you don't either!

I would like to thank the Endoscopy staff at DCH for looking after me so well.

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Dental Health :: Do I Need To Worry About Dry Socket

I had a tooth extraction yesterday - approx 24 hrs earlier- I bit into something an no longer see my blood clot. Do I need to worry about "Dry Socket"

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Birth Control :: Do I Need To Worry About The Precum?

Do I need to worry about the precum?

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Vertigo :: Dizzy Spells - When To Worry?

I have been suffering with dizziness for quite a while now, it all started with headaches then I'd get really dizzy, I had a ct scan and all was well however after the birth of my second son in April this year I was laying on the sofa I went to get up and I couldn't focus on anything, I was so dizzy it was unreal, I went to emergency docs who said it was labyrinthitis and prescribed some tablets which didn't really work! Ever since then I have been so dizzy, I have seen ent and they said all is good nothing to worry about but why do I keep feeling like this? I could be sat at home doing nothing and it just comes over me I go all lightheaded and then I start to sweat and panic that I'm going to pass out its horrible, just walking around sometimes I go dizzy and feel all funny I don't know what to do anymore, I've had bloods etc and all normal I just want to know why I feel so terrible all the time.

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Fertility :: After Mirena Removed, TTC And Begin To Worry

I had mirena IUD for five years and in those five years I never had a period I was not regular before mirena and now that I got it removed in 4-14-15 I have only had 2 periods and i haven't been on any kind of birth control I have been TTC for 2 months now and I begin to worry that I can't conceive BC I haven't been using any birth control for 7 months now and I haven't gotten pregnant and now that I am trying to for two months I feel like its not going to happen I'm just worried,is it that I'm just being impatient? should I just relax and keep on trying?

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Genital Herpes Simplex (HSV) - Nothing To Worry - 80% Population Has It

I have been reading all week on this topic and I think we all need to become nuns and monks if we never want to catch the horrible disease. Some say wear condoms to protect ourselves some say condoms won't completely stop the virus because of any skin contact . Then there's the viral shedding to constantly worry about when and if we have it. Also we may never get sores but be a carrier.

I have been tested and have HSV2 I only ever get 1 tiny bump that comes up a few times.

I've been worrying about it so much lately that if I worry anymore it will probably be there all the time. Stress they say causes outbreaks. Well with all the information i've read you wouldn't want to be with anyone or ever have sex again and become ocd.

I have however read some really positive stories that gives me some kind of reassurance.

So i'm not worrying anymore about this it's not a death sentence we all probably have it as statistics say 80% of the population do.

I just read a post recently and the poor girl was asking what if I kiss my partner and I had a cold sore signal tingling and he gives me oral sex then I kiss him after and so on and on ffs when does it end with worry!

We could be wiped out tomorrow with a outbreak of some deadly virus

Just live your lives as best you can and be happy for each day you have with loved ones.

I'm not worrying anymore about this.

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Heart Rhythm :: When To Worry About PACs/PVCs?

I've been experiencing a flare-up in my ectopics recently.

My heart is healthy (I had an EKG and an echo done two months ago when my ectopics started to bother me again). I don't know if what I'm experiencing now is PACs or PVCs (none were found on my EKG) but earlier I had only PACs. I would assume that most of my ectopics are PACs.

I know that stress and anxiety is a major trigger, and what often happens is that I'm having one ectopic, I'm trying not to worry about it, then I have another one and I get a major rush of adrenaline, which makes the ectopics go wild and I'm having 5-15 a minute for a while (15-20 minutes) and suddenly they just go away.

The sensation is quite variable from event to event, sometimes I get the throat fullness sensation followed by a thump, sometimes it feels like my heart stops and then a thump, sometimes I just feel some fluttering in my chest for a second or two. I'm worrying about the latter as I fear it's a run of ectopics.

The problem is, I KNOW that premature beats are benign but still I can't stop worrying. It's like a fear of fear, because I fear that the ectopics will ruin my life.

I'm taking 100 mg Metoprolol (and some Propranolol as needed) and it takes the edge off my ectopics, but it's not a cure. Also, I'm on Zoloft for my anxiety.

Test results:
EKG: Normal sinus rhythm, 64/min, normal.
Echo: All normal.
BP: 115/75 at doctor's office.

At what point should I worry about ectopics (how many)? Is it common to have a fluttering sensation even with a single PAC or PVC? Is it normal to get those flare-ups where you feel ectopics several times a minute?

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Fluoxetine :: Excess Worry, Feeling Guilty For Hardly Reason, Mood Swings

I've been on prozac 40mg 5 weeks and my mood is getting so much improved. But I am having mood swings, and I worry about everything. I feel guilt out of nowhere. I'm in college and I even feel guilty for going to see my partner 15 minutes away because of fear of my parents being upset. Because they gave me impression that they would like me to see my partner over the weekend and not on the weekdays. I am almost paranoia. I have this feeling of anxiety and guilt. Is this a side effect? Will this go away? It was not this way before.

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Women :: Viagra Or Medicines For Sexual Dysfunction In Women?

Female viagra or medicines for sexual dysfunction in women such as low sex drive

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Women :: Bleeding After Sex

Yesterday I tried anal for the first time with my partner and he had already entered my vagina before trying my bum, it didn't really hurt but after a bit he stopped and said I was bleeding.

I went to the toilet and wiped myself and there was some blood from bum on the paper. It doesn't hurt or anything and it isn't continuously bleeding, there's just been a few spots, is this normal after anal for the first time or should I be worried?

The only time there has been blood since is when I've been for a bowel movement, which I expected as obviously each time this aggravates the slight tear.

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Why Women Think Circumcision Is Better?

I estimate most of women do not care if a man is circumcised or not. After all, what do they fall in love with... the man or his penis? In my opinion women who claim that circumcision is better, who seem to prefer circumcision are insecure about their femininity and think that circ is a way of leveling the playing field.

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