Penis :: Cystoscopy To Examine Damage?

Aug 8, 2014

Can a Cystoscopy exam in the Penis Damage the Penis in anyway?

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Flexible Cystoscopy? Any Experience?

I am 39 years old and since 10 months cystitis is been part of my life. I took many antibiotic and resulted positive to 2 urine test with the “Escherichia Coli” bacterium. I went to the specialist and had an ultrasound, which was normal but now he is insisting on having the flexible cystoscopy which consist in inserting a small tube with a camera inside the bladder to make sure that nothing is obstructing the urine tract such a stones, small extra tissues etc.

Wouldn’t  the ultrasound identify these if any? Has any of you done this test (Flexible Cystoscopy)?

Does any of you managed to have an Antibiogram test (or ABG)  which allow to identify what antibiotic is right for that type of bacteria?

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Flexible Cystoscopy Was Quick And Painless

Today I had a Flexible Cystoscopy .i have to say I was really worried about this .i to had read lots of horror stories and got myself worried .well I need not have done ,the procedure lasted bout 5 mins and was completely painless.they did use some gel and I could feel the tube but no pain and very little discomfort. My consultant told me everything was fine and after a cup of tea I came home.i have had very slight stinging when passing urine first time but even that is ok now.

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Don't Worry Women - Flexible Cystoscopy

I had a flexible cystoscopy for the first time yesterday as my GP keeps finding a trace of blood showing on urine tests & I have frequency of urination. I was nervous beforehand - not helped by a wait of over 2 hours - and could find little information as to what the procedure is like for a female. I want to say to all ladies about to undergo this procedure please don't worry. It is no worse than a smear test and a trip to the dentist is far worse in my opinion!

I had no sensation of the scope being inserted due to the numbing gel, no pain whatsoever, and only a momentary twinge of discomfort as the scope was rotated. I've had no bleeding or discomfort urinating afterwards and feel fine. I think this procedure may be worse for the men!

It was interesting to see the inside of my bladder & to be reassured that there was nothing wrong. The trace of blood is normal for some people and the frequency is possibly hormonal.

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Female Cystoscopy Experience - Don't Worry

I had a Cystoscopy yesterday afternoon. I've known for about a month that I would have to have one and I have been worried sick about it. Found some awful posts on the net about it, and then fortunately found many reassuring posts on this forum! Trust me that when the ladies on here say "Don't worry"....DON'T! I've been so anxious, that I've lost sleep and my appetite over it. I was in and out of Theatre in 7 minutes!  I asked my husband to time it as I knew I wanted to do a review on here to help others, as it has been this forum that got me through it yesterday! 

You are in the position for a smear test for the procedure. Knees bent and apart and feet flat and together on the couch. So no stirrups (which I was glad about, as I hate that restriction, and I had expected that!) First they swab the area down, then insert the local anaesthetic. That just feels slightly cold, but not uncomfortable or painful. Then the camera is inserted, and again, that didn't hurt either. The nurse holding my hand told me it was in and then let me watch on the monitor. Whilst the camera is in, the surgeon fills your bladder with water so that he can see it all clearly. Within a couple of minutes, it's all done! I honestly wouldn't even say it was uncomfortable. You are aware something is going on, but certainly no pain. And if the surgeon told me he was going to do another Cystoscopy on me, I wouldn't lose a moments sleep over it!  I was given a cup of tea after the procedure, and sat and rested for a while, and once I had passed urine the nurses discharged me from the ward. I've been passing urine normally and it hasn't even stung, so I guess I've been lucky. I had no pain until a couple of hours after the procedure, when I guess my anaesthetic had worn off. It was just like Period Pain. I took a couple of Paracetamol and it eased off, and today I am fine.

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Orlistat :: Rumours About The Liver Damage?

I've been prescribed the orlistat pills today and I was wondering if it's true about the rumours about the liver damage

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COPD :: Damage From 5 Years Of Smoking

Had chest xray done .I have no cough slight out of breath has I have asthma. doctor's have now told me I have mild change if my lung copd.when I asked does this mean I have the decease she said it might just be from the damage from smoking all those years so worried and stressed.  does this mean this is the beginning of a death sentence? not sleeping or eating.

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Can Migraine Permanently Damage Inner Ears?

So for the past 11 months I have been having a number of inner ear related problems (or so I think), but some other neuro problems as well.

It all started from 3 separate exposures to very high decibel noise which left me with a little permanent hearing loss in both ears and major depression.

Though I have not been around intense noise since May, my symptoms have progressed and now I have 'episodes' consisting of mild-moderate vertigo attacks (counterclockwise rotation or a rocking boat sensation), periods of non-disabling imbalance (yet I can have trouble walking), very high or low frequency tinnitus (high pitched squealing or a low pitched rushing sound like the tide), ear pressure, and small bouts of very high or low frequency hearing loss that are usually permanent. These episodes are usually set off by loudish but absolutely safe noises, as well as strenuous exercise and possibly foods.

Though I would think these symptoms describe cochlear hydrops, these are not my only symptoms I experience during said episodes:

1. Headaches that can best be described as an increased pressure sensation, like my head is being blown up. Usually, the headaches begin at the temples accompanying a small hearing loss, then progress into my sinuses where they become painful.
2. Tingling that returns in specific areas of my hands and feet
3. Pressure and 'dullness' behind the eyes, and sides of head (I see perfectly but it's as if my brain dissociates from my visual field)
4. Crackling sounds in my head
5. An infrequent 'fuzzy' and lightheaded feeling in my head and around my neck. Lots of lightheadedness.
6. Almost passing out on a few occasions
7. Occasional visual aura (once it was a blurry spot in vision, another time it was little white specks flashing in both eyes)
8. Brain fog and cognitive problems
9.Feelings of dissociating from the world around me, typically when some hearing goes out.
9. Jaw pain
10. Tight neck and facial muscles
11. Frequent perception that I have a low grade fever
12. Mild nausea
13. Constant fatigue (I'm 21 but I have the energy levels of a 60 year old it seems.)
14. Frequent panic attacks

Anyway, does this long list of symptoms seem to be suggestive of basilar or vestibular migraines?

Relatedly, can migraines cause small degrees of progressive hearing loss, especially in the high frequencies? That's by far my most distressing symptom personally but I cannot find too much literature linking migraine to permanent hearing loss and cochlear symptoms in general.

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300 Mg Of Testosterone Propionate Can Cause Heart Damage?

if 300mg of testosterone propionate a week could cause heart damage or do much at all to the heart ?

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Smoking Weed Cause Damage To Your Heart?

Firstly I don't really smoke that much weed only the occasional joint with mates, but yesterday, some gave me a joint, so I had it to myself last night whilst watching some TV, I guess I smoked it all in quick succession (btw it wasn't a joint, it was a bit smaller, but bigger than the average cigarette size) anyways, I felt good after it, got good and funny sensations, like my limbs weight a lot, not being able to move because I was so comfortable, but then it went downhill, all of a sudden I felt my heartbeating, I tried to ignore it, but I guess once you think of something like that, its always in the back of your mind, I felt my heartbeat go crazy, and then I got horrible sensation in my heart area, like it was filling up, felt cold right in my heart then it felt like I was having a heart attack, as in pulsating and shooting pains, I was riving in pain on my couch, I genuinely thought "this is it, I'm going to die" it was the worst thing I've ever felt, after maybe 10 minutes of this unbearable pain, it went away, I thought it was over, I said ok, I better go lie down, big Mistake.

I walked/stumbled from my TV room to my bedroom, I was blind, it was like a headrush, but I literally couldn't see anything it was like being blind, but all I could see was like bright light, it was horrible, I lay down in bed, thinking I was dieing, I was like, I'm going to be like this forever, dizzy and my heart beating irregularly, I'm not going to get out of this, then I thought I was going to be sent to the looney bin, as no one would believe me, I lay down in bed, other strange things happened, I can't really remember then.

But then, the heart pains came back, just as long and as bad as the first time, I thought, I was actually dieing, couldn't get up to call a loved one, as was in too much pain, eventually it subsided, then I heard things like doors slamming, cars and vans driving past my windows, doors being knocked on etc, all at one, getting really really, deafeningly loud, it was weird I knew it was all the noises ever heard in the flat just played at the same time if you get me? I heard other noises as well, but can't remember them.

Then I tried to get to sleep, but the whole time, I was thinking this was a game, my mind was playing with itself, I thought someone maybe dipped the weed in LSD or something (but I don't think so now, as I didn't hallucinate, and its not economically viable for any dealer to dip their stuff in LSD) so anyways, I was thinking it was a game, I also thought if I went to sleep I would go into a coma and die, I was fighting for my life as such, it was so real and surreal at the same time, it truly was the worst experience of my life.

Throughout the course of my "trip" I had the heart pains, and weird noises thing again, and then eventually it wears off, still felt weird, paranoid and horrible, I sat up in my bed, to get some air or something, and said, OK I will watch some stuff on my laptop, I did, then my buzzer rang, I kinda freaked out, I thought it was my landlord, so I was like ohh c**p, but answered it anyways, it was my flatmate who was returning from a holiday, it was such a relief to see him, we went back into the sitting room chatted a bit more, then I went back to my bed to watch stuff on my laptop. I started getting better from there, I had a headache though, I watched a couple more hours of stuff on my laptop til my other flatmate came home, we had a beer (which calmed me down a bit) and watched TV, and went to bed.

I woke up this morning with a blinding headache, still here, I think my heart's still beating fast, but I dunno, I could be still a bit paranoid, but it was definitely beating a million miles an hour the whole of yesterday.

Should I see a dr? - I've had a new outlook on life since this happening to me, I want to do more things with my family (we live in diff countries) and just love my gf and friends more, you know? - I want to start eating healthily as well...

What should I do, can anyone advise?

TL;DR version:

smoked a doob, got high, got paranoid ( i guess ) thought I was having a heart attack, worst thing ive ever experienced, what should I do?

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Does Liver Damage Cause Terrible Leg Cramps

Does liver damage cause terrible leg cramps, swollen feet and ankles? I also can't sleep at night but I'm always tired and sleepy in the day time.

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ENT :: Headphones High Volume Causes Ear Damage

I was listening to music earlier from my desktop computer and when the song changed the volume was suddenly at maximum and for 2 seconds my ears were exposed to extremely loud electric guitar and a high pitched noise and quite a bit of distortion, the headphones are quite powerful. I'm not someone who has music blasting at a high volume often.

Could something like this have caused instant damage to my hearing or anything else?

When I was a kid someone screamed into one of my ears through a loudspeaker and I remember it felt like my ear was clogged afterwards but eventually went back to normal after a day.

This though didn't leave me with a ringing sensation or any change in my level of normal hearing but the top of my head has felt slightly tingly afterwards.

For example it's currently raining lightly and I can hear it fine and I can hear the radio like normal. If I very gently tap my fingernails together I can hear it fine in both ears. But would I notice the damage instantly or would it be noticed over time?

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Barrett's :: Damage To Duodenum And Oesophagus

I was wondering if anyone can shed any light for me I had an endoscopy on Monday just gone where biopsies were taken so I understand I need to wait for those , my doctor stated I have severe damage to my oesophagus and mild damage to my duodenum bulb and said he will tell me more when biopsy results are back. However being very curious I've obviously read his findings in the pack he sent away with me, the bit I need help understanding is in the diagnosis it states Barrett's oesophagus fold starts at 36 cm c5m3.

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Damage To Body Due To Undiagnosed Hypertension?

Hi, my name is Amy. My husband and I are new parents of a beautiful 4 month old. My husband has been diagnosed with hbp and I can't seem to find answers to my questions. He is now on meds to bring down his number (started out as 170/134). Okay so 1) as long as his pressure stays in normal range or close to it, is there any damage done to his body? 2) could there be damage from when we didn't know he had a problem? 3) is there hope to get off bp medication? 4) will the meds stop working after a while?  He is a slender guy and doesn't smoke or drink ( well maybe 2 per week).

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Warfarin - Neurotoxin And Can Cause Brain Damage?

I have just been on warfarin for 6 months for a left femoral dvt,during the prescribing phase no information was given to me,and I am shocked to find out myself after having an episode where my vision went very weird with associated vomiting for 5 hours that warfarin is a neurotoxin and can in some cause brain damage.wouldn't you think someone would give me that information at the start.prior to the above episode i had experience short burst periods of dizziness,and profound lack of clarity of thought. considering the seriousness of this drug wouldn't you think more information would be available to the taker of the drug other than the scant information on the drug information leaflets coming with the drug.I am profoundly angry as the lack of the more serious side effects to this drug not being given to me in order that i might make informed choices at the start.i have stopped the drug myself and informed my doctor of this.

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Hepatitis B :: Normal ALT/AST - But Liver Damage Progress ?

Can someone explain why the chronic Hepa B patient has a normal ALT/AST, but the liver damage still progress ...?

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Arthritis :: Synovial Effusion But No Joint Damage ?

I am 22 years old. I have just read all the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and it matches to what i have been facing from 3 years. I have a consistent pain in my Right Hip joint it is felt when I move my leg. Im facing Limited range of motions in joint and my joint have also become weak i don't have strength in right leg to lift any weight with that joint. 

I have been diagnosed with all possible lab blood tests including (T spot and TB gold test) , Xrays, Mri and Bone scan. 

The report of MRI tell that there is some Synovial Effusion found in the joint and the open biopsy is recommended. Furthermore from X Rays and MRI its clear that there is no damage happened to the Hip Joint so far.

I want to get to know if there is no damage happens to Joint if its possible that its osteoartritis? 

If no what could be possible disease I could have with the same Symtoms like ie limited range of motion of hip, Loss of strength in the leg, Pain when you move it. 

Doctor thinks it could be tuberculosis but the blood tests (TB gold, T spot) to check TB are clear. Bone scan is clear. Lungs X rays are also clear.

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Ulnar Nerve Damage During Blood Sample

I went in for my routine physical two days ago and got blood work done. The nurse drawing my blood completely missed my vein and when she stuck the needle in, my arm felt like it was being electrocuted. I waited a few seconds because I thought it would go away but it didn't. She took the needle out after about ten seconds. Anyway, I'm almost positive she hit my nerve. I have a tingling pain that shoots through my arm when I extend it or put it in certain movements. I don't really feel any pain in my hand. When looking at a diagram, it looks like the ulnar nerve is the one she hit.

Anyways, I have read many posts of people not getting better after years, and some getting better after a few weeks. Is there any way to tell how bad mine is? Are they required to pay for any health costs concerning this issue?

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Taking Prednisone For Long Can Cause Liver Damage?

I suffer from sarcoidosis for nearly 16 years now and have been on prednisolone all these years an a varied level of dosage. at the moment i am in hospital as i have just been diagnosed with TB and Hepatitis B. I have been put on anti TB treatment last week and now stopped because it is not working. my blood cells are getting worst with TB treatment. Now they will try to put me on Hep B treatment to see how it goes and then gradually re-start TB treatment. Saying so as i have a check up every 3 months for my sarcoid, Hep b appears in my blood test in 2014 and was not told about this. Now i have a chronic hep b. Has anyone had the same experience as me and also can taking prednisone for that long damage the liver.

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Panic Disorders :: Xanax Damage Derealization

I had my first panic attack 6 years ago, shortly after graduation from college, at 23 years old , in May 2008 and they became more and more frequent in the subsequent weeks. I did not have health insurance and opted to not go to the hospital. Eventually I became a hermit in my room, waking up in terror all night, not being able to breathe. My girlfriend at the time was seeing a psychiatrist and I finally went. She diagnosed me with panic disorder and depression, based on a dysfunctional childhood. She put me on Xanax .25 to .5 mg as needed. This drug was a miracle for me and I was quite ignorant six years ago in relation to health and meds. I was finally able to breathe again and live, until I woke up with constant urinary urgency that did not stop for several years, throughout this period I had 0 panic attacks, as I was in constant pain. Medication only made it worse, the only thing that helped me survive was Xanax. I never abused it. I was on and off every ssri and bladder pill on the market and tried everything from silver water to bee pollen. Nothing ever worked for the ic or prostatitis and doctors gave up on my chance for recovery. Through the years on my own, I found relief, but the anxiety increased as did the Xanax slowly. I moved to sc three years ago and quit smoking lost 50 lbs once I started to run 15 to 20 miles a week, and began to take classes in nutrition in my leisure time, getting rid of the fast food and substituting it with organic produce and juicing, after many years in constant pain I have become obsessed with learning the error of my ways. I started on my own tapering my Xanax and bladder pills, at the time I was on a combine 15 prescriptions, and now I am on two, Xanax and elmiron for the bladder, and I am reducing them. I started to have brain for, or derealization about two years ago in the midst of my health search. I can barely feel emotion, kind of like I am not alive, I can barely remember getting to work once I am there, I put on this smile and have been faking it for a long time. Life has lost all feeling. If I take a Xanax it gets a little better, as in I just do not care. I feel like a machine and sometimes I feel like I cannot take it. I am down to .125 mg to .25mg of Xanax a day and have started some herbs like st johns wort and kava, but am so fatigued and brain fogged Is the Xanax causing this? Or the withdrawal due to my tapering? Or is it the Anxiety? I cannot get any real answers from the doc, as he just wants to give me more chemicals, the only thing U S doctors do these days. Any experience this would my very helpful. How can I awake from this fog and feel alive again? How long will it take?

Any help would be much appreciated! I am a 29 year old male, 145lbs. I exercise regularly and have a very healthy diet.

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Pregnancy :: Quitting Smoking - No Damage Before 13 Weeks?

I know I need to quit smoking. My dr said no damage is done before 13 weeks, but I can't quit! I've tried tapering, I've tried cold turkey, I've tried gum... nothing is working.

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