Dysphagia Confused With Choking?

Jan 18, 2015

I've had dysphagia all my life and as a child was diagnosed acid reflux disease and underwent surgery for both a fundoplication and dilation of the esophagus.

The dysphagia never completely went away though.

What often happens is the feeling of food caught in the throat. Like it won't go down even after swallow and I get a gurgling sound and also feel a very uncomfortable "pressure" in my throat.

I liken it to choking, except when this happens I can still breathe fine for the most part so I know I'm not technically choking.

Sometimes when this happens literally spend hours coughing and swallowing until I finally feel it slide down.

Here's my question. When this happens, I know I could swallow much harder and with more force, but psychologically I'm terrified of choking. If I swallow with more force the pressure in my throat gets even worse and whether I can breathe or not it still feels very much like choking.

Am I being irrational here?

Do I just have to suck it up and swallow very hard to force the food down, and just tell myself it may be uncomfortable but I'm not going to choke?

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Dysphagia :: Difficulty With Liquids

I am desperate and scared. I've always been a "slow swallower" but a couple of weeks ago things got much worse. I suddenly had extreme difficulty swallowing water. I was drinking a glass full and it made me feel like gagging, I had to stop and spit it out, I could not swallow. Ever since then it is extremely hard to swallow water. Oranje juice is a little easier and solids generally are okay. It is the initiation of a swallow that is hard. The water is in my mouth and I don't just automatically swallow, I have to think about i, it takes about 15 seconds to get a mouthful down. And I feel so much like gagging every time I have water in my mouth. It is worse if someone is in the room with me.

Everything I read points to something bad - ALS, brain tumors, etc. I am crying and crying I am so scared. The doctor doesn't know and won't' rule anything out until I have the swallowing evaluation (barium) and the ENT visit.

Also scaring me into thinking it is ALS is that I have had problems with my voice for several months, hoarseness, can't project, people can't hear me, I always have to repeat myself, I stumble and slur over words..

I'm scared of the swallow test, I read you have to drink 3 ounces of water as fast as you can. It makes me cry to think about that, it will take me 10 minutes.

I am so scared, can anyone give me any reassuring words? Has anyone ever had something like this happen and it wasn't serious?

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Parkinson :: Dysphagia Due To Sinemet?

My mother took 2 sinemet tablets 5 times a day. And a patch once a day for rotigel. She went into a nursing home in March and they accessed her dysphasia as being a hazard and so her sinemet was lowered to 1 1/2 tablets  5 times a day . She now has severe off patches with panic attacks stomach pain leg spasms etc... Has anyone else had experience of these symptoms .

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Dysphagia :: Tiny Pieces Of Chewed Food Getting Stuck

I'm having a very weird problem for past week. tiny bits of chewed food when i swallow gets stuck back of my throat and takes time and effort to go down. However the problem of swallowing is not there with big chunk of food :S(when i swallow food without chewing much it will be fine.)
Also there is some pain like sore throat..

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Acid Reflux Confused With Angina

I am a male 33 year old with 5'11" height, weight 84 Kg. I have acid reflux and mild hypertension(125/90). I daily feels acid reflux sometimes with pain in chest & anxiety. Should i worry about Heart Disease too due to High BP & Pain in chest. Doctor diagnosed with NAFLD with SGPT 59 & SGOT 45. Random Insulin was 90.6. I m non diabetic & a little over weight. ECG shown Mild LVH. Sometimes symptoms of Low Blood Sugar occurs. Sugar remains normal most of the time except one day it was 64. Is it hypoglycemia or acid reflux mimics the symptoms of low blood sugar ? I am so depressed these days.

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Menopause :: Constipated Suffering And Confused

I am putting my embarrassment aside and writing in this forum in hopes of finding some help for my terrible constipation. I am a 55-year-old female. I have living through menopause for the past 6 years, and hope it will be over soon. My diet consists of meat and potatoes, and some vegetables and fruit (but not enough I am sure). I get the occasional walk in, but ever since my hip surgery about 5 years ago, exercise is something I do less and less of. In the last two years I have noticed that I am constipated more often and for longer periods. I had been using enemas and laxatives for sometime, but they started taking a toll on my body so I stopped. I am trying everything I can, but I want to find a natural or herbal remedy that really works. I have started reading about different products, but I am at a loss as to which one I should try.

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Sjogren's Syndrome :: Exhausted And Confused

I have been in pain for about 8 years now. Whole body hurts, mainly back, traps and neck. Dry mouth and down there where it matters. I never feel good, cant remember when last I did. Often dizzy, always very tired, I can't exercise at all, used to be a personal trainer and now I can't even walk to the shop. I feel dead and hating every minute of it. Don't have a lot of faith left in doctors as they have been giving me quite the run around. Now, I am on a mission to sort all this out, went for blood test, twice and both times came back positive for Sjogren's, but the Rheumatologist still doesn't think I have it as I don't have dry eyes. Can I have it without dry eyes? I don't even want to ask her questions anymore, seems like you not supposed to ask doctors questions, just sit, listen, accept and feel like poo for the rest of your life. I also have 0.00 testosterone.

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Menopause :: Dismayed, Confused And Upset

Well I finally had my gyne consultation today and boy was I annoyed, dismayed, confused, upset.

Apparently, as I'm having regular periods I'm NOT menopausal nor am I peri menopausal!!!!  I was gobsmacked to say the least.  So WHY did my doctor put me on HRT for 3 years and why am I experiencing bodily and mood changes?  HRT never helped my hot sweats much to be honest but I was on a low dose.  My mood has gone downhill , I've gained so much weight and I've noticed changes with my periods even if they haven't actually stopped or even missed yet!!  My hormone tests were normal and according to the consultant if I'm still having periods then I'm ovulating regularly etc etc!

So at the age of 51 I've yet to even start any peri symptoms.  I'm just totally bewildered.  IF I'm not peri then what is causing my symptoms?

Anyone advice above and beyond a Gyne Consultant who reckons she has done her job for years and knows better than us women on a forum!!  Her words not mine It's MY body and I know what is going on regardless of how long she has worked as a Gyne Consultant.

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Personality Disorders :: Confused, Paranoid And Dreaming?

Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. I suffer with bipolar disorder so I'm use to the ups and downs, im use to anxiety and thoughts about hurting myself but there's something new. I always feel like I'm dreaming. I question reality.. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really here and everything just seems like a movie sorta.. I sometimes get dizzy and a lot of headaches and confusion! My thoughts are strange, I get very paranoid but also get what my therapist says is "delusional" 3 days ago I thought me and my friend were dead and we were invisible and no one could see us and I was in shock but then started to panic because I was scared of being stuck in a in-between world. Then today I got a lot of weird thoughts that I kept trying to stop. Things like "God is doing this. This is what it must feel like to be dead if you kill yourself. You're stuck here! He wants me to know!" And I also stared at a piece of squished gum and a face formed and I was like in a trance and couldn't snap out of it. I'm really scared and I think I'm going mad. Anyone going through this?

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Antidepressants :: Feeling Confused While On Sertraline (Zoloft)

I’ve been suffering from depression and have been on several anti depressants during past two years and most of them didn’t really help or I got bad side effects - like when I completely lost my appetite while I was on Prozac. At the moment, I’m on sertraline (Zoloft) and I’m experiencing weird side effect, if it is side effect. It seems that throughout the day I’d get strange feelings of confusion, something like my memory getting blurry - I can’t remember some specific word or date… it’s hard to explain, it’s just like I’m getting bouts of confusion I didn’t have when I wasn’t on Zoloft. Is this common side effect?

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Period Spotting Or Losing Virginity - Confused

It seemed that my period was ending, and later that night I was with my boyfriend. We usually kiss and fool around. I'm a virgin so we don't usually do much. I told him that I had just finished my period. We were messing a bit and told him that I wasn't ready. I didn't feel him in me, but once I got home I saw that I was bleeding a bit. I asked him and he said that only a bit of the tip went in. I have never had sex so I don't know how that would feel. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, if i'm still a virgin.

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Posterior Scleritis - Confused With Migraines Or Cluster Headaches

Around 5 months ago out of nowhere, I started having immense headaches which at first I mistakened as just migraines or cluster headaches. I'm not sure how but I managed to endure the severe pain for 8 whole days by staying in bed (This was during exam break so I had no school). I've never suffered such a gratuitous amount of pain in my life! I could barely make it to the bathroom or even sit up to eat (I was 94.5 lbs after not eating for so long!!). After those 8 days I finally accepted the fact that it was not the typical migraine and was rushed to the emergency room. After going through numerous examinations with multiple doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with posterior scleritis. It was really puzzling to hear that I had such a rare form of scleritis and at such a peculiar age since scleritis usually occurs at ages of 40-50 years. I was then put on 80mg of prednisone which relieved the pain. It was great at first but the heavy side effects eventually caught up with me. Anyways because of my condition, I was physically unable to show up for one of my exams although I wrote all the others while in such an insane amount of pain. I tried to explain why I wasn't able to attend but ended up getting yelled at and disrespected. I was deeply hurt and frustrated that the educators at my school didn't care for the health and safety of their own students ....

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Location? Confused With Pancreatitis

Ive had a battery of tests through the years and for so long thought it was pancreatitis. I went to an expert out of state and he thinks its IBS though I do not feel my pain correlates to what I think IBS pain would be. My pain is a sharp, deep, quick stab/squeeze pain and comes and goes quickly. Its upper left abdomen.

Can you please describe the pain and location? I have assumed it was lower or mid abdomen and more like a long cramp vs a quick deep sharp pain.

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Thyroid :: Choking Sensation

I have many on thyroid medication for hypothyroidism for years and have been stable on the same dose for most of those. Early this year I started with a new doctor after my former one retired. She decided to have me tested and found my levels a little high so changed my medication from Thyroid Whole 65mg to a different brand and dropped it to 50mg. These gave me headaches and made me feel yuk so was switched to Levothyroxine 50mg. These appeared to be okay and my next test was reading normal.

Now though I feel like someone is trying to choke me all the time. When I rung and spoke to the nurse she said the doctor said to stay on that dose and be tested again in 3 months. My voice has started croaking and I feel so miserable. The only relief I get is when I first wake in the morning.

I have made another appointment for tomorrow to tell the doctor that I would like to see a thyroid specialist. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long for an appointment.

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Undiagnosed :: Choking On Own Saliva

Reported to me by a close friend (Male in mid 50's) Recurring Episodes at night since last Spring. Wakes at night. Choking on own Saliva. Cannot swallow his own Saliva. Has been to several gastroenterologists. Has undergone all the tests. They cannot find anything.

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Throat Feels Like Choking

For the past couple of days, It feels like I'm going to choke on my own tongue. Inside my throat it feels like its being pinched or squeezed and making me feel that I will choke and not be able to catch my breath. I was wondering if anyone can answer me if they know what it might be? Could it be anxiety because i have that sometimes but never like this. And when i was little i had surgery for an cyst when I Tomorrow I'm going to the doctors or the ER.

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ENT :: Fear Of Choking / Swallowing

I'm a 21 year old girl who is scared of choking on food and swallowing do you know anyone who went through this problem it's been now since April I had this problem I was at my parents house eating meat and I didn't realize that I have let the peace of meat pass it got stuck on my throat for at least 5 seconds and finally let it down with soda after that it was a week ago that I couldn't swallow my saliva and yes it was really scary at that time that same night I got an anxiety attack so I went to the emergency room so I didn't left till 5 in the morning all they did was give me something to swallow the liquid but doctors couldn't find anything in my throat and since then I lost so much weight that I didn't expect I'm halfway skinny now but this has been the worst experience I had ever have in my life and idk if my life could be normal again all I ate was sweet food and liquids cause it will get food and since than I don't remember having a good full meal like pizza or burgers ever again it ruined my life but after that months went by it got better I was eating food again and than it happen again I don't know how much longer this will last I want to feel normal and a have a normal life again I keep thinking to myself that my food will get stuck again or choke to death and I don't want that no more please help or any medications I can take to solve this problem I don't want my husband to get mad at me by not eating all day and yes my life has changed ever since that happen and I sometimes I cry because of it and most of all I don't wanna get sick from it someone should give me an advice or any medication I can take to take away my fear and I do believe I do have something in my throat doctors don't check me well please help?

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Lupus :: Systemic And Choking

I need to determine if lupus is the cause of a swallowing and choking problem I'm having. For the past year or so, whenever I get a cold or allergy congestion, I choke on the mucus. It's been getting progressively worse and last week it happened when we were on vacation and my husband had to get an ambulance to take me to the ER because I was choking and wheezing. They gave me 60 mg. of prednisone for a week, which my allergist adjusted to a lower dose, gave me an inhaler, oxygen and a breathing treatment. I'm also taking a heavy duty antibiotic for a sinus infection. The thing is, I've gotten colds and congestion all my life like anybody else, but I don't know of anyone else who chokes on the mucous. Then this morning I started to wonder if lupus and/or Sjogrens is the culprit and making my throat swollen. I'm going to ask my rheumy when I see him in Dec. but in the meantime I live in fear of getting another cold or allergy symptom. I just can't go through that again. It was the most frightening thing that's ever happened to me. I have been resisting an increase in my methotrexate, but if lupus is the problem, I will gladly up my dose. Does this sound familiar to any of you? Has your doctor told you lupus is affecting your throat?

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Pregnancy :: Choking Due To Cough

I have had a cold for 2 weeks and  i have developed a cough that's starting to sound like bronchitis. Can I take mucinex or use vapor rub? Can I take anything at 4.5 weeks pregnant?

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ENT :: Sore Throat After Choking On Drink?

So this past Friday night (2 days ago), I was hanging out with a friend and we were having some drinks and having an all around great time. So at one point, my friend did something funny and it made me laugh so hard, that I started choking on the drink I was drinking (which was carbonated and alcoholic). It was actually so bad that I couldn't stop coughing and the drink actually came out of my nose. It took a little while to calm down, but finally I got situated and everything was fine. Well this morning, I woke up with a bad sore throat on the right side of my throat and my tonsils are very big and inflamed. It is the side that was affected the most when I was choking (and the side of my nose that the drink came out of), but I just wanted to make sure that it is normal to have a sore throat after choking on a drink as I can't find anything related to it. That same night, after the choking episode, my throat on that side was a little tender and it felt weird swallowing on the right side, but it wasn't as sore and inflamed as it is today.

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GERD :: Choking And Throat Spasm

Ok. 6 yrs ago I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis/mild esophagitis. I had a recent endoscopy which showed almost normal . Anyhow, a few months ago I was sleeping one night and i was awaken violently with the sensation something was choking my throat like a spasm I swallowed hard and the spasm went away . Any thoughts as to what that episode was??

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