Menopause :: Constipated Suffering And Confused

Jan 19, 2015

I am putting my embarrassment aside and writing in this forum in hopes of finding some help for my terrible constipation. I am a 55-year-old female. I have living through menopause for the past 6 years, and hope it will be over soon. My diet consists of meat and potatoes, and some vegetables and fruit (but not enough I am sure). I get the occasional walk in, but ever since my hip surgery about 5 years ago, exercise is something I do less and less of. In the last two years I have noticed that I am constipated more often and for longer periods. I had been using enemas and laxatives for sometime, but they started taking a toll on my body so I stopped. I am trying everything I can, but I want to find a natural or herbal remedy that really works. I have started reading about different products, but I am at a loss as to which one I should try.

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Menopause :: Dismayed, Confused And Upset

Well I finally had my gyne consultation today and boy was I annoyed, dismayed, confused, upset.

Apparently, as I'm having regular periods I'm NOT menopausal nor am I peri menopausal!!!!  I was gobsmacked to say the least.  So WHY did my doctor put me on HRT for 3 years and why am I experiencing bodily and mood changes?  HRT never helped my hot sweats much to be honest but I was on a low dose.  My mood has gone downhill , I've gained so much weight and I've noticed changes with my periods even if they haven't actually stopped or even missed yet!!  My hormone tests were normal and according to the consultant if I'm still having periods then I'm ovulating regularly etc etc!

So at the age of 51 I've yet to even start any peri symptoms.  I'm just totally bewildered.  IF I'm not peri then what is causing my symptoms?

Anyone advice above and beyond a Gyne Consultant who reckons she has done her job for years and knows better than us women on a forum!!  Her words not mine It's MY body and I know what is going on regardless of how long she has worked as a Gyne Consultant.

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Dysphagia Confused With Choking?

I've had dysphagia all my life and as a child was diagnosed acid reflux disease and underwent surgery for both a fundoplication and dilation of the esophagus.

The dysphagia never completely went away though.

What often happens is the feeling of food caught in the throat. Like it won't go down even after swallow and I get a gurgling sound and also feel a very uncomfortable "pressure" in my throat.

I liken it to choking, except when this happens I can still breathe fine for the most part so I know I'm not technically choking.

Sometimes when this happens literally spend hours coughing and swallowing until I finally feel it slide down.

Here's my question. When this happens, I know I could swallow much harder and with more force, but psychologically I'm terrified of choking. If I swallow with more force the pressure in my throat gets even worse and whether I can breathe or not it still feels very much like choking.

Am I being irrational here?

Do I just have to suck it up and swallow very hard to force the food down, and just tell myself it may be uncomfortable but I'm not going to choke?

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Acid Reflux Confused With Angina

I am a male 33 year old with 5'11" height, weight 84 Kg. I have acid reflux and mild hypertension(125/90). I daily feels acid reflux sometimes with pain in chest & anxiety. Should i worry about Heart Disease too due to High BP & Pain in chest. Doctor diagnosed with NAFLD with SGPT 59 & SGOT 45. Random Insulin was 90.6. I m non diabetic & a little over weight. ECG shown Mild LVH. Sometimes symptoms of Low Blood Sugar occurs. Sugar remains normal most of the time except one day it was 64. Is it hypoglycemia or acid reflux mimics the symptoms of low blood sugar ? I am so depressed these days.

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Sjogren's Syndrome :: Exhausted And Confused

I have been in pain for about 8 years now. Whole body hurts, mainly back, traps and neck. Dry mouth and down there where it matters. I never feel good, cant remember when last I did. Often dizzy, always very tired, I can't exercise at all, used to be a personal trainer and now I can't even walk to the shop. I feel dead and hating every minute of it. Don't have a lot of faith left in doctors as they have been giving me quite the run around. Now, I am on a mission to sort all this out, went for blood test, twice and both times came back positive for Sjogren's, but the Rheumatologist still doesn't think I have it as I don't have dry eyes. Can I have it without dry eyes? I don't even want to ask her questions anymore, seems like you not supposed to ask doctors questions, just sit, listen, accept and feel like poo for the rest of your life. I also have 0.00 testosterone.

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Personality Disorders :: Confused, Paranoid And Dreaming?

Lately I feel like I'm losing my mind. I suffer with bipolar disorder so I'm use to the ups and downs, im use to anxiety and thoughts about hurting myself but there's something new. I always feel like I'm dreaming. I question reality.. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really here and everything just seems like a movie sorta.. I sometimes get dizzy and a lot of headaches and confusion! My thoughts are strange, I get very paranoid but also get what my therapist says is "delusional" 3 days ago I thought me and my friend were dead and we were invisible and no one could see us and I was in shock but then started to panic because I was scared of being stuck in a in-between world. Then today I got a lot of weird thoughts that I kept trying to stop. Things like "God is doing this. This is what it must feel like to be dead if you kill yourself. You're stuck here! He wants me to know!" And I also stared at a piece of squished gum and a face formed and I was like in a trance and couldn't snap out of it. I'm really scared and I think I'm going mad. Anyone going through this?

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Antidepressants :: Feeling Confused While On Sertraline (Zoloft)

I’ve been suffering from depression and have been on several anti depressants during past two years and most of them didn’t really help or I got bad side effects - like when I completely lost my appetite while I was on Prozac. At the moment, I’m on sertraline (Zoloft) and I’m experiencing weird side effect, if it is side effect. It seems that throughout the day I’d get strange feelings of confusion, something like my memory getting blurry - I can’t remember some specific word or date… it’s hard to explain, it’s just like I’m getting bouts of confusion I didn’t have when I wasn’t on Zoloft. Is this common side effect?

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Period Spotting Or Losing Virginity - Confused

It seemed that my period was ending, and later that night I was with my boyfriend. We usually kiss and fool around. I'm a virgin so we don't usually do much. I told him that I had just finished my period. We were messing a bit and told him that I wasn't ready. I didn't feel him in me, but once I got home I saw that I was bleeding a bit. I asked him and he said that only a bit of the tip went in. I have never had sex so I don't know how that would feel. I guess what i'm trying to ask is, if i'm still a virgin.

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Posterior Scleritis - Confused With Migraines Or Cluster Headaches

Around 5 months ago out of nowhere, I started having immense headaches which at first I mistakened as just migraines or cluster headaches. I'm not sure how but I managed to endure the severe pain for 8 whole days by staying in bed (This was during exam break so I had no school). I've never suffered such a gratuitous amount of pain in my life! I could barely make it to the bathroom or even sit up to eat (I was 94.5 lbs after not eating for so long!!). After those 8 days I finally accepted the fact that it was not the typical migraine and was rushed to the emergency room. After going through numerous examinations with multiple doctors and specialists, I was diagnosed with posterior scleritis. It was really puzzling to hear that I had such a rare form of scleritis and at such a peculiar age since scleritis usually occurs at ages of 40-50 years. I was then put on 80mg of prednisone which relieved the pain. It was great at first but the heavy side effects eventually caught up with me. Anyways because of my condition, I was physically unable to show up for one of my exams although I wrote all the others while in such an insane amount of pain. I tried to explain why I wasn't able to attend but ended up getting yelled at and disrespected. I was deeply hurt and frustrated that the educators at my school didn't care for the health and safety of their own students ....

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Location? Confused With Pancreatitis

Ive had a battery of tests through the years and for so long thought it was pancreatitis. I went to an expert out of state and he thinks its IBS though I do not feel my pain correlates to what I think IBS pain would be. My pain is a sharp, deep, quick stab/squeeze pain and comes and goes quickly. Its upper left abdomen.

Can you please describe the pain and location? I have assumed it was lower or mid abdomen and more like a long cramp vs a quick deep sharp pain.

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Gastroenterology :: Constipated For Almost Two Years

So back in 2013 there was a time when I ate these fiber bars for breakfast everyday for about a week maybe. At the time I didn't know when you increase your fiber intake you need to increase your water intake. So I went maybe 2 weeks without using the bathroom at all. I guess I really didn't notice it because at the time I was dealing with the end of the year at school and family issues. When I finally did notice my mom and I went to see my doctor. She took an X ray of my stomach and just prescribed me miralax. Which for me didn't work. If I took too much I things would be watery but still nothing much would come out. If I took the right amount things would be pencil thin and still not much came out. Ever since then my digestion hasn't been right. Over the years its just gotten worse, i've tried many things on my own. I've tried the liquid magnesium citrate and that used to work well but it does nothing anymore, Fleet enemas do nothing, I've even tried a real enema and that too barely did anything! There were points where I didn't use the bathroom AT ALL for weeks and even months. When I lay flat on my stomach I can feel a huge lump, or when I press on my stomach its painful. Sometimes my stomach gets so bloated and I look like I'm pregnant. Recently I had this extreme sharp pain in my side I couldn't even move, I just curled over and waited for the pain to pass. I'm so afraid to eat, I've even feel like I have to throw up if I eat too much, and I have thrown up a couple times. I went to the doctor again recently and told her the miralax isn't working, I told her about the pain and the throwing up. She did another X ray and told me I was filled with stool and blocked up all around my colon. But all she did was tell me to either take dulcolax or take a square of ex lax followed by a fleet enema for a week! I would think if I'm at the point of throwing up something more would have been done!! (Btw she's a pediatric doctor,  I'm 19 but she said they would keep seeing me till im 21 if I like. I don't know if it's because she's a pediatric doctor is the reason why she's taking these approaches that aren't working.  Maybe she doesn't know what to do?) All she is doing is telling me to take different laxatives but it's not working, and I'm so scared.. I've read people can die from fecal impaction. I've read about people with the same problem as me but they have only been constipated for a month or less and they've been to the ER and had things taken care of! But I've been like this for almost two years so why haven't I! I don't think my doctor is taking this seriously and I'm thinking I should go to a 24 hour clinic and maybe they'll actually do something? Or the ER, but how would I get in? I'm just really scared and I don't want to be like this anymore.

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Anxiety :: Constipated For Weeks

I'm a 14 year old female and a 2 weeks or so I had diarrhea for first 2 days then it stopped then it came back again For one more day but with normal poop first but then after that I've been constipated and having to strain and squeeze and my poop has been like small ball I know this is gross but I don't get I've tried eating somewhat healthy and drinking more water I don't why I'm experiencing this at a young age my brother eats junk food all the time and still poops plz help I haven't went to a doctor. I've tried eating cucumbers and drinking lots of water but I either don't poop or I have to strain still and it comes out but it's so stressing like now all I think about is my poop and it's very annoying since I want to be able to eat what I want.


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Orlistat :: Grumpy And Constipated

How on earth can I get constipated on the blue bullets. Since taking them I have been in fear that I would have an accident! now i am flipping uncomfortable as it has been a couple of days!

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Orlistat :: Having The Opposite Effect (constipated)

i started taking the tabs yesterday at lunch time and since then i've not had to go to the toilet, i seem to be weeing more than normal but that's probably because im drinking more water. has anyone else been constipated, should i be worried and if i weigh myself im going to be heavier coz all the food is still in me any tips to shift it without eating too much fat?

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Constipated, Even Though Taking Senokot And Dulcoease

I am very very constipated, even though taking Senokot and Dulcoease.

Have been told that I must limit amount of fruit and vegetables because of IBS so very difficult.  Has anyone else got this problem, if so, how have you coped with it?  I am only managing to go to the toilet once a week so feel nauseous as well. 

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Total Hip Replacement :: 3rd Day And Completely Constipated

I got my surgery on the 19th and since yesterday im experiencing bloating and has but I can't go. I'm on a Okinawan hospital and language barrier is huge and completely frustrating, plus pain management meds here are completely different. This happened to any of you? Should I take something natural?

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Constipated On Azathioprine

I have left sided colitis and have been on azathioprine 75mg x 2 daily and two 5mg prednisolone tablets.  Have been on the full dosage of azathioprine for four weeks and now suffer from constant constipation to the point where I have to take laxatives and eat prunes.  Has anybody else had this problem? Have purchased a tub of benefiber but unsure as to whether I should use it.

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Coming Off Nuvaring - Exhausted, Constipated And Diarrhea

Okay so I had gotten an infection from my nuvaring so me and my husband decided that I just was going to stop birth control completely that we are ready for a baby when it happens. We have been having unprotected sex and I have now been off of it for two weeks. A week after I got off of it I had no symptoms except for very light pink spotting. This week is a different story. My breast are sore

I have had stomach problems like back and forth between constipation and diarrhea

I am absolutely exhausted. I go to sleep early, wake up late, and still need a nap.

My lower back aches pretty much all day.

And I feel like my emotions are going crazy. Some days I want to cry, some days I want to yell, some days I love everything.

I don't feel like I could have gotten pregnant that fast but these symptoms seem a little extreme to just be from coming off of my birth control.

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Constipated After Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy

I hope you don't mind me posting on here a rambled question as I'm new to the forum and haven't contributed yet. I've read through several posts about Laparoscopic Ventral mesh Rectopexy and some not so positive outcomes, and my heart goes out to you all!

I had the LVR done nearly 6 weeks ago. I have had chronic constipation for 7.5 years now and have only just, this past year, been able to get anyone to take me seriously. I'm now 26, and have been through everything in terms of diet, water, exercise, toilet position, relaxation, supplements etc. I have been on Dulcolax daily; things like Senna or Movicol don't seem to do anything, and newer drugs like Prucalopride have been useless. I paid for a private consultation in Oxford follow my request to my NHS gastroenterologist for a transit study and defecating proctogram. I had a rectocele and intussusception grade with with full rectal prolapse. 

On a side note, I have pernicious anaemia, folic and iron deficiencies, and was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (after a lot of pushing!). I am being treated for all of these but the Levothyroxine for hypo isn't doing anything, so the GP has suggested some people look online for an alternative NDT...

Post surgery, I've been constipated as usual. The Movicol / Laxido did nothing on 2 sachets a day. 3 sachets a day and nothing happened either. Dulcolax did something, but it didn't work as quickly or as effectively as it did prior to surgery. Last week I called the consultant and he suggested I may have impaction and to take Citramag. I've done that this week and it was horrendous - 2 sachets and 8 hours later, and I was finally able to go. This was mostly with pushing my stomach out, massaging my stomach, moving around etc.

I feel like there's still some kind of obstruction because with laxatives I know there's something in the rectum, but it goes no further. Without laxatives, and I don't feel anything there; it's like nothing happens in the descending colon, there's no 'activity' that I can feel. Before surgery, the transit study showed all markers still in my colon as I didn't move my bowels at all. The markers were mixed, some made it to the rectum but many were at the top of the descending colon. I'm wondering whether it's possible I'm still 'obstructed' and whether my colon is even working (all these years having to take a stimulant laxative surely won't help!)

I was just wondering whether anyone has any thoughts? I'm exhausted, just spent all of the money I had to my name on this surgery and I feel like it's worse. I should have been looking to go back to work from next week but that's not going to happen with the state I'm in. I don't want to be on laxatives, and I feel these past 7 1/2 years have been a complete waste. It all seemed to happen over night that I became constipated as I'd never had any problems with my digestion before that (I was prescribed iron tablets and thought it might be those, so I stopped taking them but never regained bowel function). 

I see the surgeon next week but don't know what I should be asking or what options I should look to explore. I can't go on like this and I'm sorry for the rambling and feeling sorry for myself, I'm just feeling very alone right now and pretty fed up.

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Gastroenterology :: Narrow Stools - Constipated And Burning Sensations

I have been experiencing narrow stools, i think i am constipated, i feel burning sensations in my stomach sometimes, somedays I don't feel it at all. I have gases and that's all. My stools are light brown color and no blood in them! What can i have?

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Constipated :: Stomach Hard And Bloated, No Poop For 3 Days

Iv noticed my stomach hard and bloated. I've had like a gassy feeling in my stomach the day after i had diarrhea but only had it once then i have not poop for the past three days.. What does this mean?

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