Gastroenterology :: Narrow Stools - Constipated And Burning Sensations

Mar 23, 2016

I have been experiencing narrow stools, i think i am constipated, i feel burning sensations in my stomach sometimes, somedays I don't feel it at all. I have gases and that's all. My stools are light brown color and no blood in them! What can i have?

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Gastroenterology :: Constipated For Almost Two Years

So back in 2013 there was a time when I ate these fiber bars for breakfast everyday for about a week maybe. At the time I didn't know when you increase your fiber intake you need to increase your water intake. So I went maybe 2 weeks without using the bathroom at all. I guess I really didn't notice it because at the time I was dealing with the end of the year at school and family issues. When I finally did notice my mom and I went to see my doctor. She took an X ray of my stomach and just prescribed me miralax. Which for me didn't work. If I took too much I things would be watery but still nothing much would come out. If I took the right amount things would be pencil thin and still not much came out. Ever since then my digestion hasn't been right. Over the years its just gotten worse, i've tried many things on my own. I've tried the liquid magnesium citrate and that used to work well but it does nothing anymore, Fleet enemas do nothing, I've even tried a real enema and that too barely did anything! There were points where I didn't use the bathroom AT ALL for weeks and even months. When I lay flat on my stomach I can feel a huge lump, or when I press on my stomach its painful. Sometimes my stomach gets so bloated and I look like I'm pregnant. Recently I had this extreme sharp pain in my side I couldn't even move, I just curled over and waited for the pain to pass. I'm so afraid to eat, I've even feel like I have to throw up if I eat too much, and I have thrown up a couple times. I went to the doctor again recently and told her the miralax isn't working, I told her about the pain and the throwing up. She did another X ray and told me I was filled with stool and blocked up all around my colon. But all she did was tell me to either take dulcolax or take a square of ex lax followed by a fleet enema for a week! I would think if I'm at the point of throwing up something more would have been done!! (Btw she's a pediatric doctor,  I'm 19 but she said they would keep seeing me till im 21 if I like. I don't know if it's because she's a pediatric doctor is the reason why she's taking these approaches that aren't working.  Maybe she doesn't know what to do?) All she is doing is telling me to take different laxatives but it's not working, and I'm so scared.. I've read people can die from fecal impaction. I've read about people with the same problem as me but they have only been constipated for a month or less and they've been to the ER and had things taken care of! But I've been like this for almost two years so why haven't I! I don't think my doctor is taking this seriously and I'm thinking I should go to a 24 hour clinic and maybe they'll actually do something? Or the ER, but how would I get in? I'm just really scared and I don't want to be like this anymore.

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Bowel Disorder :: Narrow Stools - Cancer Or Hemorrhoids?

I produce narrow stools for a long period of time now (2 months). I did it once few months ago but it came back to normal, but not now it lasts .
I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressful. I've seen a specialist who told me I had internal hemorrhoids (he did an endoscopy). Do I have to do a colonoscopy ?
It's like play doh stools ...

These narrow stools are driving me crazy.

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ENT :: Narrow Ear Canals - Earache Off And On

For all of my life i have had earache off and on, and just recently another GP has told me that i have narrow ear canals, just wondering if anyone else has this condition, and if any surgery can be performed.

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Eye Care :: Anatomical Narrow Angle Glaucoma And Normal IOP

I was diagnosed with anatomical narrow angle and OP 13mm. Doctor wants to perform iridotomy on my eyes. What is chance to not get glaucoma. There is a risk and repletion of procedures.I would rather will visit Doctor every month and see what is going on with my eyes.

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Eye Care :: Experience With Narrow Or Closed Angle Glaucoma?

Does anyone have experience with narrow or closed angle glaucoma? I believe I have been having attacks for several years now. My right eye will become real red and I will be in excruciating pain in and around my eye. I will barely be able to see out of my right eye. I also see halos around lights. I have an ophthalmologist appt in December. How were you diagnosed?

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma - Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate Headaches

My mom who is 83 years young has narrow angle Glaucoma and takes three eye drops a few times a day Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate, Latanoprost, she has had headaches but now they are getting worse.She has had operations which really haven't helped but could have scratched her retina. One eye seems to not open all the way. Has anyone have any experience with narrow angle Glaucoma and how they treat it, either with eye drops or organically? Thanks!

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Spells / Sensations

I've been trying to control my anxiety and doing well but I keep getting weird dizzy sensations not where the room is spinning more like I'm moving when I'm not and it's scaring me I feel like I'm going to faint because of it I don't know whether it's pregnancy related or anxiety or something serious it's making me worry and causing me to have anxiety when I'm trying to get on with things but I have a lot going on at the moment and my heads a bit all all over I don't know where that is it as well? Like stress related anyone else experience it I'm eating and drinking fine etc I don't take no medication I'm 27 weeks pregnant

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Achilles Tendon - Sensations - 5 Weeks Post Surgery

I'm still only 5 weeks post jury. But really dislike the sensation from injury. My foot isn't floppy but I definitely don't feel like I have full control over it. Its an odd feeling - hard to explain. Course i'm worried it's not healing as nobody ever seems to check that. Will I regain the control? 

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Gabapentin Tolerance? Pins Needles Sensations Are Back

I have been taking 1800mg of Gabapentin (600 3 times daily) for less than a year now to help with my nerve pain. It was working well however in the last few weeks, I have noticed that shooting pains and the pins needles sensations have started to return.  Is it possible I've built up a tolerance to gabapentin?  I wanted to check in here first before going to my Dr to see if anyone else had had the same experience.

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Health Anxiety :: Sensations And Sore Feeling In Chest

I'm just sitting around thinking about my situation..worrying about my health all the time has taken a toll on my body..i'm always achy and sore everywhere..back pain neck shoulders..i just wanna be my age..young and energetic..i have improved a lot from the first time i got my panic attack..nowadays i don't get panic attack anymore..but i'm still very worried and i still do get sensations and sore feeling in my this really normal for anxiety? will i ever be normal again..i have done 5 ecgs,why can't i trust the fact that my heart is fine.

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Weird Sensations (skipped Beats) ?

I've had GERD for years now, and the crappy part about it is that it manifests itself in so many different ways/forms. I've been noticing lately (although I have noticed in the past, as well) these weird sensations in my chest. It would seem like skipped beats, but I often get them when I'm experiencing GERD (after problematic meals).

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Anxiety :: Head Sensations - Scalp Soreness And Sharp Pains

I've been dealing with anxiety for now going on 5 months straight with a little break here and there , but this head sensations are what's driving me crazy , the sensations I get are scalp soreness , sharp pains that move around different parts of my head , this shaky head feeling soreness in the top of my head dull pains in different areas mild headaches back of the head aches , I just want this to all leave me alone , it makes me so sad , I tired of dealing with this .

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Penis :: Stinging Sensations On My Phallus / Yellow Slimy Stuff Is Coming Out

Stinging sensations on my penis and it intensifies when peeing and yellow slimy stuff is coming out, it started yesterday. The last time i had sex was 6 days ago, unprotected, but my partner doesn't feel anything weird or have any disease or infection.

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Gastroenterology :: What Causes Spasm During Cholangiogram?

I was diagnosed with gallstones last 2014 but I only had my gallbladder removed through open cholecystectomy recently last November 29, 2015. The surgeons placed a t-tube drain and discharged me with it. They scheduled me for cholangiogram December 17, 2015 but the result showed that there's still a faint filling in the common bile duct so they scheduled for follow-up cholangiogram on January 4, 2016. During the second cholangiogram, this time there was a distinct pain during the procedure so they had to stop it. Two hours after, I know something was wrong because I felt cold then my temperature shoot up to 38.9 degree Centigrade. I felt slight pressure at the lower abdomen like I feel an urge to defecate and a few minutes I vomited. I was hospitalized, given antibiotics and hydrated. My doctor told me that it was an expected outcome after a cholangiogram. He said he would refer me to a hepatobiliary surgeon. I was checked by the specialist and told me that basing on the results there's still fragments left that's why a SPASM occurred during the cholangiogram. He's gonna perform a t tube choledochotomy. As of the moment, I noticed that I lost weight (8 lbs) after my hospitalization, continuously experienced itchiness and bitter after taste during meals. I also felt an on and off tingling sensation just below my operative site. Do I need to ask for second opinion?

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Gastroenterology :: Cyst On Spleen

My friend is 52 years old and he was on regular ultrasound examination of his abdomen when doctor discovered cyst on his spleen. He was little bit afraid because of it but his doctor told him not to worry and to repeat ultrasound in the next four weeks. I would like to know something more about this.

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Gastroenterology :: Gagging / Clicking In Throat

Hey all! So I seem to be suffering from this weird health issue, that apparently only Dr. House could diagnose. Since I was fifteen I have had this constant problem with my throat, that has just become unbearable. I have a painful grinding/clicking feeling in my throat, coughing/gagging fits so bad that I have thrown up because of how hard my throat tightness, difficulty swallowing saliva, and these horrible periods where have shortness of breath and it feels like I am suffocating, as well a general feeling that I need to clear my throat. The breathing problem is especially bad in the morning, shortly after I wake up. I pushed my parents to take me to ever specialists you could imagine to try and find some diagnosis, but no one could ever come up with anything. I've had endoscopies and everything looked normal. I was told that it was just anxiety, but there is no way that the pain I feel in my throat is caused my anxiety.

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Gastroenterology :: Uncontrollable Burping And Loss Of Appetite

This took place about 2 months ago now and started with loss of appetite, I could go all day without even getting hungry. when i would realize how long it had been seine i ate i would make myself eat, but it would cause stomach cramps and pain so i started just not eating. i felt fine never getting hungry or even feeling weak. I am sure this wasn't good but eat became quite painful. it progressed to if i would eat i would burp literally constantly the rest of the day. So now i am back to not eating at all and still burping constantly. I know i need to eat but don't know what i can do to help this, tums and over the counter meds have done nothing so far.

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Gastroenterology :: Dark Stool After Ibuprofin And Antibiotic Use

I recently had an ear infection that caused me to need ibuprofen 800 every 6hrs for 4 days. I was also taking amoxicillin. I have been off all these meds for 2 or 3 days now and im experiencing mild abdominal cramping and frequent dark stool. (Dark stool for 2 days and frequent urge to use restroom) I wouldn't call it black, but its very close. Can i just wait this out? I don't have access to a car during business hours so it would be a whole thing to go if its not necessary..

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Gastroenterology :: Multiple Bloody Bowel Movements

I am a 37yr old female and have had multiple bloody bowel movements for 2 days now and am kinda concerned. Like the entire toilet water is bright red...thoughts?

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Gastroenterology :: Incomplete Bowel Movements - Hemorrhoids?

I am currently 25 years old.

One and a half month now I am experiencing some incidents of incomplete bowel movements. It all started as a constipation episode because of the lack of hydration and proper eating but even though I started eating properly , a part from the discomfort seems to persist. I used lactulose syrup to alleviate some of the discomfort, but after a couple of days it is still there.  

I go everyday to the bathroom but because I can't complete my bowel movement, I usually need to have a second or even a third visit after approximately 1-2 hours.

I try not to struggle much, because I am afraid of getting hemorrhoids.

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