Gastroenterology :: Dark Stool After Ibuprofin And Antibiotic Use

Mar 25, 2015

I recently had an ear infection that caused me to need ibuprofen 800 every 6hrs for 4 days. I was also taking amoxicillin. I have been off all these meds for 2 or 3 days now and im experiencing mild abdominal cramping and frequent dark stool. (Dark stool for 2 days and frequent urge to use restroom) I wouldn't call it black, but its very close. Can i just wait this out? I don't have access to a car during business hours so it would be a whole thing to go if its not necessary..

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Gastroenterology :: Green Stool, Clear Urine, Pain, Nausea 3 Months After Gallbladder Removal

I am a 16 year old girl who for the most part was healthy prior to the start of my digestive problems.   I am 5"3 and have never weighed over 99 lbs but my weight has now dropped to below 94 lbs due to inability to eat without pain and nausea.  Around August 2011, I started having moderate-severe nausea and abdominal pain following most/all meals, which over time progressed to be nearly constant pain and nausea that made eating nearly unbearable.  Starting in early March, I had multiple blood tests, an ultrasound, a HIDA scan, and an upper endoscopy.  The only explanation offered to my mother (a doctor) and myself was that my gallbladder was hyperactive and excreted bile way too quickly, with an ejection fraction of 89%.  Normal ejection fractions are considered to be roughly between 30-75%, but high ejection fractions are a gray area in the medical world at the moment, as most bad gallbladders have a low ejection fraction.  All the children's surgeons refused to take out my gallbladder for this reason, but with it being our only hope we searched for a surgeon willing to take the chance.  We were luckily able to find a surgeon with some knowledge of hyperactive gallbladders who removed my gallbladder in early May.  My surgery went well and there were no complications immediately following.  I did not have constant diarrhea following my procedure and my pain and nausea were alleviated until approximately early-mid June.   I began having moderate nausea and pain again following nearly all foods and some drinks such as slushies or shakes.  It increasingly worsened but has not yet reached the constant pain/nausea i was experiencing pre-surgery.  I also had approximately 3-5 bouts that lasted about 10-20 minutes of extreme nearly unbearable pain, usually in my left abdomen just below the ribs approximately 20-30 minutes after I had eaten.  Each time brought me to the floor and to tears.  I visited the GI doctor again July 5 and was told their best explanation was Functional Dyspepsia and that I should begin taking 30g Amitriptyline each night.  I was told results should appear approximately 3 weeks after I start regular dosage, which I did on July 5.  I have seen some improvement in my pain and nausea as they do not necessarily occur after every single time I eat anymore, but they are still way too frequent and persistent for me to feel normal, much less function normally.  Over the past week or so, my stools have been a bright green color and my urine has been clear for the most part. There seems to be no connection between my symptoms and my hormones as they do not worsen or alleviate with my menstrual cycle.   I am sick and tired of being so sick and tired as my symptoms have majorly impacted my life and prevented me from participating in many things as they caused me to miss over 40 days of school just since January 2012.  Please please please offer any ideas or thoughts you might have, i truly am desperate. 

current symptomsgreen stoolclear urinemoderate/severe nausea and pain after eatingoccasional extreme pain during digestioneasily tired
gallbladder removed may 2012currently taking 30g Amitriptyline daily

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Bowel Disorder :: Dark Green Stool

I am a 63 yr. old woman that has had five back surgeries, eight wrist surgeries. A hysterectomy And gallbladder surgery plus several serious stomach surgeries. These are over the past 20 yrs. Back surgeries most recent and gallbladder plus hysterectomy in last couple years. Anyway, that's not why I'm posting. I am posting because in the past week I started having Dark green bowel movements. I'm kind of constipated, but that's the norm for me. I can't think of anything different I'v done . I ate a couple pieces of cake last weekend with green frosting. I had an incident a few days ago where I bent over and had excruciating pain on my left , lower back. But I have a huge bolt there so I contributed it to that. It's a pinching feeling now. I am full of metal from my sacral to my neck. (Huge surgery) like I said, I just started the very dark green(almost black with green in it) stools. Any suggestions as to what can cause this? Thanks in advance for any input on this subject.

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Bowel Disorders :: Dark Brown And Black Stool

I recently broke up with my girlfriend and had a few days of pretty heavy drinking, 12+ beers throughout the day and night each day. I have always been somewhat of a heavy drinker and shortly after those 3 rough days of being down and in a dark place, I started to notice my stool was very dark brown or on the verge of black. It doesn't stink though. I read up on reasons why this would happen and the bleeding obviously scared me because of the drinking. Although I also had been taking some Chlorella supplements that contain iron off and on but they never gave me this color stool before. Sometimes green. Along with some Pepto Bismol the day before but only 2 doses, which is another cause. Some purple flavored sports drinks and even prune juice. So all of this can add up to the dark colored stool from what I read but I am still very worried. My stomach has been uneasy and makes me feel like I don't want to eat anything. Not sure if it's an upset stomach or still from the hangover. I'm into day 2 now, and it is still there and unsure when it should go away if it was from something other than bleeding? It doesn't seem to be dark black like tar or stink so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am 27 and have always been very healthy other than my drinking habit which I am obviously going to drop because this has scared the poop out of me

Its Friday now and have dropped all the supplements and juices to see if it goes away. Just not sure how long it would take to go back to normal since I took multiple things that could cause it. I guess otherwise I will be calling the doctor on Monday.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Black And Dark Purple Bits In Stool?

So it all started roughly 4 weeks ago where suddenly one day I was getting really bad stomach cramps, bloating, a lot of gas especially after eating (my stomach would literally rumble all the time, eating or not eating), had very little appetite. Went to the doctors a few days later and they said I had a stomach infection, I wasn't having diarrhea or vomiting at the time.

I started to worry a lot during the next week or so as I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and the symptoms weren't changing at all. I lost about a stone of weight in a week and a half which I assume was down to not eating  (I could only manage a few bananas a day) 

About a week later my stomach cramps seemed to stop and a pain developed just under my right set of ribs, which seemed to get worse and worse as the days went by. I started to get really loose BMs of a weird green dark orange colour which seemed to reduce the pain and would find myself going 3+ times a day and not feel empty after the first. I find myself needing to urinate a lot more frequently too, maybe cause I'm drinking a load of water? 

In my stools are these weird black dry bits of varying length (they were purple today but I'm not sure if that was kidney beans I ate last night) They are dry and kinda look like the bits of popcorn shell that come off the corns before you put them in the microwave,  but not as hard if that makes sense? 

I went to the doctors a few more times and got shrugged off saying it was all down to my anxiety which was causing the issues?

Finally I got to see a good doctor who gave me a blood test which came back with nothing and said I had IBS which was developed as a post-infection mixed with my anxiety levels. I kept asking if any other tests were required and he kept saying there is no point. 

Now I usually have a constant pain under my right ribcage, which comes and goes through the day, usually worse after eating, sometimes under my left ribcage is a feint pain too and sometimes it'll rise into upper abdomen. 

So what the hell is going on here? Sorry for the massive essay.  I'm just really worried about these black bits in my stool, are they blood?!

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Bowel Disorders :: Stool Dark/black And Smells Like Rotten Eggs

I had irregular bowel movements for months and i finally became regular the last two weeks but something is terribly wrong because my stool is dark/black and smells like rotten eggs every time, my nutrition is in check because i am a bodybuilder and i consume 30-35 grams of fiber every day and eat all the micro nutrients I need, my macro nutrients are roughly 80 grams of fat and 180 grams of protein and rest of the calories are carbs ( i eat around 3000 calories every day.

Note: I was eating the right amounts of nutrients even while constipated.

is there any health issue i could be facing?

BTW I am 18 years old.

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Streaks Of Blood On Stool? Thinner Stool?

I have ulcerative colitis and for the past 3 months I've been having streaks of blood on the outside of the stool. Sometimes I wouldn't even notice it if I wasn't looking for it. Then I went through a period where I was having mucus on the outside of the stool as well. I also feel like the amount of times I go to the bathroom started to increase. My doctor thought I had a fissure so he had me take miralax for awhile. When my stool wasn't formed I couldn't see any blood but I'm not sure if there really was any or not. I've also started have stools that were thinner since January. Not every time but a lot. I started Rowasa enemas in the end of December which did seem to stop the mucus for the most part and the stomach aches but not the blood. About a week and half ago I called my doctor because I had two days in a row that I went to the bathroom ten times (for me this isn't normal) so he decided that I need to schedule a colonoscopy which I will have done in about two weeks. But since I've spoken with him i haven't had another day of ten times but still having thin stools and streaks of blood. Should I still have a colonoscopy? I just don't want to do it for nothing.....

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Pregnancy :: Stool Is Like A Hard Loose Stool

Why does my tummy gets hard (lower left) and like its heavy sometimes? I'm only 18 weeks... Is that something to worry about? And oh my stool is like a hard loose stool too. Is that fine?

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Side Effects :: Hives From Reaction To An Antibiotic

Just wondering if anyone has ever had an allergic reaction to medication. I had a reaction to an antibiotic 4 weeks ago and am still getting hives. Luckily antihistamines help, but this is an awfully long time to be getting hives. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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Tendon Rupture? Delayed Reaction To A Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic

If you have ruptured a tendon, particularly a large one ie., Rotator Cuff or Achilles and you aren't sure why, then consider whether or not you have taken an antibiotic in the Fluoroquinolone/Quinolone group, in the previous year. If so, then please refer to discussions on Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin or Fluoroquinolones, as you may be suffering a delayed adverse reaction. This can happen long after you have stopped taking these antibiotics - there are others in this class too.

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Gastroenterology :: What Causes Spasm During Cholangiogram?

I was diagnosed with gallstones last 2014 but I only had my gallbladder removed through open cholecystectomy recently last November 29, 2015. The surgeons placed a t-tube drain and discharged me with it. They scheduled me for cholangiogram December 17, 2015 but the result showed that there's still a faint filling in the common bile duct so they scheduled for follow-up cholangiogram on January 4, 2016. During the second cholangiogram, this time there was a distinct pain during the procedure so they had to stop it. Two hours after, I know something was wrong because I felt cold then my temperature shoot up to 38.9 degree Centigrade. I felt slight pressure at the lower abdomen like I feel an urge to defecate and a few minutes I vomited. I was hospitalized, given antibiotics and hydrated. My doctor told me that it was an expected outcome after a cholangiogram. He said he would refer me to a hepatobiliary surgeon. I was checked by the specialist and told me that basing on the results there's still fragments left that's why a SPASM occurred during the cholangiogram. He's gonna perform a t tube choledochotomy. As of the moment, I noticed that I lost weight (8 lbs) after my hospitalization, continuously experienced itchiness and bitter after taste during meals. I also felt an on and off tingling sensation just below my operative site. Do I need to ask for second opinion?

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Gastroenterology :: Cyst On Spleen

My friend is 52 years old and he was on regular ultrasound examination of his abdomen when doctor discovered cyst on his spleen. He was little bit afraid because of it but his doctor told him not to worry and to repeat ultrasound in the next four weeks. I would like to know something more about this.

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Gastroenterology :: Constipated For Almost Two Years

So back in 2013 there was a time when I ate these fiber bars for breakfast everyday for about a week maybe. At the time I didn't know when you increase your fiber intake you need to increase your water intake. So I went maybe 2 weeks without using the bathroom at all. I guess I really didn't notice it because at the time I was dealing with the end of the year at school and family issues. When I finally did notice my mom and I went to see my doctor. She took an X ray of my stomach and just prescribed me miralax. Which for me didn't work. If I took too much I things would be watery but still nothing much would come out. If I took the right amount things would be pencil thin and still not much came out. Ever since then my digestion hasn't been right. Over the years its just gotten worse, i've tried many things on my own. I've tried the liquid magnesium citrate and that used to work well but it does nothing anymore, Fleet enemas do nothing, I've even tried a real enema and that too barely did anything! There were points where I didn't use the bathroom AT ALL for weeks and even months. When I lay flat on my stomach I can feel a huge lump, or when I press on my stomach its painful. Sometimes my stomach gets so bloated and I look like I'm pregnant. Recently I had this extreme sharp pain in my side I couldn't even move, I just curled over and waited for the pain to pass. I'm so afraid to eat, I've even feel like I have to throw up if I eat too much, and I have thrown up a couple times. I went to the doctor again recently and told her the miralax isn't working, I told her about the pain and the throwing up. She did another X ray and told me I was filled with stool and blocked up all around my colon. But all she did was tell me to either take dulcolax or take a square of ex lax followed by a fleet enema for a week! I would think if I'm at the point of throwing up something more would have been done!! (Btw she's a pediatric doctor,  I'm 19 but she said they would keep seeing me till im 21 if I like. I don't know if it's because she's a pediatric doctor is the reason why she's taking these approaches that aren't working.  Maybe she doesn't know what to do?) All she is doing is telling me to take different laxatives but it's not working, and I'm so scared.. I've read people can die from fecal impaction. I've read about people with the same problem as me but they have only been constipated for a month or less and they've been to the ER and had things taken care of! But I've been like this for almost two years so why haven't I! I don't think my doctor is taking this seriously and I'm thinking I should go to a 24 hour clinic and maybe they'll actually do something? Or the ER, but how would I get in? I'm just really scared and I don't want to be like this anymore.

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Gastroenterology :: Gagging / Clicking In Throat

Hey all! So I seem to be suffering from this weird health issue, that apparently only Dr. House could diagnose. Since I was fifteen I have had this constant problem with my throat, that has just become unbearable. I have a painful grinding/clicking feeling in my throat, coughing/gagging fits so bad that I have thrown up because of how hard my throat tightness, difficulty swallowing saliva, and these horrible periods where have shortness of breath and it feels like I am suffocating, as well a general feeling that I need to clear my throat. The breathing problem is especially bad in the morning, shortly after I wake up. I pushed my parents to take me to ever specialists you could imagine to try and find some diagnosis, but no one could ever come up with anything. I've had endoscopies and everything looked normal. I was told that it was just anxiety, but there is no way that the pain I feel in my throat is caused my anxiety.

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Gastroenterology :: Uncontrollable Burping And Loss Of Appetite

This took place about 2 months ago now and started with loss of appetite, I could go all day without even getting hungry. when i would realize how long it had been seine i ate i would make myself eat, but it would cause stomach cramps and pain so i started just not eating. i felt fine never getting hungry or even feeling weak. I am sure this wasn't good but eat became quite painful. it progressed to if i would eat i would burp literally constantly the rest of the day. So now i am back to not eating at all and still burping constantly. I know i need to eat but don't know what i can do to help this, tums and over the counter meds have done nothing so far.

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Gastroenterology :: Multiple Bloody Bowel Movements

I am a 37yr old female and have had multiple bloody bowel movements for 2 days now and am kinda concerned. Like the entire toilet water is bright red...thoughts?

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Gastroenterology :: Incomplete Bowel Movements - Hemorrhoids?

I am currently 25 years old.

One and a half month now I am experiencing some incidents of incomplete bowel movements. It all started as a constipation episode because of the lack of hydration and proper eating but even though I started eating properly , a part from the discomfort seems to persist. I used lactulose syrup to alleviate some of the discomfort, but after a couple of days it is still there.  

I go everyday to the bathroom but because I can't complete my bowel movement, I usually need to have a second or even a third visit after approximately 1-2 hours.

I try not to struggle much, because I am afraid of getting hemorrhoids.

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Gastroenterology :: Gallbladder Removal And Weight Gain

I am a 5' 7" tall 53 yr. old Woman & in fairly good Health. Last month, March 16, 2012 I went to take care of my Oldest Daughter who got sick. One month later while I was still there, I suddenly got sever stomach pains & started to vomit Blood. The pain was excruciating! My Husband took me to the Hospital where we had discovered that I was experiencing a Gallbladder attack. I was told that I had to have my Gallbladder removed, now the prospect of surgery doesn't scare or bother me but I have been told several horror stories about Weight Gain after surgery & frankly I'm not sure I even want to go through with it now. You see 6 years ago I was put on some medication & one of the side effects was Weight Gain. At the time I weighed between 98 pounds & 105 pounds (on a good month) but that was my normal weight. I know that isn't normal for most people but it was normal for me, remember we're not all built the same. At the time I was taking the new medication I thought to my-self "Hmm I could use a few extra pounds" (as I always have had a really hard time gaining any weight, unless I got pregnant & that was an impossibility for me, because I had a Partial Hysterectomy when I was 24 yrs. old due to Uterine Cancer). Within a 3 month period I had gained almost 100 pounds, so I took my-self off of the medication I was on. Since then I have managed to lose only 20 pounds, so the prospect of Gaining more Weight kind of freaks me out a little bit. Plus there is another thing I've been thinking about, my Older Sister needs a Partial Liver Donation & it seems I'm the only person in my Family who's not only willing but able to Donate a part of my Liver to her & the thing that is worrying me right now is the amount of Tylenol I've been taking for the pain (although I've been trying to keep it to a minimal). I'm worried that the Tylenol might be causing some kind of damage to my Liver & I won't be able to donate a piece of my Liver to My Big Sister in June of this year (2012). My questions are, should I wait until after the Liver Donation to have my Gallbladder removed or should I do it as soon as possible so I can start the healing process? I really hope that I don't have any more Weight Gain but Weight Loss instead after the surgery.

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Gastroenterology :: Acute Pain And Swollen Large Intestine

My 14 year old son was in the hospital for 3 days and they could not figure out what was wrong with him.  When I took him to ER, he had been vomiting and his diarrhea had blood in it.  They did a CT scan and told me he had to have surgery because he had appendicitis.  Then when referred to a surgeon he told us that it wasn't his appendix that his large intestine is swollen and therefore his appendix is swollen.  In the meantime my son was in so much pain the throwing up stopped however the diarrhea with blood continued.  They just started him on liquids and pain medication.  Then, they collected 3 stool samples to test for colitis, and different bacteria's.  Everything came out negative.  Then a GI doctor checked my son and reviewed all test and told us that he had food poisoning and that he would have to let it take it's course.  So, after 3 days they released my son from the hospital and told me to just give him Tylenol for the pain.  To make sure he drinks plenty of liquids and he has to be on a lactose free diet for two weeks.  Well my son is home and he is still in pain but the diarrhea has stopped.  I left the hospital frustrated because they ran so many test and could not tell me what was wrong.  They just said that he will be in pain for a couple of more days because his large intestine was swollen.  Can you help me or give me some follow up advice because my son still does not look well and he still gets sudden pains that come and go.  Could he have Crohn's disease?

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Gastroenterology :: Narrow Stools - Constipated And Burning Sensations

I have been experiencing narrow stools, i think i am constipated, i feel burning sensations in my stomach sometimes, somedays I don't feel it at all. I have gases and that's all. My stools are light brown color and no blood in them! What can i have?

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Pregnancy :: Bloody Stool?

So the last couple of times I've gone to the bathroom my stool hurt coming out and has been bloody. I haven't ate anything that would give me problems. My midwife told me to eat prunes or try a magnesium supplement. Could this be from taking prenatals? Sometimes I feel like my midwife doesn't know what she's talking about but I'm feeling pretty irrational lately. If you've had this problem what has your midwife or ob gyn said? What works best?

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