Eye Care :: Anatomical Narrow Angle Glaucoma And Normal IOP

Jan 26, 2016

I was diagnosed with anatomical narrow angle and OP 13mm. Doctor wants to perform iridotomy on my eyes. What is chance to not get glaucoma. There is a risk and repletion of procedures.I would rather will visit Doctor every month and see what is going on with my eyes.

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Eye Care :: Experience With Narrow Or Closed Angle Glaucoma?

Does anyone have experience with narrow or closed angle glaucoma? I believe I have been having attacks for several years now. My right eye will become real red and I will be in excruciating pain in and around my eye. I will barely be able to see out of my right eye. I also see halos around lights. I have an ophthalmologist appt in December. How were you diagnosed?

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Narrow Angle Glaucoma - Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate Headaches

My mom who is 83 years young has narrow angle Glaucoma and takes three eye drops a few times a day Dorzolamide, Brimonidine Tartrate, Latanoprost, she has had headaches but now they are getting worse.She has had operations which really haven't helped but could have scratched her retina. One eye seems to not open all the way. Has anyone have any experience with narrow angle Glaucoma and how they treat it, either with eye drops or organically? Thanks!

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Eyes :: Laser Iridotomy To Prevent Closed Angle Glaucoma

Has anyone had an iridotomy (laser - in iris) It has been recommended to me as the dr says I have narrowing and leakage.  no glaucoma.  I was told it would help prevent closed angle glaucoma. I am not sure whether to go ahead and I am seeking another opinion.

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Closed Angle Glaucoma - Prescribed Steroids For A Skin Rash - Safe

I have a rash on various parts of my body which is very itchy & I scratch which makes it worse occasionally it goes away but now it is really bad & my doctor has prescribed a short course of steroids. Is it safe to take them since I have closed angle glaucoma?

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ENT :: Narrow Ear Canals - Earache Off And On

For all of my life i have had earache off and on, and just recently another GP has told me that i have narrow ear canals, just wondering if anyone else has this condition, and if any surgery can be performed.

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Bowel Disorder :: Narrow Stools - Cancer Or Hemorrhoids?

I produce narrow stools for a long period of time now (2 months). I did it once few months ago but it came back to normal, but not now it lasts .
I'm so scared this can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. I'm only 30 and I don't have any family history with this cancer. I know I'm very stressful. I've seen a specialist who told me I had internal hemorrhoids (he did an endoscopy). Do I have to do a colonoscopy ?
It's like play doh stools ...

These narrow stools are driving me crazy.

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Gastroenterology :: Narrow Stools - Constipated And Burning Sensations

I have been experiencing narrow stools, i think i am constipated, i feel burning sensations in my stomach sometimes, somedays I don't feel it at all. I have gases and that's all. My stools are light brown color and no blood in them! What can i have?

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Penis Disorders :: Very Low Erection Angle (30 Degrees)

my erection angle is very low. say 30 degrees from pointing to ground (this almost looks like even the erected penis pointing to ground) 

1) When i was younger, my penis use to be higher when erected 

2) i  used to masturbate on my stomach. this way i will masturbate all the time. i used to rub my penis against the mattress, etc 

3) i'm currently 25 yrs of age

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Hip Replacement :: 90 Degree Angle - Low Back Pain?

Does anyone know how long the don't bend 90 degree angle' is crucial for? I am four months in after THR of left hip.  Bent down to put socks on and my husband said I was breaking g the 90 degree rule.  I wonder if this is still causing the low back pain i am getting.  Feel as though I should be better than I am.

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Glaucoma And Macular Edema?

2 years ago I had a piece of steel melted into my eye. I went to the emergency room and they called in an eye specialist. After a dew painstaking hour They got all of the steel removed from my eye. But the specialist tells me i need to see another doctor because it looks like I got glaucoma. So finally I got the nerve to go see the doctor. I don't like to go to doctors. Any how, she said i do have glaucoma after 3 visits to her. Also they had a specialist there at the last visit. They brought a different machine with them. They took a bunch of tests to confirm I have glaucoma and other problems. Macular thickening, leakage of fluid inside my eye, aneurysms, cotton walls. They have appointments scheduled all over the state with specialists now. I am 40 years old. They tested me for diabetes and high blood pressure. All negative. They are not sure why I am having such bad eye problems. Any thought? The eye doctor told me they will start a treatment for the glaucoma in a couple weeks after I see the next specialist.

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Glaucoma :: Sight Getting Worse After Laser Surgery

I had sudden onset acute angle closure Glaucoma last October which I am told is very rare. I had emergency laser surgery within 12 hours and was sent home. I had follow-up appointment 1 month later and all was well. Was told to wait 3 months and then if all ok I would go on waiting list for replacement lens and cataract removal. However our Eye Clinic is overwhelmed and had a letter saying they couldn't see me at 3 months and I would have to wait until appts. became available as and when. Because my sight was blurry I went through PALS to help me get an appt. and was seen at 4 months. Then I was told the drainage channels were open and working well so I would be left for another 6 months to be seen again and that my "sight was good enough", I asked about going on the waiting list for further surgery and was told I had to wait.

My concern is that because my sight is deteriorating I will be left until I can barely see before they will act. I cannot afford to keep going for eye tests and new scripts in the meantime (on a State Pension) so this leaves me high and dry. I had my last eye test and new glasses last July and at that time no cataracts were seen and my eye health was good. I can no longer see through these glasses and night vision is so bad I can no longer watch TV or use my laptop. During daylight I can see better though.

Does anyone know why my sight is getting worse after laser surgery.

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Ocular Hypertension Or Glaucoma? Pressure In Eyes

Recently (sunday) i was very angry which probably caused high blood pressure (though i don't have blood pressure originally but i stress out A LOT). After a while, i started feeling slight pressure in my left eye and it is there since then. There are times when it isn't there that much and others when the feeling is there. Today after about a week...i still have that feeling. What could it be...is it just due to hypertension?

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Eyes :: Sclerology Against Glaucoma And Other Ocular Problems?

I've been doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to alternative medicine, and I have had a need to, because conventional medicine has not been able to offer me much in terms of glaucoma treatment. Sclerology seems to offer some hope. Are there any other people who have had success in treating glaucoma and other ocular problems with Sclerology?

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Eye Care :: Styes - Come And Goes Every 2 Weeks

I'm always having a eye stye. It always comes back after a week maybe 2 weeks. I already tried antibiotics such as natravox 500mg, erythromycin (sorry I don't know the spelling), terramycin. One ointment I always used when I feel that an eye stye is going to pop up the tobrex an eye ointment It may disappear a week but after that it goes back again.hope you could help me for prescriptions to try some other antibiotics/ointment for fast healing.

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Eye Care :: Black Floater In My Eye

I noticed a black floater in my eye a couple months ago and it seems to be fading now so i haven't been worried about it. But a couple weeks ago I noticed, very occasionally, mainly when i'm looking at a computer screen, this pinhole flash of light in the same eye as the floater. Again, its not often at all, some days i don't see it, and it's mainly when looking at a screen. I just saw the eye doctor not too long ago because i was having my first ocular migraine and they dilated me to make sure that's all it was and she said everything was fine at that point.

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Eye Care :: Do I Have Sub-clinical Keratoconus?

I'm 35 years old and have worn glasses or contacts since I was 11.

I recently had a corneal topography done during pre-Lasik exam. There was some yellow in the right scan, indicating possible abnormality, despite "pristine" external corneas and d numbers.

Over the past 10 years (ages 25 to 35) my right eye went from a .5 to a 2.25 astigmatism, while my left eye went from 0 to .75. Between the yellow scan and the Rx history, I was told I have subclinical keratoconus.

My question is: is there any other explanation for this level of change in astigmatism over a 10-year period? For example, my work during the same time period has involved hours in front of computer screens every day, whereas before this was not the case.

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Eye Care :: Retina Detachment

My eye doctor saw something strange about my retina so she sent to a retinal specialist. After a 3 hour thorough exam he stated to me that sometime ago I had a detached retina and since I didn't notice, it healed itself. He stated that this do not happen often when a retina will heal itself. I have some damage but nothing very serious. There is a tiny blind spot when I look up but that is all. I feel very blessed that it healed because this should blinded me. Does anyone know if this has happened to anyone they know? I do have to be seen by the specialist every 6 weeks for a while. But considering the alternative...I have been blessed.

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Eye Care :: Detached Retina

I fell off a 2nd story Building onto a concrete driveway, my L-1 was compressed 40%, my L-3 and L-4 disk was chruched along with the L-5 and S-1.  My question is:  I hit my head hard landing on the concrete driveway, bleeding and leaving a bump and my vision in my left eye started to have black dots and finally a Detached Retina.

Was this Detached Retina from my Fall?

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Eye Care :: Floaters And Buggers

Went to eye doctor last week and found my retina fine and saw a floater. It's awful won't go away. I have tried to ignore it but I get more nervous trying. Does anyone else get anxious due to these buggers?

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Eye Care :: Floaters When I See Sideways

I have a question about floaters I dont have the clear ones I only see the black strongly ones about nearly 2 months ago I got the bug then the flu and then severe anxiety 4 around the 1st 4 weeks my eyes just felt blurry and out of focus but in the last 2 weeks the floaters have come I mostly only see them when i'm out in the sun or look sideways I can look at my tv and phone screen without seeing them I had a ct scan it came up clear and have been cleared by the optometrist twice in the last month my questions are will they go away if it's sinus related as the ct scan revealed bad sinus and I didn't see the floaters before this spring I also cant look at the white walls ambi stuck with this is it the sinus and will it all clear with the weather and if not can I expect to get worse

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